Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm so excited... I've begun piecing my first reproduction quilt pattern. It's the famous "bowtie" pattern...I love it. So simple but so cool! I've also picked the name ... ready? "Pop Clyde's Bowties". You see... our grandfather was the absolute best... we loved him so much... and this quilt is for him! I'm using the wonderful fabric from Windham - Worn & Loved II. I can't wait until it's finished. I'll be sure to post a picture when it's ready!

I'm also working on "NEW" redwork patterns!!! Very exciting... so much fun... !!

Oh... I decided it's time to start my "bucket list"...

1. Paris Flea Market - I want to go here so bad... AND have lots of money to spend so I can send all of my wonderful "finds" home to the store!!

2. Travel to Europe with my hubby!!! I don't care where...just so we can have fun together!!

3. Design Fabric!!

4. Attend Roundtop and Canton, Texas and shop 'till I drop!! It's a great place for primitives - which I LOVE!!

5. Become a well known pattern designer. Quilt patterns, embroidery patterns, and applique patterns !

That's it so far.... I'm sure more will come later...!!

Have a happy week! I know it will be a busy one for me!

Happy Sewing.... Gloria

Friday, July 3, 2009

Have A Happy Holiday!!

Wow...what a great week...! We've had wonderful visitors to the store the entire week. Today is Friday, July 3, and I hope we are super busy. Tomorrow, July 4, Saturday we will be closed which is the first time I can remember!

I plan on going to the movies with my Jack and working on more of my new patterns. I have several in the works and it's hard to determine which one to focus on first!! I have two antique quilts that are being reproduced. One is bow-ties! I think I have a name for it picked out - "Pop Clyde's Bow Ties"! How does that sound?

Pop Clyde (my grandfather) was a wonderful man. He was so sweet and these ties just remind me of him. I remember he was an immaculate man...always neat and tidy. He always smelled of aftershave (I think Old Spice) and Juicy Fruit Gum. I miss him......

Have a super July 4th. Celebrate our wonderful country and pray for all of our military guys and gals. Bring them home safe...

Happy sewing... Gloria