Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chalkin' & Chattin' !!!

I've found another LOVE in my life (other than my honey, children, grandchildren, and sewing....)! 

It's Chalking!!!!

Oh yes... I can see you now... you're saying to yourself... NOOOOOOOOO... not another project!  I said the same thing!  However, I've found a way to do my "chalking" and combine it with my sewing and projects!  Plus... I've been making adorable items for the house, to combine with my other crafts, and making gifts!

If you would like to get a group together (4 to 15) I'll come to your location and show you how!  We'll begin with a project, sign, saying, etc. that I have here already to go.  Samples will be emailed to the hostess to share with your group... then I'll get everything prepared and we'll have a fun class together.

Cost:  $40 for 16" x 19" pattern, unfinished frame for you to paint (color of your choice) and the supplies to make your pattern.  I will have already prepared your boards for you. (special designed projects/boards  = cost adjustment)   A class normally last around 3-4 hours (depending on the number in class)

I have patterns related to:  Kitchen, Baby, Friends, Everyday, Home, Christian, Sports, Christmas, Easter, Spring... I can just about make you anything as long as I have enough preparation time for drawing and copying. 

Here are a few that you may LOVE ALREADY!!!!
(excuse some of the photos...they did not come across well into the blog format!!!!)


If you find any designs or sayings and you're unsure if you are allowed to use them, just give me a call (904)742-1100 or send me an email ( and I'll research it for you. 
Once you get the first one made... you'll want to make more!  You can chalk on anything!!  Go to my Pinterest boards and check them out!! 

Boards:  Chalkboard Fun & Chalkboard Stuff

Hope to hear from you soon!!!! 
Chalkin' & Chattin' !!!

Gloria Parsons
Olde Green Cupboard Designs

p.s.  I promise to NOT make you clean the erasers....remember those days?

Come On Down!!!

This Wednesday morning is FULL of sun and a wonderful temperature outside... lovin' life! 

I wanted to extend an invitation to all of my sewing buddies out there.... I facilitate a "Featherweight Club" one day a month at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe here in Jacksonville.  We meet one Sunday a month to 'sit-n-sew' and have a great time together.  It's only $5.00 and we sew from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Everyone is responsible to bring their own lunch... and if you choose to... a fun snack for the group.

We all work on our own projects - on our FEATHERWEIGHTS!  Now... I must admit... I've been a little generous and allowed many of you to bring your light weight travel machines (non featherweight) and that's okay too... (even though you are being a rebel...hahahahahaha).

Plus... I'm going to have super easy "mini" instructions for you... If you are interested in joining, you can call and register or let me know.  It's is much easier if you pre-register that way I know what and how many supplies to bring with e on the project materials.

Here are the dates coming up for the Featherweight Sewing Day" 

April 3
May 1
June 5
July 3

If you happen to be a NEW owner of a featherweight... or have one that's been in the closet for sometime and would like to clean, oil and begin sewing on it.  I help with that also!  So dig it out!!!  Was it your mother's, grandmother's.... relative?  What an honor to sew on their machine.  We can even look up the date from the serial number and let you know how hold your machine is!!  Cool huh? 

So... mark these dates on your calendar and join me and a bunch of other great gals for a fun day of sewin', chittin', chattin' and relaxin' !!

See you there!

Gloria Parsons
Olde Green Cupboard Designs

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What's going on around here?


How is everyone?  We are busy, busy, busy here at the house!  Whaaaaat???  NEVER!  I honestly love being busy but I'm just about ready to flop on the couch for a couple of a little TV, do a little sketching.... Yea right!  What in the heck am I talking about?   I have two classes to get ready for this weekend... teaching a "chalking" class to some friends - then a basket weaving class on Saturday at Rusted.... Guess that nap is not happening today!  RATS!

Vicky has been quilting up a storm on her long-arm.. plus we have all just finished about 24 new designs for K & K!  So darn cute... we are waiting to hear back from the owner to see if he likes them so we can continue on to our next category.... AMERICANA!  Love Americana... we have some super ideas and can't wait to get started on them.

This past Monday night I had the first class of our Tisket Tasket - I Love My Little Basket!.  Wow the gals did such a great job - each one of them looked different and so CUTE!  Next month I'll have pictures of their completed ones...can't wait to see how they finished them. 

The patterns are currently exclusive for our class.  However, in several months, we will be offering
these NEW E-Patterns (pattern only) on our website...along with the purchase of a
basket(s) (limited quantities).
I will continually be designing new ones and posting them - once purchased you are free to use them in any manner you choose.  Most of them will finish approximately 7" square.

This club is designed to encourage participants to pick fabric and "trinkets/notions" that give their completed project their "signature" and one that will go with their home d├ęcor.

Several of the gals are making 2 - one for them and one for a friend. 
  The basket has a flat bottom and can sit or hang from a heavy rope handle. 
It's opening is perfect for holding greenery, smaller magazines, paper plates silverware,
quilting rulers, fabric, etc.

More information on the "Tisket Tasket" - I Love My Little Basket will be published at a later date. 
In the meantime, I'll continue to post sketches and/or finished blocks to wet your appetite!!!

Here is the one they all want to complete next month....

Okay... I'm now signing off to paint my chalkboards!!! 

Chat with you again soon!!


wah....then it's time to cook dinner.... NO NAP!!!  ggggrrrrrr...!!!!!
I'm then headed to my friend Katie's house to deliver products for her
to sell at a rug hooking camp this weekend. 
I think I may stay and hook awhile!  (if I can stay awake)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tisket Tasket - I Love My Little Basket

Check out our NEW CLUB at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop!  
A Tisket - A Tasket - I Love My Little Basket

The first month you will receive your basket - along with your first pattern.  All fabric, wool, notions, etc. are provided in class ONLY.    The patterns are designed with s 3-D concept... (see the nest and buttons...).  Once completed - it ties to the front of your basket!  They have awesome handles for hanging and are flat on the bottom so you can sit it on a table, bench, counter, etc.  

If you want to sign up, you still have time!  Our first class is this Monday evening (5:30 pm - 8:30 pm) - Cinnamon's Quilt Shop - here in Jacksonville, FL.  This is an on going class so if you have to sign up next month - NO PROBLEM.  You are obligated for a 12 month period and will be auto charged each month by Cinnamon's.  Please contact them for pricing.

PLUS...for those of you NOT living in the Jacksonville area... we will be offering this e-pattern through our website at a discounted price (for pattern and instructions only).  You will also receive your basket the first month!  Then when you are ready for another pattern, visit our site and purchase 1 or more of your choice!  We'll send you an email when they are on the website and ready to go! (payable through PayPal)