Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ok... I am NOT happy!!!  Keck (my son-in-law) received a phone call from Heather (bad reception) in Africa... they did not make the flight.  He couldn't hear the reason...but the entire group "missed" the plane...not sure why.  She will now be home on Monday.  Here's the icky part!  Their entire family was to meet Keck's sister(from Michigan), hubby and 2 kids in Orlando on Monday - Disney world.  He's already told Lexie... so they will be going without Heather!  I'm sure she is not happy!  Wow... Lexie is going to have mixed emotions.. crying 'cause Mommy isn't going to be home and can't go to Disney... but happy she still gets to go and see her cousins too!!  What's a girl to do!  Jack and I are picking up Heather.  aaahhh... maybe I can finally sleep when she gets home!

Have you ever had those times in your life when you have STRESSFUL things going on in  your head that you just can't sleep?  Well, I've finally figured out that is my issue lately.  So I've written them all down(17 things!!! OMG!!!) and I'm going to take care of them - one by one - until all is finished!  Then I'm going to sleep like a baby.  Or better yet... give me drugs!  HA!!

I found some fun things to share with you.  Let's start out with this lazy guy... he's just ssssssssoooooo relaxed!  What a life!!


I love this idea.  Before wrapping a package... make a tuck in your paper.  Position the box so this tuck is on the front of the's made to tuck your card into!  Isn't that clever?  Now... If I can just remember to do this next time I wrap a gift.  I'm into bags... they are so much faster, prettier, and can be reused by the receiver.  How easy is it to place the item in the bag... stuff some pretty tissue paper in it... and BOOM... all done!  Now that's my kind of wrapping!


I thought this was so clever too.  How many times do we work on projects where we have small templates?  I have tons of them...always trying to make sure I remember where in the heck I put them in the event I need to use them over and over.  They've taken a CD holder that zips up... placed their templates in the plastic pockets.  Isn't that a cool idea?  Well... I thought of another one.. what about a binder with the plastic page cover inserts... same idea...and it can be used for your larger templates that may not fit in this small case.  Keep them together on your pattern/book shelf. 


Remember how I told you (yesterday) how much I loved old suitcases...?  Well, this has always been an issue that comes up.... THEY STINK!!  I guess if I were that old and have just been sitting around for years with no use... we would stink too!  Here is the solution... kitty litter!  They say to dump it right in the suitcase...close it up for at least a week.  Open, dump, vacuum and the smell should be gone.  If you have something that is too small - or it can't hold the litter - put some in a bowl and place the bowl of kitty litter with the smelly object in a ziplock bag... that should do the trick too.


How many times have you wanted to "sprinkle" or lightly water something and you do NOT have a watering can?  Well, you don't need one... !  Take a half gallon or gallon jug and poke holes in the cap.  There you go... instant sprinkling can.  Saves you money too... no need to buy one!


Did you know there was a "cooking science" to making PRETTY hard boiled eggs?  I didn't...!

Click on this link and you'll see hot to eliminate the "gray" look around your yoke.  Now... if you're like me... I hadn't even noticed the color difference.  I simply EAT the egg.  But once I read this little article... I was much more observant.  Isn't it amazing the things that we overlook!!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Then.... we have the beautiful hydrangeas.  Man-oh-man I love these things... and I don't even care what color!  This link gives you the instructions on drying them.  I sure wish I had some of these in my yard!  I would surely have these sweet things in my house! (all year long)

Drying Hydrangeas


Well, that's it for me today.  It's time for me to get things together for B-a-a-a-d Girls and tomorrow.  I can't wait... I have so much fun with those gals!

See you soon.... have a great Saturday.  Go out and have some FUN!!


Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012 - Friday

Well, today my sweet girl, Heather, begins her flight home !  I'M SO GLAD... there's just something about her being gone on this trip that has me so uneasy.  I have no clue why... can't answer it.. but I just do.  You know that "mother" instinct... it's just something we all have.  I know that she is with a safe travel group, doing God's work... but I JUST - SIMPLY - WANT HER HOME!

Today is our last day with Lexie.. so we're taking her out for pancakes!  Her FAVORITE!  We're meeting some friends for breakfast/brunch at good old - Bob Evans! (have you eaten their Banana Nut Bread?  To die for........)

Then.. I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds for us... we'll just wing it I'm sure.

I have all of my 'teaching' kits ready for Saturday and Sunday.  The list of participants has grown to 45 (so I made 50.... just in case) so we will have a blast I'm sure.  This session is going to be a discussion on them taking different ideas from different sources and making them into THEIR designs - and making them into different things - from what they normally see 'wool' products.

For example - covering the lid on a basket - wool decorated lampshade, adding wool to a picture frame, etc. I'm issuing each of them a "challenge" so we'll see where their creativity goes!!!

Hey... look at this adorable fabric I found at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe!  I'm making pillow cases with it!!!

BBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA................  Now I won't have to count sheep when I go to bed...just lay on the  pillow!  HA!!

I finally got my SOCK PICTURE to come up...look!!!!

Are these wild or what???  Mine will not look exactly like these... but I did get the yarn that makes cool stripes when it's knitted - in blues and greens.  Wah......I want to get started and I still have two weeks before class!!!

I forgot to tell you the other day... I am now the proud owner of Angry Birds band aids.  These are a hoot... When I saw them (shopping with Lexie) I told her we just had to have these!  She giggled and was excited and then proceeded to tell me "GG... you are so silly!"   What on earth gave her that idea?  I'm so shocked!!

Hey... I found 3 things (pictures) that I LOVE on Pinterest... First...

Old... Old... suitcases.. and they MUST have this look!  I don't know how many of you like to antique shop... well, let me tell you... these sweet little puppies are almost impossible to find!  I look in every shop I visit.  They have completely vanished!  I guess everyone else likes them too!  AND... I want names... who bought all of them???

Vintage sewing stuff!!!  LOVE IT!!!!  This photo has it all, lace, buttons, hat pins, snaps, needles and my all time favorite - paper or cloth tape measures.  I remember my grandma and mom using these all the times.  Heck..that was before we had plastic!  Now that is a "nasty" thought... I was around before they started making everything from plastic.  OMG!!!

Also..  antique lace.  Doesn't it look so cute wrapped on the old wooden spools.  Just think...they are all plastic now... boo hoo.  I have a huge collection of wooden spools....   Back to the lace... I wish I could think of some beautiful project to make with it...but it's just pretty all sitting in a huge glass jar at the moment.

You know...we were talking the other day (while antiquing) at how old we feel because things we played with are now in the antique stores.  Well, here's one to top that... the things that my oldest son played with... THEY ARE NOW IN THE ANTIQUE STORES... Now that will put a wrinkle in your crinoline!  DARN IT!!!  I simply have toooooo many things to get done to be getting this old.  May I live to be 100!!!

Hey... look at this cute kitty picture...

He's in the process of cleaning...taking a bath... but he looks as though he's saying...
"nane-nane-poo-poo !"  or "yegth...that didn't taste good"!

Too cute!

May you have a blast today!!!  Have fun doing whatever your little heart desires!

Chat with you tomorrow!!


hhhhmmmm.... I think I may buy a bicycle today... I need the exercise... My honey rides everyday and I think I may just join him! (pray for me... it's been a LONG time since I've balanced on a bicycle!)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 - Thursday

The CHEESEHEADS are back home!  Man... I'm just here to tell you.. I have some CRAZY friends!!  What a fun day yesterday as we drove into Georgia (near Jessup) to a farm out in TIM-BUCK-TOO to make CHEESE (mozzarella and ricotta). 

We started in the old OGC parking lot... all piled into my van... coolers in the back...everyone with their rubber gloves and 'projects' to work on in the car.  You would have thought we were driving for 2 days!  Ha... !!  Now... let's first talk about the rubber gloves... WE ALL HAD the normal YELLOW gloves... you know... "platex living gloves"... WITH the exception of Susan A. !!  Yes... my friends...she is my "pastel" queen friend and she managed to find baby blue and white rubber gloves!  What a hoot... (it's all about the presentation you know). 

We drove into this little town (sorry...can't remember which one it was for sure) and were looking for some antique shops to wander around in (we were somewhat early for our appointment).  Couldn't find one stinkin' antique store...and as we were turning around - Carol spotted a QUILT & FABRIC STORE!!  In this!!  We went inside and it was very sweet.  I found some adorable fabric to make several BABY bibs for my new great-granddaughter - "Aubree" (she will be arriving in June!)

After shopping... we hit the road again... soon we were at the farm.  This farm was built in the 1800's and was an actual working farm - cattle, chickens, herbs...etc.  All natural - no chemicals.  We met Raven (yes..that's his name...isn't it cool?  Sounds like a Romance Novel doesn't it?)  He and his wife run the farm.  She was in Vermont at a special presentation for some group so he was our teacher for the day.  He did a GREAT job!  (There's just something about a man in an apron cooking - in the kitchen...know what I mean?)

Here are some photos of the day's events:

We were greeted by this HUGE - lovable dog!!  He was so pretty!!!  He LOVED Lisa!!

Then... I spotted my favorite rooster - he was gorgeous.  There were chickens - EVERYWHERE!!  They have free range and followed us all around the farm...right at our feet - talking to us the entire time.  See the ones in the fenced in area?  They are "layers" and he keeps them in there for the better part of the morning.  That's when they lay their eggs and it's easier for him to collect them...rather than running all over the farm looking for their nests.  HUGE eggs too!!

Then it was Turkey Time!!!... Yes... she was penned up!  However... Mr. Tom Turkey... below...well he was a different story (His name is Cocheese ... sp?)

This is Cocheese (I know that's not spelled correctly....but we'll go with it for now!).  Now let me tell you... this was ONE BIG... HONKING... TURKEY... and he was GORGEOUS!  He strutted his stuff with us ALL day... making his gobble noise...fanning his tail and feathers, shaking... I'm not sure which one of us he was trying to "mate" with... but he wasn't giving up!  See the blue on his face?  It was beautiful!  I've never seen a turkey this color.  Simply stunning!

Then we found this friendly fellow... he had been napping and our loud talking and laughter woke him up.  However, he didn't seem to mind a bit when Lisa gave him a good rubbing.  He was a happy boy!

We're walking all around the farm and I spot a pen that looks like it could have been for pigs.  I snuck around the side and peeked in.  HOLY COW... there was a HUGE PIG inside (I guess that would be HOLY PIG).  I squealed a little and woke him up.  Needless to say.. he had to WADDLE out to see us (I mean that literary... he was so HUGE he could hardly walk).  I could tell by his appearance and snout that he was not a normal domestic pig (he looked like one that showed up in my back yard in Middleburg one morning...that's another story I'll have to share with you...).  Sure enough... he is a WILD pig they find and raise - then slaughter (sorry big boy). OH MY GOD HE WAS BIG...  razor back!

Then in the next cage... we found the sweetest goat.  She was just looking at us...smelling us.. she even let me pet her sweet little freckled nose.  Then I looked inside the pen and she had TWO baby goats.  They were so tiny...later we found out they were 2 weeks old.  This was the first time she's had twins and the first GIRL goat.  We tried to coax them to stand up and come see us... but NO.. they were too comfortable 'napping'.  So we just had fun with 'mamma'.  Lisa and she are having a happy 'moment' together...chatting about her babies!

WE now move into the cheese kitchen and .... "let the cooking begin" !!!

I had NO IDEA that making cheese was such a science!  WOW... did you know there are all kind of books on making cheese at home?  The most important thing... MILK - right from the cow!  Unpasteurized... since we can't get that (Raven hand milks his cows EVERY day...whew...) we have instructions on using powdered milk... (we all came home with a cheese making kit).

First you heat the milk and other stuff (sorry...can't remember the name ) until it reaches a certain temperature...

Then you move the mozzarella to drain... then you cut into smaller pieces and reheat and pull....

Once it's reached a certain texture... you form it into balls and add it to ice water.  That keeps the shape.  If you don't... you'll get a flat piece of cheese!

Once all of the mozzarella is made... the leftover "whey" (liquid) is used to make ricotta cheese!  Did you know that?  I had no clue!  We got two cheeses for one cooking!  Now.. how darn clever is that?

Here comes the ricotta cheese!!!  It had to cook on the stove until it reached 200 degrees... then we softly scooped it out... and strained the liquid through cheesecloth.  Added some fresh cream and salt.  You then let the liquid drain through the cloth... squeeze out the liquid... and hang it over the sink until you have only the soft cheese inside.

Here were our end results.  Raven made us some bread with pesto, tomatoes and cheese.  Then we had crackers with herb ricotta cheese.  VERY YUMMY!!

We are now certified cheese makers!  The entire process takes about 30 minutes!  Can you believe that...?  30 minutes to have fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheese.  Of course...we were there for several hours so we each had the chance to work with the cheese... pull/stretch it... and then of course... DEVOUR IT!!!

What a super.... super....  day!  We decided it was fun to do these type of outings...learning new stuff.  We each are going to research fun things to do and then plan more outings.  It was such fun!

We headed back to Jacksonville... ending our great day of just being friends and being together!!

So... here's the lesson for the day.  Don't put off doing fun things.... grab a couple of friends or your family and make it a  DAY of just being together and learning fun - new - stuff!!

Chat with you tomorrow... I'll try and remember to tell you the story of the PIG in the backyard...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 - Wednesday

Just call us "CHESS HEADS"!!       Yep... I've got my cooler and my rubber gloves (hhhmmmm sounds kind of gruesome doesn't it?) and I'll be driving the gang to Georgia for some "cheese makin'" this morning.  I'll take pictures and post tomorrow.  What a true experience this will be.


Hey... I've decided I need some "faster" help with my applique!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE needle turn.  However, it takes me forever and I'm not getting any younger.  I MUST MOVE FASTER... in getting my "bucket list" quilts finished.  After all, if I plan on leaving them in the family... I'd better get them finished so there's something to leave (I don't think the pattern and fabric will be as much impact a hundred years from you?)

Applique Technique  I just found this link with the steps for completing... and I'M GONNA DO IT! 

I love the William Morris applique quilts - and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE OF THE BLACKBIRD QUILTS, and this will make them all happen - MUCH faster.  Read how it's done and let me know what you think.

I'm going to use Bonnie Blue Quilts (Soon to be "Red Crinoline Quilts".... tell you more tomorrow...) - Paula Barnes - Marcus Brothers Fabric - Old Savannah line of fabric.  It's NEW and WONDERFUL!!  Go to Marcus Brothers - Old Savannah  and check it out.  I'll add some greens and red shades to compliment her prints.  I'm so excited... can't wait!!


Yesterday, Lexie and I headed out in the car to finish tons of errands...!  After the bank and a couple other stops we headed to Wallie World.  Let me tell you (of which I'm sure many of you already know this...).. shopping through the eyes of a 5 year old is so much fun!  OMG... the toys are adorable (for little girls anyway).  Polly Pockets are her favorite right now and I... YES... I wanted to buy and play with all of them.  They are so DARN CUTE!! 

Lexie is now the proud owner of a Polly Pocket 'scooter' and a 'little car' !!  After picking out her treasures...we headed to McDonald's for a Happy Meal.  It's amazing how much I learned in several hours with her (all by myself).  Did you know that the Happy Meals have changed?  Yes they have... in an effort to make them "healthier" they now have larger packages of apples and SMALLER packages of french fries!  Which makes her very happy... loves apples way better than french fries (is this MY granddaughter...apples over fries??? Go figure!)

As we're eating lunch... she says..." GG... is it okay if you drop me off at the house so I can spend time with Grampie while you finish your errands? "     I burst out laughing... I told her she was "throwing me under the bus" now that she had her TOYS and was trading me in for Grampie so she could play right away.  She burst out laughing and said... "yea... you're right GG... but I need to spend time with Grampie too"!    I told her she was a kookie little girl... I used to want to go home right away when I got something new too (when...once upon at time I was a little girl).

Oh my... how these sweet granddaughters I have warm my heart! to Grampies we went!  HA!!


I've begun the process of another item on my "bucket list"!  I signed up for a "sock knitting class" at our local yarn store here in town !  I'm so excited... I've always, ALWAYS, wanted to make socks.  Now... don't ask me why?  I have no earthly clue.  I just love the look of them, love the challenge, LOVE to wear them in the winter time (around the slippers) and I CAN'T WAIT!!  I met the sweet owner, and she was giggling at me... especially when I told her I didn't even like to wear shoes... ! 

I would show you a picture of my socks...but they won't come up!!! 

I hope I am good at making them... they would be fun to make for the family!  .....aaaahhhh... just another way to show how much I love them.  Sock giving... is much like quilt giving (in my opinion).  YOU MUST BE WORTHY!!!  Since they are not quick projects and can be on the $$ side of 'gift giving'.  You better - darn - darn - appreciate the gift!  (that's all I have to say about that...)


I was going to show you some more things I love... but for some reason the photos are not transferring! (damn I hate computers at time.... arg!)

Let me try one more picture...'s not going to happen!  DARN IT!  I'll have to show you more tomorrow.  I guess this is my cue to sign off - after all - I have to get ready for my 'cheesehead friends' !!

Take it easy today... Chat with you tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012 - Tuesday

Good Morning!  Well... the computer has decided to be LAZY this morning... I can't get the silly thing to do anything I want!  What's up with that anyway... it's been one of those mornings when I've wanted to slam it up against the wall (sorry about the violence!)

I have exciting news!  My twin sister, Vicky, got engaged last night!!  Yep... she's so happy..!  We went out for our birthday dinner (we turned the big 63) last night - downtown to the River City Brewery.  Oh my gosh was it sssssssssssssssssooooooooooooo good... and the view from the restaurant on the river was so pretty.  Larry... popped the question right there at the table... and gave her a gorgeous RING!  (we already knew he was going to ask her....tee hee).  She was so excited.

She's loved this man for years and now it's final... they are going to be hitched.  No date yet but they will be working out the details...something small... with the family.  He's such a super guy and he loves her to death.  He told me that he knows for a fact he's never had anyone love him so much as she loves him... and I think that's probably true.  He has 4 grown boys and they love her to death too!

So... YIPPEE for me... I have a NEW brother-in-law!!  Let's Party!!!


We were so stuffed we couldn't even eat our dessert... we brought it home with us.  So... I have that to look forward to today... yummy key lime pie - LOVE IT!  It's not on the diet..but I'm having it anyway.  Then it's back to the "zip the lips" motto for me.  I've got to get back on the mission of getting skinnier (OMG how I HATE to diet).  Of course... I'm not telling all of you anything you don't already know.


Since Pinterest was acting up this morning... I don't have a bunch of stuff for you.  However, I did get a picture of Nancy's doggies that she was hooking.  Aren't they sweet????  Isn't it amazing how they look so real?  That's what our teacher taught her.... She had a photograph of them she was using to help her with the shading.

Speaking of puppies... look at this sweet fellow! 
Now how CUTE IS THIS? 


We have Lexie with us today... her Daddy has to work and Heather is in Liberia!!!  Yes... she is!!!  I don't like her being over there but I know she's safe.  She's with a huge group from their church helping out at an orphanage they sponsor.  She will be home Friday and I can't wait.  I sure miss her!! 

Lexie and I are going to run a million errands today... Wow is my list long!  Have you ever wondered why they all seem to happen at one time?  Then I have to work on my stuff for this Saturday and Sunday classes of B-a-a-a-d Girls club.  We now have 45 enrolled and we've had to offer it over a Saturday and Sunday so we have room for everyone.  I'm so excited everyone is interested in working with wool.  Such FUN!!!!

Okay...sorry to cut this short... but it's time to hit the shower and get the day going. 

I'll chat with your tomorrow.... I'm going with a group of girls to somewhere in Georgia.  We are going to learn to make CHEESE!!!  Yes...that's right... CHEESE... What a blast this is going to be.  The girls that are going with me are crazy fun!!!

Later ...  Gloria

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 - Monday

Wow.... what a trip!!!  I have NO IDEA where to begin...!  So... I thought I would start with the one thing that was SO AMAZING to us.  You know how they say everything is BIGGER in TEXAS?  Well, let me tell you...they are so right!

We woke up in the middle of the night to a storm that made me (ME....!) sit straight up in bed - scared to death!  Now.. we're talking about someone who hasn't done a sit up her whole life!  The sound of thunder, rain and ... I swear... a freight train ... outside was something else.  Katie (my roomie) and I thought the roof was falling in.  I got up and peeked out the windows and it was raining so hard!  Then... in the morning I realized we had a metal roof on our building...that's why it was SO LOUD! 

On our way (walking) to breakfast.. look what was in the road!!!

Yep... you guessed it... the biggest night crawler worm I have EVER SEEN!  At first I thought it was a stinkin' snake.  That's Katie's foot (size 8 shoe) beside you could see the size of this bad boy!    I even inspected it... to be sure it wasn't two of them... (doing the hanky panky)... it wasn't... just one BIG WORM... TEXAS STYLE!  

Needless to say... later that morning... Katie found him squished in the road... so sad... he didn't crawl fast enough to get to the other side.

Okay... now for the pretty stuff!!  Look at all of this wool!!!  OMG... I just wanted to crawl up on the tables and roll in it.  So.... so... beautiful!  AND... all hand dyed by the instructors!

Isn't it wonderful????  Makes my heart beat FAST!!!

Then... the beautiful rugs everywhere!! 
Take a peek at some of them...

I just loved this owl.  This designer has made a frame (your choice of color) then you hook different panels for the insert - you can change them with the season!!!  Katie bought one of the frames and several of the inserts to make up for samples.  YOU TOO... can make this!!  She will show you how!!  See the sunflowers beside the owl?... that's another one and the petals is a technique in rug hooking too!  Here are more of the inserts!!

This is Susan Rogers rug!!!!  She was with me and got to hang her beautiful rug in the show.   It is simply unbelievable.  Guess what everyone??? This was her FIRST "fine shading" rug project!  She had never done this before and took a class here in Jacksonville at Katie's January Rug Hooking Retreat.  Her instructor charted the colors, dyed all of the wool and showed her how to do this!

The blue runner is Katies (in the show).  This was her class from last year (at Yellow Rose Retreat) and she had it all finished and it is GORGEOUS!  AND big!!

See... you don't have to hook BIG rugs... you can do this fun little fellow too!  I love the little projects... like my Annie doll (I'll show you soon...).  Then when she's finished I'm hooking a small insert for a basket lid, a snowman (that will stand up in the middle of a Christmas table centerpiece), then a primitive Santa....

Many, many, many hookers love to hook portraits of their pets.  Isn't this dog wonderful?  I'm so mad at myself.  Nancy (that was with me) was hooking her beautiful dogs and I DON'T HAVE A PICTURE OF THEM!  Nancy... send me a photo through email so I can post it!  I couldn't get over how much the hooking looked just like the picture!

Here is ONE of the projects Katie was working on... with the instruction from our teacher - Victoria Ingalls!  She was SO WONDERFUL!!!  We love you Victoria!!!

This is a portrait of Jesus... Katie drew it on her cloth... then Victoria hand dyed all of the wool.  Katie did get more of the hair finished...I just didn't get an updated photo of it.... Isn't it stunning?  I wish you could see it in person.. it's just so wonderful!

This was from the sweet lady that sat behind me... her first time doing a face and animal!!  His eyes looked just like he was looking into your heart!!

Then... this is me!  It's going to be a primitive Annie doll when I'm finished.  I'll tell you what... I felt a little "primitive" next to these gals that were hooking such fabulous stuff!  However... I learned so much and had a great time.  I have almost her entire head finished... the back of her head... and her chicken!  Yes... folks... she's going to be holding a stuffed chicken.  I'll get some updated photos for you when I finish unpacking all of my junk.  The clothes suitcase is unpacked...but not my hooking yet!

Then.... we had to stop at our favorite barbecue hang-out!!!  WOW is their food GOOD!!!   Homemade sweet potatoe fries, chips and the biggest beef ribs - so tender--- so yummy!!!

This is Sue....getting barbecue sauce from ear to ear!!!


The following photographs are from my next year instructor - Trisha !!!  I can't wait... yep... we've all signed up again for next year!!  These rugs she designed - after antique post cards!  I simply LOVE THEM!!


Here is our lunch room, hotel area... flowers... and REAL Blue Bonnet Flowers!! They were in bloom EVERYWHERE!!!

And....another year over!!!  Boo Hoo!!!

Oh... I wanted to show you a couple more pictures....

Before we packed for our trip - the backend of a HUGE suburban !!

On our way home from our trip... after hooking and ANTIQUING!!!

Sorry about the sideways picture... I can't get the silly thing to flip around!!!  ARG.... see that green pump???  That's an awesome lamp Katie found... she's going to put wool applique on the lampshade.  The white carryall is mine... along with the black crow that is lying on it's head.  We also found some wonderful stools that Katie is going to recover in a hooked rug!  (She's so talented!!) 

Then...things you don't see... fun things that Nancy got to needlepoint!  Sterling silver handled spoons, etc. that we are going to have "hooks" made from them (so pretty)... along with so many other fun things... I can't even remember them all! you can tell... we had a BLAST!!!  There's nothing like a road trip with friends!

And..I'll leave you with one final photo that my friend sent to me!! 

This is a HOOT!!!!  Just in time for you to start collecting the clothes... so you'll be ready for your front lawn "pumpkin display"!


It's good to be home....

Chat with you tomorrow!!!  Missed ya'll!!


p.s.  I just got an email from Yellow Rose - they now are accepting NEW "hookers" to attend the retreat... registration is open to everyone!  YOU MUST COME!!  email me... the instructor I'm taking next year - is perfect for those of you that are NEW to hooking!  I'll send you the information!  Gloria's Email