Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 brings more BLOGGING!

HI ALL! What a great Christmas I had... all of my children, grand-children, nieces and nephews - we were all together...that's the greatest about Christmas... spending time together.

2010 is the year when I'm going to improve on my blogging!'s fun... I just have to make my buttocks sit in the chair and chat with all of you.

This is my friend - Karen... well today is her birthday! I won't tell you her age but I was quite surprised when she told me how old she was... she looks much younger! She's my blogging "guru" and will be helping me improve on this jouney! First issue on this journey... How in the heck do I rotate this picture of Karen???!!! Sorry Karen... I've worked on trying to rotate for over 30 minutes... everyone will have to tip their head to the right to see your pretty face. I'll figure this out tomorrow! (oh...this is going to be an adventure... I can tell....)

You see this mess??? That's my mess... I worked hard today getting some new fabric chosen for new kits!! Wait until you see this's going to be gorgeous! Yes.... that is wide ric-rack... oh-la-la!

In just two months we will be headed back out on the road... first show is in Hampton, Virginia. Last year - when it was time to come home - we got up in the mornng.... peered out the window and we saw TONS OF SNOW. Please... no snow this year! It was simply bloody cold!

I'm off to do some handwork! chat with you soon! Happy Sewing! Gloria