Saturday, August 29, 2015

We are Movin' and Groovin' !

Hi there!

Heather, Vicky and I are movin' and groovin' ... sossssssooooooo much... we are just not exactly sure which end is up!  We have so many fun, fun, fun things coming up.. plus our designing... then we just got a beautiful NEW, HUGE, CABINET for in our sewing studio.... it's AWESOME!  

Here's the down side... the room (at this very moment) looks like WWIII ! 

 OMG.... it's just unimaginable.... However, the flip side... it CAN'T get any worse.  I would show you a photo - but I'm TOO EMBARRASSED TO DO SO.  You know what they say... you have to make a REAL BIG MESS to get things organized.... and we are living up to that me!

Vicky and I will be headed to Utah... then on to San Diego, CA to help Joyce Weeks - Geoff's Mom Patterns - vend at the San Diego Quilt Show.   We'll be doing some playing and sight-seeing also.  Vicky has not been in either of these she's really, really excited.  We're getting our hand-work ready for the LONG flight.... UGH!  That's the only down side.

Then when we get home we have another retreat at Camp Blanding!!!  5 days of great sewing....!  We still have openings!!

I simply adore getting together with all of these women...they are a BLAST! PLUS... it's so cool how we all learn something from each other....(lots of things) at each retreat!

Then... in October we will be heading to Houston Market & Festival to help Red Crinoline in their booth.  They have a NEW BOOK (their first one) that will be debuted at they will be moving around the floor with their "book signing" !!  Isn't that cool? 

Of course... in between all of this we will still be designing for K & K Interiors.  January is our magical month... we will be working the Atlanta Gift Home Decor Market in the K & K showroom. It will be so exciting - our designs will be offered to the public.  I can't wait to see how they are received!!  (sure hope they sell like hot popcorn!)

PLUS.... we will be selling FUN, NEW items on our website/blog!  Yes... we've decided to share many of our "creations" and wonderful treasures with all of you... !  Keep watching your email for further updates.  Sneak peeks.....  "These are a few of our favorite things".....

It's a secret.... you can't see the entire project until it's finished!!

Handmade from an old cutter quilt.  I look adorable
in your potted plants!
A little cross stitch surprise....
Add me to a Christmas package
for an additional holiday treat!
I'm a MUG RUG!!!

I'm coming back...
It's Saturday morning... and soon my computer will be going crazy!  It's sign-up day for our Saturday retreat lodging!  Everyone will be on-line at 8:00 am to be sure they get a sweet place to lay their head while joining us at Camp Blanding for 3-5 days.  
Sweet little ornaments!!

I'm off for another cup of coffee and maybe a tidbit of a snack!
Have a super weekend.... we'll chat again soon!

Gloria, Heather & Vicky
Olde Green Cupboard Designs