Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!!!!

Mark your calendar... today... right now... at this minute!!  Go get it... .I'll wait...........................(humming...)

For JUNE 1 2014 (I'll tell you more later)

What a whirlwind this weekend and first few days of the week have been.... how about you?

Heather and I are working on finding a new web site provider so we've been researching that...

She came over last night and took "bio" photos of Vicky and I - for our CRUISE FLYER... (more on that later) and to send to our FABRIC COMPANY... that we are designing for!

Here's our pearly whites!!  For those of you that have not met us.... Vicky is on the left and I am on the right.  We are twins... however, we don't look too much alike any more.  However, I can say that my Heather is a great photographer and she is a WHIZ on Photoshop!!!  

Then... I've designed our quilt project for the cruise (more on that later)!!

It's a smaller project so it's faster and easier to finish before Christmas!  The "hour glass" blocks are foundation pieced (such a wonderful... DID I SAY WONDERFUL... invention).  Then... the center will be this sweet "Christmas Peace" dove in wool applique!    We'll have the kit all ready for you... you'll simply sit and sew!  Wow... I'm telling you.. it doesn't get much better than this.

PLUS - my sweet friend, Katie Puckett will be instructing traditional wool rug hooking!  Only this sweet little fellow "Topper" is not a rug!  He's a table topper...yes...that's right... he is going to sit on your table (when finished)... or you may want to tuck him into a wreath - or how about in

your Christmas Tree?  The nice thing about snowmen is you don't have to pack them up and store them in your attic as soon as Christmas is over - they can stay out all winter long!   He is approximately 12" tall - and very easy to hook.  

Katie is a fabulous instructor and she's bringing all the equipment with her to show you how.  Kits will be available.  This is the one project you must try... it is so much fun and he will be easy to finish before winter season arrives.

Then... our long time buddies Paula Barnes and Maryellen Robison

- from Red Crinoline Quilts 

will join us on the cruise (more on that later...tee hee) too!  Paula will be teaching a quilt for you that I know you will simply adore.  We'll have a photo of that shortly.... she and I are still working on the decision.  She's been very sick (vertigo) and then when she just started feeling like a human again - she was called for jury duty (in Texas).  Don't they know she is a busy, busy woman and has no time for playing with criminals!

Then... we're working on both the July and September Camp Blanding Retreats!!  Look what we have been making for the July attendees....           Aren't these adorable?  Vicky, Wynette, Donna and I have made about 120 of these sweet luggage tags!  If you are spending the weekend with us... YOU WILL GET ONE!  They were so much fun making.  We looked like a production company working on them!  HA!!

Here is another of my projects... I'm not going to tell you what it is until I have it finished.  It's actually a sample... I'm making this one first then if it turns out like I'm hoping... I will be making another one from OUR FABRIC that will be making it's debut soon!

Look at this sweet, sweet sewing basket lid my sweet friend, Patty made!  It's an antique sewing basket she found on Ebay!  Then she recovered the lid with these sweet flowers, a tiny butterfly and the cutest worm yo have ever seen... he's down at the bottom.  Her stitching and handwork is PERFECT!  You ROCK Patty!!!

That's my updates for you!  Whew... have to catch my breath!  My hubby is off again today for the courthouse... he ALSO had Jury Duty yesterday and was CHOSEN!  He loves it! (sick puppy...).  I did hear that Paula did NOT get chosen.  Now me... they call me in.. then I tell them my work history of 30 years with the banking industry - working with the FBI and Secret Service...well that kind of does it for me.  You are "excused"....aaahhhh .. .music to my ears!  (even though I know it's our duty to serve - YACK!)

Here's a little funny for your day!  Have a super-great one.  I've enjoyed chatting with you today... and now..it's off to my sewing machine to work on more of those "mystery projects"!

Keep those sewing machines movin' !


Friday, April 26, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!!

We have just received our email slide show from our cruise... so I thought I would share some of the photos with you!!

We had several "Santa's" on board with us.... they were so wonderful.  I wish I could remember going to a REAL bearded Santa when I was little.  They were taking a little time off before their busy Christmas season!  

Johnny Rockets was so much fun.... we got wonderful, yummy, hamburgers, shakes, fries, onion rings and coney dogs.  Then..... we were entertained by the "dancing" waiters... to 'old time' music.  It was such fun!

On the deck... they had an ice sculpture demonstration.... it's simply amazing what these guys can do with a block of ice!!!

Look at this beach... I'm telling you... I just can't explain how gorgeous the water is in the islands.  It's such a pretty turquoise blue.... simply unbelievable.

AND... the desserts... OMG!!  I'm not sure what his is... however, WHO CARES!!!  It's gorgeous and I'm sure delicious!

Then.. you can take every wonderful excursion you want... many of the gals went to swim with the sting rays ...........



Here is my sewing room.... and the cute little gal in the front (pink shirt) ... she came up to me and was so excited.  She reads my blob and couldn't believe I was on the ship with her.  I think she is from California... and I'm such a bad person ... I can't remember her name!!!  Please send me a comment and tell me your name... this entire group of gals were a hoot!  I loved sewing in the same room with them.

Here we are... all of us ... standing on one of the MANY dynamic stair cases on the ship.  Don't you LOVE our pink t-shirts!!  I'm way at the top...  you know... the one in the pink t-shirt (tee hee) I have a little bit of turquoise sleeve on my right arm sticking out.. Maryellen is one step down from me.  Paula... well she's way down in front... HIDING her sweet little face behind Dana... see her... she's right under that square screen over her head?  Paula...did you hide on purpose???

This is our braid quilt that we all worked on taught by Denise.  It is so awesome... I'm going to teach this technique/class at Cinnamon's next quarter.  It's so darn much fun!  This is the one I'm going to over-dye when I get it finished.

What an easy, fast and fun quilt this is.  Gerry taught us this class!!

Paula Barnes taught 'Gettysburg" and it is scrumptious.  This quilt will be adorning my kitchen table soon!

So... there you go!!!  If you have never gone on a quilting cruise... you simply MUST add it to your bucket list and make it happen!  I cannot begin to tell you how many nice gals we met, laughs we had, relaxing... eating.... sewing.... it was simply the best!

Thanks to everyone for such a super - great time!  

Keep watching my BLOG, website, and Facebook.... Vicky and I are working on a fun, NEW, adventure that you can all participate in... 

Chat with you soon!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013



 Have you ever seen a                            HUGE butterfly garden?

  Oh My... swimming with the dolphins... what fun!!!

  Let's be kids and drive a silly car around town!!!

  Are you a Harley Lover?  Now is your chance!

  Jeeps!!  I love driving jeeps and acting like a wild woman!

  Whhhooiiiieeee!!  Let's play on a JET SKI!!

Have you ever wanted to fly?  It seems better with a partner!

  SNUBA!    It's the NEW THING!  
                                             So AWESOME!

 Let's act like Monkeys and swing from the trees!!

Or how about just relaxing on the beach?

Are you ready?



We'll be announcing a GREAT, FUN adventure soon... where you can all join in with us and have a SUPER time!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a super week!!!


What a great week I had on the Royal Caribbean Mariner!  We left from Galveston, TX and it was go, go, go from the time we hit the deck and ran to deck 11 for some food!  We were starving!

Here we are ... in the masses of people waiting to get on board.  The rumor was the lines were longer than normal because they couldn't get all of the people previously on board to leave the ship!  I don't blame them!  it was pretty - darn - WONDERFUL!  It was pretty warm in there and we were being herded like cattle!

But it was all worth the wait.  We normally would arrive VERY early to the port...get in line... check in and walk right on board.  However, we flew into Galveston that morning and took a transit bus to the Galveston Dock so we were a bit later than normal.

Our classroom was the BOMB!!!  It was filled with 76 women quilting on Bernina machines...two of us gals per table.  Great lighting, nice and cool.... and tons of laughing!!!  Oh my... we met so many wonderful gals.  They were from all over the United States.

We had this one gal... she was a silly nut that kept us laughing the entire cruise.  She should have been a stand up comedian.  She taught us all where our "weenis" is!!!  Ha!  I can see your little brains going all over the place... !  Well... let me tell you...she had all of us in stitches.  This was her first cruise and she was afraid they weren't going to let her come back.  Of course... we all said... YES... WE WANT YOU TO RETURN!  (by the way... your "weenis" is the loose skin on your elbow!  ha...tricked you didn't I?)

The quilts we worked on... well let me tell you something!  They were awesome!  Paula taught Gettysburg - in her luscious Tavern Blues!!

Then we had Denise Lipscomb - Common Threads Quilting - she taught an awesome braid quilt!  I can't wait to finish mine... then I'm going to over-dye it with tan Rit Dye to make it look even more antique.

Then we did a fun, fun Windmill quilt taught by Jerry Stube - Quilters Quarters .  It's full of reproduction fabric and fast and easy to make.  

Now... here's the best part of all... these quilts where HUGE and all laser pre-cut!!!  OMG.. we were in HEAVEN... we simply sat down at our own little sewing machine and began to sew.  Some of the girls completed 2 quilt tops!!!!  They were really excited about their projects.  As I get them finished... I'll post pictures.  Gettysburg will go on my kitchen table... it's the perfect size.  My braided quilt will head to the couch for a warm cozy cover up... and my Windmill quilt... well... I'm making that for a nice lady for a surprise...can't tell you about it right now.

I have some pictures of the Promenade and the casino...but the silly things are not wanting to load correctly!
So... I'll have to play with them and then show them tomorrow.  I'm getting a LITTLE frustrated with them!

It is good to be home... HOWEVER... I have a surprise that we will be announcing soon about another fun "girlfriend" excursion that you WON'T WANT TO MISS!  Vicky and I are already working on it and it's going to be awesome!

It's time for me to get busy... I have so much to catch up on!!! eeeekkkkk!!!!  

Chat again soon!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's time to pack........

Good Morning (Saturday)!!!

Wow... do I have a busy, crazy day ahead of me!  My TO DO list is getting longer... and I swear I have crossed off a BUNCH of items!

Must go to Cinnamon's Quilt Shop and pick up some zippers for my girlfriend... Maryellen!  She and Paula Barnes and my BFF - Merry Ann and I are going on a cruise SUNDAY...eeekkk!!!!  That's tomorrow!

Don't worry... it's Royal Caribbean!!  OMG!!  I can't wait... one solid week of sewing, eating, laughing, (a little gambling), shopping, eating, eating, watching great shows.... did I mention eating?  HA!

I have to iron some of my clothes (since we can't have ANY IRONS on the ship).  Of course... they will still look like I slept in them once I get on board and unload the suitcase.

Finish packing my sewing supplies and my clothes.

Finish sewing some blocks that I've been working on for Mary Ellen (she's got tons of new quilts she's working on....)

Finish a little project (surprises for Mary Ellen and Paula).

Clean up my sewing area (it looks like a rat has chewed up paper all around my sewing chair)... that's from using 1/2 square triangle paper... 

Look at this adorable heart!!!  I thought these would be so sweet to make for girlfriends... for special treats (just to let them know... you love them...) or for their birthday.  Can't you just smell it... packed with yummy lavender?  I know many of you don't cross-stitch (ever or anymore) ... BUT... you could use a coordinating fabric on the bottom that would look wonderful with your top fabric... then with the addition of the rick rack, small bees... and that sweet...sweet butterfly charm... Well - I'm just here to tell you... if I got one of these - I would be ONE HAPPY GIRL!

I've already sketched my pattern... I'm taking some of them with me to sew while on the cruise!!  (I don't think I will even touch half of the things I'm taking... but you never know!!)

Did I mention that our quilting cruise is with 3 instructors and we are all making Civil War Quilts?  Yes.... we are!  MY FAVORITE!!!  and....here is the best part... all 3 quilts (like I need another quilt... what am I thinking???) have been laser cut for us.  All we have to do is sit down at our Bernina Sewing Machine and start sewing!  WWWWhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooiiiiiiiieeeeee!  
I can't wait to see what laser cut pieces look like!

Look at this sweet fellow... he's bringing you - well... let's just say it WAS a rose from your prize winning rose bush!  Can you imagine... how could you get mad at this sweet critter?

Hey... did I mention critters?  Well... we have lots of "new" friends in our back yard!  Jack loves to feed the birds and squirrels!!  He gives them bird seed, corn (on the cob) and peanuts (in the shells)... (this is costing us a fortune - they eat this food SO FAST)... 

The squirrels are adorable..they grab a peanut in their mouth - run around the yard, dig a hole and bury it!  Then.......  that afternoon or the next day... here comes the BIGGEST raccoon I've ever seen... He digs up EVERY peanut and eats the entire thing!  Shell and all!! I'm sure... VERY SURE... he is really 'ticking' off the squirrels now that they cannot find ANY of their peanuts!  What a hoot watching this group of critters.... !

Then we have the sweet morning doves, red birds, blue jays... I'm still waiting to look out the back windows and see some deer.  Haven't yet... but still hoping!

Well... gotta get another cup of coffee and head to the sewing room...have 16 blocks to finish - press 36... and then finish packing!

We return next Sunday!  I'll miss Jack's birthday... boo hoo!  His presents are all wrapped and he's going out to dinner with the kids & family... so he will be well taken care of.

Keep sewing.... get lots done!  Chat with you when I get back!


Monday, April 8, 2013

What wonderful weather!

Good MONDAY Morning!

Wow...we are so lucky here in Florida (at least this time of the year) !  It's so wonderful to get up and see the pretty sun shining, smell the fresh air, hear the birdies singing, watch the silly squirrels in my back yard eating corn and chasing each other around the trees.... life is so good!

This weekend was great fun!  I had three of my Camp Blanding friends (Wynette, Donna and Diane) with me on Saturday and they learned how to make zipper bags and hot pad/trivets.  They did such a great job and they are already planning to make more!

                                                                    (Wynette - camera shy)

Jack treated us to yummy pizza!!!  He even made the food run!  Thanks Jack!  The girls said they just wanted to live here...tee hee... OH MY...We could get into so much trouble!

Then... Sunday I began helping my "friends" with a quilt project they need piecing!  Of course... it's got a million, zillion, pieces in it... that have to be cut, ripped, pressed, and snipped!  

Then... I get to sew it together!.... Wait until you see what it looks like.  I will be taking it with me this weekend!  I'm going on a cruise with my girlfriend Mary Ann... we're heading to Galveston and getting on a BIG, BEAUTIFUL, ship and heading to sew for 7 days.  It's a quilting cruise - Paula and Maryellen (Red Crinoline Quilts) will be with us... Paula is teaching!  We're going to be lazy, eat a bunch, and quilt until we go nuts!  (plus a little gambling and shopping).

I have some shopping to do this week, nails and toes to get done, packing to do... plus I have to plan for my Jack's birthday!.  Yes... I'm a bad wife... I'm leaving on a cruise and it will be over Jack's birthday.  However, I will have presents ready and am going to see if my Heather and Keck will take him out for his birthday dinner.  Poor baby!!!  I won't even be able to call or text him.... I'm not so sure I like that!

I was looking on Pinterest this morning and saw this funny photo... I just had to share it with you....

"aaaahhhh.... so much better than the hard concrete"

Look at these bags.... I made them for my niece!!!  These are the famous "zipper" bags that we learned how to make at our St. Patrick Retreat!!!

Then.... there are 5 of us gals that sew on Friday nights... well...we are all crazy...that's all I have to say!  Yes...we are all making - "Mrs. Billings Coverlet" quilt.  This is one of the gals... it's so much prettier in person... golds, shirtings and blacks.  I'M SO STIKIN' JEALOUS!!!  I LOVE THESE COLORS!

Then... one gal is making hers from all reproduction... one from "ladies dressing gown fabric", mine are blue and white with a touch of brown and gold.  I only have my "hexies" finished for the border... Elin is much farther than me!!

Here is one of the wool projects that was completed from our B-a-a-a-d Girls Club.  This is a sewing machine mat.... with three pockets!  The birds and nest were drawn by me and then made from wool applique.  Everyone did such a great job...they are all gorgeous and all different.  

Well... it's time to have some breakfast with my honey... then get to work on those 1/2 square triangles!

Hugs to all... 


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Yippee!!!!      Happy Spring!!!       

We are finally getting the rain they said was on the way.  Good thing... my yard looks like a hay field!  I just hate turning on the sprinklers.... it jacks up the water and electric bill so much .... pretty darn ridiculous!  

So much going on here at Olde Green Cupboard Designs... whew!  Some days I'm not sure where to start!  The list is getting longer and longer.  I'm working on 2 quilt designs, table runner, tote bag, rug, several pillows.... plus... I just finished making 100 adorable zipper bags!!!  Yes...that's right... 100 of these little fellows... and they are so darn cute!    They will be door prizes for the September Camp Blanding Retreat.  

I sure had fun making them!!!  They are pretty, cheery and perfect for your makeup, small sewing notions, medicine... whatever you want!  I sure hope you win one (if you're going to be with us)!

Then... Vicky has been a "machine" getting so many of our unfinished projects done!  Wow... she's whipping them out like a mad woman.  Thank you Vicky!!!  We decided it was time to chisel down the UFO pile.  You know... I never realized how many I had until I sorted everything out and put them in priority order.  Some of them.... nope... not finishing them.  You know how it is... you swear you want to make something...then you get started on a couple of blocks and change your mind.  I've decided - that's perfectly okay!  As a matter of fact.. I'm making it a new "Gloria Law"!!!  If you don't enjoy working on it.... STOP - and move on to something that makes you happy and DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!

There was a super article in the new issue of American Patchwork & Quilting about how to revisit your stash and fall in love with all of your fabric again... and how to move it around and make it look totally different with other fabrics!!

Today it's sewing day at Cinnamon's... and to get some "needful things"!  3 of my girlfriends (my Camp Blanding buddies - Wynette, Donna, and Diane) are coming to sew with us all day Saturday.  They want me to show them how to make those awesome hot pads/trivets and the zipper bags.  Then we will all be working on our own projects.  They are such fun and a riot to be with... I know I will be laughing the entire day!

Also in this new American Patchwork & Quilting issue is Red Crinoline's new pattern - Haberdashery!  Gosh... I love the colors.  PLUS... our own Lynn Graham and Cathy Peters (here in Jacksonville) quilted it for them!  Don't forget to get your issue soon!

So... it's off to the shower, check on the laundry, empty the dishwasher... and gather up my sewing for a day away!  Yippee.... I feel like I've been cooped up in the house for days... (what am I saying... I have!!! eeeekkkk!!!  I need some human contact - other than my dh!!)

Sew a bunch today!


Smile and be "happy"!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter Sunday!  Jack and I missed out of the family festivities... we both have terrible colds and decided it was not a great idea to pass them around to the entire family... so we had to stay HOME!!!  Jack took several naps and did handwork while watching some TV.... of which I haven't done in quite a long time... at least I got to catch up with many of my favorite shows.

Don't you like the sweet kitty?  One of my quilting buddies posted it on her Facebook page and I just couldn't resist it... it made me burst out in laughter!

Well.... the final "strike-offs" came for our fabric and they were wonderful!!!  We passed on our final choices to the fabric distributor.... so the next step is to chat with them this week and see what the strategy if for marketing, samples, etc.  This is so exciting... we can't hardly stand it.  Vicky and I are already working on two new quilt designs, a rug (YES... an AWESOME RUG), a gorgeous pillow and a few other surprises.  We'll hope they display all of them at market.  I'm so sorry.... but you're going to have to hear about this for a long time... this is something I've wanted to do since I began sewing in my early teens... and here at 64 years old it's finally happening.  See... never give up on your dreams... just keep praying and working hard to make them happen.

As soon as I can show you pictures and tell you more about it... I surely will!!

This morning my honey wants to take me to breakfast before I have to get my hair cut... sounds like a pretty good deal...don't you think?  

Hey...here are some Easter photos for you of my beautiful grandchildren and family....!  This is kind of like torture... like we used to have to watch my uncles vacation slide shows even though we didn't want to... remember those days?  eeeekkkk....  I am my uncles niece!!!  HA!!!

Lexie !!!!

Eden !!!

these are the two puppies... they belong to my nephews...they are both "weener" dogs and they LOVE each other!!!

This is my sweet GREAT granddaughter - Aubrey

This is Aubrey with her beautiful mommy... Elizibeth (my granddaughter)!  She's such a good mother!
I'm so proud of her... She's a single mommy, works full time and goes to college too...
She wants to be a teacher !!!

Okay...that's it for me for the day!  It's time go get movin' and groovin' and get some breakfast!

Then I get to visit with my "Bennett" - my hairdresser!  YIPPEE!!!! 
It's time for a little highlight and cut!

Chat with you later...


(This is what it's like around our house!!!  HA!  But soon... it will all be better!  
Jack is getting fitted for hearing aids!  YIPPEE!!!)