Monday, June 30, 2008

Hi there!!! Well, once again we received some fabulous fabric... JO MORTON - Andover Fabrics... her new line called Meg's Bouquet. Here is the link to Andover Fabric...then search in the Designer area and move to Jo Morton's fabrics... then you'll see Meg's Bouquet!

If you're one of Jo's Little Women, we've cut you fat quarter bundles... pick them up the next time you're in to visit! I also wanted to let you gals know that I'm working on getting Jo to come to Jacksonville and teach! Wouldn't that be fun? I'll keep you posted on my progress....

I'm off to work on some embroidery... we're working on our own patterns to publish ... we can't wait until they're ready and you can all see them!

Hugs to all.......Gloria

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