Saturday, October 31, 2015


Oh yes.... poor little Santa has lost his mittens! 

Well, nnnnnoooooo... that's really NOT the entire truth!  YES.... I forgot to draw them on the pattern.

I did have them on my original sketch - however.... they did not make it to your pattern sheet. 

Here is the lay out picture for you along with instructions on how to make his mittens by using a "heart" shape.

I truly apologize for the error and hope that this little trick on making mittens will be something you use in the future also!

Happy stitching!!  Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. 

Thank you again for participating in our Mystery Christmas Blog.  We truly appreciate all of our customers.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Mystery Christmas Blog Hop - Week 5 !!!

Mystery Christmas Blog
Week 5
"Oh Santa!!"  
Designed by:
 Vicky Iannucci  -  Gloria Parsons
Olde Green Cupboard Designs

Here we are at week 5 already!!  What a rough time we had in deciding what block to make... we LOVE Christmas and had a million ideas to pick from.  However, Santa made the top of the list!  He's outside...enjoying the fresh air and deciding what tree to take home to Mrs. Santa!  

All of the pieces have been reversed for you! 

The only cutting measurements you will need for this block is the background block.  Cut the block 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" .  Once it's pieced into the quilt - it will finish at 9".    As far as the colored wool... it's time to dig in your scrap bag!  Yes... we did our entire block from leftover scraps... and we have a HUGE wooden box FULL OF THEM!  

One of the best compliments a designer can receive is seeing how each person selects their own colors they LOVE!  What a compliment for you to use your imagination and "creative license" to change things up a bit!  That's what makes these blogs FUN!  Doing your own thing!  We've used Christmas primary colors because those are our favorite.  If you have another color palette you enjoy---then feel free to make changes!

Because you are using your own "creative color selection license" - we do NOT have prepackaged block kits for you to order/purchase.   If you are in need of wool, please check the websites of the other designers within this Mystery Blog Hop.  Many of them sell gorgeous wool on their websites!!!   
It would be wonderful to see your blocks - we'll post them to our blog.  Finish your block before December 20 (by midnight - eastern time) and email a photo to us, .  We will enter your name into a drawing!  You could win a fat quarter bundle of our newest fabric line - with Marcus Brothers - "FARMHOUSE BLOOMS". 

These colors will surely get you in the mood for spring!

Each piece on the pattern is labeled along with the number you will trace and cut. WHEN PRINTING YOUR PATTERN, Use the test section at the top of the pattern page.  The line should measure 2".  If not adjust the image on your printer to ensure your pattern will be the correct size when placing on your 9 1/2" background block.  Use the block photo to determine piece placement. 

Have a GREAT time making Santa... and... don't forget!  He's watching and knows if you've been GOOD OR BAD!!   Don't forget to continue on your blog next Friday and visit 

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