Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hearts for the day!

Hi all!

While I was playing around on my Pinterest Boards... I took a peak at my "Hearts" board.  You know.. I simply love hearts...especially when used in a sewing project.  They rank right up there with "stars" for me!  I thought I would share a few of them with you...

Now...this first  one is so's made from one of my favorite fabric colors - RED!  Look at how sweet those little buttons are sewn at the top... but the icing on the cake is that sweet little strawberry that is attached.  It's filled with "emery" that keeps your pins/needles sharp!  I've just ordered some... and can't wait for it to arrive!  

Here are some other interesting facts about pin cushions!

The recorded origins of pincushions date back to the Middle Ages of Europe. In the English language, they became known by many names: "pimpilowes, pimpilos, pimplos, pimploes, pin-pillows, pin-poppets". In 1376, Jehanne de Mesnil was bequeathed a silver pin case in a French text called Testament of Advice written by a woman known as La Monteure, from Rouen. Other references to pin cases during the Medieval era exist. By the 16th century, these were supplanted by references to "pyn pillows". Some examples from various parts of Europe survive that have elaborate embroidery. Small porcelain baskets with a pin cushion inside were highly popular, as were small cushions such as wedding pillows or maternity pillows, embroidered with messages.
During the 18th century, weighted pincushions became popular among seamstresses. In England, seam clamps attached to a table and designed for holding hems for sewing became common, and were often in the shape of a bird (the tail would be pinched to open and close the "beak" to hold the fabric); attached to the back of the bird was a velvet pin cushion.  
The most popular design; a tomato with a strawberry attached was most likely introduced during the Victorian Era. According to folklore, placing a tomato on the mantle of a new home guaranteed prosperity and repelled evil spirits. If tomatoes were out of season, families improvised by using a round ball of red fabric filled with sand or sawdust. The good-luck symbol also served a practical purpose—a place to store pins. Typically, the tomato is filled with wool roving to prevent rust, and the strawberry is filled with an abrasive to clean and sharpen the pins. 

This sweet little heart is just up my alley!!!  After all... it has a sheep on it... and those of us in the "B-a-a-a-d Girls Club" (at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe in Jacksonville  Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe Website ) LOVE sheep!  It is surely our mascot!!  Don't you just love this beautiful blue fabric... I would love to use this in my quilts!  I wouldn't even mind a cool blouse - to wear with jeans!  YES!!

Okay... then...another love of mine is CROSS-STITCH!  Now...this is absolutely wonderful!  My girlfriends that love to cross-stitch will want one of these too!  See... that little strawberry?  It's filled with emery!  Don't you want to order some too?  I think my Thursday Sewing Group should make one of these - don't you?  It should go pretty darn fast!

This primitive patchwork heart makes my heart go "pitter patter"!  How great would this look in my house!!  (I'm just sayin')  They've attached it to an old hanger they've made into a stand...that should be pretty easy!  Or just make lots of them - then place them in an old wooden bowl!  Or... how about one of my ironstone bowls (I love white ironstone also!).  Hmmmmm.... I think stained with a walnut spray would be the perfect recipe to making your regular fabric look aged like this one!

Speaking of hearts in bowls... take a look at these sweet things!  Of course...they are made with some of my favorite colors!  Tan and red...just doesn't get any better.  I also adore the wool applique!  Then they topped them off with those little "aged" shipping tags and twine!  So darn cute!!  

Well...those are my fabric hearts for the day!!  I think I'll show you my favorite STARS on my next blog post.  I'm a big fan of them also!  Oh heck....what am I saying?  I'm a big fan of a zillion things!  Isn't it fun loving different things... it makes my heart skip a beat when I see things like this... it's a good "skip" !!

Have fun exploring your favorite hearts!

Keep Sewing!!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun Things to Share With You!

What a beautiful day outside!!!!

I was so ambitious today... I sprayed the sidewalk with weed killer!  That was it... I was finished 'cause it got too HOT out there!  I'm such a "woosie"  girl!  Can't stand the heat and here I live in Florida!  Duh!!

I found some cute things while wandering around on Pinterest today and thought I would share them with you!

Is this you?  It is SURELY me!  I think we should all have one of these necklaces and secretly wear it around our neck... UNDER our blouse of course!  HA!!!

This Ocean Wave Quilt is to die for!  Don't you just love the color combination?  I just finished helping Red Crinoline Quilts piece one (one of their new samples) and it was great fun!  Especially using "triangle" paper. They love to use "Spinning Stars"!  It sure does make you life easier when all of the 1/2 square triangles are accurate and the SAME size!  Have you tried triangle paper?  If not... give it a try!  It's pretty darn awesome!

The other day some of the gals that I sew with were talking about this little rocker!  They found them on ebay and couldn't wait to fix their's up like this one.  Now how cute is this?  I just may have to find one myself and see what I can do with it.  I wonder what year these were popular... I sure don't remember them!
I just researched them... they are from the 40's & 50's!  No wonder... I was too young then!

This isn't a very good picture of the quilt... but I think it's adorable.  Of course I am a fan of roosters!  I'm sure that's why I love it!  

Heather and I are working on a new website!  We are switching to another website host and this system is so much "user friendly".  It's looking pretty darn adorable!  We should have it ready soon and will let you all know when it's up loaded!

Okay... I'm off to make some coffee and watch a movie with my honey!

Have a wonderful day...get some sewing done!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Look at this PIN CUSHION!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Look what we all worked on this weekend at B-a-a-a-d Girls Club - Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe!!

Yes... the girls all hand wove this basket!!!  For many of them it was their first one and I was so proud of everyone of them!  Aren't they adorable??

It's made so we can add a wooden dowel through the handle to hold thread we are using on a particular project!!

Everyone will make their pin cushion at our June session!

Come on and join us!  Call Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe (904-374-0532) and sign up for the next quarter!  We work on wool projects and have a super - FUN time!

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Look at these great cutters!  They are perfect for your chain piecing!  These work so much faster in cutting your pieced units apart... sure beats using scissors!!

You can order them NOW - online from our website:   

We have a limited number so get them now while they last!!

These are made from vintage children's alphabet blocks!  (Each one is different and will not be exactly as in the photo).  Retail - $12.00 + shipping

These sweet things... well, they are made from vintage wooden spools of thread!   (Each one is different and will not be exactly as in the photo).  Retail - $12.00 + shipping

Hi Everyone!!

I hope this is a great day for you!  We are back from visiting the Freedom of the Seas.... oh my... what a wonderful experience!

Here are some photos I took!!

This of course... is my all time favorite hang out!!!  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop!!!  

This... is new for me!!!  It's the cupcake Cupboard....where they make yummy cupcakes!  Lots of variety for you to pick from!  
It's so cute....

Then... I saw where you can even sign up for decorating classes.  Now how much fun is that?  Hmmmmm... I wonder if you get to eat what you make!  I'm in... SIGN ME UP!!

Then... if you decide you want a bit of change from eating in the dining room... there are MANY specialty restaurants you can choose from.  This was a beautiful Italian restaurant... you could smell the pasta when you walked by and my saliva glands went crazy!!!

This is the entrance to our PRIVATE Conference Center where we will be sewing.  It is GORGEOUS, BIG, great lighting.... simply the best of the best!!

 Now this... is something to behold.  I know you can't tell from this photograph...but there are two of these swirl pools...and they hang out OVER THE SIDE OF THE SHIP!!!   It's HUGE...doesn't look like it here...but it sure was!  You get a panoramic view of the shore line.

I went to visit the kids center.  Can I just say... "I want to be a kid again"!  They have centers for all ages... and so many things to do - it's mind boggling!  They even take them to dinner one evening to Johnny Rockets where they get to eat burgers, fries and shakes...and the waiters dance and sing for them.  

They have designed the different sessions throughout the day so the parents can take excursions (not for children) but the kids get to play ALL DAY LONG in the center...they feed them... play with them...take them on adventures.... simply wonderful!  We met a gal that works in the center and she was so bubbly... loved her job... told us... 
"what better job in the  world than having fun with little ones".... 
I was impressed!!!  The area they play in is HUGE... then there is the arcade!  OMG!  
I don't know if you are aware of this... but I must tell you I am a game junkie!  Yes... I am!  LOVE THEM!   It surely is not an area if noise is an issue with was it loud in there!  But hey...that's what kids love!!

This is the HUGE theatre.  I couldn't believe the size of this place...all state of the art.  Our tour guide told us it's as big and wonderful as the shows in New York.
I can tell you all this.... when they have shows on the ship - GO TO THEM!!  Even if you don't think it's something you may enjoy... YOU WILL!!!  HONEST!!!

Then we went to the VERY TOP deck and saw the wave pool!  Wow was that water moving fast! 

Now...this is state of the art.  It's a GIANT IPad.... touch screen that tells you everything...where you are, how to find restrooms, dining, entertainment...what's happening now.  They are located at every elevator bank.  Play with them... you'll love it... and if you get lost (which will me...) this will help you find your way.

Then there is all kinds of shopping!!  Gifts, jewelry, clothing, beautiful handbags, liquor, you name it!

This my friends is the climbing ROCK WALL.  Jack walked up to it and it must be 3 stories tall.  So cool!

This again is why I wish I were a kid...this fun water park is for kids only (their parents can be with them) and it is adorable...spraying water, water games,'s so unbelievable!

Or... how about a game of miniature golf?

That's the tour... I tried to get pictures of the staterooms, but there were so many of us on the tour - it was impossible to get good ones without tons of people in the camera shot.

I sure hope you can join us!!!

I simply can't wait!

Have a super day... I'm off to my sewing room to get some work done.

Lovin' Life!!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Let's Quilt & Hook on the Eastern Caribbean!!!

Well... it's official!  

I've just posted our CRUISE PAGE to our web site!!!  We are all hookin' up together and gettin' ourselves on a BIG WHITE BOAT

and headin' to the Caribbean on June 1, 2014!!!  Oh My Gosh... I'm so excited...will the days ever pass?  I know you're not supposed to wish your life away... but it can scurry along a bit!  This is our 3rd QUILT CRUISE that we have sponsored and I'm lovin' our SHIP, CONFERENCE CENTER, GREAT INSTRUCTORS, & PORTS OF CALL!

This Sunday, we are headed to Port Canaveral to tour the boat... see the staterooms, check out their awesome conference center, eat GREAT food... and HAVE A BLAST!!!  Vicky and I are taking our fellows with us ... so you know they are excited!  Heck... FREE FOOD...that simply excites any man!  Don't you think?

So... when we get back I'll fill you in on the details.  In the meantime... read up ... everything you can about this trip.  THEN... print your application form - fill it out - and send it to our cruisin' partners  -  CruiseOne.

Mara has helped us with our last two cruises and she is the absolute bestest of the best!  She is the cruisin' queen!  She specializes in working with large craft groups - so she knows how important it is for everything to be just perfect in the conference center, in your stateroom, and for the entire trip!  With tons of cruises under her belt, and this one being our 3rd one... we've got this girls!!!

Now... by no means do you think you need to leave out your spouse or family!

Freedom of the Seas is the perfect ship for the entire family...which you can read more about when you get to our web site.  You are more than welcome to bring them along... or... just have a "girl trip"  - YOUR CHOICE!!

Call me (904-742-1100) or email me ( if you have ANY questions at all.  No question is silly!  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two New Shops to Visit!! Yippee!!!

Well.... I must admit.... I finally feel like this cold (bronchitis/pneumonia kind of thing...) has kicked my butt!  Yes... I went to the doctor and I'm full of "meds" and I sure can tell they are working.  I can at least sit up I was flat out on the couch.  Couldn't even hardly pick my head up.  However, I still have a ways to go but at least I'm among the living.  

Today... I have another two of my favorite...favorite.... shops and designers!  They are unbelievable!!!

Let's go way up into Wisconsin (they seem to have tons of wonderful shops...don't they?) to Sun Prairie and visit: 

 J J Stitches

Julie Hendrickson, the owner, has an eye for displaying her fabric in the most magnificent way.  I remember as a small girl.... we would visit the Singer Sewing Center in Warsaw, Indiana at the end of every school year.  Here we would go to the basement where the hundreds and hundreds of bolts of fabric were on display.  Mom would let us pick out the fabrics we loved so she could get started on making our school dresses for the next year.  Guess how much the fabric was???? (this will make you sick...)  4 yards for $1.00 !!!  Of course...we always liked the fabric that was $1.00 @ yard...but we couldn't pick from that... only from the group that were 4 for $1.00.  I remember this special dress... it was big black and white buffalo checked gingham.... made into a dress...with stagecoaches all around the bottom of the hem.  Gosh, I loved that dress!  What wonderful memories of our mom sewing for us.  Poor thing...she'd make one outfit and then have to turn around and make another one just like it.  Wow... could she ever sew!  

See how she drapes the fabric on the outside of the bolt.  I just love that look!  It's much more time intensive.... but oh so much more effective.  Now... I ask you... don't you want to buy every piece you see here?  I know I sure do!

The building she is in is simply adorable.  When I first entered the shop... I felt my breath go away... in a good manner.  I just wandered around over and over again... I simply felt like I was in Heaven.

Look at this quilt on the wall.  Do you not just want to yank it off the wall, throw it on the floor and roll all over it with love?

Julie loves to make her quilt patterns designed after antique quilts.  They are simply fabulous!!  That's all I can say... FABULOUS!!

Then... to top it off... she designs fabric for Windham Fabrics!  Now how cool is that?  Check it out!!

Thanks Julie...for your fabulous store, your beautiful fabrics... and your great patterns!  
Visit her website at:   J J Stitches


We are now leaving Wisconsin and heading to Buttermilk Basin in Mounds View, Minnesota!!

Meet Stacy West !!!  What a wonderfully talented gal she is!  I am simply amazed at the designs she comes up with.  She specializes in embroidery and wool... two of my all time favorites.

Here is the bio she has written about herself.....

The creative madness behind BB * Mother of two darling girls * A DrEaMeR * A Happy ending type gal * LOVER OF VINTAGE GOODS * A party planner WANNA be! * Chocolate & Iced SODA lover * AWESOME friend * Work hard~Play hard type GAL * HaPpY Girl * RT FAN * Giver * BLESSED beyond measure * L*U*C*K*Y * Late Night OWL!

She has a wonderful line of small pillows......

This guy....well... I've made him and he's my all time favorite.  Each month you change the blanket on his back!!! 
 Now how stinkin' cute is that?????

Then she has monthly mats..... like a Block of the month....

She designed this crazy quilt on a wire frame that sits on a table.  Each month you change the wool center.  Now I ask you... is that not adorable?

Crazy.... CUTE.... table mats of all designs!!!

It just goes on and on... the girl is a "machine"!

Visit her web site       Buttermilk Basin Web Site      and check out ALL OF HER DESIGNS... this is just a drop in the bucket of what all she has to offer... season by season!

Thanks Stacy!  I love you bunches!

Keep designing!


Well, that's our little "trip" for the day... it's time for me to flop back on the couch and take a little rest!

Chat with you later!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Morning to all!!

My sister, Vicky, and I returned from Texas last night.  We went to the memorial service of our dear sweet friend, Paula Barnes, husband - J.R.  It was a wonderful celebration of his life... his daughters were 'rocks' and had wonderful things to say about  their daddy.  It was so good to visit with Paula and Maryellen.  When your friends are 'hurting' the only way to know they are ok is to actually be with them.  We all four got to spend some time together over margaritas and chips (hahahaha....) at their favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Paula is hanging in there... she feels very lost and has lots of decisions to make.  She's a strong girl and will DO THIS!  It won't be easy, but she will make it - I told her with all of her family and friends.. "we got this girl"!  Please continue to keep her entire family in your prayers... and MaryEllen too... this has been so hard on her too.


Today I want to "shout out" to some of my other favorite shops, companies, stores that are at the top of my LOVE LIST!!

My first... is Brenda Gervais -  from Country Stitches!

Now... I'm sure she has no memory of me... I've met her a couple of times.  However, it is safe to say - that she is one of the most talented women I know in the "handwork industry".  Have you ever shopped her web site?  I simply want to purchase one of everything!!!  

Country Stitches Web Site

When I first met Brenda...she had a beautiful booth at one of the quilt markets... she was beside Sandy Gervais(her sister) - Moda.  I couldn't figure out how in the heck they were both married and still had the same last name????  How do you do that?  Well, they was simple!  They married brothers!  Pretty cool don't you think?

Brenda's blog is so great to read...  you must put it on your list to look at each day.  She not only shows you her wonderful projects she's designing...but has great recipes and fun pictures of her yard, etc.  It's such a delight to read.  I never miss it every day!
Love you Brenda!!!


My next featured shop.... is...
Country Sampler 

The store is simply decorated in the most magnificent way...

She has beautiful cross stitch sampler kits !!!

Along with selling the most wonderful primitive decorating items.  Now...those of you that know me from The Olde Green Cupboard store can understand why this is one of my favorite quilt stores in the whole wide world!

OMG!!!!  This shop is simply to die for....located in Wisconsin... in an adorable small town.. you just have to experience this... especially if you love reproduction fabric and primitives and cross-stitch!  Can you tell why I love it so much?

Hop over to her website and take a peek!!!      Country Sampler  Then when you are done shopping... be sure to read her blog.  I LOVE IT ALSO!  It too is one I read every morning.

Jeanne is the owner and she works so hard on her blog...showing you pictures of the store and her home.  You will simply drool when you look at all of the photos!

Last year I gook 13 gals on a trip to Wisconsin for a retreat and this was one of our stops.  There were so many things in there I wanted to buy... when I first walked in I could feel myself moving into a panic attack - full of excitement.  There were so many pieces of reproduction fabrics that I DIDN'T own... I simply didn't know where to begin!  What a super shop and a great bunch of gals!!

So... now that I've given you two new places to browse, look and shop... you should have a fun morning!

I am getting ready to see the doctor... I think I am on the verge of pneumonia and it's time to get some magic medicine to clean out the old lungs...they are filling up!  Icky!!!

Then... I'm going to bed for a nice long nap...

I'll see you later this week when we will feature

JJ Stitches
Buttermilk Basin

Happy sewing!!!