Friday, November 23, 2012

Ok... yes I feel like a blimp today!!!  Gobble... Gobble!  Gosh.. .it takes so long to cook and so fast to eat.  Heather brought this wonderful "Corn Pudding" ... OMG... I loved it.  Then Kelly brought her yummy green bean casserole.  Linda brought a pumpkin pie that was to die for! Vic & Larry brought 2 yummy HUGE pies and the best ham!  Then... with all of my fixins... our meal was great and we had a wonderful time together!  Then... BOOM!!  It was over!  Wahhhhh!!!!  Went way to fast.
Today... I'm heading out to J.C. Penneys to find some shoes.  In case you don't know this... I hate wearing shoes... simply hate it.  I would wear sandals year round if I could.  However, we are leaving tomorrow for the mountains... and according to the weather channel... we may get some snow!  WHAT?????  Are you kidding me?  SNOW?????  JUST SAY NO..... 
We're going with our friends that we've known since 1968... Jack and Rick met in the Navy.  We're going to the Biltmore to see the Christmas decorations...then eat one of their lovely meals in the gorgeous "stable" area.  Then on to the Christmas Stampede at Dollywood.... and I can't remember what else.  One week we will be gone...returning on Monday, December 3.  We're staying in a condo... so I have no clue if we have internet service... we'll see.  If you don't here from me, you'll know it's NOT there.  How's that?  I will take lots of picture to share with you.
So... have to do a bit of laundry - finish packing - get my handwork projects ready.... I'm taking my hand piecing with me for my Mrs. Billings Coverlet.  Here's what I am piecing now... this is part of the border... I make a light unit like this... (I think 48 of them)... then a reverse the light and dark... and make 48 of the dark units!!!.  Those "hexies" are 5/8"!  My sisters told me I was crazy!!!
(just a little)

I must get out of this chair... I've been sitting here far too long this morning.  I was playing on the computer this morning instead of researching photos for the blog... (sorry)!

So...just in case you don't hear from me next week...don't panic!  I'll be back on the 3rd... and blogging on the 4th!

Have a super week....


p.s.  have some leftovers today...they taste so good the second day.... yum...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AAAahhhhh.... the day before Thanksgiving... when everyone is rushing and scurrying everywhere to make sure they have all they need for the holiday dinner!!!  (this includes me)
Break out the vacuum, dust cloth, Windex and all those other lovely cleaning supplies!  It's time to make the house look pretty for everyone (not that it isn't already) and then get to some pre-work cooking!  Heck...I'm tired already and I haven't done a thing except get my coffee!  HA!!
I got my hair cut and colored (good bye grey roots) yesterday and feel like a new woman!  Love a new hair cut!!
So... Tell me what you think about yo-yo quilts.  Do you like them?  Love them?  Loathe them?  I've seen some pretty UGLY ones... and then I've seen some that are absolutely lovely.  I think it all depends on the size of the yo-yo and your fabric color collection.  This is one thing I've always wanted to make also.  They are only good for decoration...they certainly don't keep you warm.  I think that will be added to my bucket list!  How about making one out of an entire line of reproduction fabric...where all the colors "love each other".  Or.... what about a sweet pastel one...maybe from Moda's Three Sisters fabric collections. (we love you girls!)  Tell me what you think!!

See this sweet little purse?  Well... I've made one!  Mine did not look like this one...but it's actually to hold your thimble.  If you love these and want to make one... go to Country Stitches web is the link!   Country Stitches Online Web Site
However, I will warn you... if you begin to look through all of her wonderful patterns... you will be on the web site for quit some time!  She is one of my FAVORITE DESIGNERS !!!  (love you Brenda)

I thought this was so interesting and I will be doing some investigation on it!!!  It's an artist that takes beautiful print and then does magic by stitching colored threads into different sections of the print....  Just a small amount.  It's kind of like how you see a black and white photo and the photographer adds just a tint of color to cheeks or hair... so pretty!  I'll give you more detail on this project when I find it.

I remember loving snow globes when I was little.  I could never figure out how they made them happen.  I would shake my globe and watch the whirlwind of snow for the longest time.  It was something peaceful to me.  Isn't this snowman adorable?  Nice and simple in a mason jar!  So darn cute.

I saw this picture and thought how lovely it would be to share with all of you...especially with those of you that have never been to sunny Florida.  This is the LONG bridge that goes from South Florida to the Keys!  I think it's 7 miles long.  Don't you love the water?  It's so pretty...and a great drive!

Help... I've fallen and I can't get up!  hahahahahahaha!  Isn't this silly?  They actually made this fellow to look like he had fallen in the snow.  I love the mouth!!!!  HELP!!!!  Can't you just hear him shouting?????

and... Your last photo... "Free Kisses" given to you with lots of love!  Sweet Puppy!

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving....!  This time of the year is especially wonderful for me... for you know... it doesn't matter how rough times are, how challenging our lives have been over the past year.... we ALL have something to give thanks for! 
I thank you for being with me throughout this entire year of blogging.  You've made my mornings especially meaningful and fun!  However.... don't forget....

Ha... just kidding!!!
Hugs to all.. Eat lots and don't forget to tell your family members how much you love them!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh Happy Days!!
My honey just called (7:12 am)... he went to the gym early today...came outside and has a flat tire! 
Oh My Gosh... I'm so thankful that wasn't me (sorry honey)... I couldn't change a tire to save my life... not strong enough!  He's limping over to a gas station and they should be able to help him. 
Today I get to have lunch with my girlfriend, Merryanne... then later this afternoon it's over the bridge to my hairdresser.  Isn't it funny how your hair drives you nuts when it's time for a trim?  Then you see how "little" they cut off but it's just enough to give you that..."aaaaaahhhhh" feeling...that it's no longer bugging you!
Then it's back home to get things ready for Thanksgiving... yep... clean house.... prepare yummy food.... I really do love to cook for Thanksgiving.  There is nothing that smells better than a turkey in the oven!
Hey....take a peak at this!
I think I need to make me one of these to use while sitting at the computer.  For some feet are always freezing.  It must be the way the circulation is being cut off from my feet by the way the chair seat fits my legs.... !  Pretty darn clever! 

When I saw this shirt... I burst out laughing...!  This past weekend - we all had issues with our bobbins in our machines.  Julie was so funny...she kept saying... I can't believe I still have thread on my bobbin... (several times she said this...).  Brittany kept running out and HATES to wind bobbins.  Mine ran out right at a crucial time of my piecing... THEN... Julie finally ran out of bobbin!  HA!  We should have been called the Bobbin girls!!

I'm just showing you.... see that sweet little chippy paint blue bench/table in front of the sofa?  Well, I sssssooooo wish it were mine!  I love this look.  I know... I know... some of you think it's "icky"... old and ugly... but NOT me... !!!  I think it's especially wonderful when mixed with regular furniture pieces.  A little old with the new.  You see it all the time in the magazines and on the home decorating shows!

Here's another wonderful idea for your kitchen pantry or any closet that has corner shelves.  Simply purchase (or have your honey make for you) circular lazy susans!!!  You can buy them at a pretty reasonable price.  They don't even have to be this large.  Now you can place smaller items in the corners and still be able to find things!  How Clever!!

One of my favorite things during the holidays is Gingerbread!  I love to eat it... bake it... decorate with it!!!  Look at this adorable garland of gingerbread boys and girls!  You can put small holes in their heads (sorry little ones) and then string your garland through them...knotting at each one. 
They are even more adorable if you spay them with a sticky spray and sprinkle silver or plain glitter on them!  That's a safe way to make sure no one EATS THEM during the holidays!

Then... I found this sweet picture for you.  Don't you just love how little boys and girls instantly want to hug kittens and puppies?  Think about that...we don't show them how to do it...they just know that it's something to love.  I love sweet little miracles like that...
This sweet little kitten is getting the "cheek" love too!!!!

Have a wonderful day .....  Hug someone and tell them you love them!

Chat with you tomorrow!


Monday, November 19, 2012

And...another Monday rolls around!!!
Wow...what a super weekend I had!  My two sweet granddaughters were here for the weekend...and even though I didn't get to spend much time with's so wonderful to hug and kiss them when you get home or first thing in the morning when they roll out of bed.
I was at my Holly Jolly Quilting Retreat this weekend.  I came home Friday night to find both of them in bed sound asleep with Grandpa!!  He told me they would sneak into the room and sweetly say.... Grandpa...we're scared...can we sleep with you?  He was to sleepy and worn out to argue with in the bed they went.  I, however, slept in the guest bedroom!!  Ha!!  (I did get a great nights sleep though....)

Our retreat was so much fun....! What a wonderful group of gals AND Bruce!!! I sat with my Tallahassee buddies... Brittany, Julie, and Edie (the Love girls...that's their last names..) What a hoot!!
Here we all are....sewing and sewing...and sewing...

Faye... she was our Santa!!!  This adorable hat she is wearing... wellll.... it sings to us!  When it sings... it's time for us to pay attention...we could win a door prize!

Faye is always making us wonderful things (and her hubby, Al... helps too!)
We came back in the first morning and we had a cute reindeer holding a candy cane at our sewing station... then she made us these adorable snowmen!
They are done on her embroidery machine... then you slip a battery operated tea light on the bottom!  When you turn it on it glows in the dark.  She made us turn off our Ott lites, sewing machine lights...then she turned off the ceiling lights and we all got to turn them on at the same time.  It was so adorable!

Then we could make a Christmas Quilt if we wanted too... along with all of us learning how to make fabric snowflake ornaments for our Christmas Tree! 
Food.... oh yes.... we were all to bring in a dozen cookies (for a cookie swap).  Well... we don't really swap...we put them out in the kitchen and snack on them all weekend.  Such a joy to eat other yummy cookies that I didn't have to make.  Brittany's... yours were the bomb!!!
Then we had "dump soup" for dinner... that's where everyone brings one can of soup...their choice.  Then you dump them all in one HUGE pot and heat them up.  It is so darn wonderful!!!
Then for lunch the next day they made us homemade beef barbecue sandwiches, potato chips... they were SO DARN GOOD!!!!!  Then on Sunday we had a brunch...with a yummy breakfast casserole and croissants!  PLUS... all of the other snacks everyone brought to munch on.  It was NOT a good weekend for me on the carbs and sugar!!!  Oh No... I think I was in a contest to see how much of them I COULD EAT!  ohhh... I was sooooo bad!
Here are my projects I worked on.
My ... THIRD .... try at paper piecing!!!  This time I got it figured out.  I don't know what was wrong with me in my earlier attempts... but it just didn't sink in.  So I decided to try my hand one more time.  My girlfriend, Lynn, was making these at Camp Blanding and I just fell in love with them. (Courthouse Steps). 
Wow...these take a long time to make (at least for me....).  I sewed from Friday - 3:00 to 10:00 pm then all day Saturday on them and only made 9 stinkin' blocks.  Each of those strips finish at 1/4" wide.  After I make 31 of these little fellas... I have small star blocks to make also.  This entire quilt finishes at 21" x 27" (yes.... just call me crazy!)  I adore it... and I already know right where I'm going to put it!  I want it on my end table with a lamp on it.... won't that be so cute! 

On Sunday I decided to take a break from the teeny - tiny pieces and finished putting my 24 blocks together!  Yippee.... they are now all pieced and I'm moving on to the alternate blocks.  They will go quickly (snowball blocks)... then it can all go together.   This block has 100 pieces in it!!!

Here is a funny for you!!!  Ha.... isn't this a hoot?!!

Then.... look at these sweet little ones.... Don't they look like they are best pals.  That doggie looks pretty old doesn't he?  So sweet!!!

Then... how could anyone resist this sweet look?  I saw a saying the other day.... it was... "If I had a dollar every time my dog made me smile.... I would be a millionaire!"
How so true is that? 
Doesn't this fellow look like... "c'mon...please... you promised you would give me a ride!"

Well... I'm off to get around... it's time to make out my list for the grocery store!  I must get my turkey today!!!  What was I thinkin' waiting so late?  Geeeze Louise....!
Have a super Monday!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Thursday!!
Would you believe my hubby has our Christmas cards all ready to mail?  I'm so thankful that he loves to do them... or they would not get sent!!!  Isn't that terrible...?  That's just one thing that is a Christmas tradition that I hate to do.  I have no idea why either!!  (thanks honey)
Jack sent me a link to a video on uTube this morning.  Well... it was something else...I'm telling you.  It was Gene Simmons (from KISS) honoring our troops!  I do believe it's several years old and has been viewed by over 5 million it could be you've seen it already.  If so... watch it again - you won't be sorry!    Here is the link.... it's on uTube everywhere...  Gene Simmons Military Tribute
Silly me... crying while watching the video!!  You'll see!!!
Today begins my sew-a-thon!!  Yes... I'm heading to Cinnamon's and sewing my brains out for the entire weekend!  Yippee!!  I'll take pictures and post for you when I return on Monday to blogging (no blog tomorrow gals...)
Here's a sweet little picture that will make you happy girls!  Sorry... I just couldn't resist!  There are some things that just need to be posted...and this is one of those things!  I don't remember cowboys looking like this when I was a kid and watched the westerns on TV.. .do you?  I, personally, think it's time to bring back the cowboy shows!  COWBOY UP!!
I've recently discovered that I must be attracted to quilts with appliqued borders.  Every time I see one... I'm instantly drawn to it....!  Look at this gorgeous one... I simply adore the colors!
(sorry for the blurry photo)

Then...this one caught my eye also!  It's border is HUGE and gorgeous.  I think I will be designing one with an applique border.  I'm going to use WOOL!  I especially like the center medallion with this sweet red balances it nicely...don't you think?  Of course... anything will look wonderful posing with these super Yelloware Bowls!  YUMMY!!! 

I love the see such adorable decorations, yummy food... and this little fellow! stinkin' cute is he?  I'd love to have him hanging on my Christmas Tree... or better yet...tied up with a bow on a gift!!  I wish I knew who designed him... I'd love to get some of their stitchery to do.

Then I wanted to share this clever idea too... they have taken two pipe cleaners (red and white), twisted them together and then shaped their letter...with an addition of some greenery.  Isn't it pretty? 

This was another sweet way to adorn your table napkins!  Two candy canes with some berries and greenery...tied with raffia around the napkin!  How simple and sweet!  Isn't it amazing what people design?  LOVE IT!!

I think this is the the best!  Do any of you know what that thing is hanging on the door knob?  Have you guessed yet?  Well... it's a horse's bit... from their halter...the piece that goes in their mouth.  Then the reins are attached to each of the rings... by pulling on one side or the other directs the horse how to turn! 
Would you ever have thought making it into a Christmas decoration???  The bell hanging in the middle of the bottom ring is just about perfect!  See... that goes to show us... don't throw anything away..... it may be a treasure to someone else!

 Here's our cutie for the day....!!!  This dog is laid out on his tummy...enjoying a little literature for the day!  Ha.. love the name of the book!  Don't you?

That's all I have for the day....
time to get these old bones moving for the day!
Have a super weekend of sewing or shopping... see you on Monday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Raining... yippee!  (we need rain here in Jacksonville)
Hope your morning is going well!  I worked on more of my little "hexies" last night.  They are so darn cute... I just adore them.  I think I told you they were very popular at quilt market this year.    Here they are.... Don't they look huge?  NOT...they are only about 3" across!  Each little "hexie" is 5/8" !!!

Here is my larger "Hexie" project.  I had shown you some of the flowers before and I'm now sewing them together.  It's all Daiwabo Fabric. (Japanese taupes...!)

I had finished this earlier in the year and have it hanging (as a sample) in Cinnamon's Quilt Shop over near the wool.  These are hexagons... but they are called "Hickory Nuts".  It is a plastic template set that you use to make the center and the folded rim around the center.  I used wool for my centers.  This is so wonderful.... OMG how I can't wait to get it in my house!

I saw these on Pinterest.... Isn't it wonderful how they have made "planned" scrappy flowers.    This is SO ME!!!!

Look at this adorable pillow with the added edging!  These are large hexagons that she has sewn together and then made this adorable pillow.  So sweet!  It's so awesome how things look totally different only by picking the different size of the hexagon and the color palette!

Now.. if you are new to English Paper Piecing...there are all kinds of tricks! 
1.  Use paper templates... they do make plastic ones...but you need to leave the template inside until you have completely sewn it to other hexies on all sides.  Having a good supply of the plastic templates can get very costly if you are working on a larger project.
2.  Before using the paper template - punch a hole in the center of it (single grip hole punch).  Once it's time to remove the paper, simply slip an orange stick, or stylus tip in the hole and pop the paper out!
3.  Instead of stitching your fabric down around the template... use a glue pencil.  you lightly dab glue on the fabric edges ONLY and glue them to each other at the corners.  I use the Sewline Glue Pencil... they work wonderful! 
4.  Once you have glued (or stitched if that is your method) around the "hexie" - turning under the edges as you go... press it on both sides.  This gives you a nice crease on the edges making it look clean and neat !!
5.  If you don't want to applique down your finished project (for the borders), they now make 1/2 square hexagons that you can fill in the edges of the border!!!  It's hard to explain... but once you investigate'll see what I mean and you'll love them!!!
See these three doggies... I burst out laughing ... they remind me of when Vicky and I and our older sister, Linda were all little.  If something went wrong in the house, our mom would line us all up and tell us she wanted the one that did the "bad little thing" to admit it!  What...was she joking???  We NEVER squealed on each other... so she would punish all three of us... you know... no playing outside (who was she we were all in the house with her), no riding the horse, no watching tv!  Yep...there we were...they dynamic 3 girls that stuck together like glue!

Remember some time ago where I showed using a clear shoe bag to hold your "whatnots" and small sewing supplies.  Here is another option that is a bit smaller and may be easier for you to find a location for.  This is a jewelry keeper (I think that's what it is to be used for???).  I love it!!  It would be easier to keep things in something this size as a "category"... like applique things... etc.  They sell them everywhere.  Finding some in the color combination of your quilting studio would be fun!!  I could make it... but for something like this... "write a check" and work on your quilt instead!

I love this...they are using very soft wire and spelling names to attach to Christmas packages!  Wouldn't this be fun to make little name pins too....hhhhmm.... my mind is going a mile a minute with possibilities!!  I thought it was pretty funny she's spelling Jack.  Shes wrapping "tweed" twine around it...but I simply love the metal look!

This little fellow is so confused?  He looks as though he is taking a nap!  Is he trying to stay warm, stay out of the snow, thinking it's a clever way to get dinner (yummy birds....)?  I just don't know... I hope he can get out of that looks pretty tight! is your cutie picture.  I can't tell if he's stretched out and relaxed???  Or... is he slipping off the back of the seat and those eyes are saying...''hellllllppp.... I'm falling!"  He sure is adorable... wish he belonged to me!

I've decided what project(s) I'm taking with me this weekend to my Holly Jolly Sewing Retreat!  I'm taking an adorable paper-pieced project!  I've never done it before.... the one I'm doing Lynn R. was working on at Camp Blanding.  I loved it so much...when we got back home... I went to Cinnamons and bought the pattern.  I even have the color choices in my head.  The problem is... I have to find where in the heck I put it.  I think with that and my little hexies... I'll be pretty busy.
It's hard to work on large projects when there are so many of us sewing this will be simply perfect!!!!  Don't you love it when a good plan comes together. 
I'm off to gather my things and start packing.  I always have to start a couple days ahead... that way when I remember something I forgot to pack... boom... there it is!  Clever don't you think?
Have a super Wednesday (hump day) and I'll chat again tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Morning!!!
What a great... lazy... day yesterday was!  We ate leftovers.... I got to sew... watch a few movies... fun and relaxing!
Today... it's back to the grind.... (if you want to call retirement...the "grind")  HA!!
This coming weekend I will be attending the "Holly Jolly" sewing retreat at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.  This is the second year for this retreat...last year was so much FUN!!  We get to work on fun projects (or our own) have a cookie exchange, ornament exchange...they feed us... we play silly games... we get to make a fun "make-it-take-it" and we get to wear our Christmas "jammies" (of which I do not have  yet)!!!  One evening after dinner we get into our jammies and sew until midnight! are on your own driving home!  Ha!  Can you see explaining to the police officer (if you should happen to get pulled over)... well you see officer, I was at a quilting party and we all got to sew in our PJ's and I was on my way home..... I can just see the blank stare on his face... "are you kidding me?  This is the best excuse I've ever heard".... I'm glad I only live about 5 minutes away from the shop!!!
I found some funny, funny pictures for you today...something lite and happy!!
Look at the top of the picture... I believe his "mommy" is up there and he's trying to decide "can I do it?"  Sweet little things... don't you just love their little tails?

This is a cigar box that has been "jacked-up" to be an awesome sewing box.  We are doing this in our "B-a-a-a-d Girls Club" at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.  Yes... it's a challenge I've given the group (if they want to participate) to make a cigar box into an awesome sewing box... they can do whatever they choose!
I especially think this one is so darn clever.... !  She's taken a wooden yardstick and cut pieces to make divisions in her box.  It's simply the BOMB!!

Now...seeing this cat reminds me of a story.  When we lived in Middleburg we had a cat - Peeper!  We all loved this cat to death but he had a terrible habit when he wanted in the house.  He would jump on the window screen on the front porch - the window to the dining room.  He looked like "road kill" !   Now I'm here to tell you... he could hang there forever, and ever, and ever.  I tried everything to break him of this "screen-ripping habit".  I spanked him... I would open the glass part of the window and throw water on him.... NOTHING stopped him... until I got smart and simply removed the screen from the window.  You should have heard the large "whallop" noise as he hit the window...not realizing the screen was gone.
Well.. he was a VERY SMART CAT... so... he reverted to this technique as shown below!!!... Yes my friends...he would hang on the window and do a pull-up so he could peek through the window and then "meow" his head off until we let him in.  My front door was permanently scarred for life.  It looked as though a wild creature tried to claw their way into the house.  I NEVER broke him of this... I finally and simply JUST GAVE UP!  Isn't it so sad when a CAT WINS?????

When I saw this sweet picture it reminded me of all the stories I hear the girls tell about their kitties and full grown cats that have to lay right in the middle of their sewing.  Gosh... I sure miss not having a kitty around the house.  My hubby says... NO more pets!  It's just too heart-breaking when they die or we have to put them to sleep... he just can't handle that any longer.

Ha...isn't this a Hoot?!!!!!!!!!!!  At first glance I thought it was two REAL doggies.  He has a sweet friend that he cuddles with.  This picture is worth a million bucks!

Now... I must admit... I've never seen a cat do this before!!!  I can just imagine what is below him... like... maybe a feisty dog that scared the crap out of him?  Poor kitty!

Now...this is the funniest "dog in the wind" picture I think I've ever seen!  Don't you love the teeth clamped together?  Ha... at first glance.... I thought it was a CAMEL!!!  tee hee.... He's so happy!  I wonder why dogs love to do this so much?  Don't you wish they would tell us?  Say... "cheese" !

And last.... the photo of a VERY HUNGRY CAT!  I'm not sure why these fish are hanging on a line... but this cat is OH - SO - HAPPY they are!  He's having himself a nice little snack!  Now that's what I call really working hard for a meal!

Have a super day... get lots done... and we'll chat tomorrow !!!!