Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yippee... I just finished two more wool projects for our B-a-a-a-a-d Girls Club at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop here in Jacksonville!  We are kicking it off this coming new year and I can't wait.

Here are my 3 finished projects that we will start with!

Bountiful Blessings! 

I put small antique pearl buttons on the center of each yellow flower !

She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. 

This certainly fits me doesn't it?

Maryellen's Garden - The center is wool applique - using Valdani buttonhole stitch.
Gosh, this was great fun to make!!!

It's getting quilted this week - then I'll finish the binding and it will be ready to hang in Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.

We will be kitting each of these projects ...!!

I'm now working on a new design for Cinnamon's - it's going to be a "penny rug" !!!  I have the wool picked out for the "coins" around the edge... now I'm designing the wool applique center.  Our background fabric is Lisa Bongean's flannel that looks like wool!  The flannel and wool work so well together.  Using the flannel for the large piece makes the project much more economical!

As soon as it progresses a little further... I'll give you some pictures! I must get busy with the Christmas decorations.  My DH was so sweet and brought everything in from the garage!  eeeekkkkk.... I have tub after tub that I must go through!  I sure wish he had some "decorating blood" in him so he could help.  However.... he was not blessed with it!  Blessed with lots of other great things...but decorating... NOT!!
(this is a guy that wanted to glue jigsaw puzzles together and hang them in the bedroom the grand  kids sleep in.... even the youngest granddaughter told him NO!... hahahahaha!!)

PLUS... I have Holly Table runner kits to cut, pack up all of my sewing essentials for a FUN, FILLED .... Christmas Retreat at Cinnamon's for the entire weekend!  I get to be a participant this year.... YIPPEE!!!!  We get to have a cookie exchange, make a stocking (that Santa is going to fill), ornament exchange, eat home cooked meals, sew, wear Christmas jammies.... I CAN'T WAIT!!!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm BACK...............  I have returned from Atlanta where I taught for a great group of gals from the Etowah Valley Quilt Guild!  19 crazy girls that did a fantastic job with their wool project - Three's Company.  Thanks girls for such a great time!

I got to stay with Tami - her house was in the sticks... but oh such a beautiful area!  I had no idea the woods in Georgia could be so beautiful.  Here is a picture of my gorgeous Americana bedroom that I called home for several days!
Don't you just love this bed?  It was one of those REALLY high ones...the kind you need a little step stool to crawl into it.  The quilt on the bed was antique!!  LOVED IT!  Slept like a baby!

On my way into Atlanta I just had to stop in McDonough, Georgia and visit with my friend, Karen Taylor - the owner of A Scarlet Thread.  Listen... if you haven't been to this quilt shop... you are missing something HUGE!  Her shop is gorgeous and so full of "eye candy" I just didn't know where to look first.  Here are some photos....

Now these florals.... I just wanted to roll around in them...they were so gorgeous!!!

This is the batik section!!!  Wow... was it ever wonderful!!!  All of you batik lovers... you'll go nuts!!

Karen has a wonderful area in the store where she sells machines... and her favorites are the embroidery ones.  See this pin?  Well let me tell you...they were making a new sample while I was there... and they will knock your socks off!  There is actually a software program just for these pins.  You use a product in your hoop (with your fabric) while stitching.  When finished stitching... you cut out the petals and then hold a steam iron over the top of the fabric (not touching).  After a few spurts of steam... the flower crinkles up into these fabulous shapes!!  It was AWESOME!

This is her embroidery machine software wall !!!!! To Die For!! 

Then you'll see a section that is nothing but displays of gorgeous bags, purses and totes!!!

                        A fabulous NOTIONS WALL !!!!

Then we have the children's clothing section!!  What adorable patterns!!!

This is just a small sampling of the wonderful displays at A Scarlett Thread!  If you are going North on I-75 - you must stop in.  It's just a short distance from the highway and WELL WORTH THE VISIT!!!
Here's her web site... go take a peek !!  Heck... do some shopping while you're there!  Remember... to support your local small businesses!  We want them all to thrive in this icky economy!!

Hey... I just had a wonderful thought!!!  Wouldn't it be cool to plan a road trip to A Scarlett Thread?  How about a BIG BUS!!!!  Karen told me to give her a "head's up" on when we would like to visit...she would love to have us!  Let me know if you would like to tag along???  Oh my... how much fun would this trip be?  I can see us all on the bus...singing...playing games... ha!!

Ok... I'm off to get busy at that sewing machine!  No rest for the designer blood in me!!

Later chickies!!    Gloria

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm packin', stackin', and getting ready to head for Atlanta tomorrow morning!!

I'm teaching at one of the guilds in Atlanta - and I can't wait!  It's so much fun teaching fun gals!!  I'm going to show them how to make those nifty - 9 Patches (the Lisa Bongean way - Primitive Gatherings) and then we'll be using wool on raw silk to make the center of the wall hanging.  I'm going to show them a different option to the applique - stitching with SILK THREAD.  Sometimes you just want an simple look - no buttonhole stitching - this will do the trick!

I have my trip planned... I'm making a stop for gas only... walking around the car some... then stopping at "A Scarlett Thread Quilt Shop" in McDonough, GA. (It is so AWESOME!!!  Hey.. I smell a bus trip...???)   Can't wait... Karen... are you reading this???  I'm on my way!!!  (I'm bringing you one of each pattern that I've designed a present...)

That should put me 3/4 of the way there... that will boost my energy for the rest of the trip. 

Once I get to Tami's house... I'll change clothes... go out for an early dinner and then get ready for my trunk show!  The following morning it's off to the classroom!  YIPPEE!!!!  I have lots of tips and tricks to show the gals that will hopefully make their future wool projects more fun and easier!!!

Tami... I'm coming............  see you soon!

I'll take pictures and post them on my return!!

Ta Da everyone... it's off to pack my suitcase and quilts!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's already Saturday, November 13!!  What has happened...where has this year gone?  In just a few more days I will smell the turkey cooking in the oven and waiting anxiously for my family to arrive for our Thanksgiving dinner!!  WOW... Before I know it the Christmas decorations will need to go up!

Christmas is so less stressful for me now...!  When I had my store... it just seemed like the season never ended.  We actually worked with the Christmas season 9 out of 12 months.  Isn't that hard to believe?  We went to markets in January and February, and July... then from March through May we didn't have to deal with it much.  HOWEVER... then the merchandise began to arrive.  You see ... in the retail world - many vendors gave you discounts if you took the merchandise EARLY (they needed their warehouses empty to get ready for the following year)... which worked great for us since our storage area was so big.  Plus it gave us plenty of time to price and plan our displays.

So.. now that is gone from my life... I get a little shocked when I walk into the stores and SEE CHRISTMAS!!  It actually brings a tear to my eye and sadness in my heart.  I loved my store and I loved the holiday seasons.  Seeing customers happy and shopping for their homes and families warmed my heart.  PLUS.. making the displays was SO MUCH FUN.  Now.. my sister, Vicky, well.. she was my floor design manager and she is so relieved it's OVER!  NO MORE STRESS !!!

I've just been visiting some of my favorite web sites and blogs.  It's just amazing to me how many wonderfully talented people there are in this world.  I love it when I see a new design and it takes my breath away.  Then I get all teary-eyed at how proud I am that so many of my friends are designers and how wonderful their work is.  (have you noticed it's a teary day for me...hhhhmmmm... wonder why?)  Check out these cool designs!!

The first one if is from Stacy Nash Primitives... Man I love her primitive cross stitch!.  The second one is from Brenda Gervais - With thy Needle & Thread !!  Aren't they wonderful????

CELEBRATION...  I've been dieting (NO CARBS and NO SUGAR) and I'm happy to say I've lost 25 pounds.  Now.. here is the issue... I'm not sure where on my body that has happened... hahahahaha... well... I actually do... my FEET!!  GO FIGURE... WHO IN THE HECK WANTS TO LOOSE WEIGHT IN THEIR FEET???  My tummy is another area where it's noticeable to me (any little bit in this area is so thankful!) PLUS... my face and neck!  Why is it I have to carry my weight in the two parts of my body that make me look like it's time to put on a helmet  and uniform and join the closest football team?  Man... I hate this gut!  Know what I mean gals???  I don't even know if I'll ever have a waist again.  HA!!!

Ok... I've babbled enough today... It's time to get cleaned up and sew!!  Plus we have friends coming today for steak on the grill YUM... that I can EAT!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

YARD SALE (Garage Sale) - have I told you how I DO NOT like to prepare for yard/garage sales?  Just twist my arms to get it done.  Of course... once the sale is in progress and I get to visit with the customers... it's FUN!!! 

BUT THEN..... it's time to box up all that DIDN'T sale and take it to the Goodwill or to my friends John and Susan's auction house.  (They are such a wonderful blessed to know them!)  Well... that's on the agenda for today... even though my DH doesn't know it yet!  We have to load up the van and take a road trip - we're going to pretend as though we are a delivery company!

My granddaughter, Lexie, is with us for a couple of days... so that has been wonderful.  She'll be the protector and ride in the back with all of the fabulous items that no one wanted!  HA!!!  Rain.. of course it had to rain today... but that will not stop the delivery team.  I want this stuff out of here !!

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life when you just need to "minimize"?  I'm there!!!  All I want are the things that I LOVE THE BEST around me (can you say fabric...) and the rest can be loved by someone else now.

Then Lexie and I are headed to Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe!  They are getting some fabric ready for me... I'm starting on my first project for our B-A-A-A-D GIRLS CLUB... AND I CAN'T WAIT!!  Friday night is an all night sewing event at Cinnamon's and I'm going to work on this gem!

So.... This afternoon I will be cutting my fabric... and selecting the WOOL that I'm using in the center.  Gosh.. It's so cool starting a new project!

Time to hit the shower.... Chat with you later!!!  Glo

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're b....a......c.......k...... from Houston Quilt Market!!!  I do have one question.

Why does the time seem to FLY in the car on the way to a FUN event... and ddddddddd....rrrrrrrrrrrr...aaaaaaaaaaaa.....gggggggggg on the way home?    Is it just me.. or do you all feel the same?  Vicky and I thought we were NEVER getting home!  The last hour (from Lake City) to Jacksonville seemed as though it was 10 hours long!

HOWEVER... I am now home, unpacked, had dinner .... and have already started my "To Do" list!  Talk about being inspired... eeeekkk.... my brain is on overload!!  I have to make a list and prioritize or I feel like I'm a chicken running around and around (not a pretty site...)

Wow... did we ever have a great time at market.  It was such great fun seeing all of our friends!!!  

I even  picked up some great patterns, etc. that I plan on making or teaching at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe here in Jacksonville.  Karen Covey (owner) has some wonderfully FUN things up her sleeve that she will be sharing with all of you.  Can't wait!!

Here is a peak at my treasures!

This is not a NEW book... HOWEVER, I found it at the Painted Pony Quilt Store while on our way to Katy, TX (where we stayed....  near Paula Barnes/MaryEllen Robison's house - Bonnie Blue Quilts).  When I saw the quilts in this book... my mouth dropped open.  This is a technique I must show you all how to do... the quilts are breath-taking.  You use this ruler!

Isn't it a strange looking ruler?  Just wait until you see what it can do!!!  I have both the book and the ruler on order and it should be arriving soon!  I can't wait to make one of these quilts!!!


We saw this book.... in the booth of a wonderful lady... Pat Wys!!  I've known her for several years... from vending the shows... and she's nothing but a NUT!!!  I LOVE HER!!!  The quilts in this book are to DIE FOR!!!  There is one that is my favorite that I already have my fabric picked out for!

Then.... she had these bags all made!  The pattern photos DO NOT show these wonderful bags justice!!  See the one in the rop left corner?  It's my favorite... and shortly - I'll tell you why!

I'm so excited..... and I just can't hide it..... (are you singing with me?)

Yep... Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe here in Jacksonville is bringin' in the B-A-A-A-D GIRLS CLUB!!

Don't you just love this logo??? 

Here's how it works... to join our B-A-A-A-D GIRLS CLUB - you'll pay a quarterly fee of $45.00.  We'll meet on the last Saturday of each month from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm where we will sew, chat, laugh, eat, and HAVE FUN together!

I will be your facilitator!!!  You will be able to work on many of the multiple projects available to you!  I'll be there to help with all of them!! 

The best part... we are going to kit the projects to include your pattern, wool, fabric, etc.  I've chosen projects with different skill levels and different price points - from around $20.00 up!!!  Here are the 2012 first quarters choices!!!

Bountiful Blessings
Wool applique with adorable flowers with button centers!!

"She seeketh willingly wool and flax and worketh with her hands"
Wool applique with stitchery verse.

WOW.... LOVE THIS QUILT!!  We'll use wool for the center medallion!  Isn't this stunning?

This sampler is so sweet... it will be a combination of wool applique and stitchery!!

Now... some of you may be saying to yourself.... I HATE applique... It's that "A" word!!  I don't know how to do stitchery!!! 

Well, if you've never worked on a wool applique project - it's completely different from fabric needleturn applique.  You will NO LONGER call it the "A" word!  PLUS... the stitchery is so easy... you'll be so proud of yourself to see how well you do... and how fast it goes!

Make sure you keep watching Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe website!  Cinnamon's web site

I can't wait to have you join me!    Hey... I'm even bringing snacks!!! 

I'm off to create, sew, and enjoy life!!

Keep sewing... and remember...


p.s.  Remember that bag above that I love???  We're going to make it in our B-A-A-A-A-D Girls Club!!  You're gonna love it!!  I promise!!!