Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!!!!

Mark your calendar... today... right now... at this minute!!  Go get it... .I'll wait...........................(humming...)

For JUNE 1 2014 (I'll tell you more later)

What a whirlwind this weekend and first few days of the week have been.... how about you?

Heather and I are working on finding a new web site provider so we've been researching that...

She came over last night and took "bio" photos of Vicky and I - for our CRUISE FLYER... (more on that later) and to send to our FABRIC COMPANY... that we are designing for!

Here's our pearly whites!!  For those of you that have not met us.... Vicky is on the left and I am on the right.  We are twins... however, we don't look too much alike any more.  However, I can say that my Heather is a great photographer and she is a WHIZ on Photoshop!!!  

Then... I've designed our quilt project for the cruise (more on that later)!!

It's a smaller project so it's faster and easier to finish before Christmas!  The "hour glass" blocks are foundation pieced (such a wonderful... DID I SAY WONDERFUL... invention).  Then... the center will be this sweet "Christmas Peace" dove in wool applique!    We'll have the kit all ready for you... you'll simply sit and sew!  Wow... I'm telling you.. it doesn't get much better than this.

PLUS - my sweet friend, Katie Puckett will be instructing traditional wool rug hooking!  Only this sweet little fellow "Topper" is not a rug!  He's a table topper...yes...that's right... he is going to sit on your table (when finished)... or you may want to tuck him into a wreath - or how about in

your Christmas Tree?  The nice thing about snowmen is you don't have to pack them up and store them in your attic as soon as Christmas is over - they can stay out all winter long!   He is approximately 12" tall - and very easy to hook.  

Katie is a fabulous instructor and she's bringing all the equipment with her to show you how.  Kits will be available.  This is the one project you must try... it is so much fun and he will be easy to finish before winter season arrives.

Then... our long time buddies Paula Barnes and Maryellen Robison

- from Red Crinoline Quilts 

will join us on the cruise (more on that later...tee hee) too!  Paula will be teaching a quilt for you that I know you will simply adore.  We'll have a photo of that shortly.... she and I are still working on the decision.  She's been very sick (vertigo) and then when she just started feeling like a human again - she was called for jury duty (in Texas).  Don't they know she is a busy, busy woman and has no time for playing with criminals!

Then... we're working on both the July and September Camp Blanding Retreats!!  Look what we have been making for the July attendees....           Aren't these adorable?  Vicky, Wynette, Donna and I have made about 120 of these sweet luggage tags!  If you are spending the weekend with us... YOU WILL GET ONE!  They were so much fun making.  We looked like a production company working on them!  HA!!

Here is another of my projects... I'm not going to tell you what it is until I have it finished.  It's actually a sample... I'm making this one first then if it turns out like I'm hoping... I will be making another one from OUR FABRIC that will be making it's debut soon!

Look at this sweet, sweet sewing basket lid my sweet friend, Patty made!  It's an antique sewing basket she found on Ebay!  Then she recovered the lid with these sweet flowers, a tiny butterfly and the cutest worm yo have ever seen... he's down at the bottom.  Her stitching and handwork is PERFECT!  You ROCK Patty!!!

That's my updates for you!  Whew... have to catch my breath!  My hubby is off again today for the courthouse... he ALSO had Jury Duty yesterday and was CHOSEN!  He loves it! (sick puppy...).  I did hear that Paula did NOT get chosen.  Now me... they call me in.. then I tell them my work history of 30 years with the banking industry - working with the FBI and Secret Service...well that kind of does it for me.  You are "excused"....aaahhhh .. .music to my ears!  (even though I know it's our duty to serve - YACK!)

Here's a little funny for your day!  Have a super-great one.  I've enjoyed chatting with you today... and now..it's off to my sewing machine to work on more of those "mystery projects"!

Keep those sewing machines movin' !


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