Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Finally.... Week 11 is Ready!

You know the old saying - "When it Rains it Pours"... that's what happened to me... it's a long story and I'll share it with you later.  At the moment I know you are all waiting to download your new ornament for Week 11.  It's a cutie... Snowman Mitten!

If you will look over to the right of this screen----->  you will see the 12 Weeks of Ornament page where you will be able to order.

If you have any questions, please email me at oldgreencupboard@aol.com.  

All of us from Olde Green Cupboard Designs wishes each and everyone of you and your family members a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful to have each of you in our lives and we wish blessings to all.

Wow... here we are at week 10 already!  Rhonda McCray - Farmhouse Threads is your hostess for this adorable ornament this week.  It's our Polka Dot Snowmen Stocking and it looks like they are getting ready to put up their favorite tree!  

Yes... this stocking pattern is FREE for you to download at FARMHOUSE THREADS  PLUS... if you would like a kit to complete your ornament - you have that option also - $11.95. 

The kit comes complete with the Army Wool Blanket for your background and backing, wool for all applique, rusty star, 2 teeny rusty bells and one medium bell for the toe!

Plus.... we have left room at the bottom of the Polka Dots for you to embroidery something of your choice!   How about:

Each of your children's names?  Now they will each have an ornament of their own!  or...






You can even add a few more polka dots if you choose!


Have a great time making this weeks ornament and thanks to 
each of you for your encouragement and support.
Rhonda and I greatly appreciate each of you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 9

It's All About Family!

Remember when you were little and you couldn't wait until the first snow?  All you wanted to do is get outside and build a snowman... or maybe even three!  This week's ornament "It's All About Family" is one of the best things about the holiday season!  During the year we are so busy with our own lives we just seem to pass by times when we could all be together.  However, there is always great hugs, laughter, fun, and food within our family during the holiday season!  It's just wonderful!

This group of family is made from wool and the little baby snowman is made from wool roving balls that are connected together and attached to the ornament.  Simply adorable.  Download your free pattern, order your kit, and have fun making number nine in our Twelve Weeks of Christmas!

To print your FREE PATTERN and order your kits look on the right hand side bar - click on Twelve Days of Christmas!  Don't forget about your thread package and our    Dear Santa! Ornament  

It's a perfect gift for the children in your family that write lists to Santa... once they've completed their list - roll it up and tie it in Santa's mitten.  Hang it on the tree - lie in on the floor with Santa's Cookie plate, tie it to the outside front door know (if you have NO fireplace) - or how about on the bedpost?  There are tons of options... let your child help you decide!  Remember - it's all about making memories!  Everything included in the kit.  Patterns are NOT sold separately.

Look to the right of this screen - at the top and you'll see where to click read more about this ornament and how to oder.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Twelve Weeks of Christmas - Ornament 8 - Farmyard Tree Ornament

Week Number 8 is ready for download!  Go to Farmhouse Threads and print your FREE PATTERN today!  Rhonda also has kits for you to order ($11.95)  This ornament was sele cted asone of the "MOST FAVORITE" when shown to my "review" group - I use them for feedback, etc.  

The best thing about this awesome tree and snow?  It's not even stitched around the outer edge (the sample).  When using heavy duty iron-on fusible - it's not going anywhere!  

Enjoy working on this sweet ornament!  Order your kit from Rhonda - Farmhouse Threads and don't forget to PRINT THE FREE PATTERN.

 Farmhouse Threads

Don't forget to order the Dear Santa! Ornament 
for all the kids in your family!

The complete pattern and kit is $20.00.  If you only need one pattern, order ONE complete kit and the remaining kits- 
ORDER as a KIT ONLY $14.00!

Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Dear Santa!


So... have the kids and grand kids already been thinking about what they would like for Christmas?  What they want to ask Santa for? 

I can remember my sister and I sprawled out near the Christmas tree - with the sparkling lights shining on the pages of our toy catalogs from Sears, Spiegel, Montgomery Wards... (I'm  telling on my age) ... eating popcorn and drinking Kool-Aid... with our crayons in hand circling pictures of all the toys we loved!  We did not have much money in our family when we were little, but we made great memories - special moments like this BEING TOGETHER AS A FAMILY!   We knew Santa could not bring everything on our list - but we sure had fun giving him options!  HA!

These types of memories last through a child's lifetime - not what toy they received -  but the entire process of being together as a family and celebrating with fun traditions.

So let's begin with each child completing their personal Christmas list (included in kit) - then rolling it up and placing in Santa's mitten and hanging on the tree  with excitement!

Santa is appliqued onto Army blanket wool.
Finishes approximately 10" x 10" 

Kit Contents:

Pattern Instructions and Templates
Army Blanket Wool 
All Wool for Santa
Black Twill Tape (for mitten)
Heavy Duty Iron-on Fusible
Rusty Jingle Bells
Black Clip Hook (to hang the ornament)
Alphabet Templates - for adding child's name if applicable
Dear Santa Note Template


Click below on Dear Santa! 
to order from our website:

We have also listed additional supplies you may need to order for completing your project if you are unavailable to find everything at your local quilt shop. 

DON'T FORGET... to order a kit for each one of your wee ones!

We do not sell the patterns separately from the kit at this time.
The pattern is ONLY available in the kit.

Threads are not included.

Thank you for ordering and plesase send us pictures so 
we can post for others to see!

Dear Santa! Ornament

©2019 Gloria Parsons, Olde Green Cupboard – All Rights Reserved - No part of this pattern may be 

reproduced, including photocopying.   This pattern is NOT for beginners and assumes users 

can embroidery stitches used in this pattern. 

Gloria Parsons - Designer
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