Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's LOAD & GO DAY!!!!  Yep... the car is loaded (except for my suitcase) and we're ready to head to Camp Blanding.  What a fun week we have ahead of us!!! 
Tomorrow is my "nervous" day... I always pray everyone gets checked in ok, I haven't forgotten anything, everyone gets set up where they want to be... you know... all the important stuff.  However, I don't know why I worry... it works out great each time!!
Of course you all know that while I am at Camp Blanding.. there will be no blogging.  I'm so sorry... as it is, I get minimum sleep..... we have LONG hours...sewing until midnight and up at 6:00 so I can get ready and to the hall to get it open early in the morning.  However, I will take lots of pictures and surprise you!  How does that sound?
I found some fun things for today!!
Look at this pretty table arrangement!!!  They've taken a pair of skates and glittered them up, added some greenery and floral.... so darn cute!!

Now this is so sweet... A family takes a jar and adds coin and $1's to it throughout the  year.  Then they find a needy family and place it on their door step and let them find it. It's such a blessing.
  I remember buying groceries for a sweet church family we knew...they had 2 adorable girls.  I was visiting with them (before buying groceries) and looked in their refrigerator.  They had 1 potato !  That was it... and nothing in their pantry.  I don't know how they were living.  Jack and I went to the base commissary and loaded up for them. 
You should have seen them when we brought their groceries in... it was the best feeling ever... my best Christmas.. and I still remember it like it was yesterday - this was over 20 years ago!

Isn't this cute for your dinner napkins... so simple and so wonderful!

I love this idea... for when you are having a Christmas gathering at your house!!  They have taken wreaths and placed jar candles inside... along their sidewalk!   Isn't this awesome?

Now this idea... I have never heard of.... They have taken candy canes and pulverized them into Candy Dust.     Add to your hot cocoa - Add to your coffee - Add to icing - Sprinkle on cakes and cookies - Add to cake or cookie batter - Dip chocolate pretzels in it - Sprinkle on ice cream or yogurt.
Pretty darn clever!!!

Wow... .is this clever.  They take their empty toilet paper rolls and move them to the laundry room!  Every time they clean out the dryer lint basket - they stuff it into the roll.  When it's full... it moves into the living room into a basket by the fireplace.  They use these to start their fires!  So cool!  No waste!  Love it!
And this is our funny for the day.....
Can you imagine going out to get in your car and you see this?
OMG!!!!  I think it's really funny but I sure wouldn't want these cotton balls stuck to my car!
Can you say.... "Car Wash"?

Everyone have a great week....stay safe...stay healthy.... sew a bunch!

We'll chat when I get back home!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday!
Wow... my list of   "To Do's" is pretty long today... but oh so worth it (except for doing laundry...I hate that job).
I was so excited yesterday... I discovered 2 more FUN things I can take to Camp Blanding with me... it's from one of my favorite wool artists - Buttermilk Basin.  I swear... when I go in her booth at market I just want to buy everything.  She is so talented (Stacy) and fun to be with.  Here's what I'm making!

Yes... It's a stuff sheep...!!  It's big too... you see the little blankets on her back?  Well...there are 12 of them and you switch them out each month.  Karen (from Cinnamon's) stitched two of the blankets... so know I can put her together and she has another shop sample.  I'm telling you...this is a winner!
Then... I got a huge bolt of Christmas fleece from my friend Jackie (at a tag sale) and I'm making it into Christmas throws for Lexie and Eden.  I'm going to tie the ends like this....

Isn't it cute?  I read up on the instructions and I'm good to go!  I love's so soft and yummy and I know they both LOVE soft blankets and quilts!!
PLUS... I wish I had enough nerve to try this...
check out this block!!
Is this not something else?  I'll bet my friend Karen could make this!!  She hand pieces so beautiful and this looks like something she would love to do.......... right Karen? 
You know I'm talking to you!!!
I've been showing you beautiful Fall Decorations....
 check this one out!
Is this not yumilicious?  Wow... how pretty  is this? !!!  I love little barrels...I think they are so much fun to decorate with....hard to find though!
I thought this was pretty darn smart too.... She has all of her tape, string and ribbon on a paper towel holder.  DUH!!!  Never thought of using one in the sewing studio!!  Pretty darn smart!!
Just a question.... how in the heck can this FROG sit on this toadstool and not break it?  Besides... I always thought they sat under them... for shade????????  (I'm just sayin'!)

I thought this was so wonderful.  It's made to hook on the back of the airline seat in front of you and then you can lay the baby in your lap.... Can't you just see them falling asleep with the motion and noise of the plane.  So sweet!!!

This is our sweet - funny of the day! 
Isn't this kitty had adorable on this wee one?
  It made me giggle when I saw it this morning.
I'm off to do the laundry and get my sewing stuff packed
for the retreat....
Chat with you in the morning!
Sew some stitches today!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi Everyone!!
Today I get my hair cut...yippee.!  Isn't it so cool how you feel after a hair cut (and color)?  Feels like you weigh 20 pounds lighter (oh how I wish that were true).  Then it's errand to get all the fixins for the, cups, napkins.....
Then it will be time to get my projects all packed up.  I'm having a terrible time deciding what to work on this year!  Normally I have it all planned.  I think I'll do a bunch of small projects that is on my list - fun FALL pillow cases for Lexie and Eden, two Christmas throws for them out of yummy soft knit fabric, binding on more project bags, finish a fall quilt I was piecing... and I don't know what else.  I'm always afraid I'll run out of things to do! 
I almost's another project I have to do.  I found a black lampshade so I'll have that to work on also.  The pattern also comes with the table mat.

I wanted you to see the quilting on this project!  Isn't it fabulous? 
That took a VERY LONG TIME to finish....!!

Hey...remember when I showed you the second shower rod the other day?  Look what else they make!  It's a double rod in the you can hang towels on the inside one!  How stinkin' clever is that?

I just love Fall Decorating... look at this wreath.  It's full of pretty sunflowers, grass, leaves and an awesome orange plaid ribbon!  It makes me smile! :)  How pretty hanging on your front door!!

Then...this basket took my breath away!  I'm not so excited about the arrangement inside but I love the exterior with this wonderful wool applique piece attached to the front!  Gals...these are so easy to do.  Isn't it awesome?  I want this!!

And ... since I have to hit the shower and run... it's time to say good-bye.  Look at my little friend.  Isn't he the cutest thing ever? !!!!!  I know my friend, Lynn.... will love him!  (she loves baby donkeys) 
How adorable!!!

Sorry to be so quick today....but gotta get going...
you know how that goes!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well...did you all have a super weekend?  Mine was pretty darn quiet and it felt good to be lazy and rest a bit.  Today... however.... that's another story.
I have 3 days to finish up my last minute duties for our week long retreat.  Today I'm making name tags, getting meal tickets ready... then it's out to the garage to find all my tubs of retreat things... It's almost here and I can't wait to see everyone! 

Friday night I went to Cinnamon's and finished 3 projects!!!!  Oh my...that felt so good.  I finished my Christmas Quilt...added some decorative buttons and the binding, finished the binding on a work project bag, and then put to rest a table mat I was making from cotton and wool (above).  The shapes are made with plastic templates called "Hickory Nuts".  It's very easy and FUN to do.  Cinnamon's has them in the shop.
Look how cute they decorated this fall chip dip!  Those are the "blue" chips that taste great... with some sliced black olives for the mouth.  How simple and adorable!

I love how this candle is decorated.  They've simply went to the yard and found some beautiful fall leaves... arranged them around the candle...tied them on with jute and added a few acorns!  Now..this is a great mind!! 

Ha... I burst out giggling when I saw this sign.  This is sssssssssoooooooooo true.  I find all of these sweet wedding ideas - heck I have no one getting married in a big wedding! Then the babies... oh my... some of them are do darn adorable... then let's talk about the food!  If you don't get hunger pangs in your stomach when you are on Pinterest...there is something wrong with you!

I loved this idea... these are framed recipes from her great grandmother!  She wanted to preserve them and have them where she could see them everyday.  They are in her kitchen!  Isn't that a sweet idea?  I especially like how she put them between two pieces of glass!!!

Now... if you have a large family that uses the shower - this is a great idea.  They've taken a second shower rod and hung it to the inside of the shower stall.  From it they have all of their soaps and wash scrunchies hanging... you could even hang one of those shelf units in the corner for more space!

Do you like mercury glass?  I just think it's wonderful... either the silver or the pastel colors...I love them all.  I remember when it first became popular (when we had the store) .... they were in the shape of Christmas trees and so darn expensive...we couldn't imagine anyone paying that amount of money for them.  So we waited several years and the prices came down and more Christmas items were made from the glass.  I guess I like it because it looks old with that vintage feeling!!  This heart has an old piece of jewelry glued to the center  of it.

What a pretty arrangement on the fireplace mantle!!!
Well... I'm off for another cup of coffee and then it's on to making name tags!!!!!
I'll chat with you tomorrow... have a blessed day!

Friday, September 14, 2012's Friday!!!
I'm making yummy garlic bread today... taking it to Cinnamon's for our Friday Night Sewcial!  From 2:00 pm to midnight... we all sew and eat and laugh and shop!  OMG...doesn't get any better does it?
Before I forget... Thanks to all of you that are so sweet to say kind words about my blogging!  I certainly enjoy it and when it makes people happy... that's the best to me! 
Now for some exciting news!  I don't know if you remember or not...but 5 other girls and I jumped in and decided to make a collaborative quilt for our annual Quiltfest show here in Jacksonville.  It's coming up next week!  Well... WE WON FIRST PLACE IN THE CATEGORY!!!!  Here's what the quilt looked like (ours was prettier!).  I can't even begin to tell you how many pieces were in this little puppy!!  Everyone was so super and finished their blocks on time... then Pat added the borders, Susan quilted it ... OH HAPPY DAYS!!!

Then... my friend Cathy P. (she's one of my quilters) she entered a pieced quilt (large) and got a FIRST PLACE RIBBON on hers too!!!!  Then my friend Maggie got an HONORABLE MENTION on her quilt!  So Cool!!!  Congratulations to all of you!!
Hey... check out this table.  I OH - SO - WANT Jack to make this for me!

Now tell me you all wouldn't want one of these tables!!!  Don't you?  OMG it's FABULOUS!!!  I don't even care about the drawer in it... I need a "work" table in my sewing room REALLY BAD.  I'm going to do my best to see if this is a "go" for my honey to make for me.  I can just see the look on his face... tee hee...
Check out this bedroom... I want the entire room...the walls...the wood floor... but I especially love this long bench at the end of the bed.  Although I would have to keep things on it that wouldn't break.  We hate the covers tucked in at the bottom so we're always pulling them out - I can just see us kicking something off this bench.  I know.... I'll fold some pretty quilts up and place there...along with some kind of soft pillow...hhhmmmmmm.... I have the vision... and I even know where there is an adorable bench for sale... in my friend's antique booth... Oh Kelly.....

These are kids bunk beds... isn't it cute how they did the ladder?  The tree theme is just darn right adorable!!!

I wanted you to see this cookie arrangement.. they've used an old fashioned bundt pan and popped the cookies on the inside...trimmed with some REAL evergreen garnish.  YUM... I certainly think it's very "homey" looking...just like I love!

 Here's a trick I saw... you are supposed to rub your faucet and handles with wax paper.  It shines up the metal and prevents water stains from happening!  Pretty cool don't you think?  Now.. if it works or not... I have no idea.  Try it and let's see... it certainly can't hurt anything!!!

Aren't these the sweetest cans you've ever seen?  They covered them with contact paper!  How cheery they look instead of a plain old aluminum can!  I need for pencils, small scissors, rotary cutters, etc.  Fun to make too! is our sweet friend for the day.... a brand new little lab puppy.... sporting his bright red collar!  Don't you just want to pick him up and snuggle... I can feel him wiggling in my arms and licking me all over.  Puppies are the sweetest things on earth....   Look at those eyes... He's saying... "You are taking me home with you....aren't you?"

Have a super weekend and see you on Monday!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gooooooodddd  Moooooooooooorning!!!
Did you all sleep well last night?  I went to bed early (8:00 believe it or not) and it felt so good to crawl under the covers.  My hubby laughs at me all the time... I crawl into bed and get real comfortable and always say... "I love my bed"!  He waits for it... and if I don't say it... he still laughs!
Today I'm so excited to pick up my Christmas quilt and sew with the girls.  I'm going to get my binding, buttons and trim attached then turn it over to Karen (Cinnamon's Quilt Shop)!!  Yippee... I hope she sells a ton of kits!!  She deserves so hard... in case none of you know it.. owning your own business is HARD WORK!!!  (right Karen?)
I'm also taking in a quilt top I've been working on to get some opinions from the gals.  It's a fall quilt - so wonderful.  Susan A. and I designed it when the store was still open and I want to get the applique part finished now...full of pumpkins!  I just can't decide whether to make them from cotton or wool... or maybe a mixture! 
Look at this fun fall chex mix!!  Isn't it yummy looking?  I thought it would be fun to make some of these little bags and pass out to my friends while we are sewing...  cool huh?  I don't think mine will have these cute little tags...but I'll do something cute!!

Hey...isn't this clever?  Now..I'm not saying that all of these colors are my favorites...but just the way they've added the buttons to a sweatshirt neckline gives it a little more character...don't you think?
I wish my sewing machine would sew on buttons!'s a little trivia for you... !
Did you know that no matter how huge the button is compared to another button...the holes are always in the same place?  You can lay a small 3/8" button on top of a 2" button and you will be able to line the holes up evenly and look right straight through them.  Try it... it's so cool!'s the wool I was talking about for my pumpkins on my quilt....isn't this gorgeous?  Now that is orange my friends!!!!

Here is a cute idea...for the younger crowd.  They have taken a white V-neck T-shirt and a bottle of Elmer's glue.  They wrote words with the glue and let it harden.  Then they tie-dyed the shirt pink.. Peeled the glue off and it came out like this!  Pretty darn clever!  This kind of looks like a "love" shirt...!

I really loved this idea too....!!!  You know how card tables get icky tops after awhile?  Well... take the top off and recover it with a GOOD vinyl tablecloth!  Then screw the top back onto the table frame.  Isn't this cool?  I think it would be fun to cover the chairs with the same fabric.  Now...that would be a one of a kind card table set!  Can you see every ones face when they all come to your house to play Bunco or cards!!!

And.. .look at these two sweet things...   I think the little brown one is a bit confused on what's for dinner.  The look on the white puppy... is precious.... " for sure have puppy breath!"

Have fun.... Hug a friend today and make sure they know how much you love them!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 we have "hump" day..... As I sit looking at my blogs this morning... (I read Lisa Bongean's, With thy Needle & Thread, Heartspun Quilts, Moda Lissa, Kansas Troubles Quilters, Marcus Fabrics Blog, Jeanne's Blog Country Sampler, Moda...the Cutting Table) I feel like I'm right at home with  my friends! 
Do you read more than my blog?  How many do you all read?  I know there are some gals that could sit all day and read blogs...isn't it amazing how interesting people are?  I just love seeing what they are up to, designing, great tips, yummy recipes...when does it all end?  Well, that's just it... it doesn't end until we "click" the "off" button!!  Right?!
Knowledge is always out there and it's yours for the taking!
Here is what "knowledge" I found for you today! 
Look at the color palette of this beautiful quilt!  Isn't it so pretty... I love the different pinks, greens and then a touch of yellow.  Nice warm muted colors...

I thought these were pretty interesting.  They were labeled as metal quilt shapes for an applique quilt  - 19th century.  At first I thought they were cookie cutters...but they are flat..easy for tracing around!  How wonderful are they?

You know... I think these are the pretty steps I've ever seen!  Wouldn't you love to see this staircase with a beautiful bride coming down from the top?  Just gorgeous!  Sweet little purple flowers...

Now... I don't know about the rest of you... but I WANT THIS POULET SIGN!!!  Oh Yes I Do!!  I know right where I would hang it in my kitchen.  Dang...why do they have to temp us with pictures like this...gggggrrrrr.... I love it!  I'll bet if I found someone to do reproductions of this sweet little gal I could sell a ton of them!

Now... friends...let's talk... SUGAR HIGH!!!  These are snicker doodles wrapped around a Rolo!  Can you spell - Yumalicious? !!!!
Two of my all time favorites rolled into one yummy cookie!  (I can feel my tummy growling...)

Now this is what I call a sled!  I've never seen one shaped like a tree before.  How cute would this be displayed at your front door for the Holidays.  Tie it down... it may decide to go for a sled ride and you'll never see it again!!!  Very nice!

Vignettes - I just love them... AND love to make them.  Here we have a sweet patch quilt on our table...then a wonderful wooden box (I love wooden boxes too!) - nice and flat so we can display great things in side.  These little potted trees are great for all year long.. we sold hundreds and hundreds of them at the OGC....they are just timeless.  Then they've added a sweet little log cabin, two tiny sheep and a bottle brush tree (another love of mine).  I would have simply stopped there... it's all complete and has an odd number of items (odd number gives you a rounded display).  Isn't it wonderful?
You too can make this... give it a try!! Let's see what you can come up just taking things from around your house and moving them into different displays.  It's so much fun!  I love doing it!

Here is something else I think is a great idea.  They have taken a Christmas tree and placed it in a large woven basket.  This could have been a hamper...don't know for sure... but I think it's stunning!
I've also seen trees sitting inside wonderful old crates and trunks!!  Do you have a trunk in your home?  Have you thought about sitting your tree inside the trunk?  How cool would that be!

And here's our little kitty.... wishing you a happy Wednesday... while playing and hiding in the mailbox.  Wow... that would scare the pants off the mailman wouldn't it? 

Guess who I saw the other day?  It was my old FedEx delivery fellow!!!  Yep... he delivered a box to the house and it was good to see him!  Cute as a button...just like I remembered.  Those guys (and UPS) sure work hard!
Have a great HUMP DAY!!!!