Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Monday Morning!!!

Hey everyone... I sure hope your weekend was pretty darn wonderful.  Mine sure was!!!  I worked on writing patterns, sewing, watching movies... you know.. .all of that fun stuff!  

Thursday at Cinnamon's Sewing... I took a few pictures for you!!!

Here are a bunch of the gals sewing their little hearts out... heads down - they are on a mission!  See all of the wonderful samples on the walls?  These are the just some of the classes they have for this calendar!

Patty is working on this wonderful quilt.  OMG...she has such exquisite taste... PLUS...she's a pretty new quilter and her work is absolutely perfect.  I want to be just like her when I grow up!

This is also Patty's quilt.... Her gorgeous Dresden Plates - made from our template!!

The picture (for some reason) did not turn out well... but the quilt itself is to die for!  All ready for quilting!

Then.... since Christmas is NOT that far away... I had to show you this little fellow.  I made HER for the shop...then you have these sweet little wool blankets that you change each month!  It's from Buttermilk Basin!  I simply adore her!

Then... this cute panel... well... let's just say it's so darn clever!!!  Can you tell it has Christmas Lights in it?  You simply cut a teeny-tiny slit and pop the light through from the back.  I can just see this hanging on your front door!!  Can't you?  So quick and easy to make!  They have them at Cinnamon's for you!

Vicky was there...working on the Hampton Ridge Block of the Month.  Aren't these blocks adorable?  Now... I'm sewing the border around each one.  We are well on our way to getting them finished.  

Be sure you stop by Cinnamon's to see Red Crinolines Hampton Ridge Block of the Month.  The girls sent it to Karen so each of you could drool over it... THEN SIGN UP!!!  You will truly be making an heirloom for your family!

Ha... doesn't this look like the home for a beaver? 
 I told the reminded me of a Beaver's dam in the water!!!   

Today, Heather and I are working on the website together... along with some patterns!  It will be a sweet day with my baby girl!!!  Before her arrival... I'm headed back into the sewing room.  I'm on a marathon of watching "Army Wives" while sewing.  It makes it so much fun.... of course the show itself has such sad parts that I have to stop and wipe away the tears (from crying)... but what a great way to enjoy myself.

Have you ever watched the old shows of Army Wives?  I guess one reason it makes me so sad... I remember the lonely days and months with Jack being gone while in the Navy.... especially during Vietnam times.  So scary!  Then the wonderful homecomings... Poor fellow.. he didn't even get to see Toby be born.  He was 6 weeks old before he even held him.  

The men and women and family members serving in the armed forces.... well... we are a family!  Something I'll never forget.... a group of individuals that serve their country...sacrifice... so we can all be free... sew... laugh... go on picnics... enough said...!

Have a super great day.


Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Cruisin' Time !!! More have signed up!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited!! 4 more gals have signed up for our June 1, 2014 "Let's Get Ready For Christmas" Cruise Retreat!! Yes... we are headed out of Port Canaveral on Royal Caribbean's "Freedom of the Seas" for 7 fun filled days of sailin', sewin', eatin', laughin', site-seein', being silly... you name it...we're doing it! What happens on the "Freedom" stays on the Freedom! HA!!! (Don't tell anyone!)

Have you made your decision yet?  Are you coming with us?  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!  The only payment due at this time is a $250.00 deposit.  The remainder is not due until MARCH 2014!!!  That's 7 months from now!  Come on... DO IT!!  Fill out that registration form and LET'S PARTY together!  We have gals coming from Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, and here in sunny Florida!

Go to this link to print your form:  Print Registration Form .  It's going to look like the one shown here....

Once completed - mail or FAX to Mara Hargarther   904-263-4570

Lots and Lots of GREAT Door Prizes, special gifts for you each day (hidden at your sewing station...just like Santa does), your own Christmas Stocking!!!  

You may order kits from each of the instructors.... OR... if you prefer to use fabric from your own stash - we can send you the pattern prior to our departure.  That will give you plenty of time to have your project(s) already CUT OUT and then you can sit down and SEW once we get sailin' !!!

You're gonna love it... I promise!!

and read all about the cruise!

Gloria & Vicky

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back from Indiana!!

What a whirlwind trip!  What fun!   Oh My... it was a hoot trying to figure out who in the heck everyone was.  You see... we hadn't seen each other for 50 years!!  Now you tell me... how much does one person change in 50 years?  A WHOLE BUNCH!!  We all had different personalities, gained weight (well...except for Dennis Trowbridge and Denny Hinen) and less hair!  So...what does that tell you?

Here is a wonderful gift that Diane brought!  She took our 8th Grade Graduation picture and put it on a cake!  I just thought that was so sweet of her.

I only wish I would have taken the picture before we all began to eat some of it!!!  Isn't is sweet how all of us gals were color coordinated.  I'm positive it was not planned.  Our principal, Ralph Bailey is on the right.  He was at the reunion with us!  Over 80 years old.  He told us he was 25 when they gave him the Principal's job at Etna Troy.  Can you imagine a 25  year old today being a principal at one of our schools.  Duh!!  I don't think so.  Of course... we only had ... maybe... 350 students in the entire school - Grades 1 - 8.  They didn't even have kindergarten back then.  

I can still remember the names of the students (after a little help from this past weekend).  Vicky is on the front row - second one in from the right.  I am on the front row - 3rd one in from the left.  They wouldn't even let us set together!  I wonder why...don't remember for sure.

While in the country...we visited Jack's sisters!  What a fun time.  They are so great to be with... laugh all the time!  Linda (his little sister by 10 years) and her hubby (Steve) were at the lake so we stayed with them.  How lovely it was.  It reminded me so much of when Vicky and I were little and we stayed for weeks with our grandparents in the summer.  Heck..we would go out and swim, fish, paddle the boat - without anyone watching us.  Times have certainly changed haven't they?  I used to love to fish for are they yummy fish.  Grandma would fry them up with fried potatoes, corn on the cob and homemade chocolate pie for dessert.  I sure miss Grandma and Grandpa...we had wonderful memories with them.  They were the best!

Here are some pictures of the lake.  I went out early in the morning and just listened to the birds, waves lapping the shore, bees buzzing... it was so calm and relaxing!

This is their lake house.... it's been there for years...

They have a fun yellow boat and a pontoon boat that we went for a ride on.  aaahhh.... such is the life at the lake!

This is the neighbors house that is for sale!  $375,00.00!  Wish I was rich... I would have written a check for it and used it as a quilting retreat house.  It was wonderful!  See this HUGE willow tree?  There were 4 of them in the yard... absolutely gorgeous.

Then BOOM... it was time to drive home again!  Wow..the weekend sure went fast.  HOWEVER, Linda and Steve will be here at Thanksgiving for a visit!  I'm so excited!  They have a wedding to attend so they are coming down to spend time with us too.... and have Thanksgiving dinner with us.  YIPPEE!!!  It's the first time in 44 years of marriage they have had time to stay with us.  They own a thriving landscaping business and are soooooo busy and work sooooo hard.  I'm so proud of them.'s back to reality and on to my duties here at home.  I have more than enough to keep me busy for months and months and I'm off to get busy...writing patterns, working on the September Camp Blanding Retreat, pricing stuff for the sale room (have tons of it), making kits.... finishing some quilts and projects!  Yippee...ain't life grand!

Keep those machines running!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Funny.... funny photos of pincushions!!!

You gotta.... simply gotta..... love a great pincushion!  Here is a Smilebox I've put together from MANY of the pincushions that were at our July Camp Blanding Retreat!  So... funny.... 

Click PLAY and enjoy the show!

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Once you've finished... take a picture of YOUR pincushion and send to me!  DON'T clean it up either... we want to see it just like it is.  I promise I won't put any one's name to their pincushion... it will be between you and me only!

Let's have a pin cushion FASHION SHOW!!!


Look... I Need Your Opinion!!!

Well... it's 4:45 pm and I smell pizza cookin' in our oven!  Yippeeeee!!!  No cookin' for me tonight.  Jack is taking charge of din-din!  (he's such a sweetie...)

We are all packed and ready to head out to Indiana tomorrow.  I am attending my Etna Troy Grade School 8th Grade Graduation!  Yes...that's right... it's been 50 years since we graduated from the 8th Grade (Go Cubs!)  Our school colors were Kelly green and white.  Vicky and I were basketball cheerleaders... what fun that was!  Gosh.. .I loved those basketball games!

I can't wait to see some of the old gang.  I wonder if I will recognize anyone?  Mike Lemon, Harold Wolfe, Kathy Krider, Renee Thomas, Kay Long, Dennis Trowbridge, Gary Kessie, Pam Alberding... I can't even remember have of them.. we had a whopping 28 or 30 in our class.  It was just a little country school... and yes.. it DID HAVE more than one room!

Then we will be visiting with Jack's sisters.  They are always so MUCH FUN to be with.... I can't wait to see them.

I have all kinds of projects to work on in the's a long 2 day ride.  Jack bought enough snacks to feed an army (he's the bestest of the best on snacks!)  It will be fun to get away and be with each other.  I've been so tied up with all of my quilting deadlines...he's feeling a bit lonely and I don't blame him.

Hey...take a peek at these!!!  I'm taking these watches to the September Camp Blanding Retreat!  I will fit them to the gals wrists!!  They will be $40.00.  What do you think?  I simply adore them!  How fitting for all of us that sew!  I have a small supply so if enough of you email me and let me know that you may be interested in one.... I can probably get more finished!  There is still time!

Then...this is what I need your help on....  See this adorable spool?  Well I want to make it into a small accent lamp for in our sewing rooms.  It's 6" tall - then with the harp it will be about 12" tall.  Is this something you all would purchase?  I'm not sure of the price yet... I have to check on the cost of the harps and shades.  So...can you email me Yes or No about this too???

We used to sell so many adorable accent lamps at the OGC that I just can't keep them out of my mind.  I simply adore them...they add so much warmth and character to your home when they are lit. 

This fabric is Vicky and my next inspiration piece that we are working on... for another line of fabric.  The color sure didn't come out as well as I wanted...but trust me... it's gorgeous.  Can't you just see these big gorgeous flowers adorning the back of your quilt?  eeewwww.... yummy!

We just finished pricing a ton of stuff for the September Camp Blanding Retreat Sale Room!  Gosh.. it feels so good to purge!  I had such good intentions with so many of these items... but you know's just not going to happen in my lifetime... so I'm leaving it up to another gal to carry the torch!  

We've got some yummy stuff!!!  Can't wait for you to all dive in and get some really great deals.

Okay... I'm heading to the kitchen... the pizza is almost ready... and I'm starvin' !!

I'll take pictures and post on Facebook of our adventures!

Keep those sewing machines crankin' !!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

We're on the Marcus Fabrics Website!

Hey everyone!!!

Check out the Marcus Brothers Fabrics website!!! 
 We are featured as NEW designers.

Be sure to click on the fabric collection and see all of the different prints we have in our new line of County Londonderry!!!  PLUS.. they have links to our website and blog!

Fabric will be available in your local quilt shops soon!  Ask your shop owner to see if they have ordered it!!!

Our patterns will be available September 15! (keep your fingers crossed).  We do have one available already!!!  

Half as Good

You can order it directly from our website:  

More to come soon!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

Vicky, Gloria & Heather

Friday, August 2, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

Wow...where in the heck has this week gone?  I swear I just got home from Camp Blanding (Sunday) and it's Friday already!  OMG!  I have to finish pricing stuff in the garage (for September Sale Room), buy groceries, preview an auction, run errands... eeekkkk!!!  Then Lexie will be back with us for another day..she's playing with her little friend - we are watching her while Keck and Heather are at a Church function out of town with their friends.  They will be home Saturday evening.

Hey... look here....  My friend Cathy.... She's working on using our small template (tumbler) to make these adorable Dresden blocks.  She's mixed it with a pretty green that coordinates with the greens in her printed fabric.... then will applique it to this sweet polka dot fabric.  The center circle will be hasn't been turned under yet for attaching.

Of course...this inspired Mary Ellen and I to make one.  (curse you Cathy Peters...!)  So here is a stack of tumblers... soon to be Dresden fans that I made for Mary Ellen!

She told me she HAS NO pastel fabric!!!  That's the truth.. I've been in her sewing room and it's all her and Paula's fabric and reproductions... so I had to help a girlfriend out.  Since I have an ample supply at my house... I cut hers and mine out at the same time!

I have no clue how many are here... I'm sure enough to make 1000 blocks.  (That ought to keep her busy...don't you think?)  Ha!  Just teasin' Mary Ellen!!!  Let's see which one of us gets our finished first!  ( won't be me that's for sure).  I think I'm going to use my Dresden blades on a border.... you'll see... a new design!!

Red Crinoline Quilts is getting a new blog!!!  I believe it will be: !!

Keep checking it out... Hopefully it will be up and going soon!  

Here's another buzz about our retreat in JUNE 2014!!!!  Send in your deposit ($250) now and the rest is NOT DUE until MARCH OF 2014!  Remember... they have special pricing for those of you that travel in groups of 3.  You can get a cabin for 3 and it doesn't have to be a bunk bed.  This ship does have couches that make into nice beds!

Join us... it's going to be a blast!  You can order kits for our projects - or just order the pattern and use from your stash!!  Go to our website and look under the RETREATS tab and read all about it!

Thanks a bunch!!!!  I'll chat with you later...time to GET BUSY!!