Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 - Monday

Wow...this month is over!!  Where in the heck did it go?  As I get older - the days go by faster and I simply have too much to do for this nonsense - don't you agree? 

This weekend was a busy one.. I had two sessions of B-a-a-a-d Girls Club!  What fun!  We all worked on SHEEP name tags!!  They turned out adorable!  What fun 'show-n-tell' projects we had too!  Such talent in that room... I'm here to tell you. 

Today is a catch up day for me... putting away all of my weekend supplies - getting my head wrapped around next month's project - finish cutting out a quilt - work on printing my fabric (Inklingo) for my hand piecing project(clam shell pickle dish) - stitching on my wool blocks ..... Whew... time for a nap!

Hey... I found some cool things to show you over the weekend!!

Ok.... this is the jackpot for me!  LOVE old windows... and this one is so unique - it's gorgeous.   Then they attached an old shelf (LOVE them too) then placed old clay pots with WONDERFUL PATINA upon the can it get any better?  EAT IT UP!!


What an adorable way to dress up an ugly file cabinet!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a row of them across one wall in your sewing room?  OMG... you could have files for your patterns, books, design ideas... even store fat quarters and fabric in them.  This is wall paper (textured) and they've cut plastic framing and glued to the outside.   Covered up the hand pull with old fashioned mustache pull handles.  I think it's a super idea!

In my "imaginary" RETREAT HOUSE (that I dream of having) this would be an addition to the rooms.  These little signs are simply adorable and OH-SO-CUTE!!  You could even name the rooms in the hallway that everyone sleeps in... so they know where to find their bed!!!  Oh what the heck...this would even be cute in your house... naming the bedrooms, bath, laundry!  Love the wreaths on the doors too!!!  Refreshing!!

Now...this is a MUST in my sewing room!  Check out what they did with the old yardstick!!  They have hooked it to the rod at both ends!!  I'm telling you.. .people are so darn clever!  This is a "keeper" idea!!!  I adore antique yardsticks - I think it's so much fun to read them and see where they came from.... hardware stores to funeral homes!!


Isn't this pretty... an old shutter with clay pots hanging from it... with small plants.  This would be my speed...since my green thumb isn't so much!  If I loose a little plant, I can just buy a smaller one and pop it in it's place.  Love the textured brick wall it's hanging on...then that little rake just was an adorable touch to  the display.  Of's my favorite color... GREEN!!


How cute is this idea?  An OLD, OLD door knob they've attached to there center island.  It's used to hang dishtowels on.  So much better than a hook...I would be running into that thing on a daily basis... one bruised hip...that's for sure. 
This may soften the blow...


This idea blew me away... I thought it was so cool.  They have taken one of the old paper roller holders and hung it on the wall.  Then they've unrolled it and written information on it!  Isn't that a cute idea.  What a fun way to announce menus, specials, sales, etc. to your customers!  LOVE IT!!!  It's so 'ME' - don't you think?


Look what Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts has just finished. 
Lucy's Prairie Pockets pattern is all finished!
I just had the best time creating a bunch of these pockets for my new pattern. Not familiar with what a Prairie Pocket is? Here's a bit of early American history to fill you in......
Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it,
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon round it!
This nursery rhyme, published in England in 1842, tells of poor Lucy losing her pocket, which was very likely a fabric pocket worn separately, on top of her petticoats, and worn under her skirt or dress. 17th, 18th and 19th century American women made and used these pockets as well, as their clothes contained no sewn-in pockets as we know them today. The pockets were flat, and somewhat U-shaped, that tied around her waist. A slit in the side of her outer skirt allowed the women discreet access to the pocket and its belongings, which lay underneath. Women wore these pockets singly, and in pairs, which helped to accentuate her hips, being the style at the time.
Pockets were made from every fabric imaginable. Some were embellished with beautiful crewel and embroidery work, some with patchwork and scraps, and others of plain cloth. Women kept all kind of needful things in their pockets such as letters, books, glasses, etc., and of course, thimbles, needles, thread, and patchwork. At night, they often hung from the bedpost to hold a watch, handkerchief or glasses.
Pockets were very much a part of housewifery in early America, and today, we can enjoy making a pocket for our own needful things, to wear as we work, or just to decorate a room.

Plus... I'm so excited for Pam... she's now designing fabric for Marcus Brothers.  Read what she says...

My inspiration for Heart of the Prairie came from many of the antique quilts I own made in the nineteenth century. I'm very fond of simple calico prints, and chose to
feature the popular Indigo blues, pinks, and soft greens of the era.
These simple prints echo the simple life of early America.

I also chose to add two floral prints that, in my mind, would have been something a Prairie woman would have chosen, to make a special Sunday dress, to wear to church, and other social gatherings.

Most of the light print backgrounds feature a new finish I call "Prairie Dirty",
giving them a feel of comfort that comes from daily use, and the
gentle aged patina of soft wear, as nothing stayed white and clean on the Prairie!
Go to her blog and see some pictures of the fabric:  Heartspun Quilts Blog
Look at this setting... isn't it beautiful... all decorated with rose prints!  Then the flowered couch just is the icing on the cake.  The way the wall is divided with the wallboard and soft pink paint is simply stunning.  I could sit there and read a book or stitch... couldn't you?


This bathroom rocks my world.  The way they have used the architecture in the room and enhanced the tub area with curtains and hanging fixtures... OH MY... I could be soaking in that tub forever.  It's fit for a princess. 


Now... how sweet is this?  Angel wings above the bed.  I'd buy these in a heartbeat if I saw them out and about!!! 
They are just toooooo wonderful!!! 


Okay... you know how I feel about old suitcases with this look right?  They rock my world (have no clue why...just one of those things...)  Look at the stack of them in this house!  Way scary... I know those sweet things would come tumbling down on me.... It's safe to say they would need to be secured.   WOW.... AWESOME!!!  They are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find anymore in antique shops!


And... look at these cute little fellows... all dressed up for Halloween!!!  On this note... it's time for me to get busy!

Hope you had a great weekend...
and a fun - fulfilled week ahead of you!

Chat later...


Friday, April 27, 2012

Yippee... it's Friday, April 27, 2012 !!!

I love Fridays... I'm not sure why .... well... yes - I think I am... two things!  When I had a 9-5 job, Monday through Friday (banking), I loved Fridays - that meant the weekend to play was just around the corner.

Then when I had my store... I loved Fridays 'cause it meant lots of my customers would be in the shop on Saturday - it was always my favorite day at the Olde Green Cupboard.

So... it's just lingered..."happy thoughts" !!!  This Friday is our "Midnight Sewcial" at Cinnamon's!  I'm taking my wool stitchery and my knitting.  Two projects I do want to finish up! 

Then Saturday and Sunday I have my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club!!  Yippee!! Those gals are a hoot and we sure do have a good time stitching and "yackin' " !!!  This month we are going to make SHEEP name tags - hand stitched.  They are pretty darn cute.


I have a hodge-podge for you today... some of the funniest things...

When I saw this cute tutorial on how to make a stick horse... I burst out laughing.  Why you may ask?  Well... when we were kids... Vicky and I lived on stick horses.  However, they DID NOT look anything at all like this.  It was the pole to an old rake or shovel with a rope tied around it's neck.  We would hop on those horse sticks and ride all over the orchard and yard... making them rear up... whinny... stomp their feet.. you know... all the stuff the horses do.  We were experts on riding them and making them do all kinds of things...after all... that's when the COWBOY shows were so popular.  Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, Poncho & Cisco... remember all of them???  Oh my gosh...we would sit for hours and watch those shows.  Out to the barn we would run... with our holster cap guns strapped to our hips, our cowboy hats, scarves around our necks and jump on our mighty steed!  My heart just flutters when I remember those days... such fun !!  Sisters are the best!!

*************************************************** I'm just sayin..... these are the silliest things I've ever seen!  They look like they should be on one of those "info" commercials that we see at Christmas time.  What a hoot!!!  Needless to say... there was a loud burst of laughter when I saw these silly things.  I wonder what those from the SHARK TANK would say if I walked in wanting money for this idea!!!  I can just hear them!


This must be the largest nose I've ever seen on a poor little snowman!  I'm surprised he can stand up straight... now this... my friends... is a SNOZ !!!  hhhhmmmmmm.... I wonder if he's a relative of Jimmy Durante (sp?) ... for those of you that are old enough to remember who he was!


Isn't this an adorable stitchery?  I love birds and birdhouses... and here are both of them together... FREE.  He would look adorable stitched on a little hand towel to lay in your bathroom for when guests are visiting.  Or how about stitched and then put into a little primitive frame hanging with other sweet items on your wall?  I thought he was toooooo cute!!


SO DARN CLEVER... AND VERY PRACTICAL............ If you plan on serving ice cream at an event... you know what a pain it is to scoop... making sure it's not to hard (can't get it out of the carton) or tooooo soft... melting all over the place before you can get it to your guests... is the answer.  Use your cupcake tins - fill them with your cute papers.  Scoop your ice cream into the paper cup - then FREEZE.  If you need them done up way ahead of time... after they have frozen hard...remove from the cupcake tin and put then inside a sealed plastic container - or ziplock bags (burping out all of the air).  This will prevent freezer burn.

When it's time to serve - remove from the freezer and set one with each piece of cake... or if it's HOT cobbler... plop it out of the paper onto the cobbler.  There's nothing better than HOT cobbler and ICE COLD ice cream together!!  YUM YUM!!!  Isn't that a REALLY cool idea?  Wish I would have thought of it!!!


I've decided each of my grandchildren need a Christmas quilt... one that will be "memories" for them. doesn't need to be this fancy. (I do want them to get them soon...making a REALLY involved one...well, that means it may be years before they all get done...know what I mean?)

So... this is what I'm going to do!!  I'm going to get the wonderful fleece - Christmas prints - then cut the edges all the way around and make a small fringe.  They will be warm and cozy... something they can bring out each holiday season and remember Grandma!!!  The prints they make in fleece is so darn cute... who can resist it!!!  I'm keeping my eyes open for just the right print for Jaimi, Elizibeth, Eden and Lexie.  Then when my great-granddaughter gets a little older - she'll get one too!!


Do you have a garbage disposal in your house?  Let me tell you... these can be the nastiest things on earth!!!  Whatever you do... don't look down there!!!!  OH MY!!!!!  It's not a pretty picture... at least not at first!  Mine... is now awesome!!!  Have you ever seen the citrus pellets you can put in your disposal???  They make it smell better??  Well... they can get pretty costly if you use them regularly.  I found this recipe on Pinterest that works BETTER.  Get you some ice cube trays... cut up some lemons and drop a chunk into each cube.  Fill with white VINEGAR... then freeze!!!  Once they are all frozen - remove from the tray (or your freezer will always smell like vinegar) and seal them in a GOOD ziplock bag... (maybe two).  Now when it's time to clean and refresh your garbage disposal... remove one or two from the bag and chop them up!  BINGO... your disposal know smells fresh and clean.  The vinegar helps to kill the germs and remove residue!  Isn't that cool?  I loved the idea!  Home remedies are so wonderful..... !!! 


Isn't this sweet.... What a happy little fellow...
"I love you mommy!"

Everyone have a super weekend!!!!  Play hard and have lots of fun!!!  Sew many stitches and be HAPPY!!

Hugs to all..........

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012 - Thursday

Hi Everyone! 

Jack is now in Virginia...getting ready to have fun with his old buddies.  Good for him!  After dropping him off at the airport... I decided to be a little domestic and went to Lowes.  It's been so long since I've wandered around in one of the "manly" stores and I wanted to see what's new and cool in the Home Industry!  Wow... was I ever surprised.  OMG!!!  What fun I had.  I took a zillion pictures so I could remember to tell Jack about all the neat new ideas! (he's just gonna love that...)  I think my most favorite... the new sliding glass doors for patios.  I love that they look like french doors.. PLUS  they have the tiny blinds inside the pains of glass.  You can open them or pull them all the way up.  Trying to put window coverings on french doors or sliding glass doors (for privacy and BRIGHT sun ... damage to MY QUILTS) has always been an issue.  Now don't get me wrong... I LOVE a BRIGHT house... but we do have to be careful with this "killer" Florida sun.  They were awesome!

Then I went into one of our HUGE antique malls... I've been thinking about using a piece of furniture for a bathroom vanity/counter.  One of my old customers did this in her house... it was stunning!  She loves old oak pieces... so that's what she used.  When you walked into her bathroom - it took your breath pretty... elegant but yet warm and comfortable.  While walking in the antique mall... checking out the furniture...measuring... I saw this!  OMG!  I know I gasped!!!   It was an antique piece they had refurbished... a combination of shabby chic, antique, primitive, and just plain awesome!  I can just see a finished bathroom with this piece in it.

This picture does not do it justice...but I fell in love.  Then.. I looked for a price - the tag was gone and a new one had been attached to the faucet - "Make Me An Offer"!  I hate those price tags... scares me!  So I asked at the front desk if they remembered what the original price was - GASP... they thought $1500.00 !!!  HOLY COW!!  I don't think my offer will be accepted... Oh well... a girl can dream! 

Look at what is ALL FINISHED!!!  Binding and all....

I'm delivering it today to Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe... it's a sample for her.  It's also the cover of the new Primitive Quilts & Projects!  Karen will have kits to accompany the magazine (pattern).  Call or stop in the shop if you want to reserve one!!!  904-374-0532      The small house block is wool applique.  I love the way Lynn Graham and Cathy Peters quilted it!!!  They have their long-arm business attached to Cinnamon's.  They do BEAUTIFUL work and accept quilts by mail (904-463-8601)  They have been quilting for years and use the Gammill Statler Sticher.  They do ALL of my quilts for me!!!  When they get in a new quilt...they hang it up and study how it's constructed... then work together to come up with the best design !  They also quilt for Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts) !!! 


I found some of my FAVORITES I wanted to share with you!!!

I love "mustache" pulls on drawers.  I have absolutely no clue why... just do!!!!

Now this my friends is a refrigerator I would LOVE to have!  If you were a chef...can you imagine this in your kitchen?  Or had a catering business....  OMG!!!  I'll bet this sweet thing costs as much as a stinkin' NEW CAR!!!   I'm in love... simply IN LOVE!!!!

Okay... I  STRONGLY feel this needs to be sitting in my sewing studio!!!  Have I shown this before?  I'm so obsessed with it... I'm sure I have.  Isn't it stunning????  Hmmmm I just noticed I have a WHITE theme going on here... not on purpose...just how it turned out with all of the photos.  Wouldn't you love to have this in your sewing studio?  Come on... you know you would!!

Here's another LOVE of MINE!!!!

Yes Girls...those are COWBOYS... What can be better...cowboys butts and boots!! YEE-HAW!!! 

I've always thought it would be fun to visit a DUDE RANCH... ride... have fun!  (I can just feel my sore butt already!)  Next to riding a bike for several hours and getting a sore fanny... it's riding a horse!  WOW... feels like you have boils back there!!!  (I just love sweet... love the smell of their leather saddles... and them!  I know...weird huh?? )


Here's a little "chuckle" for you this morning....

Oh so true...don't you think?


Today I'm heading to Cinnamon's to sew with the gals.  I have multiple projects that I'm getting help with...
Klasina - she's my sock teacher!!!  I'm moving down to the toe on my first sock!!  Yippee!!

Then.. .Karen is helping me with my first hand piecing project - a Pickle Clam Shell !!!

Keep your fingers crossed I can do this!!!

Then I'm heading out from Cinnamon's to watch Lexie until "Daddy" gets home.  We're going out to dinner together with Vicky (twin sister) and Larry (her honey...). 
We should have a great time.

Chat with you tomorrow... have fun sewing today!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012 - Wednesday

Hey everyone...this will be a short post this morning.  I'm headed to the airport to drop Jack off.  He's going to Norfolk, VA for a reunion with a bunch of his Navy buddies.  His first ship - Steinaker - is having a big get together and he is so excited.  I think he woke up at 3:00 am!!!! (he's just like a kid in a candy shop).

I did want to show you the blocks I'm working on.  You should see my sewing area in the living room.  I have a little table stacked up with my projects.  I knit on my socks... put that down.  Then I stitch on my BOM wool blocks... put that down.  Then I stitch on the new Christmas quilt...then ROTATE!!!  It's pretty hysterical when you think about it.  Soon - I will be adding my hand piecing to that rotation craziness.  Oh well...what's a girl to do!!

Here are the photos of the beginning Christmas wool blocks...

Gift Giving - Deck The Halls - Christmas Cookies

St. Nick - The Reason For The Season

Oh Holy Nite, Home Made Candy,
All Hearts Come Home For Christmas

Trim The Tree - The Stockings Were Hung - Angels On High - Holly & Mistletoe



Then ... I'm also working on 16 wool applique blocks that will be going into a quilt... take a peek!!

So... as you can see... I've been a little stitching fool!!! 
But I love it!!

Ok... I gotta go... hit the shower and go for my airport drive.. !

Chat with you tomorrow!

Hugs to all... Gloria

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today is my nephews birthday!!  Happy Birthday Lane... I love you!  I'm sure he doesn't read my blog... but you never know (just in case) stranger things have happened.  He is such a cutie patootie.. married to Deanna with a sweet little girl...Hannah!  I sure don't get to see them as much as I would like...but love them all to death.

Today... well... it was just one of those mornings when I didn't want to get out of bed.  It's a little chilly outside (and in the house) and those warm covers sure did feel great. 

Don't you just love laying in bed in the morning and letting your mind think about all kind of wonderful things?  I was designing quilts, wool projects... doing things to the house... cooking something yummy and then..oh yes... cleaning out the inside of my dishwasher.  I found a wonderful article on Pinterest about how to get it all clean, fresh and free of stains.  So I'm going to do that this morning when I'm finished blogging.  Here is the link to show you how it's done!    Cleaning your dishwasher

It's' done with vinegar and baking soda!!!  As a matter of fact... I'm going to go turn it on right now... be right back..............  I'M BACK!!  It's running with my vinegar on the top rack.  I told Jack our kitchen's going to stink for awhile!

Then... I love these gals that find ways to make things ourselves...that we normally spend money on at the grocery... like dryer sheets for instance.  What a wonderful convenience they are...!  My washer doesn't have a separate area for fabric softener... I use one of those Downy balls... but it just doesn't seem to make the clothes smell as good... !  So.. .I also use dryer sheets.. and they can get expensive.  Here's another method... NO MORE DRYER SHEETS !!  Here's what they say to do:

Take your favorite liquid fabric softener and soak an old hand towel or flour cloth completely with it. Wring it out and let it dry completely, then throw it in with your next load. This mega-fabric softener sheet should be good for at least 40 loads of laundry, stretching out softener use and lessening waste.
Now... you know the "Handiwipes" that we use for cleaning?  I wonder if one of those would work just as well?  I think I will give this a try too!  You never know... it may be BETTER. 


Then.. .I found this trick!  This one can surely be used in my house...the water here is awful.  I get these deposits around my faucets and I'm always working on getting rid of this stuff!!!

If I remember correctly... it too involved vinegar!!!  Wow...can you tell vinegar has been a popular topic today on the cleaning Pinterest Boards!  After you see what all of the wonderful things it does in helping us to clean.. you'll wonder why we use this stuff to cook with!  Very scary!!!


Now...this is a new trick I have NEVER heard of... cleaning your wooden floors to make them shine...shine...shine!!!

Clean Hardwood Floors:  Use boiling water and two teabags to clean hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood floors. Let two teabags steep in the boiling water for a few minutes. Pour the tea into a bucket. Take a soft cloth and wring it out in the tea. The cloth merely needs to be damp, not soaked. This will enable the floor to dry quickly. Wash the floor and be ready to be amazed by the sheen... and no sticky or oily residue

*********************************************** you have wooden doors in your home... or wood work?  Here's a trick to use ... with a simple walnut!!!

This sounds amazing, so I must try: 1. Identify areas of your wooden furniture that are unsightly because they have been bumped or scraped. 2. Get your walnut. 3. Rub the walnut on the damaged area. 4. Watch in amazement as the damaged area begins to darken.
Does this mean if we eat a lot of walnuts our insides are now a darker brown?  hhhhhmmmm... I really don't want to think about that anymore.


So... for the rest of the day... I am working on my socks, printing on my fabric for my hand piecing project (learning how to piece on Thursday), and stitching on my wool Christmas Quilt.... that should keep me pretty busy for the day!

Have a great one.... FUN TIMES!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23 - Monday

Hey all!!!!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was full, full.... FULL!!  I'm so excited... I've got 3 new projects in the works (I know... I know... I'm crazy!)  Started the Christmas wool applique quilt for Cinnamon's (it's so wonderful), cut out a fall quilt to piece, and started my NEW hand piecing project - through  I'm printing my pieces on fabric...through my printer.  It's a surprise... I should have a portion of it pieced this Thursday.  My friend, Karen L., is showing me all the great details.  She's a wonderful hand piecer and it will be fun to do the project with her!  We're hoping we can get some more gals hooked on this technique. 

Went to my grand-daughters baby shower!!!    Jaimi is on the left & Elizibeth (mommy) is on the right!

Aren't they gorgeous???? They are my sons two oldest girls.  I've never seen so many baby clothes in my life... this little angel (Aubree) will be high stylin' !!!  They are getting ready to move into an adorable house (that their Me-Maw, mom and dad) are fixing up for them.  It's just perfect for their first place!  Close to mom and dad but yet still on their own!

Then we have my other two sweeties....  Eden & Lexie! 
Eden is Toby's youngest daughter and Lexie is Heather's (my daughter).

They are pals... 3 years apart!!

What a wonderful day being with all of them!


Just to let you know... I'm progressing in my SOCK!!!  I've finished all through the heel and am now knitting the foot part...working to my toe!  Man... I love making these things... I know... just call me sick!  Klasina (my instructor) is a great teacher.  She's a sock W_ _ _ re too!  (That's what we are calling ourselves). 

Then... I got the great idea... I'm going to make my sister-in-laws some mittens!!!  Linda & Annie !!!  They live in Indiana and it's freezing cold there.  So... that's my next knitting experience.  (once I finish my socks)  Then I can make them socks too...they would love them!  They love homemade stuff!  Take a peek at these!!

Are these not gorgeous.... Now... don't panic!!!  I'm NOT making anything like this... I'm going for the simple style.  I just had to show you these...I thought they were so wonderful.  I don't think ... in my life time... I'll get to this level!  If so... I need lots of prayers!!


Check out these pretty styles of socks!!

Some of the speciality yarn sock they make is ssssssoooooooooooo pretty!!!  It's expensive... but sure makes a difference in the way it knits up and how soft they are on your feet.


Look at these funny things!!!!


This is so.... stinkin' true!!!!


Love this!!!!  This is my kind of coloring!!!


I thought this was a cute idea (for us primitive lovers).  They found an old mailbox and put it by the front door... had a cute fern plant beside it... it's made to hold the wet umbrellas and canes!  Cool!!!

This is a really beautiful way to hang pictures!!  You simply use pull handles.  For those of you that are not into the 'wood' look...they would look so cute painted - any color - to coordinate with the colors in your room.  Antique ones would be even more awesome!!!


I love old shutters... I'm not sure why... I just do!  Decorating with them is even better.  I currently have a set of 4 bi-fold doors (white) that my hubby has hinged for me!  I have them in my sewing room... kind of separating the living room and sewing room area.  Then I have a quilt folded and hung over the top...down one of the panels.  They define a room into two very easily... and they don't have to be used only outside!  Look how they have used them below!  It's a great backdrop for a display!!  They add texture to a plain wall!!


I saw this in a DIY section...for a wedding!  They have taken hundreds of photos... made copies and then connected them all together to make a runner down the brides table!  Isn't that something wonderful?  What a great memorabilia to keep from your wedding (as long as NO ONE gets food on them).  I just thought it was adorable.  You could even make smaller ones for the tables of your other guests.  How much fun would it be to sit and look at all the photos while you are at the reception.  Get the whole family involved and ask for their photos...copy them, make your table mats... and then give them back the photos at the wedding...wrapped pretty with a little thank you gift inside!!!


((sniffle)) Isn't he adorable???  Look at those eyes!  I just think it's amazing how sweet and innocent baby animals are... just so wonderful!!!  I can hear him whimpering...can't you?

Have a super day... I have so many wonderful projects to work on today... I don't know where to start!!! OMG!!!

Hugs to all...