Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh My Feet!!!

Our feet are killing us...

This market is HUGE!!

Where.... oh .... where.... are our slippers?

Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's so great here at market....

 wish you could all be with us...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hahahahaha....this is something we can ALL RELATE TO !!

Just a quickie... for a fun laugh of the day!

The caption read:  Hmmmm guess I should really clean behind the couch better!!

 Oh how I can relate!!
(poor little fella....)

On The Road Again.....


It's time to load the car and hit the road again!  Vicky and I are off to Houston, Texas to Quilt Market.  This year is even MORE EXCITING as we will have our fabric display all set up at the Marcus Fabrics booth... plus we get to see our buddies - Paula and Mary Ellen... and all of the other great designers and vendors we have to come to know over the past 13 years!  Woohhhhhiiiieeee !!!  Plus we are going to do a little antiquing and Thrift Store shopping on the way (we hope).   We talked about driving out there in one day... then we woke up from that silly nightmare and decided NO WAY!  I'm just too old to sit in a car that long.  

This has been a whopping busy weekend!  Saturday we had our B-A-A-D Girls Club and made our candle wraps.  Everyone did a fabulous job and they were all so darn beautiful!!

This will be our November wool project!!  I think it's so adorable.  Vicky will have to be there with me!!!  She and Heather were the bow queens!!  They could make the prettiest bows... I (however) not so much!!!  

So... if you plan on attending... let Cinnamon's know so we can be sure and have enough supplies on hand.  Students will bring their RED WOOL and BOW RIBBON with them.  I will supply the chair jute webbing and the greenery.  Supply lists will come to all of you in a few weeks...after I return from Texas.

I did work on another new design this weekend... here was my inspiration...  I love the textures... wool, pleated paper, lace, buttons, primitive stitchery, rusty key and that one touch of the little silver trinket.  How adorable!!  I love the combination of primitive and vintage mixed together...

I tried mine a little different... I put a pretty coordinating wool on the back (sorry no picture of that side) and then picked a beautiful print (Blackbird Designs - LOVE THEM!) for the front.

I'm not 100% happy with it... but you have to make several attempts to get new designs just right.  Mine looks more Victorian... don't you think?  Not quite the look I was going for.  It is MUCH prettier in person than in this photo... I must admit.  I did fill mine with a mixture of crushed shells and lavender.  My sewing studio smells LOVELY!  So... I think I'll work on a second... or third... or even more until I get it just right.  (smaller heart, smaller bow, "age" the paper to look older, add the stitchery and key) Will you tell me what you think?  Send me comments on ideas you may have!!

I'm not sure if you know this or not ... but I LOVE BUTTONS!!!  I was playing on Pinterest the other day (no surprise there...) and found this clever way to FIX those silly sweaters ... you know the kind where the arms grow bigger and bigger and longer and longer every minute you have it on!!  I can remember as a teen I had this mohair sweater... OMG... the arms felt like they were hanging to my knees the longer I wore it.  i wish I would have thought of this super idea!!  Don't you adore this? 

Look at the new addition to the family!!! 

This is Vincent and our new baby girl... Isabelle Victoria Iannucci !!!  Yes... Vicky has another grandchild....!!  Are they not adorable?  I just want to eat them up!  Yesssiiirrrr.... I can just see her having her daddy (Peter) wrapped around her little finger in NO TIME!! 
 (I hear it's already happened!)

Today... it's off to the bank... pack up the quilts and display stuff... pack clothes... clean up my messy sewing studio (honestly... I swear there are little "mean" pixies in there at night tearing the crap out of everything... they need to go away), cook chicken Marsala for dinner, and collapse!

Then it's up bright and early and off we go.  

We will be taking pictures and posting them to Facebook and the Blog... So.. keep watching!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Lynn Graham and Cathy Peters for quilting all of our new models so fast and so beautiful!!!  YOU TWO ARE THE BESTEST OF THE BEST!!!  

Take care and we'll be home before you know it!

Gloria & Vicky

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand myself!!


The last pattern has been written... it's now in the "proofing" stage!!  Vicky is meticulously going over the math.... reading for clarity.... yada yada...yada!  I'm sure there will be a few changes and then the printer does her magic.  I'm sssssssssoooooooooooo relieved the pattern writing is over.  8 projects...whew!

We are packing our display items away for the trip.  I have quilts to pick up at Cinnamon's that we must take with us.

We are helping Red Crinoline finish up bindings on 5 quilts... Heather is taking photos of several of them...then we take them with us in the car to Houston.  It simply takes an army you get all of this done.  

When you walk into Quilt Market...everything is so "put together" - but if you had to add the number of hours and people to make it look that way.. well... let's just say it would knock your socks off!  

Yesterday - I went "Thrifting".  Know what that is?  Yes... I went Thrift Store Shopping.  What FUN!!  I found some wonderful red curtain panels to use in making some stuffed strawberries... A super FUN little hooded sweatshirt for Lexie, and lots of little things to use for surprises that I'm making!  It's amazing what people have had in their homes... actually it's a bit scary too!  Wow...!  That's all I have to say about that!

Tea cup bellHere are some 'loves' that I've found - I think I may try my hand at several of these!!  Are these not the sweetest cup bells?  I'm looking for sweet cups that have a Christmas look about them.  Jack is going to help me drill holes (it takes a special drill bit) and then I can decorate them.  So sweet hanging on the tree... or placed in a sweet basket or bowl! 

  Or this sweet little strawberry!  It holds your scissors, notions and on the inside your pins!  This will be finished I'll show you my finished item.  I think I'll be making several to sell on my website.  What sweet gifts to give your friends for the Christmas season!  Or... just because you want too.

I don't know about you... but I'm simply a BIG 
sucker for old fashioned cookie cutters!
Cute idea! Ornaments from cookie cutters & ribbon...

I'm on the hunt for items
for a tree that I plan to 
put up in my kitchen 
this year.  This little fellow will have to be on the tree! 

I'm scouring the antique stores and eBay.  If any of you spot any great Christmas ornaments - the old tin or metal ones... let me know!

Today I'm cutting strips for a quilting exchange I'm participating in. It's a "Trip Around The World" quilt.  I've never made one and I think (with the right color combinations) they are simply stunning!  

We are concentrating on Christmas colors... both the traditional colors and the pastel Christmas color look.  I can't wait to get started.  So.. it's off to the ironing board for some pressing and cutting!

Have a great day... enjoy your sewing time!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Yes... they need some tweekin! It has been confirmed!

Good Morning!

I took my little cooking project to my sewing group and we are all pretty much in agreement...they need some tweekin'.  I'm going to use better dough, egg wash on top with sugar, PLUS.. I'm going to cut them into normal shapes.  The cookie cutter concept is beautiful... but too much of a pain.  Plus.. I don't think I'm going to pre-toast the nuts.  I'm not sure they need it...they were really kind of hard when you chewed on them.  

Hey... I wanted you all to see this...  You all must know by now how much I LOVE PINTEREST!!  Look at this idea...duh!!  Why in the heck didn't I think of this!  As many times that I've moved in my life and this never crossed my mind to do.  Instead...I fight with things falling off the hangers... worry about them getting dirty in the trunk of the car... so SMART!!!  (Then they had to be even more clever and put tags on which closet they go in...some girls are just too much...don't you think?)

Take a look at me!!!  Aren't I adorable?  I thought this was so DARN cute!  What a happy way to great fall guests into your home ... set him on the front porch and watch the smiles as they see this little fellow!

I'll bet if more pumpkin patches had this sweet sample...they would sell more pumpkins.  

Or... what about these little fellows.  I just love these weird shaped... wonderfully nubby... pretty colored gourds!  The candles in them are perfect!

Then...this table setting is to die for.  What a beautiful addition to your fall party?  Or a fall wedding???

I can remember (as a child) we always had Indian corn at the used it to decorate with a lot!  I think it's so cool how each kernel of corn is so different.  Mother Nature is at her best!

Isn't is so cute simply wrapped around a candle.  Hey... I'll bet all the church groups that sell the pumpkins could sell tons of candles too if they had displays made up like this!  I know I sure would buy one.

And this... well..let's just say...this is ME!  Love...the dried up look...the whisp-e-ness look and feel... PLUS it's in a heart shape.  I would love to make one of would look so awesome hanging over my fireplace mantle.

And... to use them as little planters.... makes my heart go pitter-pat.  I want to get a couple BIG ones and hollow them out...then sit potted mums on the the front door.  OH MY!!!  

I did read a trick... to keep the pumpkin living longer...spray the inside of it with bleach/water mixture.  Then rub the inside with Vaseline to help keep the mold from growing.  I wouldn't think the bleach mixture would be wise if you're putting plants in the pumpkin.  I also read you can spray the outside of the pumpkin with a we use in crafting... either a matte finish..or shiny if you like that look better.

And then ... there's the fall berries.  I'm not sure what it is...but I REALLY have this thing for berries!  I mean I LOVE berries...of all kinds!  They are so beautiful...

 and then to have bittersweet AND Japanese lantern vine all together  ... I'm in Heaven!!

Okay... that's it... I'm going to get pumpkins today... or at least this weekend.  I'm now officially in the FALL FEELING mood!!  Aren't you?

You... have a happy day!  I'm getting to work on my last pattern...finishing it up... then I'm celebrating.  10 more days until we leave for market....whhhoooieeee!!!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

I LOVE what i DO!!

Good Morning!

It's Thursday!!  I've already started some chicken vegetable noodle soup... and baked a new recipe... These scrumptious looking things...  They are pie crust with toasted pecans and craisens in between the crust pieces.

Now.. .I don't know about you...but I find it a VERY GOOD idea to try the recipe BEFORE you decide to use it when company is here. I'm so excited... Jack's sister - "Linda" and her hubby "Steve" are coming to visit with us during Thanksgiving!!!  They have never had the chance to visit with us ... they own their own landscaping company.. .and you know how crazy it is when you own your own business.  However, they have a wedding to attend here in St. Augustine and we get to have them stay with us!  I just love both of them to death... we have such a crazy, fun time together.  Anyway...  I'm so glad I did try this first...  It needs some tweekin' !!!

Yes... I DID PURCHASE pie dough that is pre-made (love it).  I used a generic brand this time (trying to save a few pennies)... don't do that!  Buy Pillsbury... or make your own pie dough if you are so inclined.

You MUST chop up the pecans - they say chop...I say finely chop.  The craisens...they need to be chopped up smaller also.  Now..they are a different story... they just DO NOT want to be chopped up.  I used a hand chopper ... then went to a larger electric style... oh no...they still wanted to remain pretty darn chunky.  So I gave in and let them alone!  You just have to know what battles to let go of and NOT fight.

Once the pecans are chopped...toast them "lightly" in the oven.  I did...maybe a little too long.  I'm not quite sure why this is necessary...but I followed the recipe - "silly me"  HA!!

Then...  You lay one crust out on parchment paper... and sprinkle the nuts and craisens on top.  lay the other on top and roll them out together...smashing the inside contents into the dough.  It's FUN!  Then be sure the edges are sealed well together.

Now... it's time to use the cookie cutter!  Unless you have a metal one with a rather SHARP edge.. do not use it.  It will not cut through the nuts and craisens.  However... I did forge through the dough with a leaf cookie cutter and they came out petty cute.

The next time... I'm rolling it out and cutting them out with a PIZZA CUTTER... DUH... I just now thought of that!  (my brain sometimes really scares me...)  I shall cut them in pretty little diamond shapes! PLUS... I will brush the tops of the dough with an egg wash and add some sprinkled sugar.  Then... they will be fabulous!!!  Simply fabulous!  Won't they be adorable on top of yummy piece of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream? Can't you just see it... so darn cute!

So... I will proceed with "round 2" of my recipe and make the adjustments and report back to you.

That is my "BON APPETIT" for the day!

Have a good one... I'm going "thrift store shoppin' " and then on to my Sewing Day!

Wait until you see what I've made from my thrift store findings.  I'm adding more items "for sale" to my web site!  Yes... I've decided to do what I love - "repurpose stuff" into fabulous fun things and sell them to all of you!  How much better could that be?

1.  shop and find great deals

2.  repurpose things that no one wants any longer

3.  use the 'crafting' RIGHT SIDE of my brain

4.  work with my hands

5.  work from home

6.  make a little extra cash

7.  have a blast

8. make other people happy

AND...that makes me happy!  Plus I get to cook, watch great movies and shows on TV, design, sew... aaaahhhh life is so good to me!  Thank you Lord!

Chat with ya'll later!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

More new things to show you...

Good Morning!!

I've been working on some new designs... the first one is for our October B-a-a-a-d Girls Wool Club this month!  We are beginning to work on some Christmas and "winter" projects.  Here's the first one... a candle wrap!  I had purchased some wonderful burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby sometime ago...waiting for just the right inspiration.  I love decorative candles... and when you spice them up with something you have made yourself...well...let's just say it adds so much to the beauty of the centerpiece.  Here I used the burlap ribbon with some red ric rac, wool holly leaves, vintage tinsel (LOVE IT) and red buttons.  It hooks in the back with one button and a twisted thread that you wrap around the button...  

Now the best part of all... this is FAST and you can make them any size - they even look gorgeous around jar candles.  When the flame is lit in the jar candle... the light peaks through the ribbon openings and it is so pretty.

I adore making things from cutter quilts.... here I've made a new strawberry ... it looks huge doesn't it... but it's about the size of an over sized ping pong ball.. 

I'm also a fan of lllllloooonnnnggggg strawberries...!  Now... I've not actually seen any grow like this, but their shape is so cool...!  I added some sweet ribbon and a jingle bell to the top.  I plan on making some of these quite a bit larger - inverting them and attaching them to a candle stick.  Can you envision that?  I'll show you when it's finished.

Here is another one of my "first" experiments.... an origami tree!  OMG this was so much fun to make.  I love it.  I used a piece of graph paper... I have plans for some even better ones... and wait until you see what I'm doing with them...!!  You're all gonna want one!  

Many of these items will be going on my website to purchase!  Nothing makes me happier than designing and making things.... it simply fills my heart with joy!

Suzy... from my B-a-a-a-d group brought some show-n-tell.  She's been taking rug hooking classes from Katie Puckett - Kiss Rug Hooking... and it's in her blood really bad now!  She's a hookin' fiend...   Here she has made a hooked pumpkin with two wool crows and has it sitting on top a funnel.  then she wrapped the rusty stars around the base.  It was adorable!!

She also took some of her wool scraps and made this sweet star and crow.  She added a stick to the bottom and has it resting in the antique spool!  Now how cute is this?

Way to go Suzy.... I'm so proud of you!  (and I know Katie is proud of you too)

I'm sure MANY of you know how I adore Pinterest!  WOW!!!  What an inspiration it is to me.... I just love finding really clever ideas and putting them into use in our home.  LOOK AT THIS!  Now...why can't I think of things like this.  They took a sisal rug and cut it in half - for inside and outside the door!  DUH!!!  This is stinkin' clever... I don't care what you say!  Buy ONE rug not two... plus they made it fit perfect!
Three cheers for the "brainiac" that thought of this!

Today's list of To Do's!!!

1. Decorate for fall outside

2.  Tear out the old plants from my planter (they are NOW dried up and dead)

3.  Blow off the parking pad and spiffy it up a bit

4.  Play in sewing room while watching TV

Now...doesn't that sound like fun?  I also have to call the courthouse... I received jury notice... oh how I don't want to go.  Maybe they don't need my group.  They never pick me.... Once they find out about my past work experience (working with FBI and Secret Service) they excuse me. 

With quilt market coming up... I have so much to finish up....eeeekkkk!!!

Have a great day... have fun sewing...