Friday, August 31, 2012

aaaahhhhhhhhhhh...........  The last day of August... it always reminds me that Fall is just around the corner - my favorite time of year.  I can remember when living on the farm as a kid... all the work that FALL involved!!  OMG...we had so many HUGE maple trees in our yard... !  All three of us girls would spend DAYS (seemed like years) raking the yard - then Daddy would burn the leaves. 
The only fun part of the job was getting to jump in the HUGE piles we would make.  Then we would scream and scream if the wind picked up and blew them all away again.  I can remember our kitty, Taffy, playing with us.  He would jump in the piles and then pretend he was hiding. My favorite was to make BIG piles near our tree swing... we would swing real high - then jump out of the swing into the leaves!  It's a wonder we didn't break an arm or leg!  Kids are so carefree aren't they... not afraid of anything!  It's so great.
I had a busy, busy, busy day yesterday (on the computer)!  I had all of the people that are attending the September Camp Blanding Retreat signing up on my website for their rooms and meals.  What a HOOT some of you are!!!  I love your sweet emails and comments.  It makes the day sitting in this chair so much more pleasurable!
Well, since it's fall I decided to find you some of my favorites!!  These next few ideas are so easy.... YOU CAN DO IT!
Now how cute is this... and it's so stinkin' simple.  Find a large pumpkin that sits FLAT - cut off the top portion and dig out the insides.  Fill it with ice and pop in your orange soda and root beer.  How "fallish" for your party!

Now... if you can tie a knot... you can make this pumpkin!  It's a simple ball of string with jute twine wrapped around the outside to give it dimension.  Find an old stick in the yard - jam it in the center and add some leaves.  BOOM!!  You have an adorable pumpkin!! (I LOVE white pumpkins!)

This is stinkin' CUTE!!!  I remember these sweet rakes!  We all had our favorites on the farm... many a blister did I get from using one of these sweet things.  Now you can hang it upside down on your door!  Get some bittersweet and vines... tuck inside and intertwine around the rake... add a raffia bow and your door is stylin' !!! 

Now... I know we all can't be talented like florists and make these beautiful arrangements.  However, my little granddaughters can make this!  Buy a vine wreath (they are everywhere in the fall) lay it on your table.  Add some bittersweet or "fallish" looking garland, then sit a beautiful pumpkin in the middle.  They've even tucked in some smaller pumpkins and Indian corn.  How simple and divine! (did I sound like Martha Stewart?... 0h no... it's Candice Olsen from HGTV!!!  She loves the word "divine"!!)

Then... we have the simple pumpkin!!  Guess how they made it look polka dot?  Huh...?  Have you figured it out?  YEP... you are so CORRECT!  They drilled holes in it after they cleaned out the inside!  Stick a candle inside and you have LIGHT!  Wouldn't these look cute sitting on steps up to your front door?  OR... lining your driveway?  (I'm just sayin')  You could be the talk of the neighborhood!! (good talk that is...)

Okay...that's all I have for you today!  Are you in the fall spirit yet?  That reminds me... I need to dig out my decorations and get busy with them!  Now...hhhhhmmmmm... I wonder where Jack put them in the garage?  Oh boy...that could be an issue....
Happy Friday to everyone!  Hope you have a fun Labor Day Weekend!  I'll see you on Monday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's time for some FALL FUN! 
I found this great list....  see what you think!

1.  Go Apple Picking and Bake an Apple Pie - I remember going to the apple orchard when we were little (Harold Wolfe's house...he went to school with us).  It was so wonderful to see hundreds of bushels of apples everywhere.  They smelled so scrumptious.  Then we would take them home and help mom make canned apples and applesauce!!  So... make an APPLE PIE this week.  Yum!
2.   Go on a Fall Picnic - fall is still pretty hot down here...but what fun it would be to go on a picnic...don't you think?  We used to picnic all the time when we were kids!  It was so much fun!
3.  Take a Drive to See the Autumn Foliage - well...good luck with that down here in Florida.  I'll tell you what... all of you gals and guys that live up North... will you take a drive for us and ooohhhh and aaaahhhh at the trees....'cause it just isn't happening down here!
4.  Celebrate Oktoberfest - we do have events here for Oktoberfest...doesn't it involve drinking a lot of beer?  Oh no... my mistake!!
5.  Carve lots of Pumpkins - now this we CAN do!  When was the last time you carved a pumpkin?
6.  Take a Nature Walk with a Camera - we can do this too!!!  Find a fun place to visit... take a walk on the beach... enjoy nature!
7.  Make some Hot Toddies - now this sounds pretty scrumptious.  I even love hot apple cider... don't you?  It feels so yummy going down your throat when it's cold outside!  (will it get cold here this year....?  I'm just sayin' ????)
8.  Plant Daffodil Bulbs for next Spring - once again...NOT....!!!  I sure wish we could have "bulb" plants grow here...but it's just too stinking hot.  Go to the store and buy some Daffodils for the spring...that's as close as it's going to be for us.
9.  Bake and Decorate Leaf Cut-out Cookies - Hey... WE CAN DO THIS ONE!  Don't you just love iced sugar cookies (Jill - where are you.... I know you could make us some of these!)  She used to bake cookies at the Olde Green Cupboard... man were they SO GOOD!!!  I'll take mine with orange icing please...!!!
10.  Host a Fall Dinner Party - and once again...this is do-able!  How long has it been since you've had friends over for dinner?  Now is your chance to cook them some yummy vittles!!!
11.  Decorate my Mantle with a Fall Theme!  - I love to decorate for the fall... I not only decorate my mantle but I also concentrate on a lovely fall display on the dining room table.  It's a perfect place for pumpkins and fall berries.
Sooooooooooooooooooo.................. are you getting into the FALL SPIRIT?   Can you just imagine the crisp air, the sound of leaves blowing in the yard, the smell of pumpkin pie?  I sure can and I'm ready... be gone HOT weather... it's time for crisp cool air (at least in the mornings).
My little friend below is peeking out to say... "HI !!"  I would say someone "naughty" stuck him in this pumpkin and put the lid on it!  Poor little kitty....

Have a happy day.... dig out your FALL decorations and FALL recipes... it's time !!

Happy Thursday to all of you!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012 is Wednesday.  Jack asked me that this morning... when you are gone and come home...have you noticed it's hard to keep track of the day?  We are back into our old sleeping habits already...Jack up with the chickens... and I wasn't too far behind him. 
When you have things to's just hard to lay there and try to go back to sleep...know what I mean? 
Tomorrow is the day when everyone signs up for their lodging and meals for our September Camp Blanding Retreat.  We have 194 signed up!!!  OMG!!!  What fun we are going to have! 
I found such cute things to share with you.... since FALL and CHRISTMAS are just around the corner (did I just say that...eeeekkkkk!!) things will surely pop up on Pinterest that you are going to love!
Here we go............
I just love this project... they have taken 3 different tins and attached them together in larger sizes to make this adorable "whatchamacallit" holder!!  I tried to see the directions - however, they would not download.  Maybe you can figure this out on your own.  I would think using a think dowel screwed to the bottom of each would work perfectly!

Here you go... make your own plant hooks!  How simple is this.  Bend the spoon to the shape you need.  You may need to use a vice for this "bending" technique....that silverware is pretty darn hard to bend with just your hands!  You can use this same shape but turn the spoon upside down and have a hook!  How cute would these be outside in your pool area - to hang wet towels to dry?  Yep.. love it!

Gosh... I sure would like to be the owner of this antique case.  I'm not sure what it is...but I love the look and the saying!  Very unusual piece...don't you agree?

And then we have the wonderful "STAR" !!  One of my friends (Cheri) loves stars.  Every time I see a wonderful one... I think of her (Hi Cheri!).  Here are 3 of my favorites. 
First... simple sewn stars from antique linen!  Wouldn't they be wonderful filled with a little bit of lavender?  mmmmm..... Tuck them in your linen closet or your "jammies" drawer.  Nice.....

Then...there is just something wonderful about metal stars... I'm not sure what it is but I love them.  Look at this sweet one... So tiny and petite!  He would be so cute tied onto a package, added to your napkin rings... or hanging from your tree!
And then we have the simple and elegant black star.  Look how they have stamped a star on the side of this old box!  It's such a strong symbol...don't you think?  It speaks "America" to me!!

I found out an interesting little tidbit from Pinterest.  They say when you are boiling eggs, if you put 1/2 tsp of baking soda in the water... it will make the eggs so much easier to peel!  Have you heard that before?  I can't wait to try it.  About the only time I boil eggs is when I'm making deviled eggs for the holidays! 

and then.... we have this poor little "critter"!  This kitty is being given a BATH!  I can't believe it even sat still long enough to have this picture taken.  None of the cats I ever had would be this polite.  They would have been out of that bathroom in a heartbeat!  I love the expression.... it looks like he is saying.... "please.... please... can I get dried off now????"  HA!!!!

Okay...that's it for today! 
Tomorrow I have some FUN Fall things for you!
Have a great day...get some sewing done!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We're   HOME!!!
Wow...what a great trip!  It was wonderful... yesterday was an entire day of flying and living in airports.  We had to get up at 3:00 am (Seattle time) for the 4:00 airport shuttle!!  We went to Chicago, Norfolk, and then home around 8:30 pm.  Tired puppies!!!  Why does flying wear you out so much... whew!
We woke up at 7:30 am this morning... pretty much VERY UNUSUAL for Jack.  He's up with the chickens.  We'll have to get used to the 4 hour time change again.  We changed time twice on the cruise ... then coming home again - twice!  I'm not sure who I am or where I am!!  HA!
Well, needless to say we ate our hearts out.  The ship was beautiful - the people were great - the entertainment was wonderful!  We quilted our little hearts out! 
Here are Pam and Lynn!!

It was so good being with them.... they are BOTH so GREAT!!!  Their quilting ideas are so darn cool!!  GUESS WHAT?  I asked them to be our instructors for the January 2012 Camp Blanding Retreat and they both said..."hhhmmmmmm".... winter in Chicago and Kansas in January...or going to Florida?....hhhhmmm.... YES!!!  It sure didn't take them long to decide! 
Wait until you see the projects they are going to teach.  Pam has two different quilts she's going to instruct.  Both of them are designed to be FAST piecing and they are BIG quilts.  HOWEVER...they are full of design and not the normal Yellow Brick Road "look".  She has special techniques for you and they are GREAT for beginners!
Lynn will have a NEW book out called "Loose Change" and she's going to show you new techniques in piecing and applique (it's so wonderfully'll love it!).  Her new book should be out at market!!!  Can't wait to get my copy (we pre-ordered them at the retreat)!
Both of them also have new lines of fabric coming out... Lynn with Moda and Pam with Marcus Brothers! 
Here is the pool deck we hung out at... pretty darn wonderful!

This is a picture from the boat from when we pulled into dock in Seattle.... the Space Needle!  It was built when they hosted the "World's Fair" years ago.  We went up in it and looked at all of Seattle.  The harbors and docks where the ships come in was so cool.  Much of the products we get from Japan and China arrive here!

The cruise was as smooth as glass.  One evening I woke up to the swaying of the boat...that was it.  However, there was a "bug" on the ship that many people caught...including some of the gals in the quilting class - it was not good.  They quarantined them to their rooms - they had to get shots - yep...pretty bad... you know the kind... (both ends)....they think it came from people that had been in Seattle a few days before the cruise.  Although...all was well a few days into the cruise and everyone was up and going again. that we are back home... it's back to business again. I feel like I've been gone for a month! PLUS... every once in awhile... I feel like I'm rocking.. like I'm STILL ON THE BOAT!! What's up with that? HA! Jack said he felt that way too.
This week we have our sign up for rooms for the Camp Blanding Retreat in September!  Oh Happy Days!  I can't wait to see everyone again.  So...with that in mind... I'm moving onto my next task.... making spreadsheets to get everyone in their rooms! 
I'll chat with you tomorrow.... it's good to be home... !

Friday, August 17, 2012

Well... today is the day before!  You know... like the day before Christmas..or the day before Christmas Eve???  Yep... tomorrow morning we hop out of bed... head for a yummy breakfast and off to the airport we go.  I'm ready to sit on that airplane... read... sew... relax... and maybe even take a nap!  Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I've been reading Pam's (Heartspun Quilts) Facebook comments - she's already there (in Seattle) seeing the sites... riding the ferry...eating yummy food, antiquing!!  Good for's a little break for her and her honey.  We'll be there soon PAM!!!!

I first met Pam at the Houston Quilt Market... it was her first one.  The patterns she had designed along with the teaching part for students was so clever.  I was so happy for her.  She took the leap and look where she is today!  Has a great business, designing fabric... and doing what she loves.  Life cannot be any greater than that. 

Let's see what we can chat about today... a hodgepodge of things...that's for sure!

Doesn't this look so YUMMY?  These are marshmallows coated with chocolate and crushed peppermint candy.  They are used to dunk in your coffee... or even hot chocolate.  Or... if it were me... I would simply eat the thing...just the way it is!!

Fall is my favorite season... I simply love the cool fresh air... crispy leaves... pumpkins, etc.  So I couldn't pass up this chair.  I think it is so darn cute!  Find an old chair... paint it orange.. distress it with some black paint or dark stain.. and add your stencil.  You wouldn't even have to do that... pumpkins, CROW (my favorite... I LOVE CROWS.. it must be from growing up on a farm) and how about some torn up, nasty looking, cheesecloth - for cobwebs? 

Then... at Christmas.. I love to decorate the back of chairs... or hang something off the spindle at the top.  This simple green wreath with a white ribbon and stocking work well with the "whitewash" theme.  We used to hang "elf hats" off our chairs at the store.  People would buy them like crazy!

We also hung sweet little berry wreaths... they love them too!

For some reason... I have this "bug in me" to find some different ways of packaging my patterns.  I don't know why...just want to do something clever and different.  Then you have to look at 1.  How is the store owner going to display them?  2.  Will the new packaging show  your pattern photo?  3.  Will the new packaging be able to stand up to damage?  4.  Can you make it so attractive that the customers will want to pay a little extra money...just to have the packaging to keep? 

See what I mean?  I haven't found all the answers yet... but I'm NOT giving up!  I'm on a mission... (I love "detective" missions...finding new's awesome fun!)

Aren't these sweet bags cute?  I just love them.... wouldn't they be cute as a folder?  hhhmmm... my mind is working here....

Then... I love the simplicity of packaging.  Sometimes it's just the perfect look...don't you think?  Packaging can be such a BRAND to a company!  Victoria Secret (pink bags)

I did find this sweet idea... I wanted to share with you in case you're doing some parties... They've taken a simple brown sleeve and added the napkin, straw and silverware.  Then stapled the salt and pepper to the front.  Now me... I would simply buy those pre-packaged ones...this is a bit too much work for me.  But the idea is adorable!  Fun to do with catering an outdoor wedding too.

I love birds, and jute twine!  Isn't that a bit strange?  (I have no clue why either..)  This simple little package makes me want to buy it... just to display.  I don't even care what's inside!!!  Don't you agree?

Well... you see my dilemma... and it's not getting resolved.  One day it will though... I will see it... and BAM.. there it is.  hhhmmm...wonder when that day will be?  (I'm ready for it now!)

My hubby is fixing breakfast... I can smell the bacon...yummmmmmmy.... Then we're going to do a little housework, then I'm sewing.  I MUST KEEP BUSY today or the day will drag on and on and on and on!!!

Here's your "aaaaawwwwwwww" picture for the day.  Isn't she (or he?) sweet... those eyes... they just dig at your heart don't they. 

We won't be chatting for everyone stay well, happy and I'll be with you on Tuesday morning, August 28 !!!!

Bon Voyage!!!!!  (can you hear the ship's horn?.... can you see the streamers flying over the side? tooooo bad they no longer do that anymore)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well... guess who had another sleepless night.  This is becoming a habit and I'm just about to become a "druggie" (just kidding).  I went to bed at 9:30 - couldn't even stay awake long enough to watch the entire show of "So You Think You Can Dance"!!  What's up with that?  Then at 12:30 my peepers opened...and that's all she wrote.

I'm sure it's because I have a million things (wonderful things) on my mind and it JUST WON'T TURN OFF!!!  I know you all suffer from that too... right?  So... tonight I'm sure I will sleep like a rock!  (hope so)

Today I'm heading out to do some errands and then off to Cinnamon's for a day of sewing.  I feel like I haven't sewn in ages.... doing to many other things I guess. 

Look what we have to chat about today!!

Don't you love these cute cubby drawers?  I think they are so cute...hides all of the JUNK we accumulate in our sewing/craft rooms.  Doesn't this look like something you would buy at iKea?  I sure wish we had one here in Jacksonville.  The closest one that I know if is in Orlando!  Too Far!!!!

This is so cute... it's called a vacation jar.  I think it's a FUN, FUN thing for the kids to do - collect cute things that can be put into a sealed jar when you get home.  What a cute memorabilia item for them to keep for years.

Hey... Remember the cartoon Nancy?  I loved her... she was funny and not gross or scary... or rude.  Have you all watched any of the kids cartoons and programs they have on TV today?  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  I can't even understand why the TV networks let some of them run!  Remember Archie and Veronica?  Casper?  Beetle Bailey? 

Now this is the first time I've heard of doing this.  They say if you put ground cinnamon in the sandbox - it will keep bugs away!!  How clever is that?  Now... to keep the cats away ( keep the LID on the sandbox!!!  (I'm just sayin' )

Here's another item I remember oh so well... good old Noxzema.  Do you know they still make this!  Do any of you use Noxzema these days?  I can remember going to bed smelling like the jar!  ICK!  Our mom loved the stuff.

And this.... SLUMBER PARTIES!!  Where you laughed, giggled, ate popcorn, tried to stay awake all night (but never could), read comic books, tried on make-up, curled your hair.. you know... fun girlie things.  We used to have so much fun at our Slumber Parties!!  I can still remember the girls that came.... wonder what they are all doing these days?

I thought this was pretty clever... it's 4 crates - I think they said they bought them at Michael's and stained them.. placed them in a square - added a small plant stand in the middle.. and they have a cute coffee table that's great for storage.  This would be good for children's toys too...their books...

I love this sign... this is me in a nut shell!!!!
 (Paula, Maryellen, Lisa B., Pam B. - this is for you too!)

Then... my favorite WISH OF ALL.... "If only mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood" !!!  Oh.. how I wish this were true.  Of course.. I don't want to get sick with all of the issues of the mosquitoes these days... but they sure can have some of my fat.  They wouldn't be hungry for MONTHS!!  Ha!!

Well, it's time to answer some of my emails, and get my day going.  Everyone have a super day... sew a bunch, knit a sweater.... see you tomorrow!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yippee.... It's Wednesday and tonight is "So You Think You Can Dance"!  I love that show (I know I've told you that before).  I've missed it not being on since the Olympics have been playing.  I can't wait to see these talented young people dance.  The arrangements are simply SOMETHING ELSE!

Hey... do you get fire ant hills in your yard?  Man I hate those things!  I just found out this remedy on Pinterest - so I thought I would share with you... hope it works.

Get rid of fire ants. Pour 2 C of club soda directly in the center of a fire ant mound. The carbon dioxide in the water is heavier than air and displaces oxygen which suffocates the queen and the other ants. The whole colony will be dead within about two days. Each mound must be treated individually, and a one liter bottle of club soda will kill 2 to 3 mounds.

So... do you think this will work?  I'm going to try it... you never know... !

Today's posting is a question I have for all of you... I REALLY need your feedback!  Here's the issue... have you noticed there are NO wonderfully awesome "furniture style" hanging quilt racks on the market?  I mean... almost NOTHING!  I love to hang my quilts with a more warm, cozy flare... not just magically floating on the wall...know what I mean? 

I want so much to have these manufactured...whether by someone individual.. or we'll come up with the design and then shops can order them to sell.  OR... you can order them direct from a website.  What do you think?  Here are some ideas I've come up with....

Option 1 - This old window can be converted into a stunning mirror!  We sold tons of them at the Olde Green Cupboard.  They are simply gorgeous.... now picture this...see where the cans are hanging?  Add a small shelf to the bottom of the window/mirror with a rod hanging from it for your quilt!  This window could be shabby chic, painted the color of your choice, antiqued... you name it.  What a wonderful focal point when it's hanging in a room.  It could even hang above a bed and the hanging quilt could act as the headboard.

Option 2 - This is a piece of antique ironwork!  Now... how stunning would this be to have two quilts hanging, the top shelf decorated...and under the shelf (hanging directly on the wall) small pictures, pretty plates.... ?  Again.. the iron could be distressed as this one or more finished for those areas in your house where this shabby style may not fit in.  It would also be darn right wonderful hanging in your bathroom for towels!  Anytime you have something rusty (or chippy) simply spray it well with Krylon finishing spray (matte or shiny) and it will eliminate you getting rust on anything.

This piece is the top of a piece of furniture..something like an antique washstand.  They've turned it upside down, added the two architectural pieces on either side.  Instead of the pegs (towels hanging on them) I would insert a bar through the curly part of the end pieces.  Perfect for hanging a quilt.  Then decorate the top of it and it's gorgeous!

This is more the cottage look...and I love it.  It's painted white but can you imagine how stunning it would be in wood tone, black or RED?  Then tuck adorable baskets inside.  Again... replace the hooks with a bar for your quilt!

This is so unique... a piece of art.  It's finished in the "worn" look (which I happen to love).  However, it would look beautiful painted in any color.  It fits in a traditional home, shabby chic room (ooohhh... can't you see it painted a soft pink?) or in a country home.  Again...we'll add a bar to the bottom sides for your quilt.

Now...this is what I would call the "planter" style.  We would remove the strap and attach the box directly to the wall... then hanging from the bottom of the box we would add the rail.  Can't you just see if filled with all kinds of wonderful collections...even change it out for the holidays?  Pop a pretty trailing ivy or fluffy fern in there...hand some cute pictures or another small wall hanging quilt above it - wonderful!

I hope you can see this one... it's a larger piece hanging on the back wall above the tale.  I thought it too would be stunning with a rod across the middle for your quilt.

Okay...those are some of my ideas...what do you think?  These pieces would not be cheap... but affordable.  After all... it is considered a piece of furniture and surely the focal point of a room.

Okay...that's my issues for the day.. .I'd love to hear back from you on your thoughts. 

Hey..look at this sweet little picture...
Sweet little kitten paws...they are so stinkin' cute when they love you...aren't they? 

Hope you have a super Wednesday!!!  I'm off to eat some breakfast....

Hugs to all..


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Morning!!!

Let's see... I think today is Tuesday... yep... it's Tuesday.   I still have to cut out my kit... I was a bit on the "tardy" side - not getting it done.  That seems to be happening more often these days... hhhmmm... I wonder what's up with that?

How come the days before you are going on a big trip seem to just drag by?  Don't you find that to be so true?  ARG!!!!

Okay... let's see what I found for you today!

See these bags... these are awesome.  One of the gals I sew with (Ruth) came in one week and showed them to us.  ONLY... she was adding a fabric binding all around the outer edge.  Then she used them to hold her quilting projects!  Where oh where can you find these?  I know... I know... !!

Target - in the area where they have the ironing board covers, etc.  The best part is... guess how much they cost... JUST GUESS!!!   Got a figure in mind?  You're going to be so happy... they are only $1.50 !!!  Isn't that so cool?  I've already made 4 of them. 

Here's what you do... when you make your binding for your quilts - make extra.  I normally make at least a yard more...then I save all of them for my binding on scrappy quilts.  Now you can use it for these!  make sure you use 2 1/2" cuts for your binding so it covers all of the white edge tape.  They are great fun and super for little gifts for your girlfriends.  I put the binding on 3 or 4 at a time and stitch on them while I'm watching TV or for long rides in the car.

I saw how they made these yummy cookies... by putting two of them together with filling on the inside.  Now... this - my friends - is a GREAT WAY to automatically eat TWO cookies - you know... instead of being polite and only taking ONE when someone shares with you.

Guess what else is good - especially for little ones?  Our mom made these for us all the time.  She would make icing (from scratch...they didn't have canned frosting back then... UGH!) - chocolate was our favorite...then put a glob between two graham crackers.  Then... seal them up tight and put them in the refrigerator.  They were so scrumptious really, really cold...especially on a hot summer's day after playing outside all day.

Try them for your little ones and see if they don't love them (as much as you will...I'm sure).

Now... this is something I remember doing when I was little and it appears as though little girls just don't play with paper dolls like we did.  For hours and hours we would change their clothes... pretend like they were talking to each other... you know...using the imagination!  The best kid of PLAY. 

Remember Betsy from the McCall magazine?  We couldn't wait for mom's magazine to come in the mail so we could cut her out and play with her.  Ahhhh.... those were the days!

Look at this cleaver hamper!  I'm in love with this thing.  They've taken screens and attached them to one of those 4 wheel dollies.  Now the clothes inside can air out!!!  No stinky stuff or mildew..  I think it's pretty darn clever!

Now...this is genius and I wish I would have thought about it.  They have completely taken apart an inexpensive fan, taped up the inside motor portion and spray painted it pink!  Isn't it adorable?  They did say to make sure you use paint that is good on plastic (casing of the fan) and to practice the spraying on newspaper to be sure you have the right thickness.  There is an art to spray can painting...   Then to top it off... they took the RED gum dispenser and painted it pink to match.  How stinkin' clever!!

I thought this was a really cute technique.  They've made 2-sided circles, folded them in this manner, overlapped them and stitched them into the seam.  I'm sure it would be a good idea to use your walking foot since there are so many layers to stitch through.  Isn't it cute?  Adorable...simply adorable!  I think I may try this technique on something!


Guess what these are?  Yep.... they are chocolate chip cookies that are baked in your WAFFLE IRON!  Fast and easy to do! You are to spray your waffle iron GOOD with PAM or whatever brand you use.  Place a FULL teaspoon of dough on the grids - leaving space between and cook!  Keep an eye on them so they won't burn... since every waffle iron cooks differently.

(I really could pop this in my mouth right now!)'s your "cutie" picture for the day... I don't think this kitten is especially happy with this baby!  Don't you love the caption?  Ha!  Too funny!

Well... hope your day is great and you too have chocolate chip cookies and a Kit-Kat!  Chat tomorrow...