Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guess What? 

I get to see, snuggle, kiss, and HUG my great grand baby today!  YIPPEE!!!  Aubrey and her mommy (my sweet Elizibeth) is coming over this morning to see us.  I can't wait...  I'll try and steal a few pictures of her so I can post them.  She's a cutie-patootie!!

I actually CROSSED some items off my list!  Gosh...it feels so good to do that.  I'm making a little surprise for our Alaska Cruise Gals (Lynn and Pam) so... shhhhh... don't tell them!  Ooopppss... I forgot! Pam reads my Blog!  Hey Pam... guess what?  I'm not telling you what it is...you'll just have to wait and see!  (It's nothing big...just a little "thank-you" for both of you) from me and Merryann (my friend that is coming with me).

Then.. I re-straightened my sewing studio.  It seems like that's all I do.  I can now understand how my kids could tear up a room in a matter of seconds when they were playing or looking for something.  gggrrrr... very frustrating isn't it?

Let's see what I have for you today!

I love this setting.... don't you?  The white chairs, covering, mirror on the table and great frame in the background.

I think I need this table in my sewing studio!

Now... this is fabulous.  I would have to do some kind of label with the drawers... I'm sure I would forget where I put things. 

These hangers are so cute.  Don't they make you smile?  I might actually like doing laundry and hanging things up if I owned these.  hhhmmm... wonder how easy they are to make... sew up the top and part of the bottom...slip onto the hanger and finish the seam...I think it's pretty much an easy task!  Don't you?

Look how they've taken this old TV tray - painted it white and used it on the table.  How sweet is this... ?  White is such a great color...goes with all of the seasons well.

These I saw on the Internet.  They fit perfect into a buggy... so you can shop and then the "bagger" can put things right back inside and it's easy to haul to the house.  Now...to find them..that's the issue!

I sure wish we had a "container" store here.... and IKEA!!!

This is the perfect mailbox for all of us that sew!  Mount your box on top of an old sewing machine base (steel) and we have it ready for delivery!!  Ha...I think this is a HIT!!

And here...boys and girls... is my Aubrey!!!

I love black and white photos...they are just precious! " Hi everyone...I've just had my bath!"

giggles.....giggles... and more giggles!!!

Look at that sweet face!!!  Don't you wonder what they are thinking?

I just arrived at Great Grammies house...!!  I'm wide awake and very HAPPY!  She's now 6 weeks old.  Look at those long fingers...hhhmmm... I wonder if she will play the piano?

It's time to leave you... I need some more hugs from Aubrey...

Here's a "giggle" picture for you... silly CAT!  I wonder what in the heck he is doing?  In love with that fence post... and giving it a BIG HUG?  hahahahahahaha!

We used to have a cat just like this when we were little.  His name was Taffy.  What a sweet kitty he was...gosh he lived a LONG time.  Our daddy found him along the road all alone and he was just a little tiny thing.

Have a super Tuesday!! 

I'm off for snuggles!!!


Monday, July 30, 2012


How was your weekend?  Mine was both sad and great!  Sad - I had to leave Paula's house and fly home.  At least the flight home was MUCH better than the one going to Texas.... no Rugby teams and no one next to me smacking me with their elbow while they were napping!

Gosh.. what a great time I had with Paula, her mom, and hubby!  PLUS... I learned so much.. my head is spinning!  (to add to my dizziness already...hahahahaha!)  Then.. when I got home I was with my B-a-a-a-a-d Girls Club for TWO WONDERFUL DAYS!  What a great group of gals.  They are all crazy and nuts... I enjoy them so much!  They made fun pin cushions with ric rac, wool, and buttons. 

Now..it's Monday and this week I'm on a mission (one of many..) to make a list, prioritize, and start checking things off.  Have you noticed I make lots of lists... geeze Louise... what's up with that.  I think I picked up this process from my honey!  He has lists for everything... you'll see little yellow notepads lined up on the kitchen counter.  "BUY", "GROCERY", " TO DO", etc.  What a hoot!  AND... they have to be written so he can put a check mark beside each finished task.  I like to cross things off...but he's a "check-mark" man!  Ha... what a cutie!

I've decided I'm moving into my galvanized, industrial, metal, enamel  phase of my life.  Weird huh?  You'll see why when you look at my postings today!  (I wonder if my internal body is lacking "iron"....do you think that's why I'm drawn to the metal look?  hahahahaha!  I know...sick joke huh?)

See this bad boy?  Well...let me tell you... these things (double boilers) are awesome.  I remember one time we bought a HUGE one at the auction.  It was more like 3 times this size.  I took it to Finns' Brass & Silver Co. and they polished it up.  OH MY GOSH... it was the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen.  He said he had been in the polishing business for over 30 years and he had never seen one this big.  I sold that thing INSTANTLY and for a super-dooper price.  If I remember correctly they were going to put it by their fireplace to hold wood.  It was something else!  A once in a lifetime purchase.

Now...these buckets... LOVE THEM!  This must be from living on the farm when we were kids.  Daddy used these for everything...grain, take water to the hunting dogs, pick strawberries, fill full of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, green beans, peas, etc. from the garden.  Wish I had a dollar for every one of these I've hauled around in my life. 

Well... I still love them!  Look how awesome this one is filled full of funky pumpkins and gourds.  Buckets...another one of my "crazy loves" !!!

Then... we have enamel - oh my - BE STILL MY HEART!  Now these two have come from the farm.  I remember Grandma Grunawalt using them to make sausage from the pigs they would butcher.  I can still remember them pumping the sausage into the casings and this entire pan would be full of YUMMY, pork sausage! 

Look how they have these gorgeous flowers and plants.  PERFECT for little herb gardens.  They they have a cute little fencing piece tucked in the back - looks like a little picture hanging on the fence...with a pretty plate tucked inside.  Now... you tell me... "how sweet is this"?  I want one of these!!  (Susan A - this reminds me of you SO MUCH!!)

And then...along came the chicken feeder or for water!  I remember having these in the store.  How people loved them.  They are so much fun to decorate with.  Normally they are really, really long... but once in awhile - you will find shorter ones.  If you do - BUY IT!  They are so hard to find... and so wonderful.  Look at this one filled with flowers.  How pretty is this? 

Then... we have the best of the best!!!  Awesome watering cans.  I want these steps, handrail, watering cans, flowers... I want it all.  How sweet and pretty... and so easy to take care of!  Just change out the flowers with the season.  These would be wonderful with daisies, mums, poinsettias... you name it.  Flowers rock... especially when they are in a watering can.  By the way... if you find them at antique stores or flea markets with the spray attachment still on the spout - BUY IT!  They will cost you more money...but they are so worth it.  Most of them have gotten separated and lost with time - so when it's with the can... it's even MORE special!

All right... I guess that's enough "metal" for the day.  It's time to get BUSY and be productive!

Everyone have a fun day... get  a bunch of things done.... I'll chat with you tomorrow....

Here's a "belly laugh" for you!  Too funny!!


Hugs to all!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Thursday.......

Look what I found!!!  Is this not cool?  I want this in my sewing studio...and it's so easy to make.  Now.. if I can just talk my hubby into building it!  hhhmmm.... that could be a challenge.  I like that you can walk all the way around this table.  Can't you just see it with sweet baskets on the shelves - full of goodies... one for rulers, one for rotary cutters, one for thread, one for my paper piecing... you can see where this is going can't you?  The coolest thing... you can paint it any color you want... or multiple colors! 

I think it's so wonderful when things are "re-purposed" - don't  you?  Here they've taken these harp back chairs and will be switching it out for a new bench.  Add a board and then paint.  I can just see a beautiful fabric with some tufting buttons and a ruffle that hangs down a bit.  I'm ready to make it now!!!

Look at this stack of quilts.  So Yummy... I just want to give them a big HUG!  Love the color palette all together don't you?  I can remember when mommy used to hang the linens out on the clothesline to dry... they would whip in the wind... I loved the sound.  All fresh and smelling so clean.  I love the memory of the yummy smell when you crawled into bed at night and snuggled under the covers.  aaahhhhhhhhhhhh.......

I think this is so clever.  They have removed the center of the pumpkins and set mum pots down inside.  So "fallish" and pretty.  There is just something wonderful about mums in the fall!!

Look how adorable this is... they've placed votive candles in these awesome pumpkins and gourds.  I think this is so pretty.  I MUST do this .... Fall is just around the corner you know.

This process is to keep your pumpkins from molding and rotting so quick.  I know you can buy this spray... but I found a recipe on Pinterest that you can use to.  They say to "Spray a mixture of bleach and water on the inside of your fresh pumpkin daily or coat the inside with petroleum jelly to keep mold and dehydration at bay."  Heck...it's worth a try...don't you think?  I think I'll go with the petroleum jelly.  I KNOW FOR A FACT I would NOT spray everyday.... NOT!

Isn't this a sweet table mat?  It's full of little sheep.... bbbbaaaaa... perfect for My B-a-a-a-d Girls Club... don't you think?

Now... for those of you that are lucky enough to live in COLD, COLD country.. you can do this!  They have taken food coloring and added to water.  Then you fill up a balloon and tie.  Place in your freezer.  Then when you want to decorate for the holiday.. or a party... remove from the freezer and peel off the balloon.  You have these pretty GIANT ice balls to decorate your yard.  Isn't this cool?  I know kids would love them.

Hey... Paula and I just found Rowenta irons on www.allbrands.com that are ON SALE!  They normally list for $100.00 and they are now $69.00 PLUS you get a Mary Ellen's Best Press - NO sales tax and FREE shipping.  The best part of all - IT DOESN'T SHUT OFF!  Man I hate irons that keep turning off.  I simply want to throw the thing across the room... pretty violent don't you think?  It's just one of those pet-peeves that I can't handle.  Kind of the same as going to your closet to hang something up and there are no stinkin' hangers!!!  Where do they all go?  I ask you... I just don't understand how they disappear!  Those little gremlins must be stealing them at night and taking them up in the attic somewhere...hhhmmm.....

Ok... it's time to get around.  I've been playing all morning and this posting is already "late" for some of you that like to read it with your morning coffee (sorry)!  Paula and I are having lunch with our friend Janet today.  She's Lisa Aggas's best buddie... met her years ago and haven't seen her in years.  She's been living in China (I think) with her hubby and has recently moved back to the states and lives here in the Houston area.  Lisa... I'll give her a hug for you!

I have an early flight tomorrow morning... so we won't be able to chat.  I'll be back with you on Monday.  It's time to go home (sniffle...sniffle...) and get to work on my patterns and quilting.

Have a super weekend.

Chat with you soon!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ok... I'm just here to tell you that my brain is on overload!!!  I've been working on my patterns, thinking of new designs, getting my priorities in the right order.... eeeekkkkk!!!!  My list of ideas and things to do is spilling over!!  aaahhhh... isn't life GRAND!!!

I'm sure most of you know by now how much I love "Annies"!  I just think they are adorable...it must be from my childhood.  I do remember playing with one.... looking at her little heart on her chest.  So... I'm thinking I must have had one.

Now this poor little thing...she looks like she's been drug behind a tractor...doesn't she?  She's had a little surgery.. (face lift maybe?)  but .... how can you not love that face... even though it's a bit creepy looking.  So sad... if she could only talk and tell us how this all happened!

I also LOVE antique Teddy Bears!  Look at this little fellow with his best friend... giving HIM a great big HUG!  I found a sweet mohair teddy bear in our local antique shop.  She had on the sweetest little calico dress.  Gosh.. I wanted her!  However, she was just too stinkin' expensive... so I had to say Good-Bye to her (in the locked glass case).  I did stop in there the other day - walked up to the case to see her - AND SHE WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I wonder where she's living now.)


Ok...I hate to tell you this...but my computer is acting up!!  It's not wanting to download any photos...it keeps giving me a message "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post.  Please try again."  That's pretty scary isn't it?  (gosh...there are some days I HATE computers...)

I'm afraid...it's time to sign off... before I loose everything!  SO... I'll catch up with you with more postings tomorrow morning! 

Have a super day.... So sorry about the glitches!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hi everyone!!!

I've lost track...what in the heck is today... Oh.. yes... it's Tuesday!!!  Isn't it wonderful when you loose track of the day!!!

Yesterday was a "road trip"!  We went to the city of Brenham, Tx... the home of  "Leftover Antiques"... well... let's just say I was in HEAVEN!!  They had the most unusual French and English antiques and I wanted everyone of them.  However, the prices were a bit out of my pocketbook that's for sure.  I talked to one of the fellows that owned the shop and he said they travel to France and England and tromp all over buying, hauling and refurbishing their treasures.  It was unbelievable... full of HUGE antique french windows, doors and shutters... wonderful findings.  I just wanted to live there!  I got so many great ideas!!

Then we hit several other antique stores...oh my.... how wonderful were they!!  Then on the way back home we went to "Charming Charlies"!!  It's HUGE and full of costume jewelry, purses, fun shoes... it was so cool.  I could have stayed there all day.  I did find out they have a store in Jacksonville.. and from the address she gave me.. it must be in the Avenue Mall.  That should tell you how long it's been since I've been in the mall shopping!!!

Isn't this a great idea...these are quilted blocks they have made into hot pads... so I had this idea....
Do you have blocks that you've made that you just didn't like?  Maybe you decided to not use it because not every little seam intersection matched up like you intended.... (not that this would happen to YOU...hahahahaha!).  Well, don't discard them... quilt these puppies up quickly (double batting) - add a binding and you now have NEW hot pads. 

My hot pads... they are from the store.....and I wash them (quite often) and wash them...then one day I looked at how UGLY they were and told myself.  You silly girl.. throw these nasty things away and treat yourself to some new ones.  So I did...it's amazing how NEW hot pads made me want to cook more!  (strange...don't you think?)  I will now be making my own!!

Look at this little fellow...doesn't he just make you giggle?  I adore him!  He has such teeny - tiny eyes and nose.... It kind of looks like someone stepped on him doesn't it?  I love strange shaped jack-o-lanterns.  See the sticks popping out of the top of his head?   So funny!!

Hey...don't you love this quilt?  This is Paula's foyer - so stinkin' cute.  She has all of these sweet vignettes of cool things.  This one has an adorable white stool, white wooden box filled with antique photos of her family.  Added to the group are several antique mirrors, silver trays and Longaberger baskets. 

This fabulous quilt, Oak Alley is hanging in her living room... you just want to sit and stare at it.  The quilting on this piece is unbelievable!  Just fabulous!

I believe today we may be going on a road trip to LaPorte, Tx...not too far from here!  We're on the hunt for a porch swing and to visit the Painted Pony Quilt Shop.  This store is so wonderful.  It's a "MUST VISIT" shop if you ever come to Houston to the quilt show.  It's not far - and well worth the trip. 

Then...it's more work on my patterns.  I'm learning so much...and soon I hope to be more of a "whiz" when it comes to the graphics in our patterns.

It's time for another cup of coffee... and to get back to work.  I was pretty much a "slacker" yesterday so I need to make up for my playing day!

Have a great one...get some sewing done!


p.s.  We had yummy... yummy pasta last night with feta and Parmesan cheese with sun dried tomatoes!  OMG.. my honey will love it.  I've got the recipe and it's coming home with me.

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a happy Monday morning... aaaahhh... life is good.  I'm sitting in Paula's AWESOME sewing studio while everyone is still snoozing away... except for Paula... she's like me... up before the crack of dawn.  She's waiting for the sun to come up so she can go for a walk (she loves to walk).  You should see how skinny this chick is getting... before long...she will be a stick!!!

My flight was quit amusing.  Jacksonville to Atlanta - I was SO FORTUNATE to sit among an entire team of Rugby players.  They were going back to New York...lost their game with us (yippee).  Well, needless to say..they had a pretty awesome evening the night before (booze played a big part of the evening) and they were still in rare form.  Two of the young men... well..let's just say - their Momma would not have been very proud of them!  No...no...no!!!  They were bad mouthing the owner of the team...that was sitting right with them!  Wow...what an experience.

Then the second hitch wasn't much better.  I had this chick sitting beside me that just seemed to think that part of my seat was hers!  She couldn't sit still...wiggling all over the place... fell asleep and then proceeded to smack me with her elbow - SEVERAL TIMES!!  Wow...was I happy that 1 hour and 40 minutes was finished.

Then...it was all over and there was Paula and all was well! 

We went to this awesome antique shop - OH MY GOSH!!  Girls...I'm not kidding... I could have spend at least $5,000 in that joint.  Furniture... awesome mirrors.... I WANTED IT ALL!

Look at Paula's two sweet babies!!

This is sweet Claire.... What a face this little girl has!!!  She was dancing on the floor...wanting her dinner!!

This is Teddy... .he's the old man in the house... I tried to get him to look at me...but he was just to tired to pick up his sweet head!

This is her kitchen!  It is gorgeous... and her hubby (JR) is an awesome cook.  Last night he fixed smoked shrimp (OMG!) and fish tacos.  sooooooooooooo good!!!

I'll show you more pictures of her house during this week...just to tease you a bit!

Hey... look at this gorgeous quilt.  You know... (I've said this before... )  You just can't beat a two color quilt.... Red and White or Blue and White are my all time favorites... then a simple cross grid quilting..aaahhhh... simply wonderful!

Then... I've always loved the Cake Stand block.
Isn't it so sweet in this pink and white quilt?

Hey... I remember these!  My mommy used to do this... she would embroidery pillowcases and then crochet sweet little bindings on them.  I think I need to do this too!  Thanks to my friend Merryanne, I now know how to make the "french seam" pillowcases.  Cathy P. showed me years ago...but you know.. the brain just didn't remember.  Ok.....now I'm going to be a pillowcase nut... it was so much fun.  I've already bought fabric to make Eden and Lexie a Halloween (cute candy corn) and Christmas pillowcase.  Something special... "memories" from GG!! (Grandma Gloria)

See this bed?  I want it!!!  I just think it's so cool.  Can't you just see it with a yummy shabby chic quilt, yummy pin stripe bed skirt and cute ruffled pillows on it?  WAH!!!!  How come I can never find these treasures when I'm out antique shopping?  It's JUST NOT FAIR!!!

Now this is a cool wool "Penny Coin" mat!  YUMMY!!!  I love the colors they've chosen...don't you?  The binding around the edge is so cute...  I like the idea of them attaching the coins to fabric...not wool.  It has a small pattern in the fabric which makes the mat look even more antique.

And here is your "silly" little "happy" photo for the morning!!

"help...help...help".... I can't get up!!!  The look on that face... is pure flight... it looks as though he's thinking...."do I try to keep going... or should I let go?"  HA... Poor Baby!!!

Well... it's time for another cup of coffee and then get busy on my patterns!  I learned tons of new things yesterday and it's time to use them again... or I'LL FORGET... know what I mean?

Chat tomorrow... with more pictures!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Morning!!!

Well... it's 4:00 am and I'm wide awake... why?  Well.. .I have so many things on my mind that it's just going a mile a minute.  I'm sure you all know what I mean.  The most critical... is the terrible news that one of my OGC customers daughter is missing - 15 years old!  They just moved into Jacksonville from Green Cove Springs and now they can't find her.  Her name is Faith Shirley.  Here's her photo!!!

OGC gals... remember Candy Shirley?  This is her daughter!!!  Please spread this photo to everyone you know and let's do all we can to help find her. 

Heather and I just chatted with Faith and her parents the other day at Carrabba's.  PRAY!!!  Lord... keep her safe and bring her home!  AMEN!

Then... I'm getting ready to fly to Houston - YIPPEE!!  I'm going to spend several days with my friend Paula... she's going to "try" and teach me how to use her method of publishing her patterns.. you know... learning software is NOT the highlight of my life.  However, I MUST find an easier and FASTER way to get my patterns written. I have so many that I need to write - so I can share them with all of you.  Time is a wasting!!   So... Sunday is the big day... movin' to Texas for a week!!!  Yippee!!!

So... these two things (among a million other things) have been in my mind all night.  Now I've had some coffee - and I'm getting things going for the day.  Of course... it's so early.. I might have to crawl back under the covers for awhile.  That's the best sleep... isn't it?

I've noticed that everyone must be getting the "Fall Season" bug .... Pinterest has sure had a ton of cool fall things posted.  Here are some of my favorites.

Isn't this GORGEOUS for your front door!  I love it...so full and pretty.  That burlap bow just sets it off.  In case you haven't noticed... burlap is IN now girls!!!  Yes it is!!!  It's HOT in the decorating market now... a new trend!

Then... I've always been a lover of Indian Corn.  I can remember my mom always had it in the house during the fall season.  We could find it everywhere in Indiana.  It's so pretty in arrangements... or just lying in an old basket or wooden bowl.  This wreath is pretty cool... I wonder if the birds would decide to make a nest in it... OR EAT IT?  Not good either way.

You know... another LOVE, LOVE, LOVE of mine - is bittersweet!  OMG... it is so much fun to decorate with.  Last fall I was in Indiana with my sister-in-law (Linda - Jack's little sister) and we went to a FALL craft show.  Gosh... I love going to those things!  The air was crisp, it was a sunny day... you could smell the yummy food cooking, and there were beautiful HUGE mum plants blooming everywhere... then I saw it!  A booth FULL of REAL BITTERSWEET!  I almost pee---d my pants I was so excited!  I bought a huge bundle of it for only $5.00 !!!  I was doing the happy dance.

The ONLY bad thing about the real stuff... it falls apart SO EASY!  So you MUST be very careful with it.  That's why...the fake stuff (as below on the pumpkins) is such a good way to go.  It lasts forever and it's so pretty.  They make it now so you swear it's real.  We had some at the OGC and it would sell out immediately.

I love white (luminary) pumpkins and with the bittersweet wrapped around the center of them... well.. let's just say... OH MY!

Then... I saw this adorable gift.  They've taken the small, squatty canning jars and filled it with some type of apple dip.  Then tied a crispy fresh green apple to the top - added a sweet ribbon - and it's now ready to be given as a sweet gift. 

Now... if you don't want to go to the time of making this dip... just buy a bag of carmels, unwrap lots of them - fill the jar.  Then they can remove the lid - microwave the carmels to melt.. and they are ready to eat and dip their apple.  How fast and easy is this? 

Great little token for your mailman, nail tech, hair stylist, how about the UPS or FEDEX guy?  Teacher?  or...for each of your girlfriends sometime when you all go out to lunch!

Then... if you  don't know this... I'm all about "little collections" of things.  Take a peak at this one.. I think it's so cool!

I just love the old, ornate, antique hand mirrors!  Can't you just see this as a display in your bathroom.. or even in the bedroom.  The mirrors all sitting in a row on the hooks is very clever too.   I like how she hung them with white ribbon (blending in with the wall).  It gives the mirrors the appearance they are floating... don't you think?   How sweet and feminine.  Ok...here's another thing to add to my "antique" hunting list. 

And the best photo of all... "I'm Home".

Pray for sweet Faith... pray for our military and their families... pray for our country!

Thanks for being my friends!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Sewing Day!

I love Thursdays... sewing with friends is the absolute BEST - isn't it?  Today I'm headed to Cinnamon's for a day of rest and relaxation and yacking!! (that's the best part...the socializing).  Although I learned that my sock instructor - is in the hospital!  I'm calling her this morning to check on her... her sister thinks she will be released today.  How sad... she loves Thursday sewing and she won't be with us!! Boo Hoo!  We love you K... get well soon!

Well, good news... we have made contact with our potential partner on Heather's bears and critters!  Keep your fingers crossed this works out for both she and them!  Hey... look at this wonderful picture of  Heather.  They recently took it of her at the photography school she attended not long ago.  So pretty.. .love you sweet girl!!

Hey... remember when I talked about wheelbarrows?  Look what other beautiful photo I found of them.  Now.. .how could anyone resist these flowers!  Oh So pretty!!  The best part is...when they all die off... just dump the entire contents and start over.  Makes for fast and easy cleanup!!

Now this is darn clever.  If you want to pipe two different colors of icing onto something... fill TWO SEPARATE icing bags with icing - butter cream and chocolate.  Then insert BOTH of them into one bag with tip attached to the coupling.  Now when you squeeze - both come out at the same time!  Cool huh?  Now me... I would have tried to get this icing into one bag and had a stinkin' MESS!!
People are so darn clever...it hurts the brain sometimes.

Has anyone ever tried this?  They say if you wrap the end stem of the bananas in saran wrap it delays them over ripening too fast!  I just normally buy a smaller number of bananas... however, I think this might be worth a try.  I hate it when you buy them and end up throwing them out because they are overripe... AND... I'm to lazy to make banana bread.  Of course I could freeze them right?  DUH.. .just thought of that! 

I'd rather just eat it at Bob Evans.... already made and already yummy!  You can even buy loaves to bring home.  Now that's my kind of baking!

I just had to show you this photo... I scanned it into my computer.  This is Vicky and I when we were in grade school... I'm not sure of our age.  Mom had just made these sweet dresses... we were going to see our Grandpa... he had been sick.  We're holding little stuffed panda bears that we had just gotten from the Old Settler's Day Fair in our little hometown.  Remember the little bamboo canes with the attached toy?  That's what we used to get for a treat.  I loved those dresses... they were a real soft yellow...  Can you tell little girls wore their dresses shorter back then?  woooooiiiieee... wish I was still this skinny! 

Take a peak at my pretty coasters! Yep... I made these...easy as pie!  They go really, really fast too.  I'm showing them to my friends today.  They make such a great little gift for hostesses!  I made all of them while watching a movie!  The color isn't real clear... they are a soft buttercup yellow, green and chocolate brown.  I used Peaches n Cream cotton yarn so they can be washed!

Time for some awesome quilts!  Look at this picture... is it not beautiful.  What a great shot...

Isn't it amazing how a simple 9-Patch can look so warm and inviting when put with the proper colors.  I especially love how they used the two shades of blue and by proper placement... made a background with an interesting pattern.  Once you stare at this for awhile... you see different blocks that appear in the background.  It's wonderful!

I laugh to myself... every time I see a quilt put together on point!  My friend, Paula... she loves "on-point" quilts and she designs many of them.  Just think how plain and ordinary these blocks would be if they were on a horizontal setting!  See Paul... you ARE RIGHT!  On point is prettier!

And this little number just makes me plain happy!  The colors are so cheerful...against the white-white background.  Lordy.... look at the number of pieces in this block OMG!!!  No... on second thought... DON'T COUNT!  It's better that way.

And...here is your sweet photo of the day.  Doesn't this look like my Aubree???  It's not.. .but I just love the big pink bow (or blue if you have a boy) with the tag - From God.  How precious is that?

Ok...that does it for me today... I need to jot down an idea I thought about this morning laying in bed!  That's when I get my best thinking done... my mind is on fire that early in the morning.  Gosh.. I wish it was like that all the time.

Hugs to all... have fun sewing today!

Thanks for your prayers for Heather and her "critters"!  They are working!!!