Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wow... what a schedule I've had lately! Am I retired? I'm thinkin' not!! I have a retreat that we are holding at Camp Blanding in February.... 196 of the funniest, nicest, most loving group of quilters that exist!! This base is ideal... we have a huge room, great food cooked by the base chef, and hotel accommodations that are super nice and very reasonably priced.

Ok...that's not all... I will soon be announcing two dates to select from for an AWESOME "TRIP" RETREAT! Plus... we are also working on a retreat to the mountains. Can you tell I'm in the RETREAT MODE? I love them... !!! So much fun. If you've never been on a retreat... you owe it to yourself to take one.

Oh... and I'm working on a new quilt that will be sent to a new magazine.. they asked us at the Houston Market to submit a primitive project or quilt for the debut issue. Of course, they are getting A LOT of submissions so I hope ours gets picked.

This Friday is my Christmas Party... ! I've invited all of the OGC Gals to my house for fun, good food, laughs, and PRESENTS!!

But I must get busy!!!.. I have more quilts and projects to design.... I'm just a busy little beaver.....

Chat with you soon!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving is over.....

Fun things have been happening around my house!!! Thanksgiving is over and I've gathered up my fall decorations, packed them away... and am now working on my Christmas decorating! I haven't seen or opened many of these boxes in years! It's like Christmas morning as I unwrap everything. You see... since having the Olde Green Cupboard for so many years... and decorating for Christmas... by the time I got to my house - I was DONE!! I can't even tell you how many years I didn't even put up a tree. I'm not a scrooge... but was just tired!

However, this year is different. Below you will see some of the areas I have finished.

But first... look at my two new wonderful pieces!! You see... I am also a lover of blue transfer ware platters... look at my two new ones! The one on top has sweet little birds!

The one below my friend Kelly found for me while shopping at Mt. Dora!

They will look smashing in my quilting studio. I have it decorated with my blue transfer ware collection and my children's antique chalk slates (another silly thing I collect)!

Oh... and look below!!!!

This isn't a very good picture... but I wanted you to get the color palette of my project for the new magazine "Primitive Quilts and Projects". It's debut issue will be April 2011. The 3 gals that are the heartbeat of the magazine are all sisters! They are super, great gals. We had so much fun with them at market! They've asked tons of primitive designers to submit their quilt and/or project by January 21. From the entries they receive, they will pick 15 for the first magazine. Heather is also sending in one of her wonderful mohair creations. So... keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer for us... that we get chosen! There is stiff competition that's for sure! As my quilt progresses... I'll give you a few sneak peaks!

My Santa's wanted to say "HI!" to everyone! The primitive look...that's what I love!!! The more grungy looking the better!! My favorite Santa's are from Alta's Heirlooms. I have had them for quite awhile... I wonder if she still makes them? I'll have to check into that and see. She was always at our gift market in Pennsylvania. She and her husband used to make them together. They have the most wonderful sculpted faces! Ok... I just checked and she is still making her Santa's. Go to this link and you'll be so surprised. She also makes wonderful ornaments and bears!! They are a bit on the pricey side... but trust me... worth every penny!

More of my little friends. What's up with all my dolls and Santa's? As I was digging everything out of their boxes... I giggled... maybe I didn't get to play with dolls enough when I was little and that's why I'm still so attracted to them.... ya think?... I'm just sayin' !! Oh who cares... I love them and that's that!

I love to decorate all over the house... this is in my kitchen. I'm a lover of ironstone... pitchers, platters, plates... you name it.. I love it. The more patina the pieces have on them the better I like them. The middle section with the little white bundle... that's from my "popcorn" tree. It bloomed one time in over 12 years... this is all I got out of it!!! I treasure these little fellows! Every year after this blooming time... the popcorn was black... you know... the look you get when you leave your popping bag in the microwave too long? Wheeewwwoooo... stinky!

I also love to take bottle brush trees and put them in pitchers... they look just like it grew there. My little black boxes are reproductions of holiday cocoa, tea, etc. Too cute!!

It's time to heat up those turkey leftovers! They are so good....!!! That's the best part of Thanksgiving.. those days of eating what's left. Let's see... the fudge is all gone, the pumpkin pie is all gone, no more stuffing, no more deviled eggs, boo hoo.... I guess it's back to the normal meals! Hey... how come we don't fix turkey more than twice a year? Isn't that silly? I think I'll have to just make that happen... cook gobble, gobble more than twice! What a novel idea. It's now on to my sewing machine... the Christmas decorating will be worked on more tomorrow! I'll send you more photos.

Night all!! Sleep tight! Dream sweet dreams... AND REMEMBER...

"Celebrate Handmade"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow...what a great day!!

This Sunday has been the best! I woke up early (very early) and had so much on my mind I just decided to get out of bed and get busy! Of course...there is the morning email reading, blog reading, and catching up on pattern orders! Then it was time to play!

Being creative can be a messy job! Can you relate? I have tons of notes, all of those cool things you see in magazines that you've torn out (with all intentions of putting them in notebooks in categories...ya...right!), drawing pad, pencils, pens...whew! Before I know what happens my sewing room or desk looks like a cyclone hit it.

I've been designing a new block of the month. It's called "Living in America". As each block is finished (in wool applique), I'll post it here on my blog... you will see a quilt actually come together as we chat. So... with that in mind... here are my first several blocks.....

GGGGrrrrr.... there's something wrong with the upload of pictures into my BLOG.. they just sit there with the little "thinking wheel" spinning around and around! Have I told you how frustrating comuters are??? (a...uuuummm.... I am a hollow reed.... trying to calm down!)

Well on to other things!

Everyone keep your fingers crossed and say a big prayer for me... I'm calling a fabric company with 4 new ideas for fabric! It's quite challenging to come up with new ideas that no one hasn't already thought of! This fabric could be AWESOME... for that old soft antique look... ! I'll keep you posted on how the challenge progresses.

I'm also working on another retreat!! This one is totally different and will be SO MUCH FUN!!! Stayed tuned... there will only be 16-18 slots (especially for you primitive lovers) so when I email it out... hang on to your knickers and if you even think you want to come... REGISTER! More to come..... (have I peaked your interest?) Keep watching......

I'll keep working on the photos!!!!

Happy sewing... and remember "Celebrate Handmade"!!!

Hugs to all........... Gloria

Monday, November 1, 2010

Market is Over!!!

Well, today was the last day of market. We had such a great time! Our booth location was perfect! We had our friends "Bonnie Blue Quilts" across from us and all of the Moda booths on the other side of the isle. Simply Super!!

Exciting things happened... We had Quilter's Home magazine ask for us to send camera ready photos to them of our block of the month quilt - Southern Gathering. They also want our block of the month rug, Summer Things!

Several quilt catalog companies asked for patterns!!

A new magazine is about to come to life for all of us primitive lovers! We've been asked to send in a quilt or project. I already know which one I'm sending... It's called Potato-Tomato !!! A wonderful red and brown quilt. Deep dark colors that I love. Heather is going to send in one of her primitive bears or rabbits also. So exciting!

United Notions (Moda) wants me to send them one each of our patterns! Now that is something!

Tomorrow morning we are heading back to Florida. Up early for a head start on avoiding the Houston morning traffic. We will be stopping at one of our favorite antique stores to pick up a green bed (with great patina - rust) . We're going to use it to photograph two new patterns we will be working on for 2011 - Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will debut at spring market in Salt Lake City! This green bed will be awesome for a primitive look with our new quilts. I can't wait to get started on them.

I'm off to pack my suitcase and hit the sheets... very tired! Fun Market.... tired body!

Happy November to all! Gosh... Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

Hugs to all... Gloria

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's almost here!!

Southern Gathering -

Yes.... it's almost time for our first quilt market... well, the first time we will be vending at a "wholesale" market. VERY SCARY!
Vic and worked on the design of our booth. It sure doesn't take long to fill up a 10 x 10 booth. It will be so wonderful and exciting. I'm attempting to attach some of the pattern photos for you each to take a peak at!!!

This is my 6 month block-of-the month! I simply love this quilt. The background for the wool applique pieces are ticking dish towels. The texture is super and looks great with the wool. My flying geese are fabrics that compliment the wool colors.

We'll have all of these on the website soon!

Pretty Pots A Plenty - This is a wonderful scrappy quilt! The one on the bed Vicky just finished. We used all soft small print fabrics.... It's so sweet.... I just want to roll up in it.

The pastel sample on the church pew is Cathy Peter's! This is shabby chic from the word GO. It matches her sewing room perfectly.

This is a super pattern to cut all your scraps up as you go. We have one finished in all plaid homespuns. It's aweome... guys really love that one.

Blue Ribbon Special Bed Runner - Remember when you go into a hotel room and they have that silly little piece of "bedspread" at the foot of your bed? Well... it gave me the idea to add an extra pretty runner to the foot of your bed. OR.. use this as a table runner. The length can be adjusted very easy.

Our beautiful flowers, vines, leaves and bird with her blue ribbon are all wool - appliqued onto a cotton background.

I had a great time making this piece... and it can be a Blue Ribbon winner for you too!!

It's very easy to use wool colors that compliment your quilt or bedspread!

Star Stepping

You just can't beat a read and white quilt...put scrappy reds and shirtings together and it's even more than wonderful!

This is a great pattern... if you want a small table topper... just make one section and you're all set!

I'm hoping this will be a show stopper! It sure is in my book!

Santa is Coming to Town!

This adorable quilt comes to you from an antique children's Christmas coloring book. We've added our two cute blocks of our Santa's Letter and the famous Christmas poem to round out the blocks.

You'll have a wonderful time stitching these wonderful Santas. Then put them into any Christmas fabric of your choice.

It's a great quilt for the family to use during the holidays!

Princess Charming

Take your favorite charm pack and some background and before you know it... you've got a gorgeous quilt.

This sample is with BlackBird's beautiful fabric. I just couldn't resist with the soft colors. They look so pretty with lace shams and
sweet pillow cases.

Chip Off The Old Block!

Here is another fabulous scrappy blue and white quilt.

This quilt added to my collection of blue and white quilts,
look absolutely stunning in my shabby chic primitive yellow cabinet.

I found this cabinet in Georgia and it just had to come home with me.

This quilt is gorgeous on a table...with that fancy border.... yes ma'am... its gorgeous!

Only a Few Hours is true.. it only takes a few hours to cut your pieces and sew this sweet quilt together.

Vicky has made tons of these quilts... from soft pastel to primitive to reproduction. They all look super.

It's a fast quilt to make for a gift and is a great size!

New Arrival

This was a fun quilt to design... a horizontal quilt that is fast to piece.... and great fun to applique. It can be machine or hand appliqued.

For a different look, use wool for your applique fabric! Great texture and a super primitive look.

Well.. that's it... that's what we will have at market in Houston. We are going to decorate our booth with antiques and hopefully sell them while there! Only one trick... you can buy but you can't have them until be break down at the end of the last day!.

In my next posting, I'll show you some pictures of the things we will be taking with us.

Chat with you soon!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a week.... I've never ached so much all over in my life. You would have thought I ran 200 miles! I'll tell you what... this moving and unpacking is simply NOT MY THING!
However, (drum roll please) all of my fabric boxes are now unpacked!!! YIPPEE!!! The next project is to organize the spare bedroom that now looks like a whoppin' tornado hit it. This was the room for boxes that we were unsure of.... you know the kind you look at and say to yourself.. "where are we going to put this?". Many of the items are for decorating.... which I will be going through and purging!
I now have an antique booth with Vicky (my sister) and Heather (my daughter) at the Antique Market here in town. It's a great way to sell what we have and that we are tired of... and then use that money to buy new things! I prefer to call it "revolving antiques"!
I'm getting ready for my first wholesale market as a vendor. We are going to do a practice booth set up in one of my bedrooms... you know... the teeny, tiny booth of 10 x 10. It sounds so large until you begin to fill it up and immediately it's SHRUNK... how did that happen?
I will have several new quilt patterns, a wool 6 month block-of-the-month wall hanging, a wool applique bed runner, plus a wool rug block-of-the-month (traditional wool rug hooking). Many of my quilts are at the quilters and I have two to finish piecing. Then we'll be good to go...of course there is the photos, writing the instructions, putting everything together.... and so on. Before I know it we'll be near the end of October!!
I'm anxiously waiting for Lisa's retreat house (Primitive Gatherings) to get finished. I truly want to spend some time away...just sewing and relaxing. You know... I don't know how I had time to work! I remember my father-in-law saying that after he I know what in the heck he means.
I'm off to fix dinner and watch some TV! I hope all of you are still sewing and quilting!
Remember... to "Celebrate Handmade"!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August is almost OVER!!!

Well, I have now been retired from the retail world for almost 4 months. I cannot believe 4 months have gone by so quickly. I have been a busy girl! We just finished our first Camp Blanding Retreat. What an awesome weekend. We had 144 attend - to include 2 fellows!! I've never seen one giant room so full of happy people in my life. The projects everyone was working on were simply breathtaking!

I even finished my BOM (all pieced together)... It will soon be on it's way to the quilters... Cathy and/or Lynn! I can't wait to see the magic they do! Then I will be writing the pattern(s) and getting the shop manuals ready. As soon as it's all quilted... I'll post a picture !!

Then... a second project was almost finished also. I have to stitch everything down... then quilt...bind... and it's also finished. That reminds me.. I need to pack it up and take it with me... to KENTUCKY!!

Jack (my hubby) and I are driving to Atlanta where he will check out with his company, Varian Medical. He will then officially be retired. He's lovin' life right now.. I'm so happy for him. His job was sssssoooooo stressful.... the guy needs a break!

After Atlanta, we are heading up to Marti Norris's house! She and I and Jack are going to go antique shopping. I'm bringing back goodies and will be selling them on my be sure and stay tuned!

Now... I'm off to finish packing and then on to bed!

Happy Sewing... and remember... "Celebrate Handmade"


Friday, July 23, 2010

Man oh man... I can't for the life of me figure out where the time goes and how fast it flies by!! I've been a bad girl and haven't posted to my blog in several weeks...eeeeekkk... NOT GOOD! Let's see .. there is the blog, on-line emails, facebook, thank Heavens I'm not on twitter and so many of the other publications... I can't keep up!!

Here's what's been happening... I've been packing the house. My husband has retired (say a prayer for both of us... we have no tbeen together 24-7 our entire marriage.... scary... very scary) and we have decided to move to a more efficient house. We found one here in Jacksonville that has a gorgeous energy efficient kitchen, small yard (mine is BIG) that we can take care of instead of paying someone to mow my grass and take care of the yard that I probably haven't walked in more than a dozen times in 11 years... all brick, new roof... and the best part... I get a HUGE sewing studio. It's so pretty and bright.. love it! As soon as we are in and decorated I'll pass on some photos to you.

So in between packing, keeping my husband busy, and trying to design and sew... the time has just escaped me. Vicky is piecing my samples (love you sis!) as fast as I have them designed and the fabric chosen. Talking about fabric... I packed my double door closet (huge linen closet) and my walk-in closet with all of my fabrics, kits, projects, etc.... well do I need to say... OMG!!!!

I can design 15,000 quilts and will not have to buy one stitch of fabric to make the sample. Of course you and I both know that's a big ball-faced story... ha!

This is a new sample for "Princess Charming" that Vicky designed several years ago. The colors are so much prettier than this picture shows. I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

I'm trying to design patterns that are easier and those that are a little more challenging. This is EASY, fast and can be great fun. I've seen it done in batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabric and it's so cool.

Here's another idea I had for a quilt... design a basic pattern that can be quickly made by anyone and add beautiful wool applique pieces to the front... for example.. I have this drawing that I finished of a HUGE ROOSTER... wouldn't he look cute on the bottom of the quilt in the corner... facing the middle of the quilt...? Or.. .if you want the quilt to look more feminine...let's say for a little girls room... the wool pieces could be 2 adorable bunnies... get my idea? I'll have to play around and see what it looks like. (man.... I wish I could shut off the brain for awhile!)

Pretty Pots A Plenty is now finished at the quilters and Vicky is in the process of binding this sweet thing! I love this quilt... it reminds me of an old fashioned quilt that is on top of a big thick feather down mattress... you hop in bed, sink into the mattress and cover up with this luscious thing... aaahhh... doesn't that sound wonderful?

I'm currently piecing two new quilts... "Flight of the Sparrows" and "Southern Gathering" Block of the Month. I'm so excited to get them finished... first to see how they look all together and second... I'm ready to move on to a new project and/or design.

My next project is going to be a bed runner... you know... the kind they have in the hotels.. that lies at the food of your bed for decor. Actually... they have those on the bed for you to place your suitcase on to empty... that way the coverlet stays clean longer... kind of like when you unpack on the cruise ships. I'm making mine with wool applique.. and there better be NO SUITCASES placed on it!! I'll post a sketch of the design when I get to that point.

I'm off to sew... yippee!!! Have a happy day and remember... "Celebrate Handmade"!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Eeeeekkk... It's July already!!

What happens to the days, the hours, the minutes? Wow.. an entire month has gone by and I haven't had the chance to post anything new to my blog! I've done so much this past month!

I've just returned from the Vermont Quilt Show where I helped Paula Barnes (with Bonnie Blue Quilts) with their gorgeous booth. What a nice show... great show volunteers. We felt so welcomed.. they even brought us bottled water and cookies each afternoon. Now how sweet is that? I'm sure it goes unsaid that both Paula and I didn't want to hurt their feelings when it came to accepting those cookies... so we took them! HA!!!

See this rack? It's my newest bestest friend!! Paula told me she just purchased one of these little babies and I thought it was a fabulous idea! It's a project rack. Use each tray... fill it full of your project notes, samples, photos, etc. that pertains to that particular project. Label the tray... them place them in the rack from top to bottom in the order you want (or need) to get them finished... prioritize!!! aaahhh... so wonderful.

I'm sorting through my sewing studio and fillin' em up!!

While in Vermont we took a few hours to play! We found this wonderful primitive shop. I simply wanted one of everything. The outside gardens were also gorgeous! I took some photos.. let's see if I can get them from my Droid phone to this page... here it goes... ick.. I'm not good with all of this technology yet... ok never mind... I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find it on my computer. I'll have to look later.

Today I am working on a new block-of-the-month design made with wool. I haven't chosen the name yet but it's going to be a primitive wool look. I'm making it special to honor all of our military. Each one of them is so special in my heart. My hubby, Jack, served 20 years in the Navy. Now I look at tv and see children defending our country... I just ache for the day when this fighting is all over... and those that are serving overseas in the war zones are safe again. I'll keep you posted on it's progress. I have tons of research to do... to get my mind in the creative patriotic route!

Stay well, stay busy and "Celebrate Homemade" !!

Later... Gloria

Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh My Gosh !!!!

This is Harriett.... my wonderful kitty friend.... She is now 11 years old and may not see her next birthday! What a pill she has been. She escaped (we left the garage door up)outside (she's an indoor kitty) one morning (very early!!) and before I realized it - around 10:00 am .... it was too late. I could find her NO WHERE.

I was so worried about her.... she has no front claws and has NEVER been outside before. I don't even know if she would know what kind of critters she could catch and eat ... I called and called ... tried all kind of tricks to get her to come home.. no Harriett. Then one day (one week later) I decided to give up and put her kitty dishes away ... she wouldn't be using them again (sniffle). Well, wouldn't you know it.. Heather and Lexie were at the house in the afternoon and I could see a kitty on the patio (looking through louvered blinds) but it didn't look like her ... Heather ran to the patio door... and THERE SHE WAS! Very timid... almost didn't want to come in (what a silly girl... she must not have remembered this is where the food is...). Finally she let me pick her up and she felt like she weighed "like nothing"... so skinny!

Let me tell you something... she meowed for a long time. I don't know if she was "telling me off" because she got left outside or if she was telling me of her adventures. Whatever... she certainly had alot to say! Plus.. she didn't act hungry or thirsty... she wasn't dirty ... she had been outside for a week... I'm thinking she may have gotten locked in somewhere... oh who knows?
I sure wish we knew how to speak "kitty language"... I'm sure she had some stories to tell me.

MINNEAPOLIS QUILT MARKET - WOW.... what a great time I had. I was with Bonnie Blue Quilts and a little with Blue Hill Fabrics. They had tons of help and I felt more in the way than anything else. I did get to walk the floor, see my favorite vendors and was inspired and ready to begin more of my designs! I love market... if you're a quilt shop owner and you don't go to market... GO!!! It will make your heart dance with joy, inspire you, and give you tons of new ideas for your store and your customers. I often hear shop owners say "I can't afford to go"... well sister (and brothers) YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO!! If you shop the market and attend classes, you will gain so much knowledge that you can implement in your store that will make it grow and be even more wonderful than it already is! There!!! That was my soap box for the day!

Since I've returned I'm a wild woman in my quilt studio... I already have ideas for new quilts - here are the names I've picked "Coming Home", "Flight of the Swallows", "Freedom Ring", "Pop Clyde's Bowties", "Pink Delight", "Town Square", "Good Morning!", and then I want to make new samples of Only A Few Hours and Pretty Pots A Plenty! Do you think I have enough to keep me busy! Egads!!! I'm a crazy woman! But LOVE IT!!

I'm off to run errands and have lunch with Cathy Peters!

Happy creating and remember "Celebrate Handmade" !!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What a great day!!

Yesterday I took a little shopping trip with Vicky and Lynn Rogers. We went to our beautiful St. Johns Town Center. OMG!!! Was it ever HOT! Lynn's car registered the heat outside at 110 degrees!! No wonder I was all sticky and icky!!! That Town Center is something else...I felt like I was in another land ... it's been a long time since I've been shopping (window shopping as it turned out... didn't spend a dime! What's wrong with me?)

Now...Saturday...that was a different story!! I decided to begin working on the know... closets, drawers, etc. (what was I thinking?) I started with my let me tell you... this was a major project... I don't think I had worked on it the entire time we have lived here!!! eeeekkkk! You know... it's simply amazing what you can find when things are all in order! 4 LARGE, BIG GARBAGE BAGS LATER... I was finished. I think this is the untapped way to help people loose weight! I've never bended or squatted so many times in my life.... and let me tell you... I can tell this morning!! It was a little challenging getting out of bed... I think every muscle from my waist down HURTS!! However.... My closet looks fantastic!

Then... on to the bathroom drawers and cabinets...eeeeekkkkk... do you know lots of things have expiration dates???? I think I win the contest on who has kept them the longest... I won't even begin to tell you the "year expriation" on many of them!

Then... on to the bedroom dresser drawers!!! I never realized I had so many pair of "matched" socks!!! Out with the old.... and in with the new.... that's my new motto!

Today I'm making sure I have everything I need for my Minneapolis trip!!! I leave on Weds. with the early birds!! Our flight is at 6:00 am!!! Faye (she's working with Marti Michell), Susan (she's working with Crabapple Hill) and me (I'm working with Blue Hill Fabrics) will all be on the same plane... and it's a little one too! However, it's a straight flight! Thank you Susan for finding the flight for us! Then we will help set up the booths and for 3 days, take orders from quilt shop owners! How fun this will be.... I can't wait!

While I'm there I hope to gain even more inspiration for designs. I have so many in my head and sketched out now I doubt that I would ever get them all completed! Now... I'm off to the shower and on to the hair dresser...gotta get these locks trimmed and the roots covered up!

Chow... Gloria

p.s. Yippee!!! It's raining today... do we ever need it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breakfast Sausage Apple Pie

Wow...that's all I have to say about this recipe!! My friend, Lynn made this... I just found it while looking through mounds of "stuff" in my sewing studio! I just had to share it with all of you!

Breakfast Sausage apple Pie - (makes 2 pies)

1 lb Oscar Mayer Pork Sausage Links (you may want more sausage - this only gives you about 6 links per pie)
1 - 11-oz package (box) pie crust mix
1 - package Deep Dish Pie Crust (2 per pk)
2 - 1 lb 4 oz cans apple pie filling
2 - cups (4 oz) shredded processed American cheese (you can use slices - 3 to 4 per pie)
1 - cup brown sugar, firmly packed

Cook pork sausage links; drain on paper towel. Meanwhile, bake deep dish pie crusts for 10 minutes at 375. Pour apple pie filling into each baked crust. Arrange cooked sausage, spoke fashion on pie filing, sprinkle with shredded cheese (or slices).

Topping: combine brown sugar and box of pie crust mix. Sprinkle evenly over two pies. Return pies to oven and bake 25-35 minues or until crust is golden brown. Makes 6 servings.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Look at this!!!

I finished working with Katie on my color selection for my BOM wool rug pattern. What a job!! There are so many colors to choose's overwhelming! I'm okay at picking out fabric...but wool colors is a whole new ball game.

It was wonderfully fun! We've decided to have the first month be the sheep and the watermelon. She's dyed the wool already and will begin hooking it TODAY! We have a full day of hooking with the guild today! I can't pile is ready to pack into the car.
Although... I have a strong suspicion that I am now alergic to wool. When I am around it for some time... I cough my bloody brains out. I might have to begin wearing one of the little masks they use when they are doing your nails. Won't that be a lovely site to see? I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not giving up my wool!!
I'll take some pictures so you can see the progress!!

Hey...look here... I didn't want any of you to feel bad because your sewing room is a mess!!! Now honey's... this is a mess!!!

I can't even tell I have a cutting counter.... is that my ironing board?... Hey...where is the keyboard to my computer? Heck....who cares....I'm on my way to hook!!!
Chat with you soon!!! Gloria

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm so excited...I'm heading over to Katie's house to color plan my wool rug block of the month. This is the part I that color!! I'll take pictures while I'm there !! You must see this studio...she has an entire wall of wool and patterns. It's "hooker's heaven"!

Then Saturday - the rug hooking guild here in Jacksonville - well we are all getting together to hook all day! I'll take my pattern with me and try to drum up some gals to sign up! They are such a wonderful group of gals.

Hey... if you live in the Jacksonville area and have always wanted to learn how to hook... now is the time. Katie Puckett is our instructor (she's helping me with my BOM) and she's awesome!

I'll fill you in on more this evening....ta ta... I'm off....


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crackle...crackle...tinkle...tinkle....CRASH!!!!! Oh yes... did we ever get a surprise this morning when we pulled up to the store! One of the HUGE windows in the center of our store front was lying on the sidewalk in a kazillion (is that a word?...sounds good..) pieces. I went crazy screaming... NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! You see... we just had our auction the evening before and many of the customers items were still in the store... waiting to be picked up today! I just knew when I walked through the door it was going to be completely empty! Then I really freaked out when I thought of the auctioneers computer equipment that he left so we could finish today... I knew it would be history!! However, not one single thing was missing! We examined the broken glass area... nothing suspicious - no rocks, no bricks... you could tell the glass fell straight down and hit both the sidewalk and the inside floor. What a mess to clean up! Wow were there a bunch of pieces.

The place is down to it's empty bones. Today we had the kitchen cabinets leave the building along with all of our pegboard. Tables, silks, beds, cabinets...they all made their exit. Soon I'll make mine... I know.. it's only a building but when I think of all the fun times we had in there it's a real tear jerker for me. However... I will not dwell on this sadness... I will make everyone happy again by planning events, designing, sewing and .... gosh... I can actually go shopping now! What's that?

Hugs to all....!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look at this gorgeous antique quilt I found. This is one of my 15 that I'm re-designing!!! What do you think? Won't it be wonderful in reproduction prints in the golds, browns, reds, blues? Add those scrappy backgrounds.... a stop border(inner border...I think it needs one) and a super outer border and we have a winner!!

Now tell me... who doesn't love making 1/2 square triangles? Each large block will be 18"! With borders it should finish somewhere around 100" x 118".... just the way I like them! BIG!!!!

H-m-m-m-m... I'll have to come with a great name for this quilt!! It's full of flying geese... they seem to be flying around the center block! How about helping me to name this quilt? Let me know what you think!! If I pick your quilt name, I'll send you a pattern when it's finished ... FREE!!!

Later.... Gloria

Monday, April 26, 2010

We're back home....

Wow... what a whirl wind trip we had to Paducah! The show was over before we knew it. We had a great time... we stayed in a lovely home with Gayle and her husband. It was nestled in a wooded area... big white house - long front porch with beautiful wicker furniture with stuffed pillows, flowers everywhere, beautiful ferns, and the most gorgeous antiques I've ever seen! We felt like we were queens. Look at our beds we slept in!!! Aren't they awesome? She had a beautiful table set for us each morning and fixed our breakfast! aaaahhhh.... lived like a queen for a week!
And look at this adorable "TC" !! This was the sweetest dog I've ever seen! He was so adorable...and he LOVED Jill !!! Check out this bed!!! This was Jill's bed and the other photos are of the upstairs where we were housed. She had collected 6 panel doors for years and then put them in the house as her walls - painted white - GORGEOUS!!

Our booth was located in the Pavilion in Paducah. It's a GREAT, BIG white vinyl bubble tent! It's like living inside a marshmellow! It was bright and cheery and perfect for large events. We were also in a film... eeeekkk.. I'm not a fan of having my picture taken. It's some type of documentary they are making of Paducah. The camera crew came to the house as we were arriving and filmed us meeting Gayle the first time at the front door!

We went to dinner with our "show buddies"! What wonderful gals they are... I've never laughed so much in my life! They were from South Dakota, Texas, Iowa, and New Hampshire. It's so sad... we won't be seeing them again... it was a very tearful departure. We have promised to keep in touch with each other through our blogs and emails.

This is the last week of open hours for the store. Thursday and Friday we will be closed - preparing for the auction on Saturday, May 1. I'm praying I will not be a blubbering mess... time will tell. I do want it to be fun for everyone... that's the only way to go... having a good time.

While I've been gone Katie Puckett has been working on my Block-of-the-month rug design! She's getting it drawn on monks cloth. Then we will pick the color palette!! That's the part I love! Once we get that all set, I'll be able to put it on the website and blog and get gals signed up! So exciting!! While I was at the show my creative side of my brain went crazy! I sketched so many new ideas I was dizzy!!! eeeekkkk.... now to get them to paper and samples made! I think I'll also have it designed as a quilt! oooohhh.... with wool applique!! I'm liking it!

My goal.... this is a big one.... is to have a good supply of new patterns along with their samples to show at the Houston Fall Quilt Market in October! Whew... here's hoping I meet that goal! I know I sure have alot of work ahead of me. I'll keep you all posted on the ideas so I can get your feedback!

Well... it's off to unpack and do some laundry... and hit ther sheets early! I'm a tired girl!!
Chat with you soon!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010 we come!!

Well, Vicky and I loaded up the Sprinter van this morning (man was it hot...!) for our last show - on to Paducah! It was very sad knowing that this was the last time we would be getting ready for a retail show. I am excited for this trip... we are in a new building. The hotel in Paducah is no more (it was really, really icky inside!) The city has purchased this building - it's like a big blown up tent!! They use them at the Olympics and huge events. It is permanent in this location. Has 40 foot ceilings, concrete floor, very bright and light inside. It has to be better than the "greenhouse" we were in last year. What a nightmare that was!!!! It will be fun to see my Bonnie Blue buddies and all of the other nice vendors we've become friends with. What a great group of hard working people they are!

It's also hard to believe than in just two short weeks, the store will close. I can't even imagine how I'm going to feel when I walk out the door for the last time and lock it. My heart is just simply broken. However, I do know that God has plans for me and I'm movin' on! I have so many ideas that I want to design... I know I must be scaring poor Heather to death. You see... she's a big part of my designs... I love her talent..hhhmmmm.... did she get that from me? HA!!!

We think Lexie is going to be artistic too... you should have seen the stick figure she drew on Friday... without any of us helping her. It had fingers and toes... Heather was shocked. What a sweet little girl...!!

My suitcases are packed, our goodie snacks (for in the van) are ready... tomorrow morning bright and early ... I'm off to pick up Jill and off we go! I always have to prepare hand projects to work on while we're in the van. I just prepared another wool block that I'm designing for a block of the month quilt. It's pretty drop-dead-gorgeous. Whatcha think? I can't wait to get started on it. I use a whip-stitch applique method with silk thread... you can't even see the stitches. LOVE IT!

Also... today Jack (my hubby) brought the Olde Green Cupboard to the house. I have it full of quilts already with my pretty red/brown/cream star quilt hanging over the door. It looks so pretty in the house.

That's all I have for today... I'll keep you posted while in Paducah!!

Remember - "Celebrate Handmade"

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just talked to Blue Hill Fabrics(they print my fabric) ... I'm going to Spring Market in Minneapolis to work in their booth. I get to take fabric orders from shop owners! How much fun will this be...sittin' on the other side of the table! I just hope I can fold up those fabric cards!! They show you the fabric on big cards that they lay out... it's kind of like refolding a map.... eeeekkk!!!

It sure will feel strange not to order fabric : ( !!!! Very sad!!! At least I'll get to see the samples !

The other great part of this trip is I get to stay with my Bonnie Blue friends - Paula and MaryEllen!! They are such a hoot and so much fun!

Wish me luck.... hope I sell a bunch for them!!

Chat with you later.... Gloria

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've always wanted to make "Quilt Rugs". When I tell people this they cringe with disbelief. We have throw rugs on the floor in our homes today and they are made from cotton and other fibers... we see nothing wrong from walking on these rugs. Yet.... when I mention making a "quilt-rug" the first thing I hear is, "Oh no, I can't walk on's a quilt!" Well, yes and no - it's all in how you look at it I guess.

I'm forging on... even though people have questioned my idea.... See this proud fellow I've drawn? Well he's my next design... I'm going to put him right in the middle of a great big round circle.... bordered with beautiful tongues like they use on penny rugs.... He'll look grand... I'll keep you posted on my progress! Keep on sewing !! Gloria

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm so excited!! I've been designing all morning and I'm finishing up a drawing for something NEW! How about (for all of you wool rug hookers) a wool block-of-the-month rug? Oh my gosh.... this sounds like so much fun!!

I haven't worked out all of the details but it will work somewhat like our quilting block-of-the-months are handled. You will receive your entire pattern drawn on your monks cloth (linen will be an extra cost) along with your first months wool. Each month we will send you the wool for the next block!

You'll have a great time hooking a HUGE sunflower (and a snail) along with an Olde Glory flag, Radio Flyer Wagon, stars, a sheep with her Americana blanket, watermelon with a crow and a saltbox house with a willow tree and flowers! As soon as we get more details on the distribution of the program and the cost... I'll email and blog everyone with the information! In the meantime... remember.... "Celebrate Handmade"!!

Later.... Gloria

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 should see the store!

Oh my... the store is a site to behold! We have emptied out the stock room, rearranged the floor and it's just FULL of great deals for you. If you haven't had the chance to visit our website... please do. You will read all about our new adventures that are upon us.

We love you all and will keep you posted on our plan of events over the next few months!

Spring is here!!! LOVE IT! Today was gorgeous!!

"Celebrate Handmade"


Monday, February 22, 2010

We're on the road again....

Good morning... Jill and I are on the road again.... this morning (with the chickens) we're leaving early and heading for Hampton, Va. Great show... we'll keep you posted on how the week is going...

Have fun... visit the gals at the shop and.... remember...

"Celebrate Handmade"

p.s I designed two wonderful patterns this weekend...small projects with wool.


Glo and Jill

Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh My...I'm so excited!!!!

I just can't wait... I have submitted two lines of fabric (my first ones) to Blue Hill Fabric Co. and they have one finished!!!! It's so exciting... I'm supposed to get a file to view today... through my email. Oh my gosh...I can't stand it. It's called Honeymoon Cottage. The inspiration came from a huge framed antique wedding certificate from 1904. It has beautiful roses and lovely handwriting on it... I'm hoping they printed this into fabric. I gave them all of my ideas... now it's just a waiting game. They will have my swatches to the salesmen soon and they will begin to take orders. Plus all of the stores that go to spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis will see it for the first time!

They are now in the process of starting on my second line - Nests of Plenty !!!

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress.... sitting on pins and needles!!

Thanks for spending time with me today!

"Celebrate Handmade"!!! Gloria

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check us out!

We all spent the weekend together... take a peak!!

Talk about some strange very afraid. Lynn was working on her wool penny rug table runner and thought they looked like eyeballs...So everyone decided to get into the act. eeewww...these girls work for me?

You look lovely dah-ling...simply lovely...

Susan Rogers...she is simply a nut... that's why we love her so much. She was working on a wool pillow and her new sewing machine. She was learning how to do wool roving. She did a sheep...he was so cute!

My Vicky...she's the ironing queen. Her blocks and quilts are so well pieced and pressed. She beats me in these two categories...that's for sure!

Hey Sue... we love your NEW fnished quilt! So cute!

Heather.... she's working on a teddy bear! She makes them by hand from mohair.... this one is a special order she's completing...he's going to have red pajamas on! Now how cute is that?

Hey Jill.... your rug is looking AWESOME!! Mr. Pumpkin cool! She's a great hooker! HA!

Happy Birthday Cathy! only see one candle. Why?... it's much easier to blow out ONE candle than it is 53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you that shared our weekend was so much fun!! Good food, good friends, good sewing.... aaaahhh... just doesn't get any better than this.

We are all ready for a GREAT NEW YEAR! 2010 is going to be super for all of us and all of you. We wish everyone good health, good wisdom, and a good love and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hugs to all...Happy Sewing... Gloria

Here is our Jilly....she's hookin' with Cathy too!!