Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Project FINISHED!!!

Well... I've been working on some surprise projects for "make-it-take-it" kits!!!  Here is my latest... Sure hope you like it...

I wanted to design a fun Sewing Case that you can actually USE!  I have several and I keep them in my project bag... so... when I'm ready to stitch... everything is already with me!  So convenient!

We have pre-quilted fabric with a sweet red binding.  I've added the cloth measuring tape that wraps all around the outside and ties.  The flower, leaf and stem is a combination of wool and wool felt that I have used 12 wt Valdani thread - buttonhole stitch.

On the inside - left - we have another sweet flower... however, the center is stuffed and used as a small pin cushion.  To the bottom of the flower is your needle/pin keep.  On the right I've stitched a wool pocket... the left side is for your scissors and then the skinny pocket to the right is for a pen/pencil or seam ripper.  The measuring tape is for you to pop your binding clips to - 

This is my proto-type... I'm taking it to my sewing group today to see if they think we should make any changes.  They always have such great ideas.... 20 heads is better than one!!

So... I may be making  second one... we'll see what they all think.  Then this project will be debuted on our CRUISE - JUNE 1 !!  Yes... you lucky gals will get to make this FREE make-it-take-it while we are sailing the ocean blue and having the time of our lives!  I can't wait to hit the shore... and bask in the warm sunshine!  Wouldn't that feel so good right now?  Especially since we've had such icky weather for a couple of days?

If you have been "on the fence" about signing up, now is your chance!!!  Visit our website and read all about the trip!  We have some WONDERFULLY.... FUN... FUN... FUN... gals going with us.  Your sides will hurt with laughter after this trip... promise!  They are all a hoot!!

Time for more coffee and to get my sewing packed - heading out to Cinnamon's for a day of sewing!  I'm making surprise door prizes for the "Tea & Stitches" retreat (April 10 - 13) and for the "Let's Get Ready Fro Christmas" cruise (June 1 - 8).  You're gonna miss all the fun if you don't hurry and sign up!  



Lola said...

I love this! Since it won't be possible for me to go on the cruise will the kits be available for sale?
Lola in NW MN

Sharon Eshlaman said...

It's it!