Friday, July 25, 2014

Look at these bags!!

Okay.... you can really tell I'm a primitive lover... look at these bags!

They are all made from reclaimed, leather, tenting, canvas, etc. Each is lined and has a cell phone pocket.  They DO NOT have any zipper or closure mechanism at the top.  However, they are to die for and you can now purchase them from our website:

Your order will go through PayPal where you can use a PayPal account (if you have one) or a credit and/or debit card.  Shipping to you will be within 10 days of purchase.  

Order them now while they last... as soon as we get any news from our manufacturer of new ones, I'll post the photo for you and put them on the website.

Shipping will be at the lowest price possible - through US Mail - Regular postage or Priority Mail.

Thanks so much and ENJOY!!!     Gloria

Sizes are shown on the website.


Return Policy  
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact Gloria Parsons 904-742-1100.
 Any/all products returned to Olde Green Cupboard Designs that result in 
additional shipping fees are at the customer's expense.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Half Gone!!

Good Morning!!

I can't believe this month is half gone already!  Wow... time goes by so fast anymore...don't you think?  Or maybe it's just because I'm getting older (ugh!).

I was reading a BUNCH of my favorite blogs... one of them is from my friend Pam Buda with Heartspun Quilts...!  She had been on a teaching engagement and took lots of pictures of her students "show 'n tell" projects from her patterns.  Well... was I every surprised, tickled and excited to see this!

This adorable quilt is made from our County Londonderry fabric with Marcus Brothers.  Is this pattern not adorable?  I LOVE IT!!!  I'm not sure who you are (hiding behind your pretty quilt) but thanks so much for using our fabric line!  Your quilt is wonderful.

Heather is now in Liberia Africa working with her church's orphanage.  She just loves those kids and is so excited to go each year and help.  Jack and I are helping Keck (Heather's hubby) with Lexie ... so we're having a great time.

Yesterday we made 2 neat, fun and fast "treats" for the birds!  The first one is a "nester"  - you take an old onion sack (mesh type) and fill it up with all types of scraps that you think birds could use to make nests.... string, fabric scraps (small ones) thread, shredded paper, dryer fuzz... then pull some of it out through the holes in the mesh... hang it outside.  Now I know we probably should have done this more in the spring... but that just didn't happen.  So it's now in the backyard where we can keep an eye on it and see if our fine little feathered friends take advantage of FREE nesting material.

Then her Aunt Vicky showed her how to take a wire hangar and add cut up fruit.  That's in the back yard we'll see if our birds enjoy their luscious snacks today.  Here is another thing I want to try.... I don't have many birds in my back yard... so I'm trying to attract more of them.    I don't know about you... but I would sure like a treat like this... nice yummy orange...  That's our next purchase at the grocery... and our next bird project!  That reminds me... I want to get a pair of binoculars.  It's so much fun to watch them... they are so sweet!  

Vicky and I are madly designing for Christmas for our new assignment with K & K Interiors.  We've already turned in over 200 NEW Halloween designs which they are working on already!  These people do NOT mess around.  The owner of the company is Heather's age and the nicest man you'll ever meet!  He has more energy than the Energizer Bunny...the guy never stops!

So... soon (in January) our new designs will be in there showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, LasVegas and maybe Italy (not sure).  How exciting!  We get to help them in Atlanta in January so that will be a wonderful treat!

Today... she is coming over and we are having Day 2 (yesterday was all day also) of designing!  It's such fun... I can't even begin to tell you....

We are also working on our July and August Camp Blanding Retreats, October Tea & Stitches Retreat with Jan Vaine (posting coming soon) and even more.....!  There is no idle time around this house... I'm just here to tell you!

Take care.... keep those fingers movin' and we'll chat soon!

p.s.  don't forget to mark your calendars for August 1!  Join all of the designers with Marcus Brothers for a fun Blog Hop and make a quilt with us!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy Independence Day!!

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday today and spend it with family and friends!!!  I remember how excited the 4th was for us as kids... We used to drive into town and sit on the BIG hill at the American Legion.  We could look out over the cities baseball fields and see wonderful fireworks.  It was a big deal to us little country farm girls!!!  Then... there were the "sparklers"... the smell of them burning still reminds me of being a kid and playing with them at night... Daddy would get a bucket of water and when the sparklers were all burnt out - we would throw them in the bucket - so we wouldn't step on them in our bare feet!!!  

We used to "write" with them in the air... did you ever do that?  I used to think it was so cool... like magic!  What memories we have as children - that NO ONE can take away from us.  Isn't it wonderful?

We are so fortunate in this country.. we have so much.  I've traveled to several countries in my lifetime that are poverty stricken and it's so heart breaking.  Enjoy our country, enjoy your life, enjoy your family.  It's ours to keep, protect and love!

Happy Independence Day to each of you!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pinch Us!!!

Hi to Everyone!

Well...this has been a whirlwind few weeks.... we arrived home from our fabulous cruise...then headed to Sandusky, Ohio!!  Yes... we went to visit some wonderful friends that we have known since 1999!!

K&K Interiors   Kyle and Mark.... they are the most energetic two fellows I've ever been acquainted with.  The company began in Kyle's garage!  Yes....this is one of those magical stories where a dream came true...!!  Kyle started the business with his parents assisting in the shipping, order taking, manufacturing, etc. then it just exploded from there.  Now...his company is known all over the world and he designs for every company under the sun and helps with their manufacturing also.

We sold tons and tons and tons of their products at the Olde Green Cupboard.  Now... we are designing for them!  And we just simply need to be pinched!  It's the most wonderful "dream come true" I have ever been a part of.  The best part...Heather (daughter) and Vicky (twin sister) are part of the OGC Design Team.  Our goal - bring back that ever popular PRIMITIVE LOOK to his company.

You see.... his customers (almost 30,000) are screaming for it to be revived.  Well.... let me just tell you... that's our middle names - Gloria Primitive Parsons!  Heather Primitive Lynn! and Vicky Primitive Iannucci!

So... needless to say...we are on Cloud 9 and busy, busy, busy!!!  What is so exciting is we get to use the fabric, quilting, antiques, etc. that we so love and bring it into his company!  I'm not getting much sleep...the brain just doesn't want to stop!  (I'm sure many of you can relate...)

Then.... home we came to get busy on our computers.... I had to take a bit of a break...had to have some surgery done (I'm fine... no big deal...) so it's a little resting for me.  But you know me... my laptop is by the couch...I work a little, then lie down...then an idea pops into my I sit up and work a little more... aaaahhhh what a life.  My honey is taking good care of me (cooking, housework, laundry)... I'm thinking I could love this life...well...that's not true...the pain is NOT something I would like to continue.... NOT GOOD!

But... I will soon be up and on the go again and hopefully feel much better.  So...that's my world for now... I will soon be getting ready for our August and July Camp Blanding Retreat...
and then working on Jan's new Applique Retreat in early October (More information coming SOON) ...then off to quilt market in Houston.

Marcus Brothers is working on our new Farmhouse Blooms line of fabric....and I simply cannot wait to see the finished fabric - then to get busy on our projects!  Never a dull moment around this house...that's for sure!

Take care and chat with all of you soon!


p.s.  Check out this great container!  It's made over a LARGE vegetable can to hold your tools and trash!  I'm making two more so I have one for my sewing machine, one on the ironing board and one on my cutting table.  It's so easy...takes 3 fat quarters and 5/8 of a 4th fabric.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Marcus Fabrics - Friends & Companions - Designer SEW-ALONG

Olde Green Cupboard Designs is so happy to invite you to participate in the first Marcus Fabrics designer sew-along called..... 

Friends & Companions 

Many of the talented Marcus designers, (from around the country) are offering you an opportunity to make a truly unique quilt featuring nine original blocks designed just for this event. 

We'll chat with you for ten consecutive Fridays, starting August 1st, where you'll get to see the blocks, and receive block instructions from each designer by visiting their blog. Did I mention we will have prizes too?  Oh yes we will!!!   No doubt some of our gorgeous Marcus fabrics will be given as prizes. Perhaps a surprise or two (original designs made by OGC) as well!

Here is the designer and blog schedule for our Friends & Companions sew-along. So... get out that calendar, put a reminder on your phone calendar... and be sure to save the dates and please pass this news along to all your friends! 

8/1 Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts

8/8 Paula Barnes ~ Red Crinoline Quilts

8/15 Sarah Maxwell ~ Homestead Hearth

8/22 Pati Violick ~ Marcus Fabrics

8/29 Gloria Parsons ~ Olde Green Cupboard

9/5 Nancy Rink ~ Nancy Rink Designs

9/12 Mary Ellen Robison~Red Crinoline Quilts

9/19 Dolores Smith ~ Homestead Hearth

9/26 Lisa Shepard ~ Marcus Fabrics 

10/3 Red Crinoline Quilts ~ Quilt Revealed!

Our quilt features selected prints from Paula Barnes' Companions collection.  

Would you like a kit to make your quilt just like ours?   If so... don't delay and visit these websites to order:

The Quilt Kits are priced the same on all websites including the shipping.  Also... check the site of your selection for backing fabric!

You can also choose your own fabrics if you'd like. Here's the yardage requirements: 

For Blocks: 

1/4 yard cheddar print 
1/2 yard light print #1 
1/6 yard red print #1 
1/4 yard black print 
1/6 yard blue print 
1/3 yard of olive print 

For Quilt Setting and Borders: 

1 3/4 yards red print #2 for outside border 
1 1/4 yards black print for alternate blocks, inside border and binding 
1 1/8 yards light print #2 for alternate block 
1 yard olive green for setting corners and triangles 

4 yards for backing 
Quilt size: 60" x 60" 
Block size: 8" 

In preparation for our sew-along and to be sure you don't miss a thing, visit each blog now, and enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" icon. That way you'll receive each blog post via email, which you can then print and take to your cutting board and sewing machine. 

What a fun time we will have visiting with all of you!

Gloria, Vicky & Heather

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can I just say - AWESOME!!

Hi everyone!

Can I just tell you that we had a BLAST on our quilting cruise!!  Oh yes we did!  Thanks to Katie Puckett for teaching our Rug Hooking!  The gals did SUPER!!!  Many of them even finished their project!  Then...thanks also to Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison - Red Crinoline Quilts for a wonderful day of quilting!  Then... I had gals in my wool class that did an outstanding job!  All of them had worked with wool before but we shared our tips and tricks with each other and I learned a ton more things!!

Of course we ate, and ate, and ate, had SEVERAL wonderful drinks, saw shows, shopped, went on shore!!!  We couldn't get off at Coco Cay - the water was too rough for the tender boats.  Some of the gals heard that on a previous cruise they did let them go ashore and when they tried to get back on the cruise boat...the swells and waves were so bad... they made them climb up a HUGE net of ropes!  Now... I don't know about you... but this body does NOT climb up nets.... Spiderman is NOT my middle name.  So... once I heard that tidbit of information... I was ever so grateful we did NOT go ashore!  Maybe the next time.

Oh...speaking of next time.... we already have determined we are having a reunion cruise on either the Royal Caribbean Oasis or Allure!  Some of the gals think they want to go "zip-lining" across the boat!  Now I'm sure you can guess.... I WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!  No thank-you ma'am!  I'll watch and give them all of the support they need.

So... here's the deal... put on your calendars June 2016 !!  Then start saving that loose change and socking away some of that spending money you get from time to time!  We want more of you to join us!!  It was a blast.... the best cruise I've ever been on!  What a great group of gals!  PLUS... we had Katie's hubby with us (James), my honey (Jack), and Donya's hubby (Pete)... they had a great time together too.

Here is our grand prize winner - with her gift!  Yes... Sweet Lindsey won this quilt that I made (as a student) on one of my previous quilting cruises.  I actually have two of Vicky and I decided it was a great prize for the grand winner!  She was thrilled... she and her mom, Rhonda flew all the way to Florida from California !!!  They own Farmhouse Threads  Website   and have the most adorable projects.  Rhonda was working on a Christmas block of the month... it will debut at fall market... YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO DO IT!    It's simply adorable...

Also joining us was Joyce from "Geoff's Mom Patterns".  Website  She too was working on a new WOOL block of the month that was just to DIE FOR!!!  Such talent in our room....  Wow... we had ... let's see....
1. Red Crinoline Quilts   website  2.  Geoff's Mom  3.  Kiss Rug Hooking  4.  Olde Green Cupboard Designs website 5.  Farmhouse Threads  ...... heck we could have had our own quilt show!

Paula and Mary Ellen brought some fabulous quilts for a trunk show...then they showed the girls how to make stars and Grandmother flower garden blocks by English paper piecing!  It was a huge hit.  I had a make it take it for a biscuit cloth!  Know what those are?  I love to put my rolls and/or biscuits in a basket inside a cloth when served at the table.  I could never find one that I liked - or that was presentable enough at the table... (you know how those kitchen cloths look like after awhile) ... so I designed one for the Christmas season!   I'm posting it on my blog later this week as a free pattern for all of you.

I'm getting ready to take my honey out for lunch... it's Father's Day you know... he's enjoying watching great movies on TV with it turned up VERY LOUD... for those great scenes where everyone is fighting!  Ha!!'s back home to work on my blog ... we have a special announcement that will appear tomorrow!  Don't miss it!

Chat with you later...


p.s.  Thanks to our quilting friends for joining us on Freedom of the Seas!  (Wynette, Diane, Donna, Barbara, Rhonda, Lindsey, Paula, Mary Ellen, Anjie, Cheri, Donya, Denise, Lynn, Katie, Louise, Joyce, Jack, Peter, James)  See you in 2016............  along with ALL OF YOU!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Cruise Countdown!!!

Good Morning!!!

Well... here in HOT Jacksonville we are counting down to the number of days until we board the Freedom of the Seas for our quilting cruise out of Port Canaveral!  We are so excited...what a group of gals we have with us... friends and designers... from as far away as California!!

I have all the "retreat" bags packed and now I'm starting on MY BAG!  Oh my.... this is the part I'm not fond of... I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something... but the most important to remember is my sea sickness medicine.  Wow... do I get nauseous!  My husband... NEVER!  When he was in the Navy...they were in such rough seas... that EVERYONE on the ship was VERY sick... NOT HIM!!!  He does have SEA LEGS!  

As soon as we get back home... we are leaving for Sandusky, Ohio to meet with a company that wants us to design for them!  Now... let me tell you... we are 3 excited gals!  I think I mentioned this in earlier posts...but it is now coming to life.  Once we get home... we'll be able to fill you in on more details...but this is a dream of a lifetime for all three of us and needless to say...we are on CLOUD 9!!

Then.. .it will be time to start making door prizes for our August and September retreats at Camp Blanding! we have some cute things for you.  Then... before I know it - October will be here and Jan's Retreat will be offered again this fall...!!  We are so excited.  The fall workshop will concentrate on hand applique.. and then next spring she'll have another hand embroidery workshop!  She and her sister Jo have such cute things planned for you.  If you have ever wanted to learn hand applique, Jan is your girl!  She's such a super great teacher and her techniques are wonderful.

Today... well today I'm finishing up some odds and ends in the sewing studio, packing clothes, and just doing a little handwork...watching movies... being a bit lazy... since this is the holiday.

Saturday I took a class on making an adorable pocket liner for a large can!  OMG... it was so much fun and I love it.  I'm going to make some for my friends and show my sewing group how to do them.  They are great to have one at your sewing machine, on the ironing board and the cutting table.  I have a feeling I'm going to be working on a "mass production" process...they are such great gifts.

 This is our Londonderry County Fabric!!

Look at the fun Beatle Bags I've been making.  They are so much fun... I have one for my sewing supplies and then I made a second one for my cross-stitch supplies!!! 

 They open up and are full of pockets, pin cushion and zipper pockets.  LOVE IT!!!

Here is my Lexie... she was sewing with me and decided to make a little doll blanket for my great grand-daughter - Aubrey.  Then...she changed her mind and turned it into a small pocket to hold snacks!

  You can tell we were snacking on cereal while sewing...hahahahahaha!  She's such s fun little, sweet girl!  She and Eden (9) play so well together and are such a joy!!!   I've been so blessed with 5 granddaughters and 1 great granddaughter.... no boys yet!  :(

I've been working on some primitive cross-stitch too... man do I love doing it.  I'm working on the old fashioned Aida cloth (instead of linen).... it's much faster and certainly more cost conscious for making those projects that I will be giving away or selling.  I adore, adore, adore linen...but it's a bit on the pricey side!!

My sweet lady is holding a giant needle.... isn't she cute!!!!

Well.... it's time for another cup of coffee and to get busy!!!  Hope you all have a super holiday and please remember all of the armed forces men and women that have died for our country.  I watched a documentary the other day about Pearl Harbor... oh my gosh... I had no idea it was so horrible.  Just horrible.... it even hits home harder knowing that my hubby served in the Navy on the ships.  

We are so blessed to be free in this country.... thank an armed forces person the next time you see one.  They are both shocked and proud at the same time when  you do!  Or... better yet... pay it forward.. if you are in  a restaurant and see someone in uniform... secretly buy their meal for them.  It's a wonderful feeling...