Saturday, November 30, 2013

Coming to our website SOON!

Good Morning!!

Vicky and I have been working on some "fun" projects that we will be offering on our website.  She's made these sweet pins from heirloom ribbon... then added the beautiful pearls.  We've attached them to a pin back card and tucked them in these adorable heart/ribbon boxes for you. (variety of different prints in packaging)  If you have anyone in your family.. or a girlfriend(s) that loves unique pins and pearls...  This is the perfect gift for them!

They will be posting on our website (hopefully this weekend) for you to purchase - $20.00 + shipping.  Enjoy!!!  

Merry Christmas!!!

Vicky & Gloria

Wonderful NEW STUFF!!!

Hi everyone....!!!

Wow...was our Thanksgiving ever wonderful...!  We had a full house and it was so great to be with all of the kids, eat delicious food, and just relax.  Then..yesterday we had a "sister's day" and went antiquing!  We drove to MacClenny and visited Rachel's Farmhouse (love you Cindy!) and then headed to Franklin Mercantile and shopped with Kathy.  It was her open house and we had hot cider, spice cake and homemade bread pudding.  I also found some real treasures... miniature cookware that will soon be sporting small furry creatures!  I can't even show you simply has to be a surprise.  Heather (she has such an eagle eye) spotted the adorable Christmas Tree that was decorated with all of these sweet things.  It was the find of the day for me!

After a day of fun shopping... we headed back to the house and had yummy leftovers.  Why do they taste so much better the second day?  So wonderful.  

Today I'm headed to Tucker's Farmhouse in Green Cover Springs.  I've never been there before... so I'm so excited.  My girlfriend, Sara, told me about it... she may be sorry she did!  Ha!

Then it's back home to straighten up the house a bit... put away my fall decorations and get ready for 


We have a new tree this year so I'm excited to work on it... This is our first year in this house for Christmas so it will be fun to decorate.

I love to have my coffee in the morning and read my favorite blogs, check out Facebook, play on Pinterest... don't you?  Well, this morning I visited the website of Primitive Gatherings and saw tons of new patterns that you will love and just had to share them with you.  Here we go!!  (photos are not the best...sorry..)

I know pumpkin season is over...but I just wanted you to see this adorable table runner.  How cute is this!  I love the vine down the middle and the way the stems and leaves hang over the edge.

This house quilt is so darn wonderful.  I have something for houses...not sure why... but LOVE THEM!  The dark sky is so makes the houses pop out of the quilt.

Snowmen!!!  Who could not but LOVE these fellows.  I simply must have this pattern!!

I'm such a fan of dark background quilts.  I guess it's the primitive lover in me... and this one fits the bill.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  Of course...that it's made with wool could be a GIANT plus too!

This is Lisa's NEW BOM that she designed.  We were so lucky...when we were in Wisconsin we went to her lake house for brunch (she cooked for sweet...) and she was working on this quilt at that time.  If I remember correctly she was working on all of these 1/2 square triangles for her borders.  What an heirloom for your family.  Wool applique...ya gotta love it.

We don't have the entire picture of this beautiful quilt...but think the color combinations are fabulous.  Then to add the holly applique on the border is a GREAT BIG BONUS!!

Red and white... need I say more?  I've always wanted to make one of these alphabet quilts...and here it is with a gorgeous center.  I wouldn't mind cuddling up under this and learning my ABC's .. .would you?

Here's my "primitive side" coming out again.  OH MY... this is so sweet, warm and cozy looking.  How cute is this quilt?  My favorite?...the little skunk in the lower panel! 

Then...again... I love sweet - bright  - and happy.  These tulips are made from Lisa's fabric line... simply adorable!

And then we jump back into the primitive mode again....can you say "fickle"?  HA!  I simply love too many things...that's all there is to it.  I'm thinking I would have to put this around a tree that has NO gifts under it.  I couldn't stand covering it up!

Okay...that's my quilt show for the day..... we will be visiting my other favorite blogs and websites and show you what's new!  If you are interested in ordering any of these patterns... go go Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop  and order TODAY!  She has some freebies to give you if you order more than $20.00 and I'm telling you...they are adorable!  Trust me on this!

Have a great Saturday!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

May you all be blessed.... 

 Have a wonderful day!  

Thank you for being part of our lives..... 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

 Gloria, Vicky, and Heather

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What FUN we are having!!!

Happy Sunday to everyone!

Vicky and I are having the best time making FUN & NEW things for you!  The best part... you can order them directly from this posting... or visit Olde Green Cupboard Designs Website !  Check it out!

These awesome fellows simply make me smile (with a little giggle)! They look so cute tucked into your poinsettia plants, sticking in the tree - even 3 - 5 of them with a huge bow as your tree topper... or tucked onto a wrapped present as an extra little "gift" for someone.  

I tucked mine into this wonderful jar of wooden spools!  Now how is that for cool?  

Snowman Buddies !!!
Who doesn't love a great snowman?
$10.00 plus shipping

 Order Snowman Buddies - $10.00 each

The other new item - Gingerbread Men!!!  Gingerbread is my all time favorite!  I LOVE IT!!!  Especially piled high with whipped cream...yumalicious!  I've made these boys scented with cinnamon and coffee!  They can be hung from the tree, tied to a package or sitting in a bowl of greenery with sprinkles of snow on top!  

Gingerbread Men !!!

Everyone loves a gingerbread man!
$8.00 plus shipping

JOY Door Swag

We've taken that wonderful burlap chair strapping and stitched  "JOY" (wool) down the middle.... 
then added some greenery and a sweet bow! 

These can be hung in your home or on your front door (if under cover)... they are also perfect housewarming gifts for your neighbors, friends.... or how about for the hostess of any Holiday event you will be attending this season.

Every home should be full of JOY!
$12.00 each + shipping

Keep watching your email, our blog and visit our website for new items that will be posting soon!!

"Celebrate Handmade"

Gloria, Vicky and Heather

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coming soon....

Just in time for your holiday decorating.... 
 a new surprise on the website - soon ...

Watch for an email on when this sweet surprise will be available for purchase!

Olde Green Cupboard Designs

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's almost Turkey Time!

Hi everyone!

Well...can you believe it's almost "turkey time"!  Wow... the months fly by don't they?  Amazing!  I adore Thanksgiving... it's such a fun time for our family.... then... it's a holiday where we all get together...just to be together!  No stress about buying gifts - wrapping - decorating... it's all about cooking yummy food and being with family.  Feeling sleepy after our meal (it's that darn turkey that does it), giggling together, laughing....

I'm so excited... I left some bids on items at an auction here in town and I won some of them!  Here they are!!

Sorry for the poor pictures... I was snapping them quickly at the auction to help me remember what I left bids on!  This first one is a lovely old box with handles cut out on the ends.  I'm not sure why...but I love old boxes!  This one will be great full of projects that I can carry from place to place!

Then... we need to speak "vintage suitcases" - Yes... I'm addicted to them!  We used them in our booth when we did shows and you should see everyone stop and stare at our moving dolly when we would wheel them onto the main floor when we were setting up.  I wish I had a dollar for every person that asked if they were for sale!  NO!  (that was the answer...said very politely...)  Ha!
This is a small one (which are my favorite) and it's in perfect condition on the inside and out!  The locks work perfect - which is normally an issue when you find these old ones.  I already have a space picked out in the house... I'll send you a picture after it's "home" (picking up on Monday).

Then.. I needed a small side table beside the couch.  This is perfect... for sitting your drink on... or my sewing box (if I'm at that end of the couch).  I love the green color someone pained it...then made it look old and shabby...right up my alley!

Now...this was the one thing I REALLY WANTED TO WIN!!!   It's s small wagon.. I can't even tell if it's old or not...but it sure looked like it.  Rusty wheels... great patina (of's GREEN!)  It is going to be the home of my Santa's this Christmas!!!  PLUS... I'm working on a new project... !

I've always wanted to try and sculpt Santa faces and put them into primitive Santa dolls.  So... I have my clay, tools, and I'm going on line to learn how.  Then... if I can make something half way decent - I'll make my primitive Santa (or more) and put them with this wagon.  So what do you think?  Santa on the front seat and a primitive Christmas tree in the back?  Sounds like Heaven to me!  I'll keep you posted on my progress!!

I just finished these trees... they are origami and fun to make... then I sprayed them with snow glitter...added red shiny berry beads, moss, and perched them on an antique tin pudding mold.  These too were so much fun to make.

Today I am headed out to Cinnamon's for our second session of our Featherweight Club!  It's just a fun relaxing time where we all sit and sew together... and yea... and we eat too!  I need to think of a snack to take...hhhmm... what could it be?  I'll have to whip through the grocery and see what tickles my tummy!  

So... everyone have a super Sunday!  I'll chat with you later this week.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I love it... I love it... I simply, simply love it!!!


I know... all of you up north probably want to strangle me..!!  Right?!  Well... you see - here in Florida we dream of chilly weather, NO HUMIDITY, and the smell of that cool air is simply divine!  It's only supposed to be 51 degrees here today!  Whhhoooopppiiieeee!  I'm cracking the windows up a bit and airing out the house.  LOVE IT!!!

I've been working on so many things... OMG.. I just can't keep my mind going like this!  It's on a FAST TRAIN!!!  I had November and December B-a-a-a-d projects to make, then I want to teach two classes at Cinnamons the first quarter of 2014 (time to get things up and going for their class calendar) PLUS I have to make 3 new things for B-a-a-a-d Girls for quarter 1 of 2014 - to entice them to enroll!!  So... here's what I've done!!

First... I'm making this adorable mistletoe (to sell on my website) along with my strawberries!  I so remember our parents buying fresh mistletoe every Christmas season.  They would hang it up on the top of the door from the kitchen to the living room.  We would stand under it and tease them to come kiss us!  Such a fun memory!  It's made from wool with antique buttons, jingle bell and butchers twine.  Watch for it soon on my website (making them at the moment).  You can hang it in your home, use it as a tree decoration, package tie (great gift) ... plus it won't die and dry up like the real ones do!

Then.... look what else we will have for sale!!  Yep... lots of strawberries!!

This one I so... so... adore.  it's made from antique linen and wool.  I've stamped a star on the strawberry then added a tape measure bow with a button!

This sweet thing is made from an old cutter quilt and wool.  It looks huge in this picture - however, it's about the size of a real giant strawberry!

Then... we have the strawberry on the spool with the tape measure ribbon!!

or...we just have plain strawberries - attached to pin cushions!

Whew... I've been busy!  Then.... we have the November and December B-a-a-a-d Girls projects!!

The JOY banner was great fun to make.  I will have be offering these on the website also.  The bows will not be this exact ribbon and the greenery may be a bit different - but it will have the same look!

This is our December project!!  It's our adorable wool snowman on top of a wool pin cushion.  Then...let's talk about this tree!!!  Yes... you are correct - it's growing from his head!!!  He's simply adorable!

Then... comes January, February and March B-a-a-a-d Girls!! OMG!!!

First... we will make this sweet, sweet bird pincushion/knick knack!!  She's so sweet!

In February we will add the matching scissor keep.  It has lace/ribbon that you attach and hang from your neck.  I'm using mine for decoration in my sewing studio.

Then in March we will work on this daisy pin.  It's also made from wool.  I've attached one of my personal "bee" buttons to the flower!  I can't wait to wear it!

The other two classes I will be teaching are so cool!  I found them at Houston market this past month.

First... it's the Beatle Bag!!  This is designed to hold your projects, supplies, patterns... whatever you choose.  it all wraps up with the velcro straps. adorable is this?  Those Abbey Lane Girls...they are a hoot and I love them to death.  They work so-so-hard to design wonderful new quilts and projects.. and they are right here in Florida with us!  Way to go chickies!!  ((hugs))

Then... here is another favorite I found!!   Sorry about the poor photo... It's a jar organizer.  The top becomes a pincushion and then you make pockets for the sides to hold your scissors, notions, etc.  The inside you can use as a mini-trash can while working on your project - it can old larger items you may need to store.  I fell in love with this and can't wait to get mine made.  I'll post pictures of both the Beatle Bag and the Jar Organizer when I get them finished.

I also did a little origami and made these sweet trees from music paper.  Added some glitter, topped them on an antique pudding tart pan (kind of hard to see) with some green spanish moss, red beads... and then housed it in a shiny glass jar with red bow.  Such fun to make!

and the last thing I've done... is plant some Paperwhite flowers - I'm praying they will grow and not rot and die! 
 I am a HUGE FAN of paperwhites.  
Have no clue why... just adore them!
Here's how they are now... they have even sprouted !!! 
 (Yippee they are not dead yet...) they progress in size - I'll post pictures.  Please keep these sweet bulbs in your prayers! 
 I have a BLACK thumb! (so sorry to say).

Okay.. the electricity has gone on and off a million times since about 2:00 am this morning and I'm pretty darn tired of it.  I've reset the house alarm - well... I can't even remember how many times.  It's now been 30 minutes and I think we are on the home stretch.  It sure is hard to type a blog when the power poops out!

Have a great day... make something pretty!!!  Celebrate Handmade!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Check it Out!!

Look at this great ad Heather made for us!!!  Visit your local quilt shop ... if they don't carry this line of fabric... ask them WHY NOT????  It's reproduction fabric... yes it is!!  You can also order it from my local quilt shop here in town - Cinnamon's Quilts... give them a call and tell them what you would like... they will ship to you!!  904-374-0532

Then... go to our website  and order your patterns!!

Thanks so much for your business!!!

Gloria, Vicky and Heather

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yes...Houston... we are gone!

Well... did you think I had flown the coop?  What a whirlwind... but a great one!

Vicky and I returned to Jacksonville on Wednesday afternoon... and was I ever ready TO GET OUT OF THAT CAR!  Wow.. it seemed like it took forever to get home (it always does...doesn't it?)

We had a super trip... setting up our booth... visiting with our new Marcus family... having fun with our pals from Red Crinoline Quilts... aaahhh!!!  We are so blessed to have wonderful friends!  Then... we got to see all of our hundreds of favorite vendors and their wonderful talents.  I know I've said this before... and I know I'll say it again... but I am simply amazed at the talent God gives each of us.  It fills my heart with joy to see how these men and women get to design and fill their lives with JOY!  That's what it is all about... JOY!  Making your sole feel happy, doing good things for the Lord... simply having a wonderful - fulfilled life!  And mine is SUPER FULL....let me tell you!

Here are some photos for you!

This was our display.... Marcus was so good to us...they gave us the end-cap of their booth... these quilts were showing right on the main isle of the show!  Thank you Marcus!!

This was one of the articles they posted to their Facebook Page.... This is just a few of the Marcus group!

Heather sent them this graphic design she made.... they made a HUGE sign for our display.  I was so excited when Pati (Director of Advertising and Marketing) told me I could take it home and give it to Heather.  

 We were even more excited that Marcus has asked us to work on another line of fabric... YIPPEE!!  It's one that is near and dear to us... all about our childhood - living on a farm as kids!  What fun memories we have - those memories we are going to tie into our fabric line and new projects!  We'll keep you posted!  Now... don't be shocked when you see the color palette... it's totally different from our "primitive/vintage" concept!  But it's "happy" and "fun"!!


  Then... across from the Marcus booth were Red Crinoline Quilts!!!  Their triple booth was stunning...

I'm so sorry... I don't remember the names of every quilt in these photos... but these are made from their new line of fabric with Marcus Brothers - Bordeaux and Sienna.  

This is their current Block-of-the-Month - Hampton Ridge!  
 River Road is to the right.

And.... still more delight!!

 There is Paula and Mary Ellen talking with their customers!!!
They are still festival!  They are pooped...but having a great time.  Festival is VERY well attended this year and people are buying up a storm!  That's what we love to hear!  
Go to their website:  Red Crinoline Quilts  and see MORE.  Plus they have kits for them!  I don't think the new ones are on the site yet...but they will be.

Then... we saw our friend Lynn from Kansas Troubles!!!!  
She's a hoot!

Hey...did you know she has an awesome retreat and store ???  
Oh Yes... I've been to the retreat several times and it is ssssssssssoooooooooo wonderful!  Now... I do want to tell you... I'm pretty picky about my retreat spots... and this one is right up there as a 10!!!  Go to her website and check it out! 

Then... I had to take these pictures of some great new project Blackbird Designs was working on... YES...they are recipe boxes.  This top one is covered in brown paper with this adorable lid cover - cross stitched!

This sweet one was all from paper... isn't it adorable?

Then.... Primitive Gatherings was there with all of their awesome wool and quilts.  I know Nick hates to have his picture taken...but he's such a great guy... I just had to show you!

left to right... Luke (their son), Jessica (sweet...sweet... girl!  Store Manager - wow does she work hard), Nick, and Lisa !!

Hey... they have a 10+ store and sewing escape too!!!  Oh My... breath-taking!  What a talented group of hard working employees they have.  Nick and Lisa run the business together!  

Pay Wys - Silver Thimble Quilt Company

(you are so stinkin' sweet)  This is her NEW Book!!!  Look for it at your local quilt shop... or order from Pat's website!! (Hey Pat... I think you and your "groupies" need to come on our cruise - June 1, 2014!... check it out!  What a hoot it will be!)

Then... I visited with Joyce from Geoff's Mom Quilts!  I picked up two of her newest wool designs for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club!  They are going to love it!  Be sure and visit her website also for ordering her great patterns! (can't wait until our cruise)

 Geoffs Mom Patterns

So...that's all I have for you.  I know... I'm bad!!  I admit - I would fail, get fired, booted out... as a photographer!  I'm a failure at REMEMBERING TO TAKE PICTURES!  I just get so involved in what I'm doing... the picture thing just goes away!  It's all about soaking everything in... visiting.... learning... the right side of my brain (isn't that the creative side?) is simply on overload!  I honestly don't know why my head is NOT terribly misshaped... you would think I would have this giant bulge over my right ear... sticking out as far as my shoulder!  Will the brain ever stop?????  Will it slow down????  NO!!! (I really don't want it to!)

Hugs to all of you!  

p.s.  I'm waiting for one more pattern to get finished up at the printer... then they are ready to be mailed to those of you that pre-ordered.  PLUS... go to the website and order one each... of all our new ones! 8 new patterns... in the Quilt section and the Project section!