Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday!!

Well.... I'm still in the packing phase... (will it ever end Lord...please!)  

I thought this sign was pretty fitting... ha!!!

In this packing process... I'm having to TOTALLY concentrate... Yesterday I was packing for:  

Box 1 - Friday Night Social (which was last night)

Box 2 - B-a-a-a-d Girls Club this weekend

Box 3 - Camp Blanding Retreat

Box 4 - 5,000 - MY HOUSE!

OMG... it was a bit crazy... I would be working on packing for Friday night...then something would pop in my head to not forget... I would go grab it... then realize it wasn't for Friday night it was for Camp Blanding.... then I had to make sure the item was placed in the Camp Blanding box!!    eeeeekkk..... What a riot!!

aaaahhh.... there's nothing like the smell of cardboard - don't you think?

Jack and I were combing the back parking lots of the shopping centers for boxes...  eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk........  on would go the breaks... I would hop out of the car and dumpster dive.  Now... I know that things in the dumpsters - are fair game for anyone!  After all.. they are throwing them away...then why do I feel like a thief???  I swear I felt like I was stealing... NOT GOOD for me..!
However, I DID keep going... I was on a mission.

And... isn't it so easy to think you have enough boxes only to find out it was just a smidgin' of what you really need?  What's up with that?

Now.. I haven't even made it to the fabric closet (BIG walk in closet).  Oh my... it gives me heart burn just to think of packing that bad boy!  Then there is the kitchen...



LOOK at this gorgeous throw.  I think it's knitted...not sure... I think I want to make one of these (in my spare time).  I saw the yarn at the store.  Doesn't it look so cuddly?  hhhmmm... there I go - adding another item on my "want to do" project list.

I saw this design.  I'm not a big fan of the pink and white...but can you imagine it in all reproduction fabrics that blend well together... or how about some awesome Fall colors?  I think it's a great design.  This too... will be added to my project list!

This is what I feel like sometimes in my house... NO EARS on my hubby! (poor baby)

Okay.. I'm off to the kitchen - gotta get another cup of coffee. 
 Then it's time to pack everything for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club this weekend!

Then I'm going to my friend, Katie's, rug hooking camp to see how they are all doing and pick up some orange wool.  I've been working on a new quilt design that has wool pumpkins appliqued to the top.  Now it's time to find some great plaids, tweeds, etc. to give the pumpkins more character.

Hugs to all...have a super weekend!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I can't believe a week has gone by since I posted last... it could be due to my life being a complete whirlwind these past few days...
My sister, Linda, twisted her back and can't hardly move!  On the flip side... she got an offer on her house!  She has a GORGEOUS new place she's moving into.. so that's exciting for her.
My hubby had to have vein surgery...both legs... so I've been with him and helping him to get better.
Then... I have classes coming up this weekend - getting ready for that...
Then.. in a few days I have instructors arriving, retreat to get packed for.... (whew...can you tell why I'm pooped...I'll be ready for this retreat)
Then... to top it all off.... Jack and I found (lucked upon) an AWESOME NEW HOUSE!  OMG... this is unbelievable... 2500 sq ft - with a HUGE master bedroom (now my sewing studio) and an "in-law" suite - which will be our bed and bath.  A kitchen to DIE FOR!!!  Screened porch, gorgeous wood floors - and PLANTATION SHUTTERS IN EVERY .... YES I SAID... EVERY WINDOW!  Stainless steel (top of the line) kitchen appliances, hardwood/tile and carpet, security system, beautiful center island... so may drawers and cabinets I lost count... it is truly a chef's kitchen.  Beautiful white (tall) cabinets with black marble counter tops, walk-in pantry, NICE laundry room! 
Oh my... then I forgot about the TWO GIGANTIC walk-in closets in the master suite... that will hold all of my fabric and crafts!  I have been truly blessed and am now in Heaven.  It's just down the street from my daughter and Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe!  Now... how perfect is that?  So.. I have 2 weeks to get packed and out of here... yes... I am now out of breath!
Then we have a 3 car garage with a small (yippee) but beautiful yard and a paver parking pad and sidewalk!  All landscaped - so pretty! 
See.... that's why I've been a little busy!
I hear my hubby packing already.  He's very excited....he has a DEN/OFFICE right off the sewing studio... so we will be near each other... can hear each other but not in each other's way. 
Okaaaaayy...that's what's been happening in my life and I'm so sorry to be absent!!
I'm now off to grab another cup of coffee... then head to my sewing studio to finish up my packing for this weekend's classes.
Have a super holiday!!  You know what I'll be doing... packing and teaching!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I am among the living!!!  Have you heard of the flu-bug going around????  Well ... it came to visit me.  However, since I had gotten my flu shot... I don't believe it hit me as bad as it has many.  I didn't have the fever... but the feeling like a "limp dishrag", wanting to sleep for 24 hours straight (that is just not like me at all) and becoming very cozy with the bathroom has set me back a couple of days.  I HATE BEING SICK!!

Then... to top it off... this silly computer has been acting up... well... not the computer... blogspot!!  It wouldn't let me post pictures.  I thought sure it was something silly I was doing until two of my friends that have blogs had the same issues.  

I'm so excited... 5 of my friends (that have websites or blogs) are attending a session prior to our Camp Blanding Retreat to learn how to improve our "social media" - better blogs, better web sites, better tracking!  I'm so pumped!  Now if I can just understand everything and put it into practice... we'll see.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Now that I feel a little among the living again...I'll be working on my penny rug that I'm designing.  I can't decide whether to put additional wool applique with it or not... so the decision is still out on that one.  I'll post photos of the progress ... please give me input... you are the end user and the one that counts!!

Hey... I love BEAD BOARD!!!  Don't you?  Look at this gorgeous room!  You need to visit Rachel's Farmhouse in Macclenny, FL.  
It's such a great place... Cindy and her brother have taken an old run down home and refurbished the interior, front porch, and garden.  Rachel's Farmhouse   Make sure you visit her blog so you can call.  She is only open on Saturday and Sundays... it's wonderful... especially if you are a primitive lover!  Cindy's brother makes the most gorgeous furniture you've ever seen!  Here is one of his pieces... although.. don't look for this same exact piece... one of my friends bought it!!!  So, so pretty...

Well..back to my bead board story... the reason why I brought up Rachel's ... they have the walls and ceiling finished in bead board.  Oh MY!  Be still my heart.

Then yesterday ... look what I found on Pinterest!!  It's wallpaper!  No.. I will admit, I'll have to check this out to see how it looks..but at this moment... I'm going with this look!  How much easier is this? I'm just sayin' !!!  I see this in my future!  I love wallpaper... I know.. I may be strange...but I'm telling you - in the right place - the right wallpaper - IT'S AWESOME! 

Hey... I  don't know about you... but I sure never got hot dogs cooked like this for me when I was a kid!  Isn't he adorable... almost too darn cute to eat! Although... I can seriously taste that yummy dough ear about right now...mmmmmmm... a little of that mustard... heaven!

Just to let you know... this is ME!  My inside woman... her name is Hazel!  She makes me eat all of the crap that goes in my mouth... she's an evil GIRL and I must get her under control!  I wonder how hard it would be to train her on only liking good things to eat?  Doesn't seem possible to me!  I think I'll find her some diet cookies to eat... I saw a peanut butter cookie recipe this morning on flour!  Must try them!

Ok... this is me when I'm super busy and working on great projects!    No... not really... my hubby is so good... if I don't want to cook... he will or we go out... hhhmm.... I can tell my appetite is back... I'm feeling like some Chinese for dinner... broccoli and beef.... chicken and vegetables... 

I just thought of two more awesome projects... gotta go jot them down before I forget them. 

Have a great day... I'm so glad to be among the living again!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday... aaahhh... day of rest!
I've begun gathering up my projects that I will be taking to Camp Blanding!!  I have a BUNCH of things to finish and this time... I'm actually going to get to sew more!  So exciting! 
This first one is a quilt from Lisa Bongean (Hi Lisa!) that I can't wait to finish!!  It will be an addition to my blue/white/tan quilts that I adore and collect.  Thanks Lisa for such a GREAT design!

Then... I have my Daiwabo that simply needs to be pieced together.  Once I have all of my rows completed... I will make my border and then finish it up.  I just love the Daiwabo colors all mixed together...they are so warm and inviting!
Then... While I'm playing around with the English Paper Piecing - I'm going to work on a new design for an awesome PIN CUSHION!!
Then.. I should have all of these coins stitched!  Working on a new design for B-a-a-a-d Girls Club with these sweet things.  I have lots of ideas in my to decide on which one I like the best.
I'm also working on some new stitchery designs!!!  There is NO GRASS growing in between my toes.!!  hahahahahahahaha1
For some reason... this silly blog company will no longer let me post photos my old way... it's being so bad, bad, bad... I'm about to throw this computer out the window this morning.
It's time for another cup of coffee.... YUM!
Have a super Sunday...get lots of sewing finished.  I'm planning on doing a bit of housework (ick...what's up with that?) then sitting on my bootie and stitching all day.  Sounds pretty wonderful too ... doesn't it?  I've also thought about cleaning out the "shoe" section in my closet... I have no clue what brought up that bit of ambition... it may have to wait until tomorrow...we'll see!!
Happy sewing!


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well... have you broken any of your New Year's resolutions yet?  Did you make any?  I always make them... and of course... I break them!  What can I say.... ?

Here's what I made:

1.  Drink more water... there are some days my liquid intake is nothing but coffee!!!  How terrible is that?  Water is so good for you... so I must do better at this one!

2.  Loose weight!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!  Now... this one I can truly say I've broken every year that I can remember... but it's STILL on my LIST! 

3.  Follow through !  I want to do better with this... my brain goes a mile a minute and I just need to slow down and follow through with one thing at a time (it's really... really going to be hard...)

4.  Walk!  hahahahahahahahaha!  (can you tell I've broken this one many times too!) 

Okay...that's enough..I'm depressed already.  On to more fun things!
I'm designing a new project!  A penny rug... here is my color palette!!  Blues, teals, browns with a little gold.  I'm not quite sure of the layout at this moment... but I'm almost there!  I just might add some wool applique to the center of my rug/mat... whatever we decide to call it!

Today I'm heading to Cinnamon's... Thursday Sewing Day.  So I have to pack my DIET LUNCH (oh yippee... so excited) and then stay out of their kitchen!!  Everyone always brings yummy things to snack on... so if I don't go in there... I won't be tempted.  At least that's my strategy for the moment!
I'm working on designing a FUN NEW PROJECT for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club that I facilitate at Cinnamon's!  it's a I can't tell you ... but it will take us about three sessions to finish it... then I know all the gals will use it in their everyday sewing!!  (that's the only hint I'm giving)
So... here's a Happy New Year to all of you.... keep on stitching!
Chat with you soon!