Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's already been a week....

Wow..does time fly when you're busier than all get out! I can't believe an entire week has gone by since I last chatted. Time flies when you're having a great time!!

This week has been crazy... some days we were so quiet you could hear a pin drop and then other days we were like wild women! Cathy and Lynn have been quilting fools all this week... They pumped out the quilts. Then............................ Saturday we took in 8 more. Cathy's gonna love me when she sees the long arm table. I've got them all neatly piled up and ready to go for her. Although...she loves the long arm...she does it day after day and never gets tired of it.

We are all ready for Quiltfest.... Jill, Sue and I leave on Monday for Philadelphia...aaaahhhh... nice cool weather... I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm so tired of the heat... actually I hate the heat...why am I in Florida? 'Cause I love this state! The Philadelphia show is in a new location this had previously been in Ft. Washington - they tore that place down - then it moved to Harrisburg in a beautiful facility. However, it was somewhat far from it's original now we are in the expo center in Philly. I'm hoping it will be a super show for us. Our truck is packed to the top.

Then we leave to come home on Mon. and Tue. then Wednesday we unload for the Jacksonville show!! Whew...ok...I'm tired already. ha! Vicky and Heather will have more stuff packed for the show also. We have 6 booths so we have to fill 'er up! I love the Jacksonville show.... very nice!

Today I have to pack, shop, get my glasses fixed! Why is it when you buy expensive frames they don't last any longer than those at a more reasonable price. I can't keep one of the screws in on the arm ...gggggrrrrr... makes me very unhappy.... then I have to sew... I'm having I must sew.

We're having my hubby's great steaks for dinner....I can't wait... they are better than any I've ever eaten in a restaurant. MEAT.....PROTEIN.... ya gotta love it!

Ok... I'm off to get coffee and get day going!!! Happy Sunday to all!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cross them off the list....

Today is Sunday.... I actually feel pretty awful... I'm missing my great nephews (Vincent) birthday party.... so while I'm trying to get rid of this headache, cough and icky nose... I've decided to sit at the computer and get some work done.

I've just talked with Jan Vaine...this is the class she will be teaching in January 2010. It's called Fancy Flowers.... more will come in an email and on our website.
Jan is so talented.... you should see the detail of this block up's unbelievable!

Keep watching your email for more news!

Cruisin' - yep... we're putting together our list of "cruisers" so we can begin to give them fun information regarding our cruise in December!! I'm so excited... I've never been on a cruise before ... so to go on one with 40 - 45 other gals is going to be too much fun! Mara (my cruise director) is an awesome lady and has been on over 65 cruises.....WOW!!! So... if you're going with us... you'll be hearing from us soon!!!

Bucket List - I've finished one of my items on my bucket list... well, it's not actually finished...but I'm well on my way! I can't tell you all of it at this time.... but I'm sooooo excited about it.... tell you more later!!

Our Web Sampler quilt is finished.....yippee!!!! Here is a sneak peak of it .... if you go to our website and click on the Web Sampler logo (star in a circle) it will take you to a full picture. Plus you'll be able to see all of the other blocks. Go to each web site and purchase your block...while you're on each site, take a peak of their quilt finishing kit. Buy the one you want... and you'll be ready to go! It all begins on Sept. 15.

I've just finished putting the binding on my "Same But Different" quilt. It's so "fall"... I love it. I wish I had a picture to show you....but not yet. We'll be taking it to the Philadelphia show (we leave next week) so I'll be sure and take some pictures to show all of you.
I'm now off to the living room.... cuddling in my chair... and hand sewing my binding down.
Later chickies......... Gloria