Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone !!!!
Well... tonight's the night when the world goes crazy.... singing... dancing... eating good food... drinking all that booze... partying...  ready for 2013!
Wow... don't you wonder each New Years Eve what the new year will bring????  I sure do...
I'm praying that 2013 will be a wonderful year for each of you... that you and your family will be blessed with good health, good fortune, wonderful memories... and tons and tons of love!
Every year (day) I wake up and thank the Lord for my wonderful life!!!  I have such a wonderful family, fabulous friends and a clear mind that loves to create, fingers that still let me sew, and a heart that keeps on ticking!
Speaking of sewing... look what I just finished!! 
These are English Paper Piecing 5/8" hexagons (or "hexies" as I call them...).  There are 53 of them... all hand stitched together...then arranged into this Scissor Cozy!  The back is a beautiful plaid checked wool (have to have some wool in there some where!)  I am going to add a Velcro dot on the underside of the front pocket... right about where my scissors are setting... this will give me room for two pair of scissors... side by side and they won't keep banging into each other. 
These are my Dovo Scissors - I bought them from Primitive Gatherings when we were on a retreat there!  They were certainly a "treat" for me... and so well worth the money.  They cut right through wool like butter!!!


They come in all sizes... and of course... I want a pair of all of them!...   Click on this link and order you a pair today!  Then tell yourself... HAPPY NEW YEAR.... TO ME!!!

Dovo Scissors

So... is everyone getting their black eyed peas and collard greens ready for tomorrow?  That would be a big FAT... NO .... for me!!  I'm not a fan of either of these items ... so I'll leave them to those families that LOVE them! 
I think I'm going to fix a corn beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots... doesn't that sound good?  I love to smell it cooking - I put mine in a HUGE crock pot and it does a scrumptious job of cooking.... nothing to do... throw it in the pot, put on the lid, turn it on... and BOOM.. .several hours later... dinner is served!  Now that's my idea of cooking.
This afternoon we are going to see the "Hobbit"!!  I love all of the Lord of the Ring I'm sure we will love this too.  Here's a bit of information... you know the little creepy guy... (I can't think of his name).. the one that has the bulging eyeballs, icky teeth... and only wears a "diaper"???  Know who I mean???  Well... I can TALK just like him... with that raspy little voice...." master "....!!
Ha... I'm sure that's information you will want to put in your memory bank for some silly reason.  Every time I talk like him Jack quivers and laughs at me.
So..... after the movie... I'm sewing on a new pattern that I found at quilt market - called Star Fusion.  It's a wonderful quilt with a great new tool by Block_ Loc!  So... I have all of my little strips sewn.. now it's time for pressing and some more cutting!  I'll show you pictures as I progress.  I'll be teaching the class at Cinnamon's sometime during the second quarter.
Ok... I'm off to read my email... pay some bills (ugh!)... and get another cup of coffee!!
Have a super-dooper NEW YEAR!!!
Keep sewing...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Friday....
Gosh.. it's almost hard to believe we only have a few more days left of this year.  It seems like it just started to me!  Time flies when you're having fun!
Yesterday I went to see Les Miserables with my buddies - Karen and Mary.  I knew the movie was a musical... but oh my... I had NO IDEA they would sing every single word in the show!!!    After about 30 minutes... I was so thankful that Jack didn't decide to see it with me... he would have been out of there in a jiffy.... surely not his kind of movie.  I will say this... I can see why this movie/play is so "award" worthy... the actors were so much MORE into their role through song.  Some real tear jerkers ... especially near the end.  A piece of history - French Revolution - that was something else...WOW... I'm so glad I didn't live through it.
So... I'm a bit WORRIED and FRUSTRATED with Pinterest!! For several days.... when you begin to scroll through the pins... you get to the bottom of the first screen and it just "SITS" there... with a little tiny message "fetching pins".... ONLY there is NO fetching going on!!
Come on Pinterest... GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!
So... I have very few pins for you.. .so sorry!!!
Yes....this is what I say!!!  I love that it's getting chillier for this time of year... don't you?  I thought this photo was pretty fitting.... but then... look at the next one!

Could this be my car.... oh no... maybe it's the next one.... HA!!!  How in the heck can you tell.
I remember when Jack and I lived in Great Lakes, Illinois - I woke up one night and noticed that the bedroom looked like it was lit up... so much light coming in the windows.  We lived in a huge apartment complex and had many street lights in the parking lot outside the buildings... well.. the brightness was from the street lights reflecting off the snow... when I looked out the window.. I swear I thought I was in a snow desert!  You couldn't tell they were cars... only WHITE SNOW everywhere... It was  sight to behold and I have never forgotten it.  We were the outcome of the worst snow blizzard I had ever seen...didn't go anywhere for days... couldn't even get your car dug out...
I need a "work table" in my sewing studio.  The only surface I have to work on is my cutting table and my big board!!  Of course...when I really need table space... it is no where to be found.  This is so darn clever.  I could fine one of these dressers at an cheap.  Remove the drawers and put them in my closet on my shelving system and fill them up with fat quarters etc.  Then... Use these inserts to hold my cutting mats, rulers, parchment paper/bolts of adhesive...
I love the fact that the top piece has been added for a longer and wider surface.
Thanks so much to the person that posted this idea!!!  LOVE IT!!!

I wanted to post this picture.... just to show how well a project can turn out.  How many homes have the older style oak cabinets in the bathrooms (and kitchens)?  Tons of them... They have completely repainted this cabinet to make it look more modern, cleaner and sleek!  Three cheers for this person!!
I can see this in my future... is my last post... isn't this doggie the cutest?
My great niece got the cutest puppy for Christmas... It's a little dapple colored dachshund mix... "Tiko"... OMG... I couldn't put him down..he was so stinkin' cute...and such a great puppy!!  So calm and loving... he gave lots of kisses too!
How in the world can anyone resist those sweet eyes?

I'm packing up my featherweight and heading to Cinnamon's for an evening of quilting.  Our food theme tonight is "Appetizers" !!  Just right up my alley.. .love them.  I'm going to BJ's and getting some of those wonderful little hot dogs in the buns.  I've been so hungry for them and I'd better get to them because after December 31 - it's NO CARBS for me!  (ugh.... here we go again...)
Have a great weekend!!
We'll chat on Monday!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Day After Christmas!
Today is the birthday of my sweet daughter, Heather!  Now I know most mothers are very proud of their children... but I am especially proud of mine - both Toby and Heather!  Today is a special day for me.... starting from the delivery room!
I was so excited to see if I was having a baby girl... (I wanted a boy and girl... and since I already had my wonderful Toby... it was time for my sweet girl!)  Then... there she was!!  I was so excited I was crying on the delivery table... I couldn't believe God had answered my prayers with a wonderful son and now a sweet girl!
That was just the beginning of my love for this sweet child.  She's perfect...!  She loves the Lord, loves her wonderful husband and has blessed us with our wonderful Lexie.  She's so talented... a wonderful mother (as is my sweet daughter-in-law, Dayle!!)... and fulfills my life so much.
Happy Birthday my sweet Heather!  We love you to pieces!!!

The year is ending soon.... and I'm here to tell you some good and not so good news... for those of you that read my blog each day!
You may not remember... but on my "bucket" list of things to accomplish while still on this earth... was this blog!!!  Yes... I committed to blogging for a year and that time is almost coming to an end.
Now... I will be blogging once or twice a week.... you see... here's the scoop...
Vicky, Heather and I are moving on to a new adventure in our lives!  We are working on a HUGE PROJECT together that we hope to present to QUILT SHOP OWNERS in the future.  It's going to take a ton of work... but one that we are all three passionate about doing - a new concept in the quilting industry (wow...we are either brave or completely CRAZY).  It will give us the best of all worlds.... allow us to use our talents, help shop owners become more profitable, work together again (as when we had the Olde Green Cupboard).... all of this will take a tremendous amount of time, work, and dedication... thus the reason for my daily blogging to come to a "change".
I will keep each of you in the loop as things progress ....
In the meantime... we still have a few more days together....
Now ... it's time to make my shopping list!  Yes... I'm heading out to the stores for some "after Christmas" savings!  I LOVE IT!!!  Just call me crazy!!
We'll chat tomorrow... until then....

Monday, December 24, 2012

Today is Christmas Eve Day.....
Sorry I wasn't with you on Friday.... It was the morning of everyone signing up for our Camp Blanding Retreat lodging and the computer was a bit frantic until way after lunch time.  All is well and I think most everyone has their lodging!!! 
Today's message is a small one... but one of the most importance.. it's my Christmas wish to each of you. 
May this Christmas be one filled with Love, Memories, Family, Being Thankful, and full of Prayer.
I sincerely hope each of you are blessed with the Christmas Spirit and get to spend this wonderful time with loved ones.
Merry Christmas to each of you!  I am truly blessed to have each of you in my life.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!
We'll chat on December 27.  Love and best wishes to everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Thursday!!
Including today.... 5 days until Christmas.  Wow!  Have you seen all the snow up north and in the center of the US...?  They certainly are going to have a white Christmas aren't they..?  Not so much here!  Rats!
I'm going to work on my small paper piecing project today when I go to sew with the girls.  I hate dragging all of my stuff out of the house...but I must get busy on it.  I only have ONE MORE of light colored hexie units to make for my Mrs. Billings Coverlet quilt!  I'm so excited.... and 22 of my blue... then my outer border is ready to go... whenever I get out that far!  I promise to show you pictures of each "round" or border as I go!
I noticed this craft and thought it would be pretty wonderful in the right house.  For those of you that live at the beach and love the nautical look... or maybe you have a western theme in a room (my girlfriend Cathy... she has a cowboy room and it's so awesome!)... They have simply taken jute rope and glued it around a coffee can.  These would be great for planters with gorgeous ivy growing in them too.  Or... even to dress up the pot on a poinsettia plant that you may give someone as a gift!

I thought these quick apple bites looked pretty darn easy and GOOD!  They have taken crescent rolls and sprinkled them with an abundance of sugar and cinnamon.  Slice your apples, roll them up and bake.  YUM... YUM... GIVE ME SOME!!

Hahahahahahaha... isn't this a hoot?  It's not something I would ever make, but I just had to show it to you... so funny! 
 People are so darn clever aren't they?

This is a holiday table I adore!  It has the wonderful Christmas colors... I love how they alternated the red and green place settings!  The old board down the middle...that makes it a real "home-felt" celebration.  Simply using what we have... the natural wood, pine cones, berries... makes a beautiful Christmas table!  The plaid table runner with matching napkins is to die for... I sure would like to own them!

Now... I know everyone has their FAVORITE cookie in the whole wide world... I think mine is snicker-doodles...right up their with chocolate chip !  Isnt' this a cute way to give cookies as a gift.  I'm thinking these are giant snicker doodles... at least that's what I'm going with.  Eating these dunked in hot coffee or hot chocolate..mmmmmmm .... it doesn't get any better!!!

Ha.. .I thought this was both SAD and SWEET... these are flooded streets in London.... full of beautiful white swans!  What a picture...don't you think?  Hey...this could make a great jigsaw puzzle!  Have you often wondered how they choose pictures for those puzzles?  (my husband LOVES to do them...) Can you hear yourself telling people your occupation - " Yes... I'm a photographer for a jigsaw puzzle company!"  I can just see the "puzzled" look on people's faces... HA!!!

Remember how I love to make memories... isn't this a great one?  Cut off the bottom of your first tree (that's assuming you have picked a LIVE tree) add the date and make it into an ornament.  Wow... what a fun thing to pass down through generations!

Now...this my friends... is my "happy" photo for the morning!  The caption reads...
"Your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband.... make sure you pick good ones!"
I know I have... I have tons of wonderful girlfriends!!!  They are all the bestest of the best!

Happy day to each of you... enjoy it...

I'm off to get my sewing packed!!

Hugs to all...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Laundry - ick!
Wrapping gifts - Yippee!
Grocery Store - hhhhmmmm! (depends on how busy)  Frito Scoops, Pumpkin pie, whipped cream
   (getting ready for Christmas day.....)
Mail pattern orders!
Ha!!!  Can you tell what's on my list for this morning?  Trying to be sure last minute things will be ready for Christmas Day... we are all going to Heather & Keck's home this year!  YIPPEE!!!  I simply love, love, love getting all the kids and siblings together.  Our children are a hoot when they are together... such funniness going on!   Then we get to see the little ones open their gifts...which goes MUCH, MUCH, MUCH to fast!  Boom... before we know it - all the gifts are open and they are ready to play!
Do you remember getting gifts when you were little?  Oh how I wanted my packages to be toys!  I wasn't in to getting clothes ... I wanted TOYS!!  I'm still a kid at heart and love fun toys.  Give me a Nintendo or Xbox game along with the controller and I'm a happy girl.  Did you know I love to play games like that...?  Oh Yes... I get addicted to them.  Jack used to get me a game every year and I was allowed to open it on Christmas Eve so I could play!!!  Ha!!
Look at this cake....  I think it's so cute now... young parents are having little parties with their immediate families to let them know if they are having a boy or girl... they do all kind of cute things! Two of my sewing friends are having babies arrive soon and they both are doing this type of "reveal"... that's what they call them  "Reveal Parties".  They will cut into this cake and it will either be pink or blue!  Now... if it's pink AND blue... twins... one boy and one girl!!! 
Gosh... I wonder what they do when they have more than two babies that are on their way?

Look at this Christmas ball... it's made from coffee filters and tinsel pipe cleaners.  I was going to make them.. I love them...stained with coffee... I'll bet they smell yummy.  I went to the site to get the instructions...well... it was simply TO MUCH WORK for me!.  I decided to pass and let you admire this photo instead!  You know...there are just some projects you must say NO too...this was mine!   I've decided this is one thing I'd rather write a check for than to make.

You know... I simply adore covered buttons!  My mom used to make them all the time and use in her clothing or sewing projects.  I've just decided I need to do more with them.  I mean... here you have the perfect item to make it absolutely the way you want... no searching every button store for the right button!  They are making some of the cutest crafts with them.... I'm getting my order ready today and moving on to a new endeavor!  You just may be seeing some new projects!!!

Isn't this clever?  At first when I saw this... my thoughts were... oh yea...!  they are cheating on the "finding" of 4-leaf clovers...they are making their own instead!!!  But alas... that was not the case.. they are showing you how to make clover from using a paper punch and spinach leaves... these were to decorate a pretty dish they were serving.  Gosh... just think of the fun shapes you can make using the paper punches... use cabbage leaves... kale... anything large and flat enough.  hhhhmmm... this may be something to explore even further!

Now...this is my kind of sign.. instead of getting out in the cold and making your snowman... just post this sign! 
I thought it was pretty clever and FUNNY!!!

This toooooo.... .is a great idea.  I used to have my long rolls of wrapping paper on the top shelf in my coat closet... then... when I wanted them they were very handy.  Well.. they would all want to fall out on my that didn't work.  Then I lined them up very neatly along the floor - on the side of the closet.  No...that didn't work either... every time I got in there for something...they all wanted to fall over.  They are now in a tall plastic trash can which works very well.  However, this is a super idea also!  Simply fill up the suit hanger and put it in your closet. 

Aren't I adorable...?  Won't you please take me for a ride?  Please... please.... I love riding in the wheelbarrow!  Look at those eyes... how could anyone say no to this sweet fellow!

Well... I'm leaving you.... time to throw another load of clothes in the washer... Where do they all come from?  I swear we didn't even own this many clothes!  ARG!!!
Friday morning is when everyone signs up for their classes and registers for their rooms for our Camp Blanding Retreat... 5:00 am!!!  We do it early so they can get signed up and on their way to work!  Once gal asked me why I do it so early... she hates getting up that early.  I told her... we all hate getting up that early...but it's so the "working" girls get a fair chance at the rooms of their choice.  You know.. .. we all have to play fair!  I'll be hitting the sheets early Thursday night!
Have a blessed day....!
Hugs to all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yes.... it's officially here!!!  My winter cold!  Tell me it isn't soooooooooooooooooo............
I've been fighting it for days... popping medicine... yep... it won! 
I'm so excited about today... I get to go with my hubby and sit in a HUGE room for hours and wait until he gets a new Navy ID card!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  (just slit my wrists.... ha!)  I've NEVER been there when it's FAST! Hey... on the bright side of things... this may be the day!
I found some cute...cute things to share with you!  LOOK!!
Guess what this is?  It's those fun glow sticks... they put them in the tub for the kids when they are taking a bath!  Isn't that something?????  I think my little grand kids would love this idea.  I'll have to watch for them when I go into BJ's.  They normally sell them in larger quantity packages!

I think it's so wonderful when people come up with really clever bird feeders.  They've taken a pitcher and super glued it to a saucer.  They fill up the pitcher with birdseed.  Isn't this sweet?  I can just see the squirrels trying to get this...they will be swinging on the thing before long  Isn't it amazing how they can maneuver and "fly" to get where they want to go?

Now...this my friends is the true meaning of "BUNHEAD"! 
How hysterical is this? hahahahahaha! 

I love these little hearts.  How wonderful to have them for your friends when they leave your house after a Bunco party... or just a girls night out?  If you have a sewing group... fill them with either steel wool or pecan shells for a pincushion... or better yet... how about full of lavender?  mmmm.... I can smell them now!  One of my friends... Denise... she is so wonderful at making adorable little handouts for all of us. are so sweet....we all love you to pieces!

When I saw this picture... I almost burst out in tears.  It reminds me of our grandparents log home on Shriner Lake.  Oh my.... how many nights did we spend with them in this house...winter and summer.  So many wonderful memories... Gosh.. they were the best grandparents... loved them so much.  I sure wish they were still here with us!
When we would spend the night...I had to sleep with Grandma.  WOW!!! Could she ever snore... OMG (it sounded like a freight train)... Vicky got to sleep with Grandpa... (snoring kept her awake).  I loved watching Perry Mason... and eating ice cream!  (didn't you love Perry Mason's smile at the beginning of the show)?  Memories... they are simply the best thing in the world aren't they?

Here are some wonderful Christmas items...
This is a table setting for a holiday meal!!!  I thought it was so darn cute... what fun at a children's party.... and so easy to do!

Well... I love bottle brush trees... and I must admit... I think this is the prettiest one I have ever seen! 
Placing it in the china tea pot did the trick.  How lovely!

I love Santa's that look like a REAL Santa.... don't you?  Now this Santa... he can climb down my chimney any time and leave me some goodies.  How adorable is he?  This is what I've always envisioned him to look like. 

And last... I leave you with the "Holiday Baking"!!!  What a cute... cute... picture. 
I'll have to download TWO pictures of my little ones baking cookies.  It's so adorable!  Their attention span doesn't last long so you have to hurry with the pictures.  Before you know it... they have become bored and are on to other things.
Well... it's time to go... Jack is wanting to go out for breakfast before we go to the Navy Base. 
Have a wonderful day.....
Remember... make memories with your children... they will last a life time!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Morning!
What a weekend!  Friday evening we heard the horrible news about our sweet young children and teachers that were slain.  God Bless the town, the families, and the world.... how tragic.... just think...those little ones were the ages of my two sweet granddaughters.  It's been hard to sleep this weekend... 

I haven't been motivated to do much this weekend...we watched movies and just enjoyed being with each other....
Hey... I did find something that may trip your memory banks (for those of you around my age) of when you were a little girl!!!  LOOK!!!
These barrettes are so pretty.... I sure wish I had them today.  What a fun, fun collection! 

Then... when I saw this...I burst out laughing!!!  I remember my older sister, Linda, had one of these.  You would wear them with a simple button-up cardigan sweater.  Then add your rabbit fur collar!  I love the pearls hanging from this one... I don't think hers had any pearls! 

Now...this is really, really clever!!!  Can you see putting your kids in this shirt when they are fighting?  I LOVE IT!!!!  Why didn't I think of that when mine were small!!!

I think this is such a clever way to dress up a cabinet!!  They are normally made with the toe kick (set back so you don't kick the cabinet).... you simply add the decorative piece and the fake little legs and it looks like an upscale cabinet!  VERY CLEVER!!! 

Wow... I couldn't remember if I posted this before.... if so... I apologize!  We are to stuff our pin cushions with the finest steel wool we can find.  Then as we insert our pins and needles... it helps to keep them sharp!  I like this idea too!!!  I did check out the steel wool at the store.  Most of the packages come with several different grades - the smallest one is included...but I'm not sure if just that amount of steel wool will be enough.. may have to buy multiple packages if we can't find it sold separately!

Don't you just love the clam shell quilt?  I sure do!  The color combinations they have used on this one are beautiful.  I think I'll add this to my TO DO list... you know... that list of quilts you JUST HAVE to make during one's lifetime!  There is just something to be said about the old style of traditional quilts.... LOVE THEM!!!

This is our FEEL GOOD photo for the day....!!!  I know many of you may get the creeps from this... but I've never seen a tiny baby squirrel before... it's so tiny... and mommy is taking good care of it!
Yes... they are in the rodent family (sorry Karen....) but I love squirrels!  We have tons of them in our back yard and they are just so interesting to watch... especially when they all play together.... it's a hoot!!!

Today I'm working with Heather on our web site... getting ready for our Camp Blanding class and room registrations... we have to test it over and over to make sure it will work right for everyone.  Then.... it's time to get busy on some of my quilts... I have 3 of them started and they must get finished.  I've just had not "get up and go" lately!!!  I need some GO-GO juice!!!
Have a fun day.... keep busy... get your shopping all done.. packages all wrapped!  Christmas is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!
Hugs to all!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hi everyone...
I don't want to scare you ... but do you realize we only have 11 days until Christmas.  I guess I had better get busy this weekend and finish up my shopping... then do some wrapping!!
Guess what I heard this morning?  I'm the only one here and I'm in my office... but I could hear noise in the other room.  I jumped out of my chair and snuck into the sewing studio...walking ever so quietly... then I spotted what was the "noise maker"!!  I looked out the glass door onto the deck and here are 3 of the sweetest kittens.... playing... jumping all over each other.  Waaaahhhhh... I feel so sorry for them.  They look very healthy... very happy... but they are WILD!  No way will they let me come near them.  I sure hope they will be okay... so sad... I haven't seen MOM... but I know she must be around.  Two of them are coal black and the third is a grey tabby.  I just checked on them...they are GONE!  Wahhh.. I want to hold them so badly!    SO DARN ADORABLE!!
This afternoon is our "Friday Sewcial" at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe.  I haven't been in some time so it will be good to see the gals.  I love to go sew but I sure hate dragging everything there.  UGH!!  Maybe I'll just do handwork... so much easier.
Check out this Santa... Wow.. would I love to own him.  So unusual.... in a good way!  I love that he is making toys.... because that's just what Santa does!!!

You know... I don't know why I fight it... Here's the deal... I try and like different styles of decorating... but I always come back to the "homey" style... like this... I would love to have these STAR shutters... I could even put them on both sides of MY FIREPLACE right now.  The garland hanging from the mantle is pretty wonderful too. 
I guess my love for this look must have come from our home when we were little.  We didn't have primitives...but we did have the warm feeling in the house. 

Ha... I want a mailbox like this one!  Isn't this a Hoot!!  Can you just see the expression on the mailman's face the first time he drives up to this bird!  I can hear him laughing right now!
This would surely be a great way to direct people to your house... "just pull in where you see the rooster mailbox" !! hahahahahaha!

I love this idea.... Hanging stockings on the back of your chairs.  They would make great gifts for your guests wouldn't they?  It would be even more wonderful if they were filled with little surprises. 

I just found this looks like the little grey kitten I just saw... see what I'm saying... isn't he adorable?  And guess what else?  Jack just came home from working in the gym and he's purchased a bag of kitty chow to feed them!  What a softy he is.... so we now have a pan of kitty food on the deck.  He told me he just can't bare to see a sweet animal go hungry... !  Don't kid yourselves...he loves those little kittens!

And... to give you all a giggle and good feeling.... how about these baby toes? !!!  Such a cute picture.

Well... I'm off for another cup of coffee and to eat some breakfast.  Then it's time to gather my sewing and get the day going!  Everyone have a super weekend... hope you get shopping completed, packages wrapped....
Chat with you on Monday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Rainy Day!
It's still dark... I can't see outside...but I can STILL hear the rain... it's such a nice sound...
Yesterday, my honey and I finished watching season 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey!  Wow... we sure do love it.  I can see now why they say people are obsessed with the show.... VERY GOOD!!
For those of you that haven't heard about it... it takes place during the sinking of the Titanic and World War I.... a wealthy family in Brittain.  I told Jack it's so much easier to relate to the show since we just visited the Biltmore Mansion.  This is a time when they had ladies maids, butler, housekeeping maids, cooks in the basement... it's just a grand show. 
One of my Facebook buddies said they will more than likely show season 2 on PBS just before season 3 begins... in early January.  Check your PBS channel!!!  Give it a try... my hubby even likes it.  He especially loves the Grandmother and her funny little remarks!
Hey... I wanted to show you these cookie cutters!  Did you know they make 3D cookie cutters?  Aren't these adorable.  I happen to own a 3D reindeer cookie cutter.  I forgot all about him until I saw these.  I purchased him last year.  You can go on Google... and type 3D cookie cutters... and it will give you websites to purchase them.   I think William and Sanoma has them also.

Remember when we talked about my loving antique cookie cutters...look at this honey!!
Wow... would I love to own this great jar!  These are really tart or pudding molds...but they are still just as wonderful!
Then... I saw these antique molds in a tray form.  I've never seen these...they must be from the 1800's!  What a fun, fun thing to cook with.  Gosh... I wonder what they made with these?
This Advent calendar is so great for the little ones.  They have taken a metal cupcake pan and cut magnetic circles.  Tuck a toy in the cup and cover with the number.  Each day they can have a little treat or present.  I thought this was adorable

When I saw this heart.... I had an idea... Wouldn't it be so sweet to stitch a sweet saying or poem... and give it to your daughter when she gets married... or at the birth of her first child... or to a new born baby...stitching a verse of how much you love them.  It appeared to be one of those things that you make and they keep it tucked away for years and years...then they can pass it on down to another family member.  Stitching the dates and initials of all the owners on the back would be wonderful (GP 1949- ??)  What a great family heirloom.

I thought this wall would be so much fun if it were in a restaurant!!  Full of fun writing... sayings...maybe their menu... with plants, spices, wine, oil bottles decorating it.  Sure easy enough to clean!!!  I love it!


Here's a funny fellow for you... and his partner!  I'm sure this is "photo-shopped" but I still think it's adorable!!!  Sharing a meal together!!

hahahahahahahaha!  I thought this was pretty darn funny!!!  Talk about a free ride... well... a free SLOW ride anyway!

Hope you all have a happy Thursday... I'm going to sew with my buddies and have a little R & R from the television.  Jack is going to be a couch potato today and catch up on all of his favorite shows that he's missed while watching our other LONG show.
Catch you tomorrow!