Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Finally.... Week 11 is Ready!

You know the old saying - "When it Rains it Pours"... that's what happened to me... it's a long story and I'll share it with you later.  At the moment I know you are all waiting to download your new ornament for Week 11.  It's a cutie... Snowman Mitten!

If you will look over to the right of this screen----->  you will see the 12 Weeks of Ornament page where you will be able to order.

If you have any questions, please email me at oldgreencupboard@aol.com.  

All of us from Olde Green Cupboard Designs wishes each and everyone of you and your family members a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful to have each of you in our lives and we wish blessings to all.

Wow... here we are at week 10 already!  Rhonda McCray - Farmhouse Threads is your hostess for this adorable ornament this week.  It's our Polka Dot Snowmen Stocking and it looks like they are getting ready to put up their favorite tree!  

Yes... this stocking pattern is FREE for you to download at FARMHOUSE THREADS  PLUS... if you would like a kit to complete your ornament - you have that option also - $11.95. 

The kit comes complete with the Army Wool Blanket for your background and backing, wool for all applique, rusty star, 2 teeny rusty bells and one medium bell for the toe!

Plus.... we have left room at the bottom of the Polka Dots for you to embroidery something of your choice!   How about:

Each of your children's names?  Now they will each have an ornament of their own!  or...






You can even add a few more polka dots if you choose!


Have a great time making this weeks ornament and thanks to 
each of you for your encouragement and support.
Rhonda and I greatly appreciate each of you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 9

It's All About Family!

Remember when you were little and you couldn't wait until the first snow?  All you wanted to do is get outside and build a snowman... or maybe even three!  This week's ornament "It's All About Family" is one of the best things about the holiday season!  During the year we are so busy with our own lives we just seem to pass by times when we could all be together.  However, there is always great hugs, laughter, fun, and food within our family during the holiday season!  It's just wonderful!

This group of family is made from wool and the little baby snowman is made from wool roving balls that are connected together and attached to the ornament.  Simply adorable.  Download your free pattern, order your kit, and have fun making number nine in our Twelve Weeks of Christmas!

To print your FREE PATTERN and order your kits look on the right hand side bar - click on Twelve Days of Christmas!  Don't forget about your thread package and our    Dear Santa! Ornament  

It's a perfect gift for the children in your family that write lists to Santa... once they've completed their list - roll it up and tie it in Santa's mitten.  Hang it on the tree - lie in on the floor with Santa's Cookie plate, tie it to the outside front door know (if you have NO fireplace) - or how about on the bedpost?  There are tons of options... let your child help you decide!  Remember - it's all about making memories!  Everything included in the kit.  Patterns are NOT sold separately.

Look to the right of this screen - at the top and you'll see where to click read more about this ornament and how to oder.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Twelve Weeks of Christmas - Ornament 8 - Farmyard Tree Ornament

Week Number 8 is ready for download!  Go to Farmhouse Threads and print your FREE PATTERN today!  Rhonda also has kits for you to order ($11.95)  This ornament was sele cted asone of the "MOST FAVORITE" when shown to my "review" group - I use them for feedback, etc.  

The best thing about this awesome tree and snow?  It's not even stitched around the outer edge (the sample).  When using heavy duty iron-on fusible - it's not going anywhere!  

Enjoy working on this sweet ornament!  Order your kit from Rhonda - Farmhouse Threads and don't forget to PRINT THE FREE PATTERN.

 Farmhouse Threads

Don't forget to order the Dear Santa! Ornament 
for all the kids in your family!

The complete pattern and kit is $20.00.  If you only need one pattern, order ONE complete kit and the remaining kits- 
ORDER as a KIT ONLY $14.00!

Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Dear Santa!


So... have the kids and grand kids already been thinking about what they would like for Christmas?  What they want to ask Santa for? 

I can remember my sister and I sprawled out near the Christmas tree - with the sparkling lights shining on the pages of our toy catalogs from Sears, Spiegel, Montgomery Wards... (I'm  telling on my age) ... eating popcorn and drinking Kool-Aid... with our crayons in hand circling pictures of all the toys we loved!  We did not have much money in our family when we were little, but we made great memories - special moments like this BEING TOGETHER AS A FAMILY!   We knew Santa could not bring everything on our list - but we sure had fun giving him options!  HA!

These types of memories last through a child's lifetime - not what toy they received -  but the entire process of being together as a family and celebrating with fun traditions.

So let's begin with each child completing their personal Christmas list (included in kit) - then rolling it up and placing in Santa's mitten and hanging on the tree  with excitement!

Santa is appliqued onto Army blanket wool.
Finishes approximately 10" x 10" 

Kit Contents:

Pattern Instructions and Templates
Army Blanket Wool 
All Wool for Santa
Black Twill Tape (for mitten)
Heavy Duty Iron-on Fusible
Rusty Jingle Bells
Black Clip Hook (to hang the ornament)
Alphabet Templates - for adding child's name if applicable
Dear Santa Note Template


Click below on Dear Santa! 
to order from our website:

We have also listed additional supplies you may need to order for completing your project if you are unavailable to find everything at your local quilt shop. 

DON'T FORGET... to order a kit for each one of your wee ones!

We do not sell the patterns separately from the kit at this time.
The pattern is ONLY available in the kit.

Threads are not included.

Thank you for ordering and plesase send us pictures so 
we can post for others to see!

Dear Santa! Ornament

©2019 Gloria Parsons, Olde Green Cupboard – All Rights Reserved - No part of this pattern may be 

reproduced, including photocopying.   This pattern is NOT for beginners and assumes users 

can embroidery stitches used in this pattern. 

Gloria Parsons - Designer
Please call or email if you have questions.  (904)742-1100

7625 Putters Cove Drive, Jacksonville   FL   32256

Monday, October 28, 2019

Week 7 - Ornament of the Week - Christmas Bunny!

Ornament of the Week!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 7

Christmas Bunny! 

I adore bunnies... I think it's because our Grandmother used to raise them 
 and as a little girl, I was always fascinated with how they could chew, wiggle their whiskers and sweet nose at the same time!

Christmas Bunny!

To Download your FREE PATTERN - look to the right of this screen - click on the words
"Ornament of the Week"

You'll see our little bunny friend here...

Get your free pattern... or

if you do not have a printer... order the pattern to be mailed to you... or

order the kit... or

order the kit and printed pattern!

We've got you covered.  Have fun making this little fellow!  It's one of my favorites! 

In the event you didn't see the notice - we were unable to obtain enough of the candy buttons for in the kits.  We have added a rusty jingle bell and red thread to make an awesome bow to add to the top of the bell.  Soooooooo Cute!


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Week 6 - Christmas Ornament - 12 Weeks of Christmas

Oh... I'm so excited about this Santa!  He's so full of fun and "JINGLE BELLS"!!

Visit Farmhouse Threads  NOW and download your FREE PATTERN. Plus you have the option to order a colored printed pattern and KIT!   He's appliqued onto a vintage Army blanket is if adorned with green garland and 3 rusty bells.  He even had two small bells on those famous black boots.  Attach him to your tree, hang him in the center of a wreath, as a package tie... or here's a great idea.... when you have your family Christmas dinner - place one on each persons dinner plate...!  A small token of "love" for the holiday season!

Don't forget... we still have patterns (FREE) and kits for the other five ornaments that we've already posted.  You can still order them!

PLUS... I still have several thread packages available!

Visit Olde Green Cupboard Designs     Scroll down the article and you'll see the package of thread you'll want to order.  Click on the PayPal Buy Now button and you're on your way to stitchin' with wonderful Valdani Perle Cotton Thread!  It's AWESOME!

If you are looking to orderadditional colors for any other projects you may be working on - visit

This link will take you directly to the THREAD section!

Have fun and "Happy Stitchin' and Keep those Needles Movin'!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Twelve Weeks of Christmas - Ornaments

Week 5 - Chimney Santa and his Friend

What a silly friend Santa has in his toy bag!  See the little snowman?  He's made from wool and a white button.  He's hanging out with santa so he can help eat those cookies!

It's time for this FREE PATTERN to be yours.  Look to the right of this screen and you'll see 
"Ornament of the Week" !  Here we go with week 5 already.  

Ronda from Farmhouse Threads & I are happy to share with you these great ornaments to make for your holiday season!  They are so cute on your tree, hanging from garland on your mantel... or how about garland on upstairs railing with them hanging on display.  If you have a secret sister, it's a perfect hand-made gift from you!  

Get them now...FREE PATTERNS plus we have kits you can purchase that include the Army wool, wool in the ornament and all of the adornments.

The thread package is available on this website also!  

Happy Stitching!  Merry Christmas Wishes (exceptionally early!)
You know us crafty people... we have to get started in plenty of time so things get finished!

Just think... we have 7 more ornaments to go!  Wait until you see what's next week with www.farmhousethreads.com.

You're gonna love it!

Chat with you later.... Gloria & Ronda

Monday, September 30, 2019

12 Weeks of Christmas - Week 3 !!!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas - Ornaments

Week 4 
visit:  Farmhouse Threads

Run Santa.... run!  As a child... I always wondered how in the heck Santa made it to zillion of boys and girls houses so fast.  I was told it was "magic"!  However, I always thought he had to RUN....RUN....RUN.... as fast as he could to get all the toys delivered by Christmas morning!  
Ronda - Farmhouse Threads has your 
and kit this week!  
If you've just begun collecting our 12 weeks of Christmas... don't forget to download the patterns you've missed already!
PLUS... we still have plenty of kits available for you to purchase at $11.95.  

All ornaments are made with Army blankets!
Hurry.... RUN... to 
Farmhouse Threads right now!

Keep on Stitchin'!


Week 3 - Candy Cane Mitten

Here we are.... week three already!  This stocking is full of candy for the holiday season!  

It's Olde Green Cupboard's week to provide you with a free ornament pattern.  Plus you have the option to purchase a kit!  

Look to the right of this posting------->  
Under our photo you'll see HOME and then  "Ornament of the Week"?

Candy Cane Stocking

I have also put together 12 different Valdani threads used on all of the stockings.  You can purchase them on the same page as the FREE PATTERN and KITS.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Ornament of the Week!


and download your FREE PATTERN!  Yes... you too can have these adorable friends and all you have to do is get your FREE pattern - PLUS...you even have the option to order a kit!  It will come with the Army wool for the background and backing - along with all other wool and adornments!  

These look great on your tree, tied to a package, hanging from a fireplace swag 
or nestled in a wreath!

Farmhouse Threads and Olde Green Cupboard Designs are offering you these great
 free patterns to help CELEBRATE - 12 WEEKS OF CHRISTMAS!
You will finish up the first week in December - just in time for decorating!!

Watch both of our websites every Tuesday!
We are taking turns with the free pattern and kits!

October 1, 15, 29, November 12, 26 

October 8, 22, November 5, 19 & December 3

Week Two "Best Friends
Farmhouse Threads

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

12 Weeks of Christmas - Ornaments!

Tomorrow - September 24, 2019 is the second in our series of the 12 Days of Christmas!  Don't forget... it's Rhonda's turn with Farmhouse Threads  www.farmhousethreads.com
Just wait until you see it!!!
Remember to download the pattern for FREE and then order your kit - it will contain the army wool, colored wools, and all of the adornments!

We will keep ALL OF THE ORNAMENTS on-line until the end of our 12 weeks - so you will have a chance to get all of them!  

Tell your friends.... they'll want to make them too!

Here's a sneak peak!


Now is the time to order your FIRST ornament as you join all of us for the Twelve Weeks of Christmas!  Olde Green Cupboard Designs and Farmhouse Threads are teaming up together to provide you with


LOOK TO RIGHT OF THIS MAIN SCREEN - SEE OUR PHOTO?  Just under the photo and HOME you will see the topic Ornament of the Week!  Click on it.... you will be redirected to the order form area !  

We are taking turns... this was our first week.... and I'm first!!!  Each Tuesday you'll want to download your free pattern and then order your kit!  We're packaging them up with the Army blanket wool for both your background and backing!  I love working with Army blankets!!!  

So... remember to visit Farmhouse Threads next TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 for your next ornament.... Oh My Gosh.... these are all so darn cute (if I do say so myself).... I absolutely adore designing these .... I just can't stop!  

I'm working on grouping several NEW ornament kits together that will show up on my website soon.  In the meantime - collect these 12 ornaments and start stitching!!!  They go fast!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

12 Weeks of Christmas!

Olde Green Cupboard Designs
Farmhouse Threads

STARTING September 17th!
Get a jump on your holiday decorating and gift giving. We will post a new Christmas ornament each week and if you can keep up, you will have 12 new handmade Christmas ornaments just in time for the holidays!

My friend Ronda McCray from Farmhouse Threads and I are offering you Christmas ornaments I've designed stitched onto pieces of old army blankets. They are sooooo cute! I asked Ronda to join me for 12 Weeks of Christmas sew-a-long with the ornaments and she said YES!

These are so fun, quick and easy to make and our kits will include the army blanket wool, dyed wool and all the embellishments you need to make them.

As before, the pattern will be free to download and the kits will be on our websites to purchase.

So, mark your calendar for September 17th and each Tuesday after for
The 12 Weeks of Christmas sew-a-long.

We hope you have as much fun making these ornaments as we've had designing them.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Primitive Gatherings - Lisa Bongean - Jacksonville FL

We are so lucky to have Lisa Bongean join  Olde Green Cupboard for a fabulous week-long retreat in Jacksonville FL !  Sept. 8 - 15, 2019

We have a FUN-FILLED week planned for those of you joining us at the beautiful new Hyatt Hotel at the St John's Town Center. 

Here are your PROJECTS!!!

These beautiful hydrangeas have been on Lisa's mind for a long time... we saw them while on shore in the Caribbean... so strikingly beautiful.  Now you get to enjoy them too!

What a great table stand to show off your adorable fall creations!

 Three of them!!

We still have openings  -  please visit: www.oldegreencupboard.com
and sign up today.  If you have questions, call 904.742.1100.  LET'S HAVE FUN STITCHING.. ENJOYING THE SUN.. SHOPPING..ANTIQUING..GREAT FOOD..AND GREAT FRIENDS!

Friday, July 5, 2019

BAAA Wool Club - Club Fee

It's time for the first project debut!!

Our BAAA WOOL CLUB is a one-year commitment with a monthly fee of $25 + postage of $8 per month - totaling $33 per month.  Olde Green Cupboard will invoice you on a quarterly schedule via PayPal.  Each quarter will total $99.  The Registration form does require a credit card be kept on file by OGC in the event the quarterly payment is not met.  

Here is a link to the Registration form.  Please print, complete and mail directly to the address noted on the form. 

Several of you have asked to see some of the projects - just to be sure this is a club you feel comfortable joining.  I do agree with you.... it's a bit scary sometimes to commit to a program when you are just not sure what all will be offered - and will you enjoy the projects - and more importantly, will you like them?  Are they YOU?  So with that in mind... I've decided to give you photos to look over.  The first project is a cotton and wool table mat.  My sister, Vicky, came up with this idea and I thought is was super-dooper!

One of the things that always disappointed me after making a table mat was seeing the design hidden after I would decorate the table by placing a basket, flowers, etc.  We've left one end open so when placing a plant, candle or lamp on the mat, you can still see and enjoy the design.

Our first picture is the finished project - a quilted, wool, applique table mat!  Some of you may not be fabric "piecers" - that's okay!  If you are not a lover of using the sewing machine, we can do this project by hand. (honest...it's not hard.)  We are going to have all types of techniques in our club - hand piecing, machine applique, hand applique, embroidery, so hang on and learn along with the rest of the group.
                  LOVE - WOOL MAT
12 1/2" x 16"

Check out the far end of this mat!  No applique! 
This is the area you will place your home decor items and the design will not be hidden!

The placement of the eggs and the inner shadow of the nest give it a 3-D appearance.  Dress it up with some crazy straight stitches to replicate twigs and your nest will look GREAT!

You will add some head "bobble" stitches, a big fat juicy worm and some chest feathers to give your bird a bit of character!

Layering and overlapping vintage mother of pearl buttons give a perfect appearance of berries in the tree.

Once the applique and embroidery is completed and the bias binding has been attached - place some blue running stitches along the inner edge of the binding to add a bit more texture and trim to the finished piece.

Your kit will come with all fabric and wool - the front piece is from a line of fabric I designed for Marcus Brothers.  The backing and binding will be different in each kit.  I can hear you gasping... NO... I WANT IT JUST LIKE YOURS!  Am I correct?  Well, this is where you and I are going to work together to get you "out of your box" and "TRUST ME" in my choices of fabric for you.  I was an art major in school and have been working with colors for nearly 50 years.  I will be very careful with my choices and I promise - if you just give it a chance, you will see how great it looks on the finished project.

Now, in addition to this August project you will also receive another one - smaller and so much fun to make.  Take a peak.... so sweet!  "I have wings that lift up on both sides and here is where I will keep your needles tucked away all tidy and neat!"

Plus there will be other sweet surprises in your package along with the patterns and instructions.  We'll also have demo's, teaching videos, suggestions as to where you can buy notions (if not available at your local quilt shop) and more.  Remember, this is YOUR club - have fun!  Here is the link to the registration form on our website.  If you need me to send it to you directly, email  oldgreencupboard@aol.com

So... are you ready to stitch with me?  Sign up today!  I'm only taking 50 members!  

Chat with you soon!


Tuesday, June 25, 2019


HI ALL!  I'm sure you've seen some of my postings for the BAAA WOOL CLUB that will kick off on August 1... right?  If not... here are a few photos (teasers) so you get the feel of the program and the type of "look" you will be working with~!

Here is one.... this is an Armchair Cozy!  This project will be one of your favorites... I'm sure of it!  PLUS... we will have a 'special' method of picking fabrics for each one!

The center flower is a pin cushion. This is also the center of the cozy that sits on the arm of the chair.

Two pockets!

A sweet woolie bird on one of the pockets.

Here are three heart 'ornies' that are fast and fun to make.  They look adorable all in a rustic, antique, primitive bowl and/or basket.

Ticking, wool and trim

Textured fabric, embroidery and trim

Textured fabric and wool pennies!

This little fellow is attached to a 'basket' used on your side sewing table to hold your thread, needles, scissors, etc.

One of my favorite projects.... a long clutch piece that can hold your rotary cutter, scissors,glasses, writing instruments, wool hooking tools.... so darn cute!

I am sew sweet.... under my wings  I will keep your needles safe and all in one place!

Plus... I will have videos showing you how to do special sewing techniques, fun little contests, puzzles, recipes, Facebook page, and MORE!  Extra projects will be available for each of you to work on if you are interested - they will be on the website.  

The Club gives  you each exclusive designs/kits with your yearly membership - which includes your postage for all kits.

Take a look at this!  I've designed a T-shirt for you.... 

BAAA WOOL CLUB logo (small)

BAAA WOOL CLUB logo (large)
When I showed the logo to my hubby.... he asked... why is the sheep wearing a crown?  My answer - She's the Queen of the Wool!  

I've been in Texas for three weeks and now headed backs to Florida.  I'm hoping you've had time to complete your registration form and mail to me.  Once I have you registered, I will email the entire group and give you more details!

Hope to chat with you soon!