Monday, August 29, 2011

I Must Do Better!!

Wow..I just looked at the date of my last post... I'm in big trouble! I so admire all of these designers that post to their blog daily... or even weekly. I must do better... as you know.. I always have so much to say!
We just finished our Camp Blanding Retreat! Oh my!!! What fun it was. We had 162 in attendance! Can you believe that? 160 women and 2 men! This retreat was held in a different building and we loved it. We controlled our air conditioning, it had carpet (much quieter) and we had electrical outlets everywhere! NO MORE CORDS ALL OVER THE FLOOR! That really pleased me... it was pretty scary looking at the spaghetti of cords in the Armory Building.
This was our second retreat with a SALE ROOM. This room is where the retreat participants can bring items from their homes they no longer want to own. Last retreat the room sold $7500 worth of items. This retreat.... it sold $12,500!!!! Can you believe that. It was so cool seeing everyone get such great deals on stuff they just HAD TO HAVE!
Then Vicky and I left in the middle of the week for Reardon, Washington - the home of Buggy Barn Quilts. They have an annual quilt show on their farm ... plus offer classes. This year - teaching with me - were Lynn Hagermeir - Kansas Troubles, Sue Spargo - beautiful wool projects and Shawn Williams - wool and needle punch. I taught Pumpkin and Friend wool table runner along with a quilt I designed especially for the Buggy Barn class - Stars Around My Garden - table topper quilt with jumbo ric rac and wool applique. What great classes I had! Wonderful students.... and did we ever have a great time.
Friday evening they had a "Garden Party" that we attended and had yummy food, listened to Jennifer - Editor of American Patchwork Quilting Magazine (she was so wonderful...great speaker... and a riot to be with). What gorgeous homes Janet and Pam have... and what great hubbies! This was their 15th year for the quilt show... the entire family helps! Grand kids, cousins, aunts, uncles... it's unbelievable and so much HARD work. They hang the quilts on the barns, clothesline, white fences...everywhere. The men in the family cook hot dogs and hamburgers for those that attend. Their store is tiny but packed with the most awesome fabric, samples and kits you've ever seen. It was so crowded in the store we couldn't even get into the building. Rats!!! I'm sure there were several things in there I was supposed to have .... oh well... I hope it went to a good home (sniffle). Thanks Pam and Janet for a super time!!! Shawn - it was good to meet you... and Lynn and Sue - it's always fun to catch up with you again!
Vic and I are designing like crazy! We already have 14 new patterns for Houston market but wouldn't mind a few more. I'm working on a gorgeous new quilt that I'm calling "Victoria's Crown".... it is so wonderful... I hope you all love it as well as I'm loving making it.
Vic is working on a new blue & white quilt. We haven't decided on a name yet.. .sometimes you just have to sew on it for a bit... then the names comes to you!
Oh... we now have 3 baby kittens!! A mommy kitty carried them into our back yard.. AND THEN LEFT THEM!!!! BAD MOTHER!!! We did rescue them, fed them from a pet baby bottle and got them to lapping from a bowl. Now... well... let's just say... we have 3 adorable, fun loving, wild playing kittens running around the house. They are so good and well behaved. Took to their cat pan the first time we put them in! Smart kitties. We are waiting until they reach 2-3 pounds then the adoption agency wants them. I'd love to keep one... but Lexie is allergic to them. Her little eyes get all scratchy and swollen! Not good!
Well...gotta go for now... Jack just fixed breakfast and I'm starving! It's now time for my wonderful diet!! No carbs and NO sugar! Whew.... pray for me... this may get ugly.
Chat with you soon!
"Celebrate Handmade"