Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012 - Thursday

Wow... what an ending to our long TV watching of Prison Break.  I can tell you this... I've NEVER seen such a show!  I can't remember when a TV show would keep me awake on and off during the night because I couldn't wait to see the next episode.  If your spouses/dads/boyfriends love shows with lots of action, twists and turns, this is a great gift for them.  You can get all of the CDs on - 4 seasons PLUS the final episode.  I can't even begin to tell you how many CDs there are and about 4 hours of watching on each CD!!!  Ok...enough of that... (but I'm tellin' ya... it's awesome!)

Today is a busy day!!  We are having breakfast with some friends - then I'm heading to Cinnamon's for a sewing day.  Then I'm meeting one of my girlfriends for a movie tonight!!  Whew... no grass is growing under my "tush" today!  Ha... not like this past week where I've sat on my but in front of the boob-tube. 

I MUST GET BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at what I found!!!  I just loved these stone designs... wouldn't they look so beautiful in your garden?  The white one must have taken forever to make.  Of course... the first time you had a torrential rain storm...they may both float away... but I loved them.  Isn't it so wonderful that someone can take something from nature as simple as a stone and make it into a beautiful design?  I'll tell you - I'm amazed every day at how talented people are... sometimes my jaw drops and I'm simply speechless (which is pretty unusual for me!)

Then... here is something totally opposite from the stones!  Look at this lovely piece of jewelry for your "tootsies".  Now... I must admit... I would probably NEVER wear this - but I thought it was so pretty.  Of has pearls in it!  (I love jewelry with pearls, sterling silver, and rhinestones)


Okay... I saw this display and it's designed for those homes WITHOUT fireplaces!  BUT... it would still look cute hanging above a fireplace - as the main art piece!  After the stockings are gone - hang pretty photos from ribbons, old fashioned women's hats, artwork, wreaths.  What a different idea and so much easier than trying to pound nails into the wall to make a sweet vignette! 


I loved how they took this sweet dresser and covered the drawer fronts.  It could be with the same fabric as the curtains... or how about matching the quilt on the bed?  LOVE IT!!!  PLUS... it's so easy to change if you redesign the room!


I have to show you this great pillow.  My girlfriend, Marti, well..... she loves this pillow.  We found the website where it originated... but it wasn't actually a pattern.  It was a finished product and it looks like it is no longer available....  Boo Hoo!!!


Here's another sweet embroidery pattern for you.  I love the two little birds at the top!!!

They kind of look like they are mad at everyone! 

Hey... I want you to check something out.  Next time you are outside and you see a BUNCH of birds on a telephone line... look and see if they are all facing the same direction!  I know... I know... this seems crazy... but in almost EVERY instance... they are!  I wonder why??


Isn't this funny?  they must be buddies because neither one of them looks afraid or "hissy" at each other!  Too cute!!!

Have a great day.... keep sewing and dreaming!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 - Wednesday

We're going out today!!!  Yippee!!!  The sun is shining...after all of this rain... the grass should be such a pretty green!  I feel like I've been cooped up for a year!  hahahahahaha! (not really)

We have groceries to buy, movies to return... sounds like a blast huh?  tee hee!

We've been watching the old TV series "Prison Break" !!!  OMG!!  What a fantastic show... it's CD after CD after CD - 4 seasons plus the final BREAK!  We are almost finished.  Thank heavens... it's on my mind at night when I go to bed.  Isn't that terrible.  If you haven't watched this... YOU MUST.  I've never seen so many twists and turns in one show.  I know I've told you this already...but can you tell it's pretty darn exciting???

Okay... on to more fun things to chat about...

Isn't this little fellow a hoot?  I posted it because I thought it would be great fun to do with your children or grandchildren... let them make the project and then plant something and watch it grow.  These are those peat pots you can get at the nursery..  They just paper clipped/stapled them together.  I think it's adorable.

I'm always interested in cool photographs...since Heather is so good at it.  I thought this was especially a great idea.  Look at the generations!!!  It would be fun to do with the gals too and have them side by side.  If you happened to be so lucky to have four generations of each on your family!!!

I've seen this quilt before... but I just came across the photo again.  I love the 3D with the cherries.  It would have to be a quilt that wasn't used much... but I think the idea is lovely!!!  Wish it belonged to me!!!

Now..let me tell you...there is nothing better (to me) than a yummy cinnamon roll.  What a great way to make waffles... out of that dough!... mmmmm then smothered in butter and syrup.  Sugar we come!  I can just taste these sweet things right now... (can you tell I'm hungry???  Yes... we are leaving shortly for breakfast toooooo.... yippee....)

This is so cool.  You are to use a smooth surface ceramic cup... !  Permanent Sharpie... write or draw whatever you want on your cup - then bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  What fun projects for sewing groups, family members that attend parties, how about at a wedding shower - for the bride and groom to keep... the ideas are endless.  Hey... I might think about this at one of our next retreats...what fun!!

Okay.... I gotta go.... Jack is getting ready and I need to also.

Have a wonderful day..... keep those needles moving...

Isn't this a hoot??? I've never seen pigs in water... I didn't think they liked it... I know they love mud... but water????  oink...ssssssssqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllll!

Chat tomorrow!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012 - Tuesday

Wow...these Monday holidays get my week all messed up... I swore this was Monday when I woke up.  What a weekend we have been having... especially the last 2 days.  The weather here was a bit frightful!!!  Winds whipping, torrential rain.... we even had tornado warnings.  My hubby and I had our little nest built in the center hallway...away from all windows... so we could jump in the closet if we needed to. 

He's so good... he has a HUGE hurricane stash ready for us... he simply went to the garage - picked out the "essential" tub of stuff and carried it into the hallway.  We decided the closet with all of my quilts would be a good least they would cushion our heads!  HA!

But all was well and it blew over... whew!  I remember as a child we had a tornado hit not far from our little town.  It was something else.  They showed pictures of pieces of straw that where clear through cinder blocks!!!!  Then there was a kitchen table... still had a HOT teapot sitting on it - the rest of the house was GONE!  So bazaar!

So... I did get some sewing accomplished... this is what I'm making!

However, I'm using Primitive Gatherings "Seasonal Little Gatherings" in all of her ORANGE AND BLACK colors.  Seasonal Little Gatherings - Moda

See how there are 4 star units?  Well - diagonally - the backgrounds will be black with orange stars - then the other diagonal direction... the backgrounds will be orange with black stars! 

I thought it would be adorable for the Halloween season... or through fall actually!!!  Go to the link above and take a peek!  They are rich in color and adorable!  LOVE THEM LISA... and MODA!!

Plus... I'm working on the Christmas quilt that Lisa designed for these fabrics. 

So.... as you can tell... I'm a busy girl.  PLUS - designing my own new patterns.  OMG..what do I get myself in to??? 


I saw these butter paddles the other day and thought what a cute collection they make.  PLUS.. I would love to put some type of wool applique on one of them.. wouldn't they look cute hanging on your kitchen wall???   You could make different ones... one for each month!!!  You can find them on ebay!!  They are not cheap but oh so wonderful.  I think I'll add these to my "antique looking" list !  It's pretty darn long as it is!

Then I found this awesome cabinet!!!!  I want this!!!!!!!'s GREEN...that's why I like it!  Wouldn't this be wonderful FILLED with quilts???? LOVE IT!!


Did you all have a tricycle like this?  I remember we had two different sizes.  Two small ones for Vic and I and one that was larger for my older sister Linda.  I loved my tricycle... it took me everywhere.  We had chunky rocks in our drive way (in the country) so it sure wasn't easy riding on it.  However... further out by the barn... we had a HUGE parking area that was packed down pretty hard and we would ride our bikes around and around!!  What memories!!

Then.. it was time to learn to ride the two wheeler.  We were bruises from head to toe.  Mom finally put the bikes away.  We were to be twin flower girls in our cousin's wedding... she told us we needed to heal.... no more cuts and scrapes... no more bruises.  So we could look pretty for the wedding.  Needless to say we were not happy about not riding our bikes over the summer!


I found two prints that I thought would be adorable for all of you.. .embroidery.... or they would be adorable with needle punch... or even wool applique!!!


They were free on-line.  I just love artist that are willing to share their skills.  It makes it so nice for those people that have limited funds and/or have no quilt shops to find these type of things in.


Well... my girlfriend is coming over to sew and I need to get into my sewing room and get it straightened up a bit.  It kind of looks like a BOMB went off in it... I sure can make a MESS... FAST!!!!  Can't you???

Chat with you tomorrow.... Happy Sewing..


Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 - Monday  "MEMORIAL DAY"

When I was a  young girl... I never really understood Memorial Day.  It actually was just another day to me.  However, since I've been married and spent 20+ years in the military with my honey... and lived and shopped on military bases my entire adult life... this day has an entirely new meaning to me.

As I awake in the morning and hear the storm outside - it reminds me of the turmoil and hell our soldiers have lived through fighting for our country... so I can sleep in my warm cozy bed, drink my hot cup of morning coffee, and chat with all of you... THEY have given this to me.

To all of you that are currently serving in the military, to all of the families that sacrifice so much from being away from their loved ones, for those of you that mourn loved ones that have died in battle....

Thank you.

Two small words that don't even fill up one line on this page... but yet... fills it completely.  Two of the most powerful words spoken.

Thank you... for my liberty and my life.

May God bless each of you and keep you safe and heal your wounds and calm your sorrow.

Have a blessed day.....


Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 - Friday

Yippee... another Friday! 

This Friday is FULL of "stuff to do"!! 

1. Finish up cutting kits for B-a-a-a-d Girls Club 

2. Go to Apple store and find out why ALL OF MY CONTACTS have disappeared from my phone (NOT GOOD!!!) 

3.  Go to my friends and pick up some upholstery supplies 

4.  Pack my sewing for Friday Night Sewcial at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe 

5.  Buy Chicken for tonight's "picnic" themed dinner....

Okay... that's enough.. I'm tired already! 

Hey...look at this....

Oh my gosh...when I saw this Barbie... I squealed.  You see... when Vicky and I were little girls... we made Barbie clothes just like this!  Our mom and grandma sewed.... everything... and they had so many scraps they let us use... including laces, furs, etc.  We would go to Grandmas and work with our Barbie patterns for days and make all kinds of clothes.  She let us use her sewing machine and supplies.  Can you believe we made Barbie clothes that many years ago?  That's how we learned to sew.  What good memories.  I LOVED my Barbie doll... combing her hair... even the smell of her (know what I mean...that yummy rubbery smell?  I know... I know... weird huh?)  I miss her... sniffle.  I wonder what nasty dump she's been sleeping in for the past 40 years...wwwahhhhhh!!


See these... LOVE THEM!  My templates (Pretty Pots A Plenty) do this also.  As a matter of fact... I'm in the process of using my templates in LOTS of new designs... hopefully designs that no one has seen yet!  Wish me luck!!!  I can't wait to get started.!!


You know... when Karen and I were at Kansas City Quilt Market... we both made a discovery!!  We either like quilts with lots of little pieces - or BIG pieces...there is no in between!  Now...take a look at this quilt.  How simple is it?  But how wonderful is it too?  I love quilts like this made with crisp WHITE fabric...then when it's quilted and washed... it's just wonderful...soft...cushy...smells good!  The kind you want to take a nap under  -  outside on the deck... in the shade - with the cool, fresh air breezes blowing... just enough so you need to cuddle under this sweet thing.  Are you with me?


Hey... I thought this was such a sweet idea for children for Christmas.  Then I thought of adding another portion to this.  As a child cuts off each day... have them write on the back something they are thankful about - that they want to share with SANTA.  NOT what they want for Christmas...but what they LOVE about the season!  It would be great for the mommies and daddies to keep each year in an envelope - then when their children are grown - give to them as a memento of their childhood!


Hey... I want to own all of these!  I love shakers (have no earthly idea why either!).  I want to make some fun things from them.  I'm always on the hunt in the antique stores!!

**************************************'s time to get my day started.  I've been sitting at this computer way too long already today!  Isn't it amazing how it "sucks" you in!  Just think - years ago all we had was the newspapers, magazines, and encyclopedias to look for information.  My... how times have changed!


How sweet is this?  Nothing more heart wrenching that watching a small child say their prayers. 

Have a beautiful day and a super weekend.  Remember to thank those in the military that have served their country and bless the families that have lost their loved ones. 

Chat with you on Monday!!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012 - Thursday

Well... this morning is a sad morning!!  My sweet nephew, Luke, has been with us for a little over a week.  He's 17 and just graduated from high school.  He's thinking about going into the military... He wants to serve HIS country!!  Now... how wonderful is that?  To help him in his decision of which branch to choose... he's spent time with my honey (Jack) and they've "bonded" !!!  Jack told him all about the Navy, took him all over so he could see what that life is... and now he's going to make a decision.  Navy or Army!!  He's dream is to be a tank driver (boo hoo) so I'm sure he will go that route. 
What a great kid!  It's so funny...when we were that age (Jack and I) we were madly in love with each other and to see him... well.... it just brings back wonderful memories.  However, he's so YOUNG!  Was I that young?  Heck... I don't even remember!  Good luck to my sweet Luke!  What a great time having him here with us.

Today... I'm madly getting everything ready for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club this weekend - for their make-it-take-it projects.  I think the number of gals in attendance will be very low since it's a holiday weekend.  However, we will have a blast!!!! 

Since I've returned from market --- my inspiration is HUGE!  I'm making a list of all the new "ideas" I have... whew... is it ever getting LONG!  Oh my!!  Then I looked at my travel schedule... it's going to be a SUPER-DOOPER next few months!

June - sewing with friends at a mini retreat and flying to Wisconsin to Primitive Gatherings Retreat

July - going to Paula's (Red Crinoline Quilts) so we can work on our computer patterns together

August - Quilting cruise to Alaska with my honey

September - Camp Blanding Retreat - YIPPEE!!

October - Houston Quilt Market

November & December - COLLAPSE!!! 

I love being busy... can't stand being bored!  Can you tell???

Here's some fun things for you.....


Did you know that the lid to a Parmesan container fits on a mason jar?  Isn't that so cool???   I had no clue!  I can't wait to try this!!


I love this cute packaging!  Red ribbon and jingle bells.  Now I ask you... how can you go wrong with this concept?  So cute and so simple... especially if these jars are filled with your homemade jelly, caramel.... cool huh?


Now I know this may sound a bit strange... but I LOVE STOOLS!!  Do you?  These... I would give my eye teeth for.  OMG... they all match in construction but at different heights.  WOW... what a great trio to use in merchandising displays... or just IN MY HOUSE!  I know they are a bit primitive - but I guess that's what I love about them... aaaahhhh  chippy paint! 


I'm on the prowl for these type of containers when I go antiquing!  These are pretty glass shakers and they've taken soft wire... twisted it as seen below and then you stick the ends in the holes of the shaker.  Wouldn't this be so cute on a buffet table with the name of the item on a sweet little card?  Or for place settings at a big dinner?  Or how about in a store with information about a product and the price?  LOVE IT!!!


Now... this is genius and I wished I  would have thought of it.  When you buy green onions... you know how you sometimes don't need a lot of them... but because of the way they are packaged - they go bad before all of them are used?  Well, here is the answer.  Chop them all up and place on a paper towel and flash freeze them!  Then store them in your freezer - after you've placed them into a clean - used watter bottle.  Then...the next time you need some green onion - shake out what you need and put the rest back in the freezer!  Cool huh?


Okay... here we are with chippy paint stuff again!  I love how they have taken this old frame and made the picture look awesome inside.  Isn't this clever!  Heck.. you don't need to worry about buying any small frames with this method!!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................. want to make your bathroom smell pretty all the time?  Here is the trick.  Buy your favorite scented oil  -  then just place a couple of drops on the inside of the toilet paper roll.  Each time it's used... the scent will fill the air.  Pretty darn clever huh?  What better place to use scented oil!!!


Isn't he adorable??? (I know my friend Karen L. won't think so... she's NOT fond of rodents!)  I love the way he's stuffing the carrot in his mouth!  Hungry little boy!!


Have a great Thursday!  Sew until your eyes go blurry....then take a NAP!

Hugs to all!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012 - Wednesday

Good Morning everyone!

I decided today was the day to give you some photos from the Kansas City Quilt Market!  Of course you know I have to visit with some of my favorite designers.  This market they out did themselves...! 

Of course... it goes without saying that Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts) was at the top of the list!  Their new Block of the Month is so WONDERFUL!!  I had posted it some time ago... do you all remember it? 

This is it.... FREEDOM RINGS!!!  (How true is that here in the good old USA!)  Ask your local quilt store if they are going to participate in this BOM!!!  They won't be sorry!

Hi Paula and Maryellen... see you soon!  LOVE YOU!!


Here we go.... Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings!!!  This woman amazes me!  I think she runs on 2 hours sleep and go-go juice!  Her new quilts and wool projects were so wonderful.  My favorite... well it's the one she's standing in front of!  It's called Colfax County and the inspiration was the antique quilt itself.  You use triangle paper - which makes the piecing perfect and EASY!  If you've never used triangle paper... I'm telling you now... YOU NEED TO DO SO! 

I remember the first time I used it... I was so excited to see and FEEL how well the quilt blocks went together...all seams matching and the 1/4" seam allowance was a dream!  As soon as this pattern (and the fabric line - OLD GLORY GATHERINGS) arrives at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe...this quilt will be humming on my sewing machine. 

Karen ordered the entire line of Lisa's OLD GLORY GATHERINGS!!  Go to this link and check them out - Old Glory Gatherings 

Moda (her fabric company) has new "candy's" they will be releasing soon!  (coming soon to Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe)  They are pre-cut 2" squares from tons of different fabric collections.  I can't wait to get my hands on some of them for some new designs.

Hi Lisa.... See you NEXT MONTH (OMG.... I'm so excited to return to Wisconsin again... I could just pee my pants!!!...ooopps.... sorry about that...)


Here is Tara Darr - Sew Unique Creations!  She and I have known each other for years.  She was a show vendor along with us for years.  Now... she's getting back to her roots!  Design, design, design...that's what she is working on.  She had 22 NEW quilts and projects in her booth.  That's totally EXTREME!  Needless to say - they were breathtaking!

Here is the link to her web site!  Check out the great new patterns... so much fun!  For those of you that love wool applique... she too is an expert in this area!  Sew Unique Creations

Hi Tara... LOVED YOUR BOOTH and your wonderful new patterns.  You're the bomb!!


Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts !!!    She's one of my sponsors for our Alaskan cruise that my honey and I are going on in August!  I'm so excited... Jack and I haven't had a vacation together for so long... I think the last time was the 3 days were went to Hawaii and that was how many years ago?  OMG... I can't even remember!!! (terrible...simply terrible...)

She was such a busy little girl in her was hard to get her to stand still for just a few minutes.  I remember the very first market she attended... I was so excited for her and her quilts were just wonderful! 

Hi Pam... see you in August on the BOAT!!!!  We are so excited!!!  Hugs to you!


Stacy West - Buttermilk Basin !!!!!!!!!!!  Now...just let me tell you.... the wool projects she had in her booth will just.... simply... knock your socks off!  Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe will have them arriving soon and they are AWESOME!!!! 

Stacy's hubby was with her this trip... his FIRST market and he was so sweet!  What a great guy!  He helped us with our order and was so proud of his wife!  (as he should be...!!!)

Thanks Stacy for all of the hard work, long hours, and sore fingers - the new designs were so wonderful.
I simply love all of your work!

Take a visit on her web site and see what all she does.  Her NEW patterns are not yet posted - but they will be shortly!!! (right Stacy?????)


And last but not least were the 3 sisters from Primitive Quilts and Projects!  What a wonderful family they are and how great they all get to work together.  They have almost 30,000 subscriptions to their magazine now... and I say we can all help to INCREASE that number!

Do you have your prescription?  If not... you should!!  All of the long time Primitive, Reproduction, and Folk Art designers are in the magazine.  PLUS - they are showcasing many new designers that are simply unbelievable!!!  Go to their web site - RIGHT NOW - AND SUBSCRIBE! 

GUESS WHAT?  Vicky and I will have a project in the winter issue!!!  Yep... we are so excited.  So... you'd better get signed up!!!  That's the only way you will have access to the pattern!

Hi girls!!!  We're glad to be back with you!!!  Good to see you again at market...see you in October at Houston!


Okay...that's it for the day... it's time for me to get my fanny out of this chair and get busy!  I'm working on my classes for this weekend... then I'm headed to the store for my

I-Pad  !!!!!!!!!!!  Yes... I'm buying an I-Pad and I can't wait!  Soon I'll be sketching my new design ideas - just like they do on Project Runway!  hahahahahahahaa!!!

See you all tomorrow...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012

WOW!!!  I've had the adventure of all adventures!  I'm working on about 4 hours sleep so... if this short blog sounds a little strange...that's probably because it is!!!  HA!

I had a super.... SUPER.... good time at market.  I'll post more information this week on the trip....

Our flight there was cool... however, coming home was another issue.  OMG!!  It was a true experience and test of my patience. 

I have to catch up on so much today and tomorrow.... get ready for my B-a-a-a-d Girls this weekend, we have my nephew visiting with us, and get some organization into my life again.  Isn't it amazing how just a few days out of your routine throws you helter skelter (at least it does me...)

I can say... market was such an inspiration.  I know of so many shop owners that DO NOT attend market...say they can't afford to... well... I'm here to tell you - YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TOO!  It is so inspiring to me.  I can't even begin to tell you how much that one night I woke up just a few hours after going to bed... and designs just kept coming to my brain!  They just wouldn't stop!!!  (it was a bit spooky ... actually....!)  So.. I grabbed my iphone, pulled up my "notes" app... and got them all down... for hours I did that.  Crazy huh?  But I felt so much better writing it down... or else it would have been gone from the "gray matter" in just a short time!

I can't wait to get started on them and show you what kept me awake so much!!!

Chat with you tomorrow...

Missed everyone!


Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 - Monday

Hi everyone!!!  How has your week been?  Mine...well... let's just say it was "hoppin"!! 

I drove to St. Petersburg and spent the week helping Maryellen with she and Paula's new Block-of-the-Month.  OH MY GOSH... I've never seen so many pieces of fabric in my life.  They have 12 large blocks and a ton of smaller blocks in the quilt.  Maryellen thinks there were about 8,500 pieces of fabric that needed to be folded.  Now... each block is folded individually - with a sticky label on each piece of fabric - we worked on 125 kits.  That's just to get them started.  Who knows for sure how many shops will order their BOM !!! 

Isn't that great?  By the end of my last day - my right shoulder (by the shoulder blade) was SCREAMING in pain and the arthritis in my left thumb was singing right along with my shoulder.  WOW...what a job.  While I was folding and labeling - Wendy (friend) came and folded the HUGE pieces used for the finishing kit while Maryellen measured and cut!  We had ourselves a MAJOR production line going!  HOWEVER... we still didn't get finished!!  Darn it... I wanted it to all be done so when she returns from market - no worries.  NOT... her daughter is going to finish up the block folding while we're at market.  Then when she returns - it's putting the kits and binders together and shipping!

While I was there - Maryellen had a monthly and quarterly shipment she had to finish on their current BOM.  Poor thing...she had boxes everywhere!  Wow...what a job!

We did drive to the beach one evening and had a yummy dinner.  I had a grouper sandwich with onion rings.  NOT on the diet but it was OH - SO - YUMMY!!!  The fish was ssssssssssooooooooooo good!

So... today and tomorrow are major "catch up" days for me.  I will be leaving for market too - Kansas City ... here we come!  I LOVE SPRING MARKET!!!  It's so much fun to see all of the smiling faces, bright pretty quilts, clothing, projects!  Just marvelous.  I'll try and take lots of pictures - so when I get back I can show you what it's like.

Today & tomorrow... I have to run tons of errands, do laundry, pack, work on our B-a-a-a-a-d Girls Club Make It - Take It for the end of the month, do some housework, get some wool applique blocks prepared to take with me (work on the plane and in the hotel room), and then drop with exhaustion.

So... unfortunately.... I'll be out of "blogging" pocket until I return... I'll chat with you on Tuesday, May 22 !!  Gosh... that seems so far away!! 

I did find this sweet picture I wanted to share with you.... it reminded me of my sweet Heather when she used to play in the bathtub with her babies!

Isn't that so sweet?  Baby girls...isn't it precious how they have the "mommy" instinct when they play?  I'm so amazed at that....

Hugs to all... keep stitchin' and sewin' while I'm gone.  I know for sure I'll find so many wonderful things for you while I'm gone..


Oh... and one more photo... to keep you smilin' all day!! 


Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 - Friday

YIPPEE!!!!  It's Friday (for those of you that have to work...). 

I must admit... I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  As a matter of fact... I could crawl right back under those covers again!  I've been feeling like a little cocoon lately... hhhmmmm wonder why?  Hey... I found something I LOVE on my postings. 

Have you noticed how much our "likes" and "dislikes" change over the years?  It's amazing to me!!   Ha!! 

I've discovered I LOVE the look of denim, lace and bling-bling!  Take a peek!!!

What do you think.... a bit much?  Too "movie star-ish" look?  I need the long flowing blond hair now... you know... to complete the look!  HA!  That's NOT happening - for sure! 

Love this one too!  The greatest thing about this jewelry.... it's NOT expensive!  Now...don't get me wrong... I especially LOVE the antique pieces.  However, the NEW costume jewelry they have in the store today... is fabulous.

Then... check out this awesome scarf!  Can you believe this is hand-made????  Oh what talent!!!  It's so "girlie"... don't you think?  I'm thinking I will especially LOVE IT when I'm skinnier!!!  (Oh what a long process the "skinny" part is taking....!)

I just think it may be the NEW ME!!!!!  A great goal to work towards.

I just checked out e-bay and you can get this jewelry - VERY REASONABLE!!!


Okayyyyyy.... jumping completely OFF track now... look at this display!!

I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these plaid lunch boxes.  I did a little exploring on the Internet...these are from the late 50's - early 60's and they can sell anywhere from $10 to $100.00 a piece...depending on their condition!  Can you believe that.  Look how they have taken this simple lunch box and made it into an adorable Christmas display.  Here is another item I have on my "Antique" - LOOK FOR & BUY list that I keep on my phone! 

My list is getting huge.  At this rate I won't get out of an antique store for a week!!!  What's a girl to do?????


Do any of you have those electric wax melters?  Here's a trick... once you have a scented candle that has almost "left this world" - remove the wick and chop it up.. .place the pieces in a PLASTIC ice cube tray.  When you get enough in all of the slots - pop it in the microwave on LOW and melt the leftover wax into cubes.  Then...the next time you need to fill your electric melter with scented wax beads - use these instead!  NO WASTE!!!  How stinkin' clever is that?


You see this horse?  Well... I'm just here to tell you... I WANT IT!  I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to decorate with primitive antiques such as this!  It makes my heart beat really, really fast.  Then to top it off with the antique tool carrier... WOW.  I would love to have it full of antique ornaments and some red berries with the greenery!  LOVE IT!!! 


Look at this sweet little toy!!  This looks just like something my Heather would love to put with her Mohair bears and bunnies.  She likes to have the Mohair critter with a small antique!  This would be perfect....

See.... here are three of her creations!!!

They are so adorable !!!!!  What a talented girl she is!  You can see all of her creations on her web site.... click at the top and look in the "Gallery" !! 


Okay...the washer needs to be unloaded and the dryer too!!  (have I told you how much I hate to do laundry????)

Then it's off to my sewing machine.  I've made a commitment to sit at the machine at least 1-2 hours a day... then move into my hand projects.  So much to do.... will I ever accomplish all of my projects?  Oh...who's the "trip" that is the fun!! all...!!

Remember...I'll be out of the loop next week... off to Sarasota for some cuttin', foldin', labelin', and packagin' NEW SHOP kits for

Red Crinoline Quilts new BOM


This is a computer generated picture... I'll take a REAL picture when I go to market later this month!  It's simply awesome...the rich reds, deep blues... warm tans!!!  You're gonna love it!

I'll take photos of the "kit processing" for you... it's amazing!  When we add up all the yardage for all of the makes your head spin!!!

Happy sewing!