Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good Morning All!!!

What a fun time I have been having!!!

My friend, Joyce Weeks (Geoff's Mom Patterns) has been staying with me!!!  She flew here from Utah to attend her first rug hooking retreat and she's been hookin' up a storm!  Katie Puckett (Kiss Rug Hooking) holds a HUGE traditional Rug Hooking Camp each January her in Jacksonville (I think this was her 17th year).  It's called Off The Ocean Hooking Camp... we had 5 instructors from all over the US and 85 "hookers".  

What fun we had... oh my.. you should see the projects they were working on.... everything from traditional rug designs to hooking their children's portraits, pets... you name it.  I can't wait until NEXT year!  I helped Katie with the retreat since her mom had to stay in Michigan... her Dad had heart surgery (doing very well) so they had to take it easy this year.  The store was great fun and we are already planning fun things to make and have for next year!

Then.... Joyce and I have been working on projects that we have been designing this week... plus I'm getting ready for this coming weekend... at..

We have another super retreat planned and I can't wait to see the guys and gals!  It seems like it has been FOREVER since we've all sewn together!

So... I'm working on last minute details... making door prizes... packing up everything... ...

Here's the issue... I am so easily distracted!!  Oh Yes... we call it..."shiny" here in our family... this is how it goes... you are working on something... a thought comes in your brain... you leave your work area to take care of it...while doing that you see something on the computer that looks interesting...then another thought comes in your head... you remembered something you didn't want to forget to take with you... the phone rings and you are tied up for 15 minutes...while on the phone you have continued to look on the computer (ebay or Pinterest)... you have fallen deep into the rabbit hole of cyber-ville... then... ALL OF A SUDDEN IT "HITS" YOU... "shiny"... you are now wondering what in the heck were you doing... that "shiny" thing or thought has taken you OFF TASK!

OMG!!!!  I need those horse blinders to wear... and FOCUS!  

Okay... I feel better now that I have explained my issues to you!

Tell me... do any of you suffer from this disease?  

Oh.. and here is something else I must comment on.. and apologize for...

I was reading my comments on the blog just now and this is what's posted:

Blogger Lindy said...
you stole a picture of my dresdan heart and did not give me credit. Unbelievable! check your post Thursday, November 1, 2012
January 22, 2015 at 8:24 PM
Blogger Lindy said...
Also you have tons of people re-posting it from your site....I took it off my blog because of people like you!
January 22, 2015 at 8:34 PM


I was in shock... I posted this wonderful piece of work in 2012       (3 years ago) ... getting the photo from Pinterest - with no information attached to it at all.  "Lindy" is not happy that I did not give her credit... and I do apologize for that.  However, credit cannot be given where credit is not available and what a compliment it is when someone loves your work to share it with the world.  So Lindy... if you happen to still read my blog... I do apologize... here is your credit.

The same thing happened to me the other day on Facebook... come on people....  We are designers toooo....   If things are posted to any of our cyber-space worlds... it is out there for anyone to see and do with what they want.... sorry...that's just the way it is these days. 
If you do NOT have information on a photo, etc. do not attack those that re-post and share your super talents... it's a COMPLIMENT - NOT someone trying to steal or take credit for your work!!!  

 I, however, think your work is fabulous and wanted people to see it!

Thanks to all of you that share MY WORK with others...  


Check back with me soon... Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Farmhouse Blooms!! March delivery.

It's finally about to happen...

Our new line of fabric with Marcus Brothers will be shipping to shops in March.  Here it is!!

This doesn't look like us does it?  Well.... here's the inspiration behind this fabric... when we were little... we lived on a farm in Columbia City, Indiana.  We can still remember these fabrics that we had around the house... mom's aprons... tablecloths we would spread out in the yard under our HUGE maple trees... we would read comic books, color, and play with our dolls.  

They were "happy" fabrics and are vintage today.  So... we decided to bring them back so you too can make happy vintage... colorful quilts, pillows... etc.    The red and blue is the traditional color we remember... however, Marcus thought it would be wonderful to modernize it a bit and bring in a second color palette with pinks and aquas... and we love them!

I know Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe (here in Jacksonville) will be carrying this line... so keep watch on her website and newsletter.  I'm sure she will announce their arrival for all of you!   Delivery will be sometime in March 2015.

Happy sewing!

Gloria & Vicky

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Farmhouse Blooms !!!

Oh my gosh.... we are almost there...

Farmhouse Blooms is about to be wrapped up and out to the shops for ordering soon.

This line of fabric (by Olde Green Cupboard Designs) is through Marcus Brothers Fabrics.  

This has been a long process to make it JUST right for you and the shop owners.  It's full of great colors, just the right scale, perfect prints... and I simply can't wait to get my hands on it!

I have some fun ideas with this fabric... and it's NOT just quilts!  You  know... I love making other projects too with new fabric lines.... things for the house.

Here's one thing I want to make... a NEW ironing board cover.  Wouldn't it make you "happy" to iron if these sweet flowers were staring up at you?

DIY Ironing Board Cover...good bc I can't find a non ugly one! #sew #quilt #fabric #sacramento #meissnersewing

Oh.... and then I want to make some pillow cases from my little prints... and I may even add a sweet crocheted ruffle to the end!  Aren't these sweet???

  Crochet edge:)

Then... I have this pull cart that I take on antique trips... it needs a liner VERY badly so all of my treasures will STOP falling out of the wire basket.  How cute would this be....  Let me find you some pictures of my ideas....

PDF Sewing Pattern/Tutorial for Market Cart by PerfectPieLady, $10.00

  I must have one of adorable!

So... you see... ideas are all around us... 

Keep watching... I'll tell you more as I hear when it's arriving!


I have ONE done!

It's those "baby" steps that make you feel so good .... don't they?  

Well... I finished up my first project!  NOT a big one... but you know how they go.... you have to make a HUGE mess to clean up a MESS!  OMG!  I ... yes ME... am the queen at making messes so fast ... BOOM.. the room is trashed!  HOWEVER.... this little project made me clean good... dust off all my frames on the wall.... sanitize my desk top. clean up my file cabinet on the inside... organize paperwork in the file cabinet for next year's taxes... see how it grows.  

Then... I have to tell myself - STOP - this is enough for today... move on to those other items on today's To Do list!


From this:

to this!!!

Remember how I mentioned designating a notebook to be with you when you were organizing?  Well... it came in handy.... when going through the paperwork in this filing mess... 3 things came across my brain to follow up on... .1.  Checker back order  2.  Tax Exemption forms  3.  Follow up with my class in Texas  

2 of them have already been taken care of and the third one I already scheduled on my Monday TO DO list!

Wow... I feel so empowered!  

I'm now moving on to do some dancing with my vacuum cleaner!  (ugh!)

Have a super Sunday... I plan on working hard this morning and then stitching this afternoon during SEVERAL good movies (and... maybe a nap....)  aaaahhh.... retirement is the BEST! (I am retired ... right?... ha.. that's a joke!)

Oh... I almost forgot... my next project is this part of my desk!!!

This is my "junk" cabinet area....

This is under my desk!

p.s.  I do want to share with you that I really am a good housekeeper... I'm beginning to wonder who I'm kidding....... arg!