Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm here...I'm here...!

So.... did you think I fell off the face of the earth?  Ha!

Needless to say... I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger! (my daddy used to say that all the time)   
We have been working madly on fun surprises for our quilting cruise that is just around the corner.  Today is May 5 and in 26 days we will be sailing the ocean blue.  We have a small group with us this time and let me just tell you...these girls are a scream!  We will (more than likely) have to take naps every afternoon just to rest from the laughter!

Our theme for this cruise is "Getting Ready For Christmas"... which - now that I think about it - could be why we have a smaller number attending.  CHRISTMAS?  ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN?  Welllll... yes... I guess I am.  You see - I'm still in the mental mode of a shop owner.  This is the time of year we would begin getting ready for Christmas in the store.  Pricing the merchandise in the back room, figuring out what displays we are going to have, where all the trees will be placed, what special holiday events we will plan... you see... shop owners have to work way ahead of schedule to be on schedule!  Ha!  Crazy isn't it?

Well, getting ready for Christmas is to help you with larger projects, like our quilt classes, and then smaller things you will be receiving as surprises...that you too can make when you return home and get ready for Christmas yourself.

Here are some little hints of things the gals will be receiving.  They are not finished... so you actually can't tell what they are...just little teasers....

Hmmm... 3 jingle bells???

Is this a nest?  What the heck is this going to be?

Isn't this fellow cute!!  What the heck is he sitting on?

A sweet little star... all shiny and sparkly!!

I love these tags... always have!  Hey... come to think of it... I love that fabric too!

What the heck are these?  

So... you see... things are moving right along and I can't wait to take pictures and post them for all of you!

Today is to be beautiful here in sunny Jacksonville...high today 90 !!!  Yes ma'am... summer is here!

I have a HUGE to do list!!!  Working on fabric, sewing, laundry, sewing, laundry.... on and on and on!  

So... off I go... grab another cup of coffee... and to the sewing room.  I'm watching all of the seasons of Grey's Anatomy!  I had never watched it before and I remember how my friends (Lisa and Janet) loved, loved, loved it!  Now I can see why!

Hey...for those of you that have Netflix - I've watched some great series.... Monarch of the Glen, McLeod's Daughters, Hart of Dixie, Call the Midwife, Heartland, Prison Break, The Grand, and the list goes on!  Great shows (some of them are marathons...they are on for MANY seasons) to watch while sewing !!

Keep those machines running...