Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What a super weekend!


Wow... did we ever have a wonderful, FUN, BUSY, weekend!   We called up our buddy, Wynette, and found out she was NOT going to be busy for the entire weekend... so we invited her to come stay at the house and sew with us!!!  Then... we got word of a fun auction .... took a preview on Friday and decided it was one we should be able to get some good deals at - YIPPEE.... more yummy goodies or our neOh yes... it was a great time and the back of our van was JAMMED - PACKED - FULL!  PLUS... Wynette is now the proud owner of a "Hoosier" cabinet and an awesome new china (VERY BIG) cabinet that will look stunning full of quilts.... or whatever she plans to fill it up with.w location at Rusted in San Marco!  

Oh yes... it was a great time and the back of our van was JAMMED - PACKED - FULL!  PLUS... Wynette is now the proud owner of a "Hoosier" cabinet and an awesome new china (VERY BIG) cabinet that will look stunning full of quilts.... or whatever she plans to fill it up with.    

She and Vicky had quite the day yesterday getting them to her home.  When they arrived at the auction to meet the delivery truck... well...let's just say that didn't work out.... g-r-r-r-r-r-r!  So... off to U Haul they went and got their own trailer...had it loaded and off to Stake they went.  Needless to say a simple delivery that did not go as planned turned into an almost all day project... they were two tired gals when they returned to the house.  Hot showers, coffee, and dinner made it all better. 

We are so excited !!!!  Today we are to have new sewing machines delivered!  Can't wait to get those little puppies out of their boxes and begin playing with them.  HOWEVER, I first have to get a million things accomplished.... finish packing for Camp Blanding, get my projects ready, computer work, straighten this house (I swear there are Gremlins that mess it up during the night), finish up some laundry, price and pack more goodies for Rusted, yadayadayada!!   Vic asked me yesterday... do you think there is ever going to be a day where we just sit and do nothing?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I giggled at her and said... not at this house...!  

So... are you all getting ready to attend our annual Quilt Show here in Jacksonville?  If not... you should.  Our 7 guilds work so hard on making this be such a success every year... it runs so smoothly but takes all year to make it happen.  It will run from Thursday through Saturday at the Prime Osborne Convention Center, Downtown JACKSONVILLE.  Don't miss it!  Look at the quilts, bid on gift baskets, buy tickets from the guilds and try to win their quilt, then participate on the silent auction... and SHOP AT THE VENDORS!  Remember... most vendors try to bring NEW MERCHANDISE to quilt shows.  After all... they know how much you shop with them in the store... so they want new things to surprise you at the show so you'll not pass them up and go only to those vendors they don't normally whop with.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOPS!  

Have a super day.... take time to sew a few stitches and get some rest.

Gloria, Vicky and Heather

Friday, September 18, 2015

Things are wild and crazy!!!



I've been awake and up and movin' since 3:30 am this morning.... gosh I hate that!  You know... you wake up because your uncomfortable in the bed... zzzzz .... then you have to make a trip to the bathroom .... zzzzzz ..... then you hear something ... zzzzz..... then you are dreaming - deep dream and you jump..... zzzzz ..... then your mind starts "thinkin" and you just can't turn it off... then you SWEAR YOU SMELL COFFEE BREWING.... and you realize your sweet hubby is UP and it really is THE SMELL OF COFFEE.... and you just have to have a cup!  Anyone relate to any of these sleeping disorder issues?  (I see you raising your hand out there.... OMG!)

That's when you know to stop fighting it and just get up!!!  With that in mind... I've been very productive this morning!  I can feel the "tired's" setting in.. so it may be soon I need to take a little power nap!  

I've been getting in the Christmas spirit.... eeeeekkkkk!!!!

Pretty scary huh?  I love, love, love, love, making Christmas crafts... you know...the kind that you just slobber all over because they are so darn wonderful?  

Well... one of my passions is gingerbread decorations!  I simply adore them... not sure why?  Maybe because we had lots of gingerbread and cinnamon treats when we were kids? (I'm guessing here... actually have no clue as to why...)
See my little friends here?  Well... I have a wonderful recipe to make these little guys!  Plus... I'm making some big brothers too!  They are so wonderful hanging on trees, in garland and on wreaths.  Heck... I even love them just nestled in greenery in big wooden dough bowls!  

So... after I get some errands done.... finish up a few things in the sewing studio... I'm playing with applesauce, cinnamon and glue!  Quite a combination wouldn't you say?    Of course.... there is the issue of pumpkins toooooo..... I adore them...and that season is before the gingerbread men!  
Oh my...what in the heck to do first! 

Look at this silly guys... I have the pattern to make them!   I've been saving my husks from my corn this summer...it's dried and ready to go.  See the stems on top of their heads?  I even went on ebay and bought some from a pumpkin/gourd farm!  Now how cool is that.... I also love their noses... we have a stick nose, cloth nose and I'm not sure what the third one is????  I'll take a picture and post the ones I make!

Corny Pumpkin Pokes Instant Download pt112

 Okay...with all of that to get accomplished today.... I'm out-of-here and on to my full-FUN day!   (I just remembered to make one of my pumpkins nose out of a nail!... they are so cute!)

Chat soon!  


Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Friday from San Diego!!

Happy Friday!

I used to be so excited to wake up on Friday mornings (when I worked at the bank) and know that it was the last day of work for a couple of days.  Now.... that excitement is EVERYDAY for me!  I simply adore getting up early in the morning and digging into whatever project or new task I was going after.   This morning, however.... I am one sleepy girl.  Had a rough night with my coughing last night... so I'm staying low here in the condo today here in San Diego!  

The show is very nice and they have great vendors.  Some of them I have not seen in year and ... they have wonderful products.  The booth beside us is local and she makes the most adorable over sized shirts from linen tablecloths that are vintage - from the 30's - 50's.  Simply wonderful...what a super nice gal.  Tomorrow I'll try and get her name and some pictures for you. 

Don't you just love these suitcases?  We sure do... and you'll see them in our room at "Rusted"!!  NO they will not be for sale...however, they will add character to the room and make it "yummy" and inviting for looking and shopping!    We will be working on the fall "look" for opening... can't wait to get started!  We have a bunch of work to do and we are so excited to do it.  My hubby will be excited also...especially when he sees all of the "stuff" leave the garage and head for "Rusted"!  (won't you honey?.... he reads the blog too...!)  Then... I have some furniture that will be for sale... along with great handcrafted items, antiques, and other fun surprises!  

Here are the vendors that are some of my favorite here at the show.... be sure and visit their website and take a peek.... and do some shopping!  It's sooooooo important to support them so they can continue to grow and STAY IN BUSINESS FOR US!!!

American Jane Patterns (americanjane.com)
Bits & Pieces by Joan (bitsandpiecesbyjoan.com) 
Farmhouse Threads (farmhosethreads.com)
Geoff's Mom Pattern Co (geoffsmompatterns.com)
Handy Caddy (handdycaddy.com)
Heart to Hand (hearttohand.com)
My Red Door Designs (myreddoordesighns.com
Primitive Gatherings (primitivegatherings.us)
Rusty Crow Quilt Shop (rustycrowquiltshop.com)
Simply Put (simplyputplus.com)
The Cottage at Cardiff Farms (thecottageatcardifffarms.com)
ThimbleCreek Quilts (thimblecreek.com)
Thimbles by TJ Lane (thimbles2fit.com)


I could have spent an entire day in each one!!

Check them out also!!

The Country Loft  - La Mesa, CA - thecountryloft.blogspot.com/
Fat Quarters Quilt Shop - Vista CA - fatquartersquiltshop.com
Primitive Gatherings - Murietta, CA - primitivegatherings.us)
Rosies Calico Cupboard - San Diego, CA - rosiescalicocupboard.com
Temecula Quilt Co - Temecula, CA -  www.temeculaquiltco.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Good Morning.....

Hi to all...

We are now in San Diego CA and I can't wait to see this city.  I've heard nothing  but great things and we are anxious to see the sites.  We set up this afternoon and will be with some of the finest designers in the business.  I'll be able to give you some names after today when we get a final vendor list....then you can visit their websites and blogs for some shopping of your own!

We are in great condo.... 6 of us.... what fun we will have together.  We got to see the new quilt studio of Ronda McCray - Farmhouse Threads!  Such great space to work, store and prepare her great work.

I wanted to show you some sketches and see what you think.... I need and want your feedback!  ALL designers want input so don't be shy... tell me what you think....  this is a group of stitchery, wool, and applique AMERICANA small squares....

So...there they are.... tell me what you think.   Email me please... Oldgreencupboard@aol.com

Have a super Monday!!


Sunday, September 6, 2015


My previous email with information on Laundry Baskets visit with us in 2017 has my email listed incorrectly.

Here is the correct email link:  Oldgreencupboard@aol.com


Saturday, September 5, 2015



Hi Everyone!!

OMG!!!! We have received an email from one of the most sought after designers..instructor..speaker in the quilting industry.....  I can't breathe... my heart is racing... I couldn't wait to tell all of you!!!

Michael is her hubbies name.... does that give you any hints???  Well... let me continue.... I have sent numerous emails & left phone messages... for approximately 3 years.... that's how much we've wanted this designer to be with us here in Florida....  (any more ideas who it is yet?)  Then boom...

I pulled up my email and there it was... a response!

Okay... I'm sure the tension has grown.... here's a BIG HINT for you!!!  Does this help?  NO?

Silhouettes - Flower Box

How about this one?

Scroll down.....

Yes.... we are in the planning stages for 2017 for:

Laundry Basket Quilts
 Edyta Sitar

We do not have anything finalized... however, as soon as we do - you will all be notified.

I can share with you that we plan to have the event at a nice hotel/conference center - so those of you that are traveling will have accommodations.

How about this... can 
those of you that are interested in attending any/all of her classes send me an email with:


We want to show her how excited we all are to have her (and hopefully Michael)
join us here in Jacksonville, FL!!

Thanks so much....we'll keep you posted!!!

Gloria, Heather & Vicky

Friday, September 4, 2015



Vic and I are now in UTAH!!!  What a gorgeous state and beautiful countryside!  We are here with our friend Joyce Weeks (Geoff's Mom Patterns) to help her get ready for the San Diego Quilt show.  Monday morning we will drive to San Diego (only 6.5 hours from here) and then get ready to set up her double booth on Tuesday morning.  What fun meeting all the great quilters from California...!

Then we will visit the California shop of Primitive Gatherings!!!  and... Temecula Quilt Shop!  Two stores I've always wanted to visit!  We'll take some picture for you...

Well.... beside this wonderful trip... 


We are joining one of our favorite stores here in Jacksonville - RUSTED: A VINTAGE MARKET - a wonderful vintage/antique-primitive/reproduction shop in San Marco.  They have approximately 12 wonderful vendors in their store/mall and we will have our own room!  We are working toward a "move-in" goal of October 1.  When we are ready and all set up... we'll be sure and announce more details on the website, Facebook, our Blog, and via email!  

Plus... you'll want to mark this date on your calendar:  

rusted: vintage market  
Rustapalooza's Fall Market 

at Rusted: a vintage market

1523 San Marco Blvd

Jacksonville, FL

October 18,  2015 
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Over 30 vendors - vintage, antiques, primitives, 
handmade, farmhouse & more!
We will be offering you great merchandise like our old store had... PLUS... our K & K items that we've designed will be available in our booth after the first of the year!  We are so excited to offer you our products.... it's a dream for us that has truly come true!
We'll keep you up-to-date on our move-in.  In the meantime.... make sure you follow the Rusted Facebook & Olde Green Cupboard Designs page so you can keep up on all the new merchandise that's going to be available to you!
We'll show you pictures of the show when we get there!
Have a great weekend and keep sewing!!
Gloria, Heather & Vicky