Thursday, February 28, 2013

I can see the back wall!!!

Good Morning everyone!

Well.... what can I say...?  I'm still putting my house in order!  OMG!!!  Since our sewing studio is in the master bedroom... boxes have been stacked in the large bathroom.  We have now emptied enough I can see the back wall in the room!  I cannot believe I had all of these treasures in my old house and this one is bigger and I'm struggling on where to put things.  This has never been so mind boggling for me in all of the 44 years we have been married and with the many times we have moved from being in the Navy for 20 years.  I'm not sure what my issue is.... I just had to leave the sewing studio yesterday... I could no longer open another box, sort anymore fabric, or look through anymore books or patterns.  NEVER in my entire lifetime will I use all of these treasures!  But we all have them don't we?

My friend, Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts... well according to her blog...she is going through the same thing I am.  Struggling to put order (or re-order) back into her sewing room too.  I'm glad it's just NOT ME!  Thanks Pam... I'm sorry you're having the "challenge" too but I'm glad I'm not alone!   Heartspun Quilts Blog

I did get new living room furniture  yesterday and it looks awesome and is very comfortable.  It felt good to  watch a little TV last night...while laying on the sofa (dozing....). 

Today is full of errands, hanging out at Cinnamon's,  and then off to have dinner with some of my buddies this evening.  The gals from Camp Blanding (that help us with our retreats) are meeting up with us.  Vicky repaired a quilt for one of the military guys that works with them and we are taking it to them so they can pass it on to him.  I know he will be so happy.  It looks great.  

Don't give up on me... I will begin posting better as soon as this house is in order... 

Keep sewing...

Hugs to all!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Will they ever all go away?


I'm just tellin' you... there is not one part on my body that doesn't hurt... well... I think the top of my head is okay... but everything else... NOT SO GOOD!  We are all just too old for this kind of work...that's what I have decided.

It's a major celebration when we empty a box!!!  We have a pile of brown...but a larger STACK of browns to go.  It sure packs up faster than it does unpacking doesn't it?  

However, we are making progress... I even cooked dinner in our new kitchen the other night... it was great..lots of space to work.  The microwave is not so hot!!!  It takes longer to get to the temperature you like...I guess it's just getting used to it.  Of may be on it's way to the dumpster never knows.

Jack just hung a 46" TV in our sewing studio!!!  He ROCKS!!!  Now we are trying to get all of the tv's to get a good picture.  Now..he's a pro at this... however, I think we may have to have Comcast return... they are just not right...not crisp and clear like they should be.  Guess what else he did... volunteered that 46" tv for the sewing studio and went out and bought a 55" for the living room.  OMG... I feel like I'm in a movie theatre !!  See...there was a reason for his madness and I'm glad!

Yesterday we all went to the new house along with my girlfriend (Merryanne) and her daughter (Buffy) and cleaned the old house.  Was I ever surprised when I found NO WATER...they had already turned it off and I was not a happy girl.  We did all of the other, blinds, floors (no mopping yet), vacuum, windows, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets, laundry room (are you tired yet.... I still am).... then Jack contacted the neighbor...she's letting us use her hose and we'll tackle the showers and stove/frig today.  I even have to take a HUGE pot and heat up water so I'll have hot water to clean with.  UGH!!!  What we have to do to get back deposit money.... oh well... it's worth it.  

I met the lady that is moving sweet... and I promised her a beautifully cleaned house...ready to move in!

So...with that in mind... it's time to gather up more cleaning supplies, get some more coffee... and get my butt in gear and head out.

Hopefully, I'll be blogging about much more exciting quilting and sewing topics soon.  Enough of this moving saga!

Hugs to all.... I can't wait to show you pictures of our new "digs"!  


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Move 'em out!!

It's Thursday....

It's move day!  My bones are aching already.... see you on the flip side and will try and take some photos!

Get the Ben Gay ready!!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun Stuff to see!

Happy Monday to you!

Where did the weekend go?

I went to lunch and a movie yesterday with some of my Barnett Bank working buddies.  It was so good to see them.  We had a  yummy lunch then went to see Identity Thief!  It didn't get very favorable ratings...but I thought it was a hoot!  We all loved it...laughed during the entire show!  You know...sometimes it's so good to watch a funny, happy movie and not all of the crime, blood and guts!  Whew...that stuff gets so old... 

I was searching around on my favorite site... Pinterest .....this morning and found some great things for us!

I'm working on a design similar to this one... isn't it adorable?  I just love the look of crispy white fabric and these Aunt Gracie colors.  It looks so refreshing... then I love to hang them on the clothesline outside!  They smell so reminds me of when I was little.  Mom loved to hang the laundry outside (or rather... should I say... we hung it out...) for that fresh clean smell!  My flower vine will be from wool!!!  Yes gang... it's another design "in the works" !!!

My new house... it has a small toilet area like this in the Master Bathroom.  What a super idea to use space that is just blank.  Now... if I could talk Jack into doing this!  (that will NOT happen....I can assure you... RATS!)  What a great place to store those items you normally keep in a linen closet that you use once in a blue moon.... don't you think?

I just love this pillow.  The Pinterest photo said it was a Blackbird Design... I'm not sure... but if it is... I sure want to give them credit.  Barb and Alma... this is gorgeous!  So darn sweet!

Now...this is so clever!  For those of you that have tried all of the different tricks on sewing half square triangles in half... drawing lines, pressing in half, using paper, take a look at this!  They have used firm card stock... but not so thick to warp the line... place on your square at the appropriate corners and stitch right down the edge of the paper!  Boom!  You are done.  I think I'll try this.  I'm game for new techniques that are time savers... and let me tell you... drawing lines and/or tearing off paper is VERY TIME CONSUMING!

I saw this quilt top and thought it was so cute.  I simply love the color combinations of teal, white and blue.  It makes me smile... how about you?

This has nothing to do with quilting... but I wanted to show it to you.  Heather and Keck's church has a Father & Daughter dance each year... it was this past weekend.  Isn't this cute?  They have a meal, take their photos together and then the daddies dance with their daughters.  So... so sweet.  Keck seems to be doing most of the dancing... swinging Lexie around.  I wish you could see the expression on her face better... she's laughing so hard!  Isn't it so wonderful when you hear your grandchildren laughing hard... you know ... the one that comes from their bellies.  I just love it... one of the best sounds in the world.

Well.. .I have a TO DO list a mile long today.... Call for moving for picking up house keys... call for the carpet cleaner... and on and on...

It's time for another cup of coffee and to get cracking!!!!  No rest for the weary!

Have a super Monday... hope you get to sew a little!

Hugs to all!!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Well... we all have full bellies!!  

Let's Nosh (here in Jacksonville) has the BEST breakfast meals!  Fresh bagels, yummy crisp sausage, crispy fried potatoes and omelets that are to die for!

We are now back home and headed to the garage!!!  YIKES!!!!  Yes...the house is ALL packed - with the exception of the last minute things that we'll need... we will be eating out all this week!  (LOVE IT!) 

Today I'm going to eat lunch with some of my old Barnett Bank friends and then we are headed to the movie theater!  Identity Thief - looks like a hoot and we are all loving the laughs so I can't wait to see it.

I'm outta here.... gotta get back to the garage and help for a little ....

Chat with you later...


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Well... it's a little overcast here in sunny Jacksonville...what's up with that?  We are to get rain... which we need very badly so I guess I won't be complaining too much.

I wanted to show you this awesome LeMoyne Star quilt I found on Pinterest.  I've always loved this block and especially love the construction portion where you do NOT have to have set in seams.  It appears the smaller these star blocks are ... the more adorable they are also!!!..

Now...tell could you NOT LIKE this quilt?  I counted the blocks... oh my.... 270 of these little sweet things!  But... it's soooooooooo pretty.... don't you think?   hhhmmm..... this too may go in my Quilt Bucket List!!!  How about you... are you game to make one with me?  What a great and fun way to use up your scraps on the star blocks.  How interesting it would look with the alternating squares from scraps (planned) also... in a great color combination.  This is one that would be fun to play with on EQ... just to make sure the colors look well together and not a jumbled up looking mess.  I do love this pink color!

Look at these sweet aprons.. wouldn't it be cute to have your grandmothers aprons and display them like this on a wall in your kitchen.  I remember my short little Grandma Grunawalt... with her snow white hair.. she always wore an apron...but hers were full... with a big bow in the back and lots of pockets in the front... she always had a hankie in her pocket...she would head out to the chickens and before long she would have those pockets full of eggs.   Now this woman lived a simple life... no bathroom in the house... a two seat outhouse just out the back door and down a short path.  She had a hand pump in her kitchen sink to get her water.  What a sweet lady... with the biggest garden you've ever seen!

Now...this picture is NOT because I like this skirt... it's nice that someone went to the time to make it... because it's one of those things... "just because you can...doesn't mean you should" !!!!

RIGHT?  OMG!!!!!  

Well... I'm off to Cinnamons' for some girlfriend time.  I'm going through withdrawal after being away from Camp Blanding...!!!'s time to get away from this MESS OF A HOUSE!!!  Let's see... ONE WEEK FROM TODAY... WE WILL BE MOVING!!  YEEEHHHAAAAAWWWW!!!  

I'm going to work on some snowball quilt blocks and trace some wool applique ... that should keep me busy for sometime.

Chat with you soon!!!  


Monday, February 4, 2013

Living in America!

Good Morning!!!

Well... how was your weekend?  Mine was fantastic...did a little packing... shopped at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe, ate our Anniversary dinner out at Longhorn Steak House.... watched some great TV...

and now... it's back to Monday morning!  After having all that time away from home at the Camp Blanding Retreat... I feel like I'm being punished to work (or rather PACK) again.

Look.... we are full of cardboard in every room of this house!  aaahhh.... the smell of cardboard!  It reminds me of receiving tons of boxes from the UPS man... cutting open, unpacking, pricing, stocking shelves.... (I miss my UPS fellow...he was so nice!)

Here is one of my blocks for my Living In America.  Once we have the blocks appliqued...then I will work on the sashings.  I sure hope everyone loves it as much as Vicky and I do!  
It's been so much fun to work on.  

This is a new pattern that Vicky has designed for Olde Green Cupboard Designs.  The stars are different shades of wool!  She's stitching the binding down now!  I love it and can't wait for it to adorn our table.

I'm off to work some more on my fabric closet... there is no one here but me... maybe that's not such a good idea.  I could get buried alive and no one would find me!  HA!!!  What a way to go!

This is what I actually feel like right now... Yes... a tired puppy!  I would love to be lazy and spend the entire day on the couch... but that is just not going to happen!  Look at those eyes!  Isn't this little fellow pitiful?

Okay... I'm moving... oh yes...then there is the laundry!  Does this ever end????

Hugs to all!  


Sunday, February 3, 2013

We're home from Camp Blanding!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Well... I am back from the retreat...what a super time we had.  185 gals... sewing until they could no longer sew anymore.  Laughter... all over the place.  Then we were so lucky to have Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts and Lynne & Robert Hagemeir - Kansas Troubles Quilters with us...teaching classes!  What fun!
Thanks Pam, Lynne and Robert (Lynne's sweet hubby!) for spending time in Florida with us.    Here are some photos of things at the retreat... ooopssss... you weren't supposed to see the snacks (sorry)... just kidding..  I had to take a picture of the snacks - you see - it's just not all about the quilting, sewing or rug's the FOOD - and the JUNK FOOD to be exact.  We would walk around the room and find enough food to feed an army.  Many of the gals brought crock pots and made yummy dinners in the back kitchen (right off the sewing room).

See these Sand Hill Cranes?  We named them Romeo and Juliet and these are some BIG BIRDS!!  They were so friendly... the gals that worked on the base said they have been here for years... they walk up to the front doors of the Armory building (where we were sewing) and see their reflection on the glass doors.  They peck at the door...thinking maybe they have some enemies... or maybe new friends.  They are so tame I walked right beside them... not 3 feet away and they just keep digging worms out of the yard.  So... so pretty....  They must have been 4' tall!!!  Pretty red feathers on the top of their heads.  We were trying to figure out which was the male and female... we had no luck...they look the same!

Once we were finished sewing at the armory... we(Vicky and I) went to our lodging and set up sewing with Paula, Maryellen, Wynette, and Dianne.  Our other Camp Blanding friend - Donna - was resting from some previous surgery... so she couldn't sew with us... but did get to visit a little.

Here's what I did....  This is a Star Fusion block - I'm making this quilt to teach at Cinnamon's.  What fun to make... the larger star points are string pieced... 

Then at Camp I made this sweet sewing box.  We are going to work on them in our B-a-a-a-d Girls Club.  I know you can't see the back... but the box is made from 6 wooden embroidery hoops.  It was great fun to make... and is not yet all the way finished.  I have to put a loop of elastic on the front (for closing the box) and a little stain on the wood.  

Once we finished up sewing in our lodging.... it was time to take Paula to the airport... Maryellen headed back to the Tampa area... and Vicky and I headed home to PACK the house.   As you can see...there was not one more spot of room to pack a single think in this van.  Thank heavens for Paula... she was tiny enough to crawl inside and pack things tight for us... what a hoot.  

Well... today is my 44th wedding anniversary!!!  Can you believe that?  Wow... that's a long time!  Here we are..... I'm on the blog and packing...Jack went to the gym... HOWEVER... we are going to Longhorn Steak House tonight... I LOVE... LOVE... their Wild West Shrimp and Chicken Parmesan!!! is so darn good... my mouth is watering already!

So... Thanks to all of you that were with me at Camp Blanding.. I love all of you to death and have so much fun putting this fun event together for all of you.  We are FULL, FULL, FULL already for our September retreat with a waiting list of 40+ people already.  I'm sure if I had a place big enough to hold 300 - 400 of you... I could fill it up!!  All at one time!!  What a hoot that would be....

I'll chat with you soon.. keep those projects going... get them feels so DARN good!!