Sunday, February 16, 2014

Field Trip!!!

Today I'm going on a field trip....                                                                                           
Yes... I'm heading to Mt Dora to Renninger's
Antique Extravaganza.... I adore antiquing and it's such a rush when you find just that right thing ... you have no clue what it is going to be... until you see it from a distance... and you simply cannot walk FAST ENOUGH to touch it... pick it up... inspect it... and then you see the BARGAIN price... and you look at the vendor and say... I'LL TAKE IT!  My heart skips a beat (or several) I just know it does.  For those of you that love the "hunt"... you can relate to me...right?

Then.. I have all of these friends that collect so many things... so I'm looking for them - looking for me.. that sometimes I get a little light headed and feel anxious.  Then I have to tell myself to calm down... this is supposed to be enjoyable!  Ha!  

Today... I'm focusing on small objects for Heather and I to use with our bears, bunnies, dogs... etc.  You know...those things that just make them extra special once we have them stitched.  Like one of her Bears holding a tattered torn mini baby doll... or sitting in a vintage little wicker rocker... get my drift?

So... the hunt is on.  I've been up since 3:00 am (can you tell I couldn't sleep?)... thinking about the million and one things I'm working on... mice - bunnies - strawberries - February Camp Blanding - Jan's Retreat - Cruise in June - packing my Christmas a little tidier in the garage - designing fabric in my head - designing quilts in my head - gotta get those taxes done - OH MY!  It just goes on and on... know what I mean?

So... My phone is charged and I have my coffee... I'm ready to go.

I'll let you know what treasures I find....  "it's all about the hunt" !!!


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