Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Morning!
Don't you just love this weather?  aaahhhh.... 50 degrees out this morning!  So refreshing...I think I'll open up the house a little this afternoon.  The smell of fresh air is so wonderful to long as it smells GOOD outside!
When I attend market and for weeks after, I have a terrible time sleeping.  My mind does nothing but design all night long.  Then I awake and MUST write it down or it will FOR SURE be gone in the morning.  I saw so many wonderful things this market that it just gets ones creative juices REALLY flowing.
What were the trends?  Well...........  Modern Quilts were the trend - they were everywhere.  I can truly appreciate those that like them... but some of them were simply too darn simple for me.  Taking 2 - 4 different fabrics and stitching a HUGE plus and minus sign together - then quilting it is not for me.  However, I am so grateful that we have quilters like that.... because they support our quilt shops with the purchase of fabric, notions, and then long arm quilting fees.
The fabric - it was pretty much as always...all over the board - from florals to graphics to reproduction to whimsical to beautiful designs from all over the world.  We had Australia, Africa, Japan, France, all of the islands (batiks) - you name it... it was there!
Here is Blackbird's booth.  The quilts hanging are going to be in their new book that is to release soon!     They were gorgeous and quilted so wonderful.

Paula and Maryellen's double booth was so pretty.... I thought I had a picture of it but I don't.  However... if you go to their BLOG - you can see it so much better.  They posted MANY pictures so you can see all of their new quilts.  Red Crinoline Quilts    Click on their website and then on the right side - where you see their logo & the BLOG - click there and it will take you directly to their photos!  (my picture is a little sorry!)

Then.... I found this gorgeous rug that is made from ALL PRAIRIE POINTS and is to die for!!  It just had to come home with me...that's all there was to it.  However... I am NOT putting it on the floor.  I don't think this one was ever on the floor... the back of it is burlap - like they used to hook rugs.
I'm going to work on the directions to construct one of these.... I do believe I may turn mine into a pillow!  I didn't get a chance to count all of the different types of fabric in this rug... but there was a TON OF IT!!!  What an awesome way to use up your scraps.

Here are some more photos ......... 
This is something else... and I am planning on teaching this at Cinnamon's!!!  We will use the Block Lock tool - it's new to all of us and so wonderful... I'm so excited to show you how it works and how to make this gorgeous quilt!  Everything has been ordered....!

Then I searched the entire floor for just the right wool project for my Baaad Girls Club.  This was my favorite... not to big... choice of Spring/Summer or Winter.... they were adorable.  The patterns will be completed in November...just in time for me to show them to the group and let them pick (if they want to participate) one of their choice to make.    They are from the Silver Thimble Patterns - Pat Wys !!!

Well... I think that's it for this morning.  I've got some unpacking to do along with laundry... (ick!)

Have a super day....!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hi there! (what day is this?.... oh yes... Tuesday)
Let me just say.... OH MY GOSH!!!  I simply don't know what it is... but Karen C. and I have the most unusual traveling times together! 
We started out at the Houston International Airport.... all checked in .... connecting in Dallas...then on to Jacksonville.
All of a sudden Karen heard her name called... up to the counter she goes.... here she comes... with new boarding tickets in her hand.... !  The computer system in the plane was being worked on and they reconnected those passengers that would miss their connection in Dallas.  YUP... that was us.
So we are now leaving American Airlines and headed to Delta connecting in Atlanta.. (prayers were needed).  Instead of leaving at 4:30 pm it's now 7:30... and of course we had to go the gate that was at the other end of China!
Then... horrors of all horrors!!!  A man sat in front of us that should have been in one of those photos of the "midnight Walmart shoppers"!!!  Let me just say - Say NO TO CRACK! 

This guy had on pants and a shirt that were 14 sizes to small for him... he was not small....around 300 pounds.  Every time he moved - got out of his seat - stored his carry-on under the seat in front of him... all we saw was BUTT CRACK!!  AND... I must tell you....NOT PRETTY! 

To tell you how bad it was...when we were exiting off the plane... a younger fellow in front of my seats commented on he was "brain shocked" over the sights he just had to endure! 

However, I had an earlier interesting episode with carry-on luggage (brand new Tuto I was pulling for Karen).  As we are going up this HUGE - LONG escalator.... in a split second - this purple Tuto went spiraling, flipping, plunging, bouncing,  DOWN THE ESCALATOR!  The handle flipped OFF!....
Now imagine... a HUGE LARGE PURPLE GRAPE  flipping and twirling and rolling and banging on the steps...that's what it looked like.  I tried to walk down the up escalator to catch it... IT WAS NOT HAPPENING!  (have you ever tried to do that?) 
All of a sudden one of the airport workers yelled at me...stay there... I got it.  She picked it back up and set it on an escalator step... and here it came up to me.  (well.... actually the single handle arrived first...then the suitcase!).....  I put it back together and then after controlling our laughter and fright that we might "wet" ourselves... we moved on to our next gate!  OMG!  I wish I would have had a movie camera....
With the suitcase plunging... and the crackage showing... we could have made a "America's Funniest Video" and WON the $100,000.00 BIG PRIZE!
Needless to say... when Karen dropped me off at my house around 1:30 am I was WIDE AWAKE... and had to get my brain calmed down for awhile before going to bed!
Whew.... the adventure has NOW ended!
Tomorrow I will show you some photos and fun stuff!  I smell breakfast cooking and it's coffee time - Round 2!!!
Keep sewing and watch out for crashing suitcases and butt cracks!!
p.s.  ppplllleeeaasssseee.... hurry up voting day... I'm SICK of all these polital commercials... the "mute" button on my tv controller is going to be worn OUT!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Morning!!!
Today is PACKING DAY!!  Are you all sick of me talking about market?  (if so... I'm so sorry...)
I'm running tons of errands...packing... manicure... bank.... and then my honey and I are going out for dinner together since we won't see each other for several days.  I've had a hunger for the Wild West Shrimp and the Chicken Parmesan from Long Horn Steak House.  One of my favorite meals of all times!!  YUM!!
I finally finished all of my 1" 1/2 square triangles for my Colfax County Quilt!  WOW!  I have them all sorted into their own little I need to cut out the rest of the fabric and get started.  If I have time... I will be cutting today so when I get back into town I can begin sewing!  It's so wonderful and I'm so excited to make it.
I found some wonderful chit chat ideas for us!!!
Isn't this a fun way to showcase your child's growth chart?  Each time they measure how tall they are... they've added their photo in cute little black frames.

This was so clever!!!  When you have a strict time frame for medicine.... use the back of the bottle and with a permanent market... make your chart.  Then check off each time you take your medicine.  Heck..I need this...half the time I can't remember when I've taken it!!!

I thought this was so clever... if you have an outfit that has more than one piece to it...  you can use soda can pop tops and attach the two hangars together!  I LOVED this idea...pretty darn clever I would say!

This used to be an entertainment piece that held the large TV... !  They repurposed it into the babies room - repainted it and made it into their changing table, dresser, and storage.  I think it's adorable!
I think it would look fabulous in a sewing studio.  Where the pink is... have that be cork for your "inspiration board".  I don't have one of those and I NEED ONE...!

While we are still on the topic of babies... look at this pacifier!!  It tells the babies temperature!  How wonderful is the "backside" method that's for sure! 

Then... I don't know who thought of this but it's very wonderful.  Remember when you had to give a bottle to a fussy baby and you weren't in the place or situation where you could sit with them and feed them.  Here you go!!  This fancy little kitty will help hold the bottle for them.  Too Cute!!

Here's another idea.  When your toddlers are learning how to hold a cup (while you are with them), they suggest putting some rubber bands around the cup so it's easier for them to grab.  Of course, these days all mommies have those cute, cute sippee cups that are easy for the baby to hold.  But in a pinch...this will work for you also.

Away from babies... isn't this a clever idea.  It was made by a gal that lives in an apartment and she was not allowed to put nail holes in the walls.  She found this great apple picking ladder and attached her frames to it.  I think it's pretty darn adorable. 

Are you always loosing your keys... do you have to search everywhere for them?  LOOK AT THIS!  I've never seen this before... but it is a light switch cover and the bottom portion of it is magnetized!  When you come into the house - switch the light on... attach your keys!  Especially if you only enter your house one way ... all of the time!  Pretty smart!

Are you tired of your earrings always getting tangled... or separated from each other in your jewelry drawer?  This gal bought her some ice cube trays and they now hold her earrings!  LOVE IT!!!

See... I told you I found clever things.  I just love smart people !!  Don't you?
I smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing... mmmmmm nothing smells better does it???  (well... maybe the smell of a fresh cut lawn!) 
I'm pulling out the suitcase and getting packed.  I'm not sure if the blogging will be available while I'm gone.  I'm hoping to ... but it depends on the hotels Wi-Fi!  I'm sure they have it... if not.. I will be collecting photos and sending them when I return.  I will also post them on FaceBook!  So make sure you check it out.
Stay well.... sew a bunch .... love each other... and be good!
I'll be back before you know it!  Ta-Da!
Hugs to all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well.... I can tell the winter season is getting closer!!!  When I used to wake up in the morning around my normal time... the sun was pretty much up.  Not any longer... it still hasn't peaked up yet!  How many of you hate getting up when it's still dark out?  I have a friend (Maryellen).... she won't get up until it's light outside!  Isn't that great to be able to do that?  Anymore when I wake up and it's light outside... I jump out of bed thinking I've overslept. ... from what I don't know... Heck...I'm retired! (kind of... sort of... you know what I mean....)
Hey...take a look at this SNOW!!!!  This is in Japan!!!  This is a HUGE snow corridor they had to cut through so the road would be open.  I'm not so sure I would want to be in there...especially walking!  Have they ever heard of cave ins?????  eeeekkkkk!!!  Now that's some snow!  NO THANK YOU!

LOOK AT THIS FUNNY GUY!  Isn't this the silliest, cutest Halloween cake you've ever seen?  I can just hear the little ones giggling over it. 

Then I found these gorgeous fall pillows.  It's traditional rug hooking!  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love how they hooked straight through the fabric.  The rug warp is probably behind the fabric.

You know how we've all got a list a mile long on the quilts we want to make before we leave this earth.... well...this is one for me.  Ocean Waves.  I especially love how they've make the sections of the wave different colors...and how pretty they all blend in together.  The Flying Geese border is a bit bright for me... I think I would have liked it one of the colors in the quilt.... HOWEVER... that's what makes us all different... our right or artistry !!

Isn't this clever.  You take one of the noodles that you swim with... chop it into pieces this size...slit up the middle and then put on your doors.  The article said they did this so their little toddler wouldn't get his fingers pinched in the doors within the house....!  Hey... it's great too if you don't want doors to SLAM.. especially while the baby is sleeping!

This is a neat trick.... they swear (on Pinterest) it works.  If you have a grease spot on your clothing... rub is really good with white chalk.  The bulk of the grease will adhere (soak) into the chalk and then normal washing will remove the stain!  I think I'll try this on one of my hubbies shirts... he's always getting little stains on them!  Hope it works!

Isn't this cute.... it's this doggies birthday... he's anxiously waiting for his owner to stop messing around with the silly candles and let him EAT HIS CAKE!  So sweet!  Isn't is amazing how much our pets love us... unconditionally!  What joy they bring to our lives!

And here's another sweet "ahhhhh...moment".  Baby sea otters taking a nap on their mommy's tummy... so they can get dry and warm.  So adorable!  Now that's what I call major floating skills!

Today I'm going to be the Laundry Queen (man I hate doing laundry) and sewing !!  Hey... look what I started on....
It's Lisa Bongeans's design - Colfax County....!!  Geeze I go again with all of this silly tiny pieces.  I just love quilts with lots of pieces... I wonder what that means....hhhmmm... I'll have to do a little research on that...
I texted Lisa and told her I had been making my 1" (finished) 1/2 square triangles... for HOURS.... pressing, pinning, sewing, cutting, ripping off paper, pressing, snipping.... whew... and I'm still not finished!  OMG!!  She and Amy (one of her gals) worked for 3 straight days on this...!  So what's that telling me?  I think I'm in trouble and looking at many more days of work.  THANKS LISA!!!
I love going to her booth... she is so talented and I'm so very, very happy for her.  All of my friends are doing so well in the quilting world... it makes my heart SING!!

Red Crinoline Quilts.... Paula and Maryellen... they texted me yesterday and told me Quiltmania was coming to Paula's house to take pictures. They are going to be featured in an upcoming issue. Won't that be fun to read? !!!
Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts... she's now known for her "Prairies Women's Sewing Circle" and is now designing fabric for Marcus Brothers!  Isn't that cool?!  Yippee for all of them....! I'm going to the washer and dryer! 
Chat tomorrow!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The start of a new week!!  Yippee!!!
Okay... only today, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then I'm on the plane to Houston!!  (Can you tell I'm excited?????) 
I can't wait to see the new patterns, color trends, etc.  It's such a spirit pick-er-upper... know what I mean?  It gets my creative juices flowing EVEN MORE than they do here at home!! 
My friends, Julie, Brittany, and Edie have their first two new patterns for sale!  LOOK!!!

Spoolie Bird is simply adorable.  The pattern comes with 2 different options... the sweet pastel as you see on the pattern cover... or the darker tones that are in the fabrics of Kansas Troubles Quilters.  Plus they have 2 separate options for the borders.  I looked at the pattern this weekend!  It is beautiful, very well written and has super graphics.
Dog Days... is an adorable quilt for a wee one...!!!  They can even name the doggies (in the house) after their own! 
 Very... VERY cute!!!

They are going to Houston Quilt Market for the first time... WOW!  Are they ever excited!!!  It is mind boggling the first time you attend.  I remember when we took our friend Lynn the first time... It was so cute...we were standing on the second floor looking down on the market floor where everyone was setting up.  Lynn said she was so excited her knee caps were shaking!!!  Isn't that adorable?  I will NEVER FORGET that!!!  (Love you Lynn!!)
Look at this adorable mum field.  Don't you just love these faces on the pots???  Too cute!
I bought some miniature Indian Corn and a few gourds yesterday...they are so wonderful.  I'm going to make a fall display for the dining room table... with my big wonderful clay pottery turkey.

I adore this idea... it's magnetic covers for your vents!!  When you want to shut off a room we normally just close the vents.  But air/heat still escapes... not with this cover!!   I love the fact that it's magnetic... you can use them on the ceiling vents also.

I thought this sign was pretty clever!!!  Although I don't know how effective it would be to wee ones that can't read.  Hopefully their parents would see the sign.  PLUS...there is a chance of getting your front door egged or your front yard tee-pee-d!  I think simply shutting off the outdoor light would be better (and safer)...

Now this is wonderful... !   Do you keep bags that stores give you...but then you realize their name and/or logo is on the front?  Here is a way to re-purpose them.  Simply get some of your own wrapping paper or... pick out a pretty print of scrap booking paper.  Use glue or double-sided tape and cover the print portion of the bag.  Add a little bundle of greenery and you are good to go!  Fill it with your sweet gift and add some red or gold colored tissue and your gift is super!  LOVE THIS IDEA!!

Well... I am now signing off... I have to go over my notes for my 30 minute presentation at market!  Very nervous... speaking in front of crowds does not worry me... but I want to be sure I tell them as much as I can in 30 minutes.... that's a lot of talking ... VERY FAST!!!  eeeeekkkkk!!!!
Here's a couple of sweet pictures to start your day!
There is nothing sweeter than a beagle puppy!!!  Look at that sweet face!

and then.... Momma loves her new baby!!  It's time for her bath!!

Remember... tell your children how much you love them... they NEED to hear it...doesn't matter how old they are!!! 

Let's chat tomorrow!


Friday, October 19, 2012

It's almost the weekend!!!
Only 6 days and "a wake up" and I'll be on the plane headed to Houston!  Yippee!!!  I can't wait.
Today I have a list 2 miles long...if I get it all accomplished - well.... let me tell you... it will be a miracle!  However, it is always best to start the day with a plan in mind!..
What are your plans for the weekend?  I don't think we have any!!  What's with that?  YIPPEE!!  Those are the best. 
Yesterday at Cinnamon's I took my computer and worked on getting new designs into my EQ system.  One of them I love... it's of an old antique quilt... I've made a few changes but I think it will be stunning.
Speaking of quilts...look at this....
There is just something wonderful about a quilt FULL of flying geese!  Don't you think?  I simply adore them.  The colors in this one are so wonderful!  Have you ever made a quilt full of geese?  I haven't and I'm sure anxious to make one!

This is something else... I think the block is wonderful...but the alternating blocks is what caught my eye.  Isn't it cool how they made them from tone on tone fabric with all those squares?  It adds a bit of texture to the quilt versus having a huge block of plain fabric in these areas.
See the error on the quilt?  the top row, center dark blue block...bottom corner.  They have one of the 1/2 square triangles turned wrong.  Man... don't you bet they are hating life!  I can sssssoooooo relate to this!! 

This is one of my favorite designs by Primitives by Lynda (Lynda Hall).  I just love black checked fabric...then when she added the sunflowers and crows.... that was the cream on top!  Thanks Lynda for such super designs!!!
These type of folk art primitive birds are some of my favorites...isn't he cute?  I sure could tuck him inside a plant here in the house and he would look right at home.  I bought a cute chicken kind of like this the other day and "my Jack" was making fun of him!  He just doesn't see the beauty in things like I do!  Silly boy!!

Wow...what a great idea.  This used to be a sideboard and/or dresser.  They've removed the legs and made a stuffed cushion for the top with some attractive throw pillows.

These Christmas goodies are adorable.... this top picture are those GIANT marshmallows dipped in chocolate with sprinkles.  You are to use these when stirring up your hot chocolate!  YUM!!


Then...these are pretty darn wonderful with hot chocolate too!!!  Oh heck... I would just eat the thing!  Nothing better than chocolate and peppermint.  I saw an ad for York Peppermint Patties on tv the other night...well... I would have killed for one!  Those things are right up there on "My Favorites" list!!

Then... let's get a little creative with our cheese balls this year when entertaining!  How about 3 different types of cheese balls on one tray?  Better idea yet!  Simply use some raisins and a small piece of orange rind and your snowman will come to life!

This is our funny for the day!  What a hoot!!!  I burst out laughing with this one!  Can't you just see your pooch running to you with these funny lips/teeth in their mouth!  To Darn Cute!!!

Everyone have a super weekend... I sure plan too!  Teaching at Cinnamon's then getting some more of my projects finished!  YIPPEE!!!!! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Thursday morning (already) and I'm up to my knees in things to "put away" in the sewing studio! 
Don't you just wish things would magically go back to their original place once you have finished using it?  aaaahhhh... how nice that would be!  Especially because I would remember where everything is! 
I saw on Lisa Bongean's Blog (Primitive Gatherings) where she is working on new designs for market.  This is always a rough, rough time for designers that also have a new fabric line coming out.  If it is to show at market (to the shop owners) they would have already gotten a few yards mailed to them.  From these few yards they have to make up their NEW designs so they can show everyone - it surely makes the shops order more freely.  The time frame is short...sometimes only weeks to get your pattern written, sample made, quilted, bound, photographs taken and then finish up the pattern.  Whew!  Makes me tired just thinking about it! 
That's what is so exciting every market... to see what all of the designers have come up with.  I used to hear shop owners say to me, "I didn't really see anything NEW this market".... WHAT?  ARE YOU BLIND????  Everything showing at market is NEW!!  New fabric, patterns, notions.... hhhmmm... maybe they were not looking where I was..... (shoulder shrug!)  Anyway... we have a blast looking for new designers and new stuff.  It makes my heart beat very fast...full of excitement!
Hopefully I will have a booth NEXT fall with new patterns... and maybe some new fabric...hhhmm....  we'll see!!
Remember how I told you things painted in RED always sold well?  Take a look at this TV cabinet!!
OMG... it could live in my house anytime it wanted to.  I love the extra storage in the cabinet and drawers on the bottom half.  SOOOOOOO  pretty!!

This is a cute German Christmas tradition... they fill their shoes with gifts prior to Christmas morning.  Wouldn't that be fun to see?   Gosh... I wonder what's in those adorable little boxes?
Look at the little squares in this quilt... they look like 1/2" to me.  I love how they alternated the colors to come up with this very interesting design.  I would have to graph paper this one many little blocks...whew! 

Now.... I can tell you I adore the idea of having a quilted chair in my sewing studio...these are not exactly the colors I would pick out... but isn't the idea adorable?  Jack's mom was so good at recovering furniture...she would take the old cover off piece by piece...cut new ones and sew it together.  You couldn't even tell ... it looked like a professional did this. 
I have a friend that owns a reupholster shop... I think I'll have her make me one of these.  Just need to find an old chair and she can use some of my cutter quilts that I have.  So darn cute.  Can't you just see yourself sitting here... doing handwork... watching a great tv show... or movie.... YES!!

You have to love scrappy.... do you?  Man.. I sure do!  Look at this adorable scrappy bears paw.  So sweet and perfect for a doll quilt or for your end table with a small lamp in the middle.  I especially love the wooden carrier in the picture!!

Paper whites... they are my favorite... and I have no clue why.  Maybe because they are sweet, simple, crisp looking... and go with everything.  Look how sweet they are in this Christmas display... silver bowl with silver, white and green ornaments tucked into the plant.  YUM!!

I am a lover of BIG kitchens and awesome center islands!  PLUS this one has a wicked set of rooster and hen on the top!  PLUS IT'S GREEN... how can it get any better.  Man.. I sure would pay to own this thing... or have a kitchen big enough to hold it!

This is so simple and so sweet.  It's amazing what they do with canning jars.  Simple flowers, checkered ribbon and our flag.  I know it's not July 4 - Independence day...but I thought this was so sweet... they have it tied to the porch railing... !!

Have a super day.... get a bunch of things accomplished!!! 
Ha!  Isn't this adorable?

Chat tomorrow...!!