Thursday, October 11, 2018

They're HERE!!!

How happy I am that you are excited about our new "Queen Bee Thread Waxers" !  Some of you may have a puzzled look on your face... so let me explain!

One of the stitching "pet-peeves" I have while stitching is my thread!  Not the thread itself (I always the best threads) but how it behaves while I'm stitching.  It doesn't seem to matter if I'm using floss, sewing thread, pearl cotton, wool thread, silk thread.... mine was always twirling and twisting... knotting... fraying so much that it would literally separate.... grrrrrr!!  

I decided to get to the bottom of it and here is what I discovered!

1.  I was NOT a good girl about cutting my thread when preparing to hand stitch (as in hand mending, sewing on a button, sewing on a quilt binding, putting a hem in ....).  If I forgot to have a pair of scissors with me - I would bite or break the thread! E-E-E-E-E-E-E-K-K-K-K-K.... (please don't judge my laziness).  

2.  I swear I have NO FINGER PRINTS on my right hand fingers... I cannot grip a needle for anything.    Because of the bad gripping capability on my part, I would constantly be turning the needle for a better grip!  What happens then?  Yep... you guessed it... twirly needle means twisting thread!  You know the kind... you have to hang the needle (with the thread already in the eye) upside down and let the thread twirl back to normal.  So I discovered finger cots (more on those later).

3.  I thought it was better to have LLLOOONNNGGG thread... so I could sew more stitches and for a longer period of time.  NOT!  All it did was knot, twirl, and then split... it was like a magic trick... I'd be sewing along and then I wasn't!  The longer the thread - the more times you pull it through fabric - the weaker it becomes....until eventually it separates....e-e-e-e-e-e-k-k-k !!! Are any of you relating to my problems here?  I think I can envision some heads going up and down in a "yes" fashion... am I correct?

4.  My needle was always coming unthreaded.   g-g-g-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!

5.  I was NOT using the correct needle for the type of stitching.

Well... this long story led me to some investigating to resolve my stitching issues.  Here's what I discovered....

My thread was NOT being cut properly from the spool.

I couldn't grip my needle well - very frustrating!

I was sewing with a piece of thread...WAY TO LONG!

All is now resolved... I've placed a pair of small scissors in every project bag that I'm currently working on.  I also have finger cots in each one!  I've learned to have my thread length between 18" - 24" (or the size of your arm from your elbow to your finger tips) and I have made -

Queen Bee Thread Wax Conditioners 

They are now on our website  Olde Green Cupboard Designs

Look to the right of the main screen and you'll see Bee's Wax Thread Conditioner.  Click on this link and pick out your favorite!!!

They are all handmade (with real bee wax) and will ship to you in a sweet little muslin bag which is great for storage.  While you're on the website ordering, be sure to read the instructions on how to use your Queen's Waxer to condition your thread from fraying, knots, twisting, and separation.  

Queen's Guard

Queen's Court

Queen's Garden

Queen's Nectar

Queen's Crown

Queen's Silver Heart
These are so special for all of your friends that sew as special gifts and don't forget your secret sister.  If you have any "special" charms that you would like to use on your was conditioner, please contact me and we'll see if we can substitute yours for the ones we are currently using. 

p.s.  Don't forget Christmas is just around the corner....
Have fun stitching!

Gloria, Heather & Vicky