Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Morning!!!

I thought it would be fun to share with you the "things I love" every once in awhile!!!  Here's my first!!

Have you noticed how "HOT" the cupcake and cookie deal is?  It's the new "thing" in the baking and EATING industry!  I think it's  SUPER ...especially since I LOVE COOKIES AND CUPCAKES!!!

Paula Barnes (Bonnie Blue Quilts) daughter, Alison, is one of the BESTEST cookie decorators I have ever seen!!!  YOU MUST CHECK OUT THESE DESIGNS!!!

Aren't these spectaculor???  I mean to tell you... UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

Follow her blog:  Ali Bee's Bake Shop

  PLUS... once you have her blog pulled up... go back as far as you can on her older posts and look at all of her designs!  These are just a drop in the bucket of the number of things she can do with a simple cookie!!  Ali - you're the best!!!  Keep up the fantastic job!

The best part of this talent Ali has... she's all SELF TAUGHT!!!  Her momma (Paula) designs wonderful quilts and Ali is a "cookie designer"!!  LOVE THEM!!! 

ALSO... Please feel free to contact her for orders!  You can contact her through email from her BLOG.

Wow... have these ever made me hungry!!!

I'm off to the kitchen for a fresh cup of hot coffee... and something to eat!  I'm on a NO carb, NO sugar diet... which leaves me pretty much into vegetables and protein!  Do you think a hot, yummy, cinnamon, pecan breakfast roll is in the diet plan?
No.... I knew you would say that.... darn it!!!
How about some bacon and scrambled eggs?  YEP...that's more like it...but that means I have to cook.... BARF!!!

Later chickies!!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Primitive Quilts and Projects - new issue should be arriving to you (or your local quilt shop) SOON!!

It's hot off the press..... Isn't the cover beautiful?  It's a gorgeous quilt from my friend, Lynne Hagmeier - Kansas Trouble Quilts.

It's so much fun designing for these gals...
they are awesome! 
Here if my project - Holly Table Runner !!

It's 12" x 72" long... this photo just shows a portion of the table runner.  This same design is at the other end of the table runner.  The best thing of this whole design????  The table runner is pre-quilted for you!  You'll add the wool, red buttonhole stitching in the scalloped border, buttons and rick-rack binding.  Kits are available($65.00) and  your pattern is in the magazine! 

Get your issue NOW!!!  Go to Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine and get your subscription!! 

And.........wait until you see my daughter's (Heather) mohair project.... it's adorable... you're gonna want to make one.... ready????  Close your eyes.....

Isn't he the cutest little fellow???? (I love his red 'jammies!!)

A couple of postings back I told you about the quilt I was designing using Paula Barnes new fabric line by Marcus Brothers - Tavern Blues... remember?

Well, here is the quilt before it was delivered to my long-arm queens, "Lynn & Cathy" !!

We've named it - "Tavern Stars" !!! 

These stars are the BEST to make - you'll NEVER loose your points!!  TRUST ME!!!!

The quilt has it's binding finished and has been mailed to Marcus Brothers Fabric where it will be on display in their booth at the Houston Quilt Market! 

The pattern will be available to purchase from my website by the end of November.  My AWESOME graphic designer - LISA - also does tons of work for MODA and she's swamped right now... helping them to get ready for market also.  So she'll work on my pattern after we return from Houston (end of this month).  When she's finished - it will be shipped to my printer... then I'll get it posted on the website Olde Green Cupboard Designs ASAP!

The great thing about this has NO BORDERS - so if you need it larger or smaller - simply make more or less stars!!  Your choice!!

Now... here is a beauty that I've just finished !!!  My friend, Karen Covey, is the owner of Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe here in Jacksonville.  It just celebrated it's one year anniversary..


Karen LOVES wool (a girl after my own heart)!!!  She asked if I would make this wonderful quilt (designed by Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop) for the shop.

More information will be announced at a later date by Lisa... of which I will pass on to all of you.  However.... I can tell you this project will be a Block-of-the-Week that will begin this upcoming spring!  It will run for 16 weeks where you will receive ONE flower block per week.  A separate finishing kit will be part of the sign-up package! 

These flowers are simple shapes to buttonhole stitch - easy and fast!  If you've always wanted to learn this technique - now is your chance.

I'll keep you posted on the details as they are available....!!!!'s now time to get busy and get something done today!  Heck... I'm still in my 'jammies!!!

The weather is cool, sunny and GORGEOUS!!! 
I think it's a perfect day to open all the windows and smell that cool fresh air... AND SEW!!!!

Chat with you later..............

Be kind and have a super day!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Morning!!

Friday.... great day for finishing up some housework and projects!!  I've mailed my Primitive Quilts & Projects "Marriage" sampler to the girls... now it's time to finish up the instructions and send them also.  I wish I had a little "fairy" that loved to write my patterns...that's the part that I dread!  Love the designing and construction though... it's the best!

My hubby is leaving today for a week trip with some friends to the Orlando area.  Since I'm leaving for market next week... he's taking a little time away from the home front also.  Strolling through the parks, reading, relaxing...what could be better?  I KNOW!!!  Walking through the isles at Houston Quilt Market!

I can't wait.. it's been such a long time since I've been to one of the will feel so good!

I'm also finishing up a few other projects here at home so I can get started on my next design!  It's a stitchery set as a center square in a quilt.  The stitchery is of an antique bird print that I purchased years ago as an inspiration for a fabric design.  Here is the print.....

I teach a class showing how to take this print and convert it into a line drawing.  Then you transfer the line drawing to fabric and stitch it... like red work... only I used black thread on this project.  I'll keep you posted on the progress of the quilt! 

Well.... I just got a breakfast date!!!  My hubby and I are going out for breakfast this morning.  I love breakfast out...don't you????  They always seem to get the bacon crispier than here at home...and I LOVE crisp bacon.... ahhhh... along with the smell of fresh coffee!  Life is good!

Time to hit the shower and get all dolled up!!

See you later chickies!!