Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi Everyone!!! PICTURES!!!

Well... are you all rested?

Heck.. I haven't even unpacked my stuff yet (I have my clothes...)!  I've been catching up on emails and working on the photos I took for all of you.

You are all a hoot...that's all I can say!

This photo slideshow is just a portion... I'm making up another one for you.  I decided it would be so interesting to look at everyone's pincushions!  They have such personality and you will see that when I get it edited and published for you.

In the meantime... enjoy!

Camp Blanding Retreat Photos

For those of you that did not attend our Gold Star Camp Blanding Retreat... we missed you!

We had a super great time... lots of laughs... from all over the floor!

Thanks so much for your donations and supporting our troops and their families.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back From My Quilters!!!

Yes... it's that time of the year... all of the Fall/Halloween fabric is in the stores!

Christmas fabric is EVERYWHERE and there are so many cute lines this year... it's so hard to decide what to buy!

It made me come home and get busy on this cute show for you!  Click below and enjoy!

Vicky just finished up the binding on our "Christmas Peace" quilt that we will be teaching on the cruise... Getting Ready For Christmas

Gloria, Vicky and Heather


Good Tuesday Morning!!

I'm so excited about our new Dresden Wheel Pincushion!  

I adore them!    They were made from our County Londonderry Fabric!  Can't you just see these sweet things made with Aunt Gracie?  Brights?  Soft Pastels?  OMG!!  I think I'll make more...! They are pretty addictive... I do need to warn you.  

Our pattern and instructions will be on the website soon!  After this retreat...we'll get it posted to the pattern category of our on-line shopping!  You will be able to also purchase the small plastic template that we have in stock...especially made for Olde Green Cupboard Designs!  Then we will show you another great pattern you can use with the same template.  You're gonna' love it!

I'm not sure if you knew this or not... but I'm a lover of embroidery too!  I found this adorable little bluebird and put him into a VERY BUG button.  I'm converting it into a pin... He's not finished yet... still working on him.  I think he needs something else...but just can't put my finger on it yet.

I'll keep you posted on his changes!!

I was cleaning yesterday (man oh man... I sure hate cleaning...) and while dusting in my studio... I thought I would share with you a couple of my antique child's toy sewing machines.  Both of them made by SINGER!!

How fitting I should own these... it fits right in with our new "Featherweight Club" that will begin in October of this year!!!  I bought these so long ago... I can't even remember when.  I'm thinking it was at an antique auction...but heck..that could be a ball-faced lie!  I have no clue!

Speaking of Featherweights... here is the Cadillac of luxury sewing.  This FOLDABLE plastic table is especially made for the 221 or 222 Featherweight.  We will be selling them on our website soon!  They will be mailed directly to you from our manufacturer.  The Retail List Price is $119.00.  We will be selling them for $104.00 - giving you a $15.00 discount!  
You will be able to use our PayPal process and pay with a credit card or your debit card.

This is what it looks like folded up for travel.  It comes with adjustable legs in a nice flannel pouch.  You simply open the table, install the legs, push it up to your machine...and you're ready to sew up a storm!
I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine!

Look what is out now!!!

Primitive Gatherings NEW book - Flannel Gatherings!  

Isn't this a beautiful picture for the front of a book.  I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Then... another new line of fabric from Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts with Marcus Brothers - called American Gothic.  Guess what colors... come on ... GUESS!!!  OMG!!  It's blacks and cremes!  Here...take a peak!!  Your mouth is going to water... get out your dribble bib!!!

Don't you just love them?  I especially adore the little touch of blue and red in some of the prints.  I have quilts rolling around in my head that I would love to make out of this fabric!

Wow.. Jack just called me for breakfast ... he cooks it ALL the time for me and I love it!  Tell me I'm NOT spoiled!

I'll chat with you later...gotta get more packin' done for the retreat... laundry...clean bathrooms... 
a girl's job is NEVER DONE!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hi all!

What a great week I have ahead of me!.... Well... with the exception of most of today - it's HOUSE CLEANING TIME!  Ugh!  Yep.. I'm the cleaning lady at this house.  When I worked all the time, I did admit to having a cleaning lady come in twice a month and do a really thorough job.  I fought doing it.... felt guilty.  But I soon got over that and SO MUCH enjoyed writing out that check each month.

However, now that we are on "retired" funds... it's back to doing things more for ourselves... cleaning, mowing the yard... all of those things that just aren't as much fun!

I'm also packing up my projects and all the things we need for this weekend's Camp Blanding Retreat... 3 glorious days of sewing and visiting with about 120 wonderful quilters!  Yeee..hhhhaaaaa!!!

I made two more little projects from my fabric line...such fun it was... LOOK  BELOW...

This is a bracelet from one of my fabrics!  I covered some buttons and then glued them on a bracelet form.... I love the "charm" look so I added some sweet little hearts!  What do you think?

Here's a little closer look!  
(don't you just love the glare from the table!)

Then.. I've been trying to make more things from our plastic tumbler template... look what I made!

These are BIG pincushions - filled with crushed pecan shells (find it in a large pet store...either in the bird section or the reptile section... wonderful for filling pincushions - you don't need a muslin liner either like you do with sand)

The one on the right is for Vicky - it's a little larger..she has more room at her sewing station for this big guy.  I still want to add some "stuff" to hers... it needs a little something.  Plus... I'm thinking I will add more pecan shells...needs a bit more to make it more firm... they seem to pack down AFTER you have the enclosure stitched up!  What's up with that anyway?

The center gold and blue piece is wool - adorned with antique little buttons.  Gosh.. I love these little fellows and they are so hard to find.  I scour the antique stores and ebay.  I don't want colored buttons... only these little white/ivory ones... I'm a bit picky with my buttons.

Then... look what my girlfriend made for me!! (Lynn Rogers)  We are always finding cute things for each other... or making something.  She is teaching this sweet zipper bag class at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe today... and again in AUGUST.  Click on the link below and sign up!

Lollipop Purse

Remember this ribbon?  We used to wrap it around our kits!  Lynn had a piece of it at home and added it to my handle!  It was such a good memory!  I LOVE IT LYNN!!!  Thanks so much!

Then... the shipment of our Folding Featherweight Sewing Tables arrived!!!  These are so stinkin' awesome... !!

For those of you that have a Singer Featherweight sewing machine.. you MUST have one of these!!  I will be selling them on my web site (it should be on there this week).  The best part is... it folds in half for easy transportation.  I'm even working on designing a bag to store and carry it in! It comes with 5 feet... YES... 5 of them.  One is placed on the underside in the middle of the table to support the folding hinge.  You simply remove the legs - store them in an adorable soft fabric bag (comes with your table) and you are good to travel!  It expands your sewing space 20" x 24".  

The retail cost is $119.99 - however I will be listing them for $104.  + any applicable sales tax (only in Florida if you order them over the website).  That's a $15.00 discount for you (excluding any shipping fees)  They will come shipped to you direct from the manufacturer. 

 So... keep watching your email and website updates so you will know when they have been added to our "on-line" shopping!


Have you watched any good shows lately?  I wanted to tell you about 2 !  First of all... the movie - "The Call"!!!  OMG..it's so
good!  Not for children...it's about a 911 operator and her dealing with a weirdo!  To intense... LOVED IT!

Then.. I simply LOVE Netflix!  I just finished watching Monarch of the Glen (several seasons - 57 shows).  I adored it!  I even cried when it was over... funny, romantic, good all round nice-clean-fun show.  It takes place in Scotland.. I especially loved the
countryside and the different traditions of the Scottish people.  If you haven't watched it yet... I truly recommend it.  I love sitting my ipad near my sewing machine - and watching these great series while sewing.  aaahhh... life is good!

I'm now beginning the Tudors series... my sewing buddies told me it was great too!  I'll report back after several shows!!


Well... it's time to go to my EQ7 and work on a quick design I had in my head last night as my head hit the pillow.  If I don't do something with them quickly...they simply leave my brain!  This little idea has to do with "project bags"!!  Hopefully you'll see a sample of one soon!.

Hugs to all!!!

Get that stitchin' finished!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yippee !!!! Patterns posted!!

Hi Everyone!!

I'm sure you are all probably sick and tired of hearing about these patterns and fabric we are working on... HOWEVER... it is a monumental event in the life of Olde Green Cupboard Designs!

Vicky is sewing her little fingers to the bone.... Heather is editing all of the pattern photography... and I'm writing the pattern contents.  Well, yesterday Heather and I (mainly Heather) did tons of editing and here is the result of our six new patterns!  All made from our County Londonderry fabric - Marcus Brothers Fabric!!

Spring Tulips Pillow

 Garden Friends

Going to Market Tote

Half as Good Quilt  

Londonderry Garden

Londonderry Market

You can visit our website NOW   Olde Green Cupboard Designs Website  and pre-order your pattern(s) for September delivery!!  Our fabric - County Londonderry will be arriving at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe in the September/October time frame!  

Marcus Brothers Fabric will post to their website a "Designer Introduction"!!   I can't wait to see what they say.... be sure and pop on over to their website and check it out on August 1.  Marcus Brothers Designers

So.. this weekend - I'm cleaning up my sewing studio... have you noticed I have to do that quite OFTEN!!  I can win any contest out there on "who can trash their sewing studio the fastest" !!  Hands down... I'm the winner!

Then I have the binding to finish on my CRUISE QUILT - "Christmas Peace" !  I adore this quilt...it's just the right size...not too big... not too small... a perfect project!  It will look wonderful hanging in my foyer.  It's great for all year round... after all... who doesn't pray for "Peace" in this world?  I sure do... maybe we all need to pray a little harder for it... don't you think?

I'll post more information on our cruise this weekend!  Important information for all of you!!!

Today is B-a-a-a-d Girls Club at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe   We will be working on our Armchair Sewing Cozy over the next two months.  I'm always so excited to see what fabrics the girls all pick out for their projects!  I love mine...then I see what they choose and I like theirs BETTER!!  What's up with that anyway!  Darn it!

I have always wanted one of these sweet things... and I'm here to tell you... mine has taken permanent residence on the arm of my sofa... right next to my floor Ott Light - right next to my handwoven basket where I house my current project!!  You know what I always say!!!  "Celebrate Handmade"  !!!

I'm off to get everything packed up and ready take with me!  Have a super day... and get some stitchin' done!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Oh My... doesn't it feel simply awesome to finish projects?

Well... I feel especially relieved... I just completed two more projects from our new fabric line - County Londonderry!

Check them out!

This first one is "Going to Market" Tote!  This great tote is BIG!!  it measures 17" x 20" with a 3" flat bottom.  Perfect for those big shopping trips.  It also has a metal hook latch to make sure all of your "goodies" stay protected INSIDE the bag.  We've carried the design over to the other side!  The jumbo ric rac travels under the bottom of the bag and the design repeats itself on the other side.  So... no matter which way you hang it from your shoulder... you see the flower pattern.  The flowers are made from our plastic tumbler...and the green leaves are from Marcus Brothers hand dyed flannels!  They are something else...I'm telling you right now.  You would swear they were wool!  Beautiful!  I can't wait to work with them more in other projects.  I'd love to talk Marcus into adding additional colors to the entire line...some lighter ones!   Go to my Facebook Business Page and scroll until you see all of the colors I've posted!

The second project is our Spring Tulips Pillow!  I simply adore lots of ruffles (and big ones) on my pillow!  This one was finished last night (around midnight) and I was so happy with it.  It's not that great of a picture... put my sweet Heather will take better ones and it will look gorgeous.  This applique is wool... and I've adorned the tips of the flowers with antique white and pearl buttons.  I can't wait to pop this sweet thing on my bed!  It will look so lovely!

Patterns for all of our quilts and projects will be available on our website this fall!  We'll be sure and send an email to let you all know when they can be ordered!  

It's time for me to hit the kitchen... grab a little breakfast... do some laundry... and work on my patterns some more.  It's a long process! 

Have fun today!  Get some stitchin' done!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a FUN TIME!!!

Happy Tuesday!

I just got home yesterday from helping Mary Ellen (Red Crinoline Quilts) with more Hampton Ridge Block-of-the-Month Shop kits.  These kits are massive to make... 41 blocks, borders, instructions, template...whew!!!  I think we had over 21,000 pieces of fabric... and we didn't even have every month finished.  It was great fun, cutting (Mary Ellen was the cutter) sorting, folding, labeling, stacking, stuffing... We didn't get them all finished put did put a big dent in the project.  Mary Ellen is coming to the July Camp Blanding retreat so we had to get them finished before she came!

Look at this basket of scraps that kept staring at me while working!!!  It was full of WONDERFUL PRINTS!!!  (I did wipe up the drool several times!)

On my way home I decided to come the back way... wow... was it ever shorter!  Plus - so many cute little towns that I drove through (watching my speed limit VERY carefully - SPEED TRAPS!)

While in Ocala... I saw lots of antique places (LOVE THEM) so I decided to take a break and stop at one and do a little shopping!  I can't (for the life of me) remember the name of it... I think it was Ole Cracker Antiques... but the two gals that worked the front desk were so delightful!  PLUS...they had fresh popcorn for you to enjoy while shopping.  Now how great is that?

Here are some of my goodies!

I adore architectural findings... and hooks!  Look... I got both in one item.  I'm thinking this will go in my bathroom!  

Then.. when I saw this HUGE bag of old clothespins...I almost squealed!  Look at the wire around some of them.  Simply wonderful.  I'm going to fill an old glass jar with them.  Then I have plans for them in the future!  If we should ever have a booth in Houston...these would be adorable to help hang up our quilts and projects... don't you think?

Then...when I spotted these...they just had to come home with me.  I love mugs...and these are for tea drinkers!  Jack loves tea (so do I...but he drinks it more than me) and they have built in pouches to hold your tea bag once you have removed it from the water!  The two gals at the front desk were jealous when I told them what they were for.  They wanted them!  The nerve of those gals!!  I'm sure these mugs will make the tea taste even better now!

Here is another little sneak peek at a project Vicky and I are working on together!  She finished up my 1" hexies while I was gone... so I worked on my 9 patches... and soon it's going to be finished!!

I'm hoping it's as "awesome" as it is in my head - designing sometimes just doesn't turn out like you thought it would.  However, the process is so much fun!

Today I will be delivering my last quilt to Cathy and Lynn for quilting from our new line of fabric - County Londonderry.  They have been the bestest ever in getting all of our projects done so quickly.  You see...when we get our fabric from Marcus... we don't have much time at all to get things finished so the salesman have samples (pattern photos) to take to the shops when they call on them for fabric orders.  Pressure, pressure, pressure.... and Lynn and Cathy help relieve that pressure so much.  
Thanks so much to both of you!!!  
(Quilting by Lynn - 904-463-8601)

I will also be finishing up our new Tote Bag.  Then...Heather will work her magic with her wonderful photography and make our pattern covers.  

This is truly a 3 woman team here!!!  What in the heck would we do without each other?

Hugs to all...time for me to get stitchin' !!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Morning ! :) It's the other twin, Vicky :) :)

Good Morning!

Well...this is my first time entering into the world of Blogging!...needless to say this is a new area for me, so be patient...Glo is the pro!

I'm Vicky, Glo's twin sister.  I have recently retired from Bank of America...YIPPEE...and I am now full time with Olde Green Cupboard Designs as part of the team with Gloria and Heather.  We three are almost like the 3 Musketeers.  We have shared so many years together, have such wonderful times together and this is so exciting for me.  Why, I use to change Heather's diapers while Glo and I are so in-tune we finish each others sentences, knowing what we each are thinking.

I think the funniest thing is when we are shopping together, we pick up the same item, EXACTLY and show it to each other.  While growing up we use to say to our parents, "It's a good thing we aren't triplets, cause you would hear the same comment, question three times, huh?"

We are now working on many new patterns and our fabric line will be coming out soon!  We are thrilled!  We are partnered with the best fabric producing company in the Quilting World.  We can't wait to drive to Houston soon to have our new line of fabric previewed to the public.  We have been EXTREMELY busy making beautiful quilts, etc. to show all of you.

I'm taking a break this morning to begin my input into our website, but have just finished my first cup of coffee and now back to SEWING...just love it! 

Seeing our dreams come true is such a heartfelt feeling...we know you will love it all as we do.

I'm going to work on making my posts more exciting with pictures, etc....soon I will be a PRO..

Huggers to all of you...keep sewing and always remember "Celebrate Handmade!".

Vicky  :)  :)

Another one bites the dust!!!


Vicky and I have finished another NEW quilt from our County Londonderry fabric (Marcus Brothers) - Garden Friends!  We are so excited about this cutie... you see... we have tried to come up with patterns for all of you... 

County Londonderry fabric - Marcus Brothers Fabric
"Garden Friends"

Londonderry Market - pieced for the intermediate quilter  - vintage/antique look

Londonderry Garden - wool applique -  nice size...not to large and fast to finish - crisp clean look

Half as Good - FAST and fun to piece - make as large or small as you wish

Garden Friends - pieced and wool applique (sueded hand dyed flannel that looks like wool) - whimsical looking

PLUS... more to come!  (table runner - working on now, pillow - finish next week, tote bag - almost finished....)

So....Garden Friends is off to Lynn and Cathy today for quilting!!!  Plus... I'm teaching my sewing group how to make their sweet basket pin cushion. (I've even made them yummy chocolate chip cookies!)

Then... tomorrow I'm headed to Tampa - helping Red Crinoline Quilts (Mary Ellen) prepare MORE shop kits for their Block-of-the Month - Hampton Ridge.  While I'm there - folding, labeling, packaging... Vicky will be here starting the cutting and piecing of Cinnamon's sample.  She's so eager to dig in and get started.  I'm sure we will be working on it at the July Camp Blanding Retreat... unless we get it finished before that.

Have you been to our new website yet?  Olde Green Cupboard Website ?  If not... check it out!  I'm open to suggestions and if you find any boo-boo's... please let me know!

I'm off to the sewing room.  Have a fun day!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yum... Yum... Give me a SUGAR COOKIE!!!

Hi Everyone!  

Guess what?  Today is -  National Sugar Cookie Day!!  Don't you just love them dunked in hot coffee???  Or how about hot chocolate?  (Man I hate being on a diet!)

It is a day to satisfy your sweet tooth. Popular with young kids, and old kids, sugar cookies usually don't last long around the house.

It's pretty easy to see how Sugar cookies came to get their own special day. Almost everyone has had them. Many people are hooked on them. Put out a plate of sugar cookies, and you can be certain they won't be there for long. We haven't seen any surveys, but it's a sure bet that sugar cookies are right up there with chocolate chip cookies as America's favorite cookie.

Spend a portion of the day baking sugar cookies. They are very easy to make. If you have kids, make today a real family holiday, and let them help with the baking. Homemade cookies taste best when you helped to bake them. Once you've baked the cookies, hurry and pop them into your mouth while they are still warm. They're mmmmmmmmm.... good!

Today... I'm cleaning up my sewing studio (for the 5,000th time since we've moved in...), stitching on my tote bag....  I simply cannot wait to get it finished.  I'm lovin' it so much.

Then... must pack up some orders and get them in the mail....

Work with Heather on some photographs of new patterns!  She's now home from her mission trip to Liberia.  I can't wait to hear all the fun things she got to do for the orphanage... she loves those kids... 

Then... I must get busy on writing up some patterns!

Work on the July Camp Blanding Retreat....

Get some basket kits cut for my Thursday sewing buddies - they are wanting to make the pin cushion that we made in B-a-a-a-d Girls Club...

Speaking of B-a-a-a-d Girls... I need to finalize the Chair Sewing Cozy pattern for them.. We will be meeting before you know it!  Eeeeeekkkk... so much to do!  

Saturday I'm driving to Tampa to help my Red Crinoline friends cut, fold, label, and pack up more of their BOM shop kits!  Hampton Ridge!  It's been a whopping hit with all of the shops...it begins in October!

Vicky and I are piecing it together for Karen - Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.  Vicky has all of the instructions and fabric kit ready to rock-n-roll while I'm in Tampa!  We're working separately to get more ground covered!!

Make sure you contact Cinnamon's Quilt Shop (call them - 904-374-0532) and get signed up!  This quilt will knock your socks off!  Mary Ellen is bringing it with her to our July Camp Blanding Retreat... so if you plan on attending... you'll be able to see it LIVE!!

Okay... it's time to fill up the coffee cup and get crackin' on my "to do" list for the day!

Have a great one... Celebrate Handmade!