Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a week.... I've never ached so much all over in my life. You would have thought I ran 200 miles! I'll tell you what... this moving and unpacking is simply NOT MY THING!
However, (drum roll please) all of my fabric boxes are now unpacked!!! YIPPEE!!! The next project is to organize the spare bedroom that now looks like a whoppin' tornado hit it. This was the room for boxes that we were unsure of.... you know the kind you look at and say to yourself.. "where are we going to put this?". Many of the items are for decorating.... which I will be going through and purging!
I now have an antique booth with Vicky (my sister) and Heather (my daughter) at the Antique Market here in town. It's a great way to sell what we have and that we are tired of... and then use that money to buy new things! I prefer to call it "revolving antiques"!
I'm getting ready for my first wholesale market as a vendor. We are going to do a practice booth set up in one of my bedrooms... you know... the teeny, tiny booth of 10 x 10. It sounds so large until you begin to fill it up and immediately it's SHRUNK... how did that happen?
I will have several new quilt patterns, a wool 6 month block-of-the-month wall hanging, a wool applique bed runner, plus a wool rug block-of-the-month (traditional wool rug hooking). Many of my quilts are at the quilters and I have two to finish piecing. Then we'll be good to go...of course there is the photos, writing the instructions, putting everything together.... and so on. Before I know it we'll be near the end of October!!
I'm anxiously waiting for Lisa's retreat house (Primitive Gatherings) to get finished. I truly want to spend some time away...just sewing and relaxing. You know... I don't know how I had time to work! I remember my father-in-law saying that after he I know what in the heck he means.
I'm off to fix dinner and watch some TV! I hope all of you are still sewing and quilting!
Remember... to "Celebrate Handmade"!