Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Primitive Gatherings - Lisa Bongean - Jacksonville FL

We are so lucky to have Lisa Bongean join  Olde Green Cupboard for a fabulous week-long retreat in Jacksonville FL !  Sept. 8 - 15, 2019

We have a FUN-FILLED week planned for those of you joining us at the beautiful new Hyatt Hotel at the St John's Town Center. 

Here are your PROJECTS!!!

These beautiful hydrangeas have been on Lisa's mind for a long time... we saw them while on shore in the Caribbean... so strikingly beautiful.  Now you get to enjoy them too!

What a great table stand to show off your adorable fall creations!

 Three of them!!

We still have openings  -  please visit: www.oldegreencupboard.com
and sign up today.  If you have questions, call 904.742.1100.  LET'S HAVE FUN STITCHING.. ENJOYING THE SUN.. SHOPPING..ANTIQUING..GREAT FOOD..AND GREAT FRIENDS!

Friday, July 5, 2019

BAAA Wool Club - Club Fee

It's time for the first project debut!!

Our BAAA WOOL CLUB is a one-year commitment with a monthly fee of $25 + postage of $8 per month - totaling $33 per month.  Olde Green Cupboard will invoice you on a quarterly schedule via PayPal.  Each quarter will total $99.  The Registration form does require a credit card be kept on file by OGC in the event the quarterly payment is not met.  

Here is a link to the Registration form.  Please print, complete and mail directly to the address noted on the form. 

Several of you have asked to see some of the projects - just to be sure this is a club you feel comfortable joining.  I do agree with you.... it's a bit scary sometimes to commit to a program when you are just not sure what all will be offered - and will you enjoy the projects - and more importantly, will you like them?  Are they YOU?  So with that in mind... I've decided to give you photos to look over.  The first project is a cotton and wool table mat.  My sister, Vicky, came up with this idea and I thought is was super-dooper!

One of the things that always disappointed me after making a table mat was seeing the design hidden after I would decorate the table by placing a basket, flowers, etc.  We've left one end open so when placing a plant, candle or lamp on the mat, you can still see and enjoy the design.

Our first picture is the finished project - a quilted, wool, applique table mat!  Some of you may not be fabric "piecers" - that's okay!  If you are not a lover of using the sewing machine, we can do this project by hand. (honest...it's not hard.)  We are going to have all types of techniques in our club - hand piecing, machine applique, hand applique, embroidery, so hang on and learn along with the rest of the group.
                  LOVE - WOOL MAT
12 1/2" x 16"

Check out the far end of this mat!  No applique! 
This is the area you will place your home decor items and the design will not be hidden!

The placement of the eggs and the inner shadow of the nest give it a 3-D appearance.  Dress it up with some crazy straight stitches to replicate twigs and your nest will look GREAT!

You will add some head "bobble" stitches, a big fat juicy worm and some chest feathers to give your bird a bit of character!

Layering and overlapping vintage mother of pearl buttons give a perfect appearance of berries in the tree.

Once the applique and embroidery is completed and the bias binding has been attached - place some blue running stitches along the inner edge of the binding to add a bit more texture and trim to the finished piece.

Your kit will come with all fabric and wool - the front piece is from a line of fabric I designed for Marcus Brothers.  The backing and binding will be different in each kit.  I can hear you gasping... NO... I WANT IT JUST LIKE YOURS!  Am I correct?  Well, this is where you and I are going to work together to get you "out of your box" and "TRUST ME" in my choices of fabric for you.  I was an art major in school and have been working with colors for nearly 50 years.  I will be very careful with my choices and I promise - if you just give it a chance, you will see how great it looks on the finished project.

Now, in addition to this August project you will also receive another one - smaller and so much fun to make.  Take a peak.... so sweet!  "I have wings that lift up on both sides and here is where I will keep your needles tucked away all tidy and neat!"

Plus there will be other sweet surprises in your package along with the patterns and instructions.  We'll also have demo's, teaching videos, suggestions as to where you can buy notions (if not available at your local quilt shop) and more.  Remember, this is YOUR club - have fun!  Here is the link to the registration form on our website.  If you need me to send it to you directly, email  oldgreencupboard@aol.com

So... are you ready to stitch with me?  Sign up today!  I'm only taking 50 members!  

Chat with you soon!